How Taking Down Legacy Failed

Mickie's P.O.V

I scanned around the room, looking at my future team mates. We had a plan and that plan was to take down Legacy once and for all. They had caused chaos amongst the locker room and have just about pissed everyone off. No one stood a chance alone, that's where we come in. Me, John Cena, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Me and John were joining forces with DX to take them down. Them as in Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase Jr and Cody Rhodes. Randy Orton was there leader, he gave them instructions that they had to follow through with all they would be out of the group, they feared him, a lot of people did, even I did at times. His icy stare you wouldn't want to meet. He could make you feel about two inches tall, just by one glance in your direction and I didn't scare too easily.

There was a new member, that's why I'm here; the new member was a diva. Beth Phoenix. They made her an offer she couldn't refuse, the women's champion. With Ted and Cody interferences there was nothing from stopping Legacy from being victorious, specifically Randy from being victorious. They were dominating Raw and we were putting an end to that. Tonight.

Ted and Cody's interference was what cost me the women's championship. Randy stood at the top of the ramp, smirking down at me, knowing that he had cost me what I had worked hard for. He stood as if he was supervising his little minions, they glanced towards him every couple of seconds to look for Randy's look of approval which they from what I saw, craved for.

"So, are we all in?" Shawn interrupted my thoughts. He explained why we were there. I was quite honoured that they chose me out of the divas to be in the group. I have admired DX since I was a little girl and now I'm going to be teaming up with them, it still didn't feel real, but I'm glad to have this opportunity especially if it means saving Raw. Everything was going to change from this moment on, I could feel it.

"Count me in." John told them, he has had previous wars with Randy, a little over a year ago, Legacy was the reason that John was out of action. Tonight was his big return and we were going to make it one to remember.

"Mickie?" Paul, aka Triple H turned to me. I pretended to think about it, but really, what was there to think about? I knew what I wanted and this was it.

"Try and stop me!" I smirked, I couldn't wait. I didn't know what was better.

1. Taking down Beth Phoenix

2. Getting rid of Legacy fully.

3. Shutting Orton up finally


4. Getting the chance to team up with DX!

"I want Orton" Paul growled. He had personal issues with Randy after the whole incident with RKOing his wife. Yep, definitely a pretty good reason to want him!

"I want Rhodes" Shawn announced. He only wanted Rhodes because Cody insulted his hat. Can't blame Shane either for wanting him, I'd be pretty pissed too!

"I want Dibiase then!" John said. I turned to him.

"What do you have against Ted?" I asked, as I re-call I don't think Ted's done anything personal to John.

"Well everyone else has been taking! And I'm not going to choose Beth, she scares me!" John said shuddering slightly.

" scares you?" I had to put a hand over my mouth to keep me from laughing. "Really John? Beth?"

"Don't laugh!" John whined, pushing me slightly.

"You've taking on the likes of the Undertaker, and your scared of Beth Phoenix!" I hope he was not being serious!

"Mickie don't laugh! It's a serious condition!" I shook my head.

As soon as I stopped talking I could hear Shawn mumbling to himself. "No one disses the hat, no one" I looked at him, as soon as he realised that I had heard him, he straightened up and put on a big grin.

"So we are all definitely focused on taking down Legacy?" Paul asked. We all nodded. We will be giving Legacy what they've had coming ever since they've started.

I was excited, this was a new adventure for me, it gave me something to focus on, I was part of a team one that I knew would gain the support of the fans, I wasn't going to be intimidated by Orton, I wasn't.

"So any names for the group?" Shawn asked.

"How about the Legacy eaters" John suggested. I looked at him.

"You make it sound like we are going to eat them" I said.

"Exactly" John grinned; I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"How about just DXMJ?" Paul suggested, Shawn pouted.

"That's not fun!"

"It's not supposed to be, we've got to be serious guys, we need to make them see we are going to destroy them" I nodded.

"He's right" I said.

"So DXMJ it is then" We all smiled.

We went over the plan until the final detail; tonight was going to be perfect. I nodded at the guys and left the locker room, I was repeating in my head what I had to do tonight, I kept imagining their faces when it all went down, I chuckled to myself. "Mickie" Someone said bringing me out of my trance. "You shouldn't go down there" It was Jerry.

"King" I smiled. "How come?" I followed his gaze and saw the very same men that I am plotting against. Beth wasn't with them, I turned back to King and nodded appreciatively, he patted my back and walked away.

I debated with myself what I should do, should I not be a coward and just walked past them with my head held high? Risk them saying whatever little comments they wish or perhaps even stopping me.

As if sensing me staring, Randy, the leader turned his head towards me, connecting eyes with mine. There it was, that cold icy stare I had dreaded being under, he titled his head upwards not breaking eye contact, starring at me with suspicion. I wanted to walk away, I couldn't stand being under his gaze, but I couldn't move. His stare had me frozen to the spot, I couldn't look away either. I couldn't afford to be this hypnotised tonight, I needed to snap out of it, I shook my head and tried to send Randy the coldest look of could muster up which he returns with a natural nasty snarl playing on his lips, for a moment I was terrified he was going to come over, but he placed his hand on Ted's shoulder and guided his minions down the corridor, he lifted his head and looked at me from over his shoulder, I let out a breath that I didn't realise I had been holding and turned away, I couldn't be under his gaze again, I don't know if I could of been strong enough to break it this time.

