First of all, it's my first official Fan Fiction about Phineas and Ferb. I wrote a sexual FanFic just because I want to see what I know about this part of live. But now I want to share it with you. I think, it's kinda bored. Maybe I feel so because I'm kinda bored. If you don't like to read sexual Story's about Phineas and Ferb...STOP READING RIGHT NOW! english is not very well. So please don't be mad at me if I made some Tenses mistakes in the sentences

~Isabella's point of view~

"Hey Phineas", I said loudly, "whatcha doin'?" Phineas smiled to me. "Hey, Isabella. Ferb and I are studying some blueprints. What are you doing?" "Nothing special today", was my reply. He nodded and kissed me.

Since 4 days Phineas and I were a couple. I was 16 years old and he was 17. But more than just a kiss was never happened.

I looked around the backyard of the boys. I noticed a mad look of Ferb on me. I never thought about the meaning of that. Since 4 days it was a regulary look to me. Maybe he was mad at me because I were a couple with Phineas. But why he should be that?

I was cut out off my thought as I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. "Isabella? Can I take you for a moment?", Phineas asked me. "o-of course", was my reply. Phineas took my hand and walked a few foots away. Then he stopped and looked at me. "What's wrong?", I asked him. "Isabella, I'm so sorry because of Ferb", he answered. "What do you mean?", I asked again. "Doesn't you noticed the look at you?", he wondered. "of course I did", I said. "Yeah.....and I think he's mad at you", he said. "I think so, too. But why?", I asked Phineas sadly. "I dunno. You haven't done something wrong, don't worry. I guess, he's just in a bad mood." I nodded a few times. Then he took my hand and went back to Ferb. He had continued studying the blueprints.

"A-Are you mad at me?", I asked him. I don't know why I had done it. I don't wanted to ask, but I've already done it. "Why you're asking that?", was his reply. I wasn't sure whether I should continued this conversation, but it was too late to went back. "'cause you're looking so mad to me. It scared me a lot. You're one of my best friend, you know?", I answered. "Don't worry about that, Isabella. Your feelings are above mine.", he said. I don't understood it. I looked helpless to Phineas. His face changed in a very angry form. "Ferb, I have to talk with you. Now!" He took Ferb with him a few foot. He talked very loudly to Ferb. I felt very bad for asking these stupid question. Now Ferb would be more mad at me than before. Tears run down my face.

After long 6 minutes they came back to me. Phineas looked into my tears-filled eyes. "Is everything alright?", he asked. I nodded a few times. He took me into his arms. "What's wrong, Isabella?" "Why do you've done that?", I asked sadly. "Just because of you, Isabella.....just because of us.", he answered. "But....Ferb....he'll be more mad at me than before.", I said. "I'll ask him later what's wrong with him...", he said. Then he kissed me. It was such a romantic and love-filled kiss. In that moment I wanted to feel more of Phineas than now. I grