How Taking Down Legacy Failed

Mickie's P.O.V

I was resting my head on Randy's shoulder as I watched Ted set up the camera for his Dibiase posse you tube channel. I scanned through my twitter and then through Randy's tweets. I stopped when I saw he had replied to someone, 'I already follow you, what more do you want?' I narrowed my brows and looked to see what she did, all she had asked was a birthday tweet, I then went on her channel to see that she had gotten very upset by this. "Randall"


"You're horrible"


"-on twitter"

"Oh babe, not this again"

"Yes this again, look!" I shoved my phone into his face.

"What about it?"

"You're such a dick" I scowled at him, "If my celebrity crushed did that to me I would be heartbroken, I hope you're satisfied" Randy just stared at me unamused. I hopped up and was going to go over to see Becky who was playing with Hayden, but Ted grabbed my arm.

"Your camera woman for the day"

"What about Cody?"

"Cody is my special guest!"

"Why can't I be your special guest?" I pouted.

"Because you're not as beautiful as Cody" Ted ran his hand down Cody's face.

Cody jerked away, "Man! Get off me!"

"Fine, I'll be your camera woman" I walked round and picked it up. Ted brushed off the pretend dust on his shoulder and looked at the camera. "And action!"

"Hello everybody! Today is ask Cody Monday!" Ted turned to Cody who awkwardly waved at the camera. "First question Cody, how often do you have sex?"


"How often do you-"

"I heard the question, that's inappropriate, I'm not answering that!"

"Well FINE! Next question, do you cry after ejaculation?"

"WHAT? No!"

"Next Codykins, what is your favourite position?"

"You're kidding me right?"

Ted looked confused, "No…."

"I'm not going to answer that!" Cody protested.

"You know what? Your worthless, get off my show" Ted told him.

"You're asking me stupid ques-"

"You don't do anything! Your no help! Shoo! Shoo!"

"Fine!" Cody stated and left the camera shot.


Cody came and sat back in his seat, "That's what I thought"

"Oh you're going to arrogant about it now?" Ted asked him angrily.

"I knew that was going to happen" Cody pointed out.

"Forget it! I change my mind! Get out, leave!"



"Bye bye…!"


"Bye forever….I'm not coming back"

"LEAVE! GET OUT BITCH! GET OUT WHORE!" Cody left the shot again, "OH MY GOD NO PLEASE OH GOD NO! COME BACK! PLEASE OH MY GOD DON'T GO! NOOO! COME BACK PLEASE! THE WORLD HATES ME! THE WORLD HATES ME!" Once again Cody came back, "Oh look everybody Cody has come back! That's it for our segment on how tantrums get me everything I want!"

"And cut" I said.

"What?" Cody asked, "Seriously?! This was PLANNED?!"

"I'm sorry Codykins, I knew you would be a drama queen and leave, you are so predictable" Ted said before he took a sip of his water.

"Me? Drama queen? You're the one who threw a tantrum"

"Oh look, he is going in his monkey position" I said as I watched Hayden. He was so close to nearly walking, he was crawling, but without his knees touching the floor, it was so cute. He fell on the floor; Randy picked him up and put him back on his feet, trying to encourage him to walk.

"C'mon Hayden this is your moment!" Ted told him, he fell again, "You're such a disappointment!"

"Ted!" I slapped his arm.

"Let's go again" Randy said and picked him up, "Down" He told Hayden sternly as when he put Hayden on his feet he kept kicking them up before Randy let go, Hayden put his feet on the ground and Randy let go, Hayden fell again, "Oh right on the bum" Hayden looked up at Randy and reached his arms up, gesturing to be carried. "You got to walk little man" Randy picked him up and set him on his feet again. Hayden just continued to put his arms up to be carried, "Oh c'mon then" He lifted Hayden up and tossed him into the air, but not too high. He then tickled him which Hayden giggled loudly at.

"Oh I love you" I walked over and gave him a kiss.

"And do you love me? Even though I can be a dick?" Randy asked me.


"Just maybe?" He pushed the hair out of my face and leaned down to kiss me. "I love you"

"Put the man out of his misery!" Ted shoved me. Randy's face turned into anger, "I was helping you! Please don't hurt me" Randy put Hayden down and pulled me into his arms before kissing the top of my head. "AWWWWW" Ted patted my head; I stuck my tongue out at him and buried my head in Randy's shirt. I sat down on the couch next to Randy and watched over Hayden.

"Come to Uncle Randy" Randy said as he picked up Amelia who was lying on the floor, he put her on his lap. "What's that you got?" Randy asked her and tapped the small toy she was holding, he turned his head and looked at me, "Isn't she cute?"

"Are you doing what I think your doing?" I said to him.

"I don't know what you're talking about" Randy replied innocently.

"Even if we did try it's not guaranteed we'd have a girl" I told him sternly.

"I know that, I don't mind what we have" Randy lifted Amelia up and placed her next to Hayden. He then stared at me as if waiting for me to say, 'let's do it! Let's go try for a baby'

"Randy…." He hung his head low and nodded. "We've talked about this, why the rush to have a baby?"

"I just don't see why we have to wait"

"I've already told you why" I said to him, "I'm going to go get something to eat, I'll see you later" I went to kiss his cheek, but he turned his head so I caught his lips, he then smiled at me showing that he was angry. I smiled back and made my way to the cafeteria.