Later on that night in the ring

I took a deep breath, this was it, this was our night, this was our moment. Legacy was standing in the ring, Randy with the microphone and the sound of the crowd booing blasted through the arena. I hadn't told any of the guys what had happened earlier with Randy, I even found myself not even being able to speak about it, I didn't know what it was, what had happened, but I knew from that moment, I was under the watch of the Viper.

Randy slowly brought the microphone to his lips, scanning the audience and exchanging looks with his minions. "Last week, DX made us a promise that they were going to tear us apart once and for all" Randy let out a low and cruel chuckle. "But surprise, surprise, they haven't in turned up" He hissed in the microphone. "I must applaud their wise decision"

Cody lifted the microphone he was holding up. "No one will be tearing us apart, we are unstoppable, it's about time you realised that and showed us some respect" Cody yelled out to crowd. Boos became louder.

"Boo all you like, but whether you like it or not, we run Raw" Ted taunted the crowd.

"And with our new member, we won't only dominant the superstars, but the divas too" Cody said as Beth posed and smirked.

"Watch out Mickie James" Randy sneered, starring at the camera; it felt like I was back where I was, down the corridor from him, under his cold glare, I turned my head away.

"It's ok" John whispered in my ear. "I won't let him hurt you" I nodded and smiled at him.

The crowd started to chant DX. Randy shook his head. "You are wasting your time, DX isn't even here!" Oh how wrong he was.

That was our cue, we patted Shawn's back and watched as he walked out, it was time to take our places. DX's music blasted throughout the arena. The boos changed into cheers. Randy Orton had a scowl on his face, but it turned into a smirk when he saw there was only one that came out. Shawn Michaels.

"" Randy ran his hand across his chin. "And here I thought for a moment that this was going to be interesting.

"All alone are you? What has the other member finally learnt that he cannot win and has given up, well too bad because you aren't coming into Legacy" Cody said proudly. Shawn glared down at Cody. Flashbacks of when he insulted Shawn's hat came to mind.

"Why would I want to come into Legacy?" Shawn scoffed, looking down to the ring in disgust. "Quite frankly, I've had enough of Legacy, haven't you guys?" Shawn yelled up to crowd. The crowd cheered loudly. Randy smirk turned back into a scowl.

"So you think you can take down Legacy? All alone?" Ted yelled down to Shawn.

"When exactly did I say I was alone?" Shawn smirked, that was our moment. We all came down from different areas of the audience, Shawn dropped his microphone and ran down to the ring, Randy dropped his and spread out his body as if he was guarding what he thought was his ring. All members of legacy ganged up on Shawn as he slid in the ring as he was the only member that had made it so far, but the odds evened out when we climbed it. I ran to Beth Phoenix, jumped on her and we both fell to the mat, I grabbed her by her roots and slammed her head repeatedly on the mat.

John attacked Ted from behind and Paul went straight to Randy. The crowd and the ring announcers were going crazy, everything was going the way that we had planned, Legacy had no idea what just hit them.

"Oh my god JR!" King screamed into the microphone.

"It looks like tonight folks DX has made their own group" JR said calmly.

My heart nearly beated out of my chest when I felt an arm wrap around my waist, I could see John, Paul, Shawn, Ted, Cody and that leaves one person. For a moment, he just held me against his chest, but then something must of snapped in him, like he realised he hadn't let me go so he threw me to the side, I rested on the term buckle and watched him intensely, he slithered on the mat, slamming his fist down. He slithered up to me, inches away from my face, I bit my lip and he watched as my chest rose up and down. I looked towards the other members for help, but they were all busy. There was nowhere else to look then his eyes, they poured into mine. I tried to sink back into the term buckle as much as I could. He titled his head, he wasn't hurting me, he was just starring, that look of curiosity spread on his face, we were so close and my heart was pounding, I could hear it so loudly that it made me wonder if he could. He looked down at my lips, he wasn't going wouldn't...he...he rolled out of the ring; I looked up to see John was the reason for this; I scanned the ring to see all members of legacy had retreated up the ramp. John reached out his hand which I took; I looked down the ramp and caught the eyes of the viper once again.

"Are you ok?" John asked me. I nodded, but didn't break my eye contact with the Viper. He passed me the microphone for my bit that wasn't coming up, but I couldn't find my voice, I was in shock and I kept wondering to myself why he had affected as much as he did. .

"Tonight, Marks the near end of Legacy" Paul announced sternly. He then looked at me for my part.

I slowly pulled the microphone to my lips, my hand shaking slightly, I kept my eye contact with Randy and spoke "Watch out Randy" I dropped the microphone and leaned on the rope, his eyes didn't leave mine although I wish they would.