Okay, so I'm posting this on all of my stories, because I don't really know what to write about anymore. I have a load of stories I could continue, and I know a few people have demanded that I finish Pitch Black. I will, because I want too. I don't mind that fic, it's just that I started that before Vampires were loathed by every human being.

I blame Twilight.

Color Me Crimson is one I haven't touched in forever, like, since before Halloween. I mean, I know it's a juvenile piece of writing, but I wrote it out of boredom. And it's obviously not going anywhere, though I may still continue it because there are a few people who want me to finish it. I just need a little help continuing, my mind is failing me.

I blame my 'friends'.

Masquerade is a story I would LOVE to make happen again. I know I didn't get many reviews on it, but it got a load of views! I mean, it's Rufus/Reno, who wouldn't read a Rufus/Reno? XD But, in order for me to continue, I need someone who is mega nice and awesome to donate me a few 'what-ifs' to keep me going until I can think of a few more. 'Cause I know a few people wanted that one to continue as well.

I don't blame anything there.

Only Shallow was written when I still wrote Final Fantasy VII fanfics. I doubt I'll continue it, because I obviously don't know how to write Tseng's part. Not dissing the reviewer who told me that, though that's one of the main reasons I'm not continuing. Anyways; if you want me to continue it, you're going to have to give me some time with it. I have a lot going on right now, mostly family matters, but I will eventually get around to finishing it.

I blame life for that one.

Remember Me, waste of time? Maybe, I don't know. May continue, may not.

Life is blamed again.

'Kay, Thanks, Bye actually went somewhere. I mean, reviews and a bunch of views. Love you guys who read it and all that. So I will be continuing this fic, because I know a lot of people want me too. Huzzah! :D

So there, you all know why I haven't been posting anything. Either Twilight, my friends, or life in general. xD But whatever, at least you know, right?

Though if anyone would like me to write them one-shots, I'd be more then happy too. Just give me a song/idea to work with and BAM! You've now got yourself a fic. :3