Crimson Pharaoh and His Ameythst Mate

Chapter 12



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Warning: Attempted non-con, not graphic.

"Oh Yugi," purred Yami, finnally he had his sweet hikari all aone and no one was going to take him away from him again, to make that happen they had to consumate their bond. They were compatible, Yugi's raw, untapped but incredible power matched his own, no one else could come close to them in power.

He scooped Yugi up and kissed him Yugi tensed slightly but he relaced after a little while, 'I'll ask him to stop if I feel uncomfortable about going too far, after all I'm not ready for ... for sex yet.. A bit of kissing doesn't seem to bad it feels good. Yami's lips feel nice.'

Yami moaned at the softness of his beloved Hikari's lips, he gently pushed Yugi down on the bed and laid ontop of him and started to kiss down Yugi's soft, pale neck, nipping at the nape of his neck slightly and starting to undo the buttons on Yugi's shirt, Yugi tensed upand grabs one of Yami's hands and says, "Yami I don't feel comfortable doing more than just kissing right now so could you please stop that."

Yami stopped for a momment and said, "I do not want others to try and take you away from me again! In order to stop that I need to consumate our bond."

"B-but I have already told that I am not ready to have sex yet, p-please stop it!" said Yugi his eyes starting to go wide in fear and filling with tears.

"Why are you pushing away from me?" Growled Yami, "You let Atemu be intimate with you but you push me away. WHY?"

Yami just growls a little and tries to touch him again before Yugi's emotions cause his Hikari powers to active and shove him away and pin him to the wall while his screams at him sobbing as his wings open, "YOU ARE JUST LIKE T-THEM, THE BULLIES. TH-THEY TRIED TO DO THE SAME THING TO ME. I-I WISH ATEMU WAS BACK AT LEAST HE BACKED OFF IF I ASKED HIM TO AND HE RESPECTED MY FEELINGS, AND LISTENED TO ME!

He flew off upset and murmured to himself, "I should have listened to Joey."

The wind helped him fly and he landed heavily, he was tired he hadn't flown for so long and hard before and he heard a familiar voice call out, "Yug'? Is that you?"

"JOEY!" Yugi cried out and he latched onto his freind sobbing and murmuring what happened as his freind tried to consol him. Joey felt angry and sad at the same time, he had worried that something like this might happen, but he had prayed that it would not happen, poor Yugi should not have been forced to endure something like this again.

Joey calmed his freind down as best as he could and summoned his back and explained the situation as much as Yugi wanted him to, the happily accepted him as part of thier pack for as long as he wanted to be in it as a close freind of their Alpha.

&*( change of scene #$%

Atemu was able to come out due to Yugi's powers and in his own physical form and he hit Yami and yelled at him "HOW DARE YOU. HOW COULD YOU DO SUCH A THING? YOU KNOW our dear sweet hikari did not want to go that far yet. You are so stupid. YOu are an IDIOT. You have most likely ruined our or at least YOUR chance with him."

Atemu stomped off after he said, "I am sick of you and disgusted at what you have almost done."

After a minute of silence Yami as he digests everything, guilt all but overwhelms him as he tries to use his powers to locate Yugi, but Yugi's powers have blocked his for a short while. He opened his wings and flew over the palace and used the fragile mental link that he had with Yugi to locate him, determined to find Yugi and make amends.

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