Hey guys... Woah. It's been forever. This kinda took a back seat... for like, half a year. :P Then i was looking and groaning at all the stuff i had to UD, and i found this... it was a bit of a *shit* moment. :P Because i always feel bad leaving a story unfinished. I don't think i'm going to finish this one, but i really like the idea. What i'd like to do is rewrite it, and post it when i'm going to have time to actually finish it, so probably sometime in the summer, because i have exams/revision over the next sort of month. I was wondering if anyone would be interested if i did, and i'm really really sorry to those of you read and reviewed, because i feel bad having just sorta dropped it. If you are interested in me doing one when i have time to UD, then that's great, but it won't be too soon! Thanks everyone for your amazing reviews, sorry i couldn't organize myself and UD!

Thank you, and i'm really sorry!

Emily xxx