Okay, I've done this out of boredom. I was in the car going to Garden Ridge with my Mum and Grandma and they were talking about nasty things Dx

So I plugged my headphone into my ears and started writing what the song reminded me of.

And that song was Vampires Will Never Hurt You by none other then My Chemical Romance

God, My Chem is an eargasm I will tell you that. -_-'

But I digress.

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Warning: Vampire Fic. Don't like, don't read. X33

Summary:Moving to Destiny Islands as a 'normal teenager', wasn't on the top of my list. And meeting him, that was unexpected. AxelxOC lother side pairingsl lRead and Reviewl M for language, blood, later stuff. n..n




It was dark and cold, the faint pattering of footsteps echoed throughout the alley way. Rain started to fall as I closed in on my poor helpless victim. Her breathing was heavy, and her heart was racing. She stooped with her back pressed up against the wall, fighting back tears.

Why was she scared? Dieing wasn't so bad…

I took two long strides towards her, narrowing my emerald green orbs. She turned her gaze towards me; her ocean blue eyes dazed me for a second. Telling me, no, pleading for me not to kill her. I quickly shook the thought from my head before it set in, running a hand along the small of her back while I ran the other over her face. She was beautiful to say the least, and I didn't want to have to do this.

Her breath hitched as I drug my cold lips across her jugular. I flicked my tongue out, licking the soft pale flesh in front of me. I felt her heartbeat quicken, she tried to pull away but, I'm too strong for her. I took one last deep breath, opening my mouth as my pearly white teeth extended.

I bit down on her neck; her failed attempt to scream made me bite harder.

The blood leaked from the corner of my mouth, dripping onto the rain covered ground. The girl had stopped fighting; her body went limp in my arms. Once I drained the last bit of crimson liquid, I set the girl flat on the ground and poured what smelled like gasoline on her from a nearby container. I concentrated and snapped my fingers. The small lifeless corpse engulfed in a sea of orange flames. I quickly left the alley before some stray hooker saw me and decided to turn me into the police for man-slaughter.

I walked to the better part of the large town, where there weren't burning bodies or prostitutes to worry about. The rain had slowed to a drizzle, it was a warm rain which felt good against my skin. I sighed and climbed the tree leading up to the second story hallway of which my shared room was located.

I crept down the hallway and opened up the mahogany door. My brother was sitting up in his bed, laptop in hand. He stared at me with concern written across his face. "Where the hell have you been? It's three am for Christ's sake!"

I just continued to undress myself from the soaking wet clothes. Once I was in my boxers I climbed into my plush cozy bed. The cover felt warm on toasty when I curled up. I inhaled the scent of my vanilla hair products on my pillow. "Go to sleep Reno. We have school tomorrow."

I heard him huff and shut the laptop. "Fine but, don't forget. Dad said that we have guests coming over this weekend, his new superior or something; and his daughter. Great…" He tossed and turned before he finally got to sleep.

I sighed and closed my eyes. Haunting memories replayed in my mind. Memories I wanted to get away from. Memories I knew wouldn't ever go away.


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Axel: I killed someone…

Skylar: Relax. She had it coming anyway.

Axel: I killed someone though…she was innocent…

Skylar: How do you know?

Axel: Wait, what? You're saying she was bad?

Skylar: I'm not saying anything. I can't spoil the story now can I? ;D