Our Universe

Co-Written by Lei (sisterhoodfan) & Ashlie (IChimpz)


(One) Edward

Bella stared at me strangely. Her hair was black and her nose was pierced. Even after I told her it was a bad idea. She went ahead and did it anyways.

She scowled at me, and I could tell from her look I was in for a bad night. I tore my gaze away, and looked at my lap. This was a never-ending cycle.

After three years, I decided that I wanted to marry Bella. But now...she seems different. Shes no longer that happy person I used to love.

Ever since her old best friend Jacob had died, she went into a spiraling depression. She never read anymore. She died her hair, and then sadly, pierced her nose. She wasn't the same Bella.

"Edward," she muttered. "We need to get this wedding over with." Her voice was flat.

I sighed loudly in frustration. I ran my hand through my hair, then looked at Bella. "Bella, we're trying. Just chill out. We'll get it done."

Bella bolted straight up, "Goddamn Edward! Its been three months now! If you didn't bitch slap Alice, then she would be doing our wedding."

Out of habit whenever we got into these fights, I also stood up. "Get over it, Bella! It was three months ago. When's the last time you even talked to her?"

Her bottom lip quivered. "I miss her Edward. Why did you have to do that? I already lost Jacob."

Here we go again. Jacob.

Even though he was dead, it was like he was still here.

I sat back down, frustrated. She always brought this up when she wanted something. She loved Jacob, yes, but she knows

how to use it to her advantage. I wish she would just stop.

Just so we could find ourselves again. This isn't my Bella. This isn't the Bella I used to love.

Bella sat back down and crossed her arms over her chest. "I fuckin' hate you right now."

"Don't you always?" I questioned. I never heard her answer, I only her the front door slam on her way out. I rolled my eyes. There she goes again, Bella is famous for her walkouts.

I still don't know how we got this way. We used to be so happy. We never fought. I rubbed my eyes, and sighed. I had always thought Bella was the one. Though, lately I've had second thoughts.

Maybe, just maybe...

"EDWARD! Get out here." Even though I was sure Bella was already ten feet away from me, her voice was still loud enough to make me deaf.

I stood, and walked over to her. She was leaning against the open door, letting all the bugs it. She had tears in her eyes, and I almost felt bad; but I just didn't have the energy too anymore.

"Whats wrong Bella?" I asked, my voice flat. I probably should've let more emotion seep through my voice. But it would just lead to more drama.

"Edward," She muttered, "What's wrong with us?" She looked back up at me, and the tears were gone. She didn't feel anything for me either anymore.

"Bella, I think...I think we should break up..."

It hurt me to say it, but we just weren't happy anymore.

"Edward," She shook her head, "No, No. Please, don't."

I looked down. She meant it this time, no bullshit. "Bella, face it, we're not happy.

"No! We can be happy! Edward, please don't leave me. I love you," those few words before were spoken with emotion. We meant them. Now, they were just words that used to define our relationship.

I took Bella's hands and held them close to my chest. "Bella." I paused and kissed her hands. "What would you do?"

"Please, Edward." She murmured. She looked in my in the eyes, with her brown beautiful ones that made me first notice her. "Don't end it."

I bit my lip to fight the tears that were going to fall. I dropped Bella's hands. "I'm done. And nothing you can say will change that."

"Don't fucking do it, Edward. Don't." Her voice was firm and strong now. It was different for her, since lately. "Don't do it, Edward! We're engaged! You're supposed to love me!" She slid down the wall, tears finally coming from her eyes.

"Bella, I do love you! But that wasn't enough!"

"What's enough? Am I not good enough for you Edward?" I looked away. "Am I not good enough for your fucking high standards? Is your family too rich?What the fuck Edward?!"

"BELLA! This is what I hate! You're fuckin' antics about my family! Everything!"

"I told you it didn't matter, but you're always fucking bringing that up! Bella, I love you, I do, but you're always contradicting! Bella, we're done."

Her bottom lip quivered. "But..."

"But what, Bella?"

"I still love you. Isn't that enough?"

"Bella," I muttered.

"Fine Edward. Go. I don't care anymore. Go." she wasn't looking at me. I stared at her. Was she serious? "GO!" she yelled finally.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, before I walked out hearing her sobs.

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