"Typ-ic-al!" I turned around to see Laycool coming my way, great, I've given them the perfect opportunity to make fun of me. "Piggy James gone to get food…..again!" Layla cackled at Michelle.

"Why don't you do us all a favour Mickie James, why don't you pack up all your belongings, hit the road, have another baby and never come back" Michelle said to me.

"We can make things even more difficult for you" Layla hissed at me.

"Is that a fact?"

"Yeah, we kind of a big deal around here if you didn't know" Michelle replied in a bored tone.

"No Michelle, that's your ego that's a big deal" I told her. "And I'm sorry to burst your egotistical bubble but I'm not going anywhere darling, so when it comes to Royal Rumble, I will be coming directly to you and I will beat you so if you and scary spice here" I pointed at Layla who gasped at my insult, "actually think you can intimidate me, you are the one that's sadly mistaken" I went to walk away, but Michelle grabbed my arm.

"Justin….hi" Michelle said, smiling sweet at Justin who had just appeared. He looked at me and then looked at both of them, "We are just trying to prevent Piggy James for eating even MORE food"

"We are so generous Chelle! Always thinking of others!" Layla patted her back.

"I mean, c'mon Justin, look how big she has gotten"

I looked down at the ground, expecting this to be the chance Justin had been waiting for to put me down, "At least she has grown in some departments" My head shot up, Justin lowered his gaze to Michelle's chest and shook his head before walking off, my mouth dropped open along with Michelle and Layla, did he just….defend me? I followed off in the direction Justin went, I jumped on his back.

"You do love me!"

He sighed heavily, "I knew this would happen"

"Exactly! That's why you did it!"

"I just don't like them two; I didn't do it for you"

"Keep telling yourself that Justy, keep telling yourself that…..oh hi….awkward" Justin turned and realised just what I did, Heath and CmPunk was in the room, Punk was holding….kendo sticks?

"Husky's is….David's in…..Michael's in…."

"Mickie's in" I coughed.

He glared at me, "Now your two initiations if you choose to willingly accept it, I'm sure your thinking that I'm going to beat you with these kendo sticks"

"Not on my watch!"

"Don't worry" Punk continued despite my objections, "I'm not going to do that, your going to beat each other with these kendo sticks and your going to beat each other with these kendo sticks until I tell you to stop" Punk handed them both the sticks, Heath and Justin looked confused.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I asked Punk, "That's weird even for me!"

"I'm serious" Punk told them. Both Heath and Justin held the kendo sticks in their hands, both unsure of what they were going to do.

They both kept stepping forward and then back, I went by Justin, "No! No! Justy! Don't hurt him! He is like the coolest person alive!" I then switched and went by Heath, "Don't hurt him Heath! He's the love of my life!"

Punk shoved me back, "Ok, ok, if your not in, that means your out, I expect home runs from all my soldiers so swing for the fences" Once again, the two men did nothing, "DO IT" Punk said making me jump.

"Dude….calm it" Justin and Heath then looked at Punk whilst holding their kendo sticks, "Ohh your going to get it now" I told him.

"Your going to hit me?" Punk asked them, "Do it…."

Justin and Heath exchanged looks before dropping their kendo sticks and started to make their way out, "We don't need to Punk! We're going to form our own group!" I followed them until the door they went out of slammed in my face; I looked over at Punk who laughed at this. I huffed and walked out. I walked back in the locker room; Randy was holding Hayden, trying to get him to walk. "Any luck?" I asked him.

"Nah, he can stand up on his own but hasn't taken any steps" Randy replied, he pulled me to him and made me sit on his lap.

"Baby! Baby! I saw what happened with Justin! I knew your boobs would come in handy one day, you are so in!" Ted said and high fived me.

"Yes, I saw that to" Randy said, his tone showed he was not happy. "Only I can stare at your boobs" He kissed at my cleavage.

"They are my boobs, I can give permission to whoever I want" I teased him and put my finger under his chin to list his head up. "And you don't have permission"

"I'm your husband, I automatically have permission"

"Doesn't work that way Mister"

"Oh I think it does"

"I don't"

Hayden was sitting in front of us and used Randy's knee to stand up. "Good job buddy, now you just need to walk by yourself" Randy patted his head. Hayden lifted one arm up gesturing to be picked up.

"Aww, he wants to be involved in the family cuddling" I picked him up and put him on my lap. "Oh na na, what's your name?"

"Na, na, na" Hayden replied.

"Are you going to watch daddy's match?" He asked Hayden.

"Na na na" We both laughed at his response.

"Who are you against?"

"Miz and A Riley" Randy replied, "I'm teaming up with King"

"Oh I like him"

"So do I babe" He picked both me and Hayden up and planted us on the ground. "Kiss?"

"Na na na"

"You said it Hayden" I laughed at him.


"Oh if you insist" Ted gushed and came towards us.

"You touch me and I will hurt you" Randy warned. Ted backed away. "Now you" He turned to me, "you can touch me"

"Well you can't touch me" I teased and pushed out of his grasp, Randy pulled me back in with a rough kiss.

"Yes" He whispered, "Yes I can"