Summary: Yugi knew he was different from his friends and then one day he receives a strange letter that says he must go to a new high school called Magi High, but when he gets there school seems to be the last thing he needs to worry about. Especially with this guy named Yami Umeta being something called a "dark" and him saying that he was a "Light" all because of him finishing the golden puzzle.

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(Author's Notes)

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Yugi was always a happy child; he was a veritable ray of sunshine. One day he climbed up on of the big trees and could not climb back down, he was stuck. He sifted his weight and fell out of the tree his grandpa was to slow to catch him, then to big white wings erupted from his back and he flapped down to the ground and was immediately grabbed by his grandpa and checked over for any injuries. He was perfectly fine and the wings that had erupted from his back was nowhere to be seen.

'It was probably a freak accident and will probably never happen again. After all it was probably a one-time thing and nothing to worry about.' Thought Solomon, oh how wrong he was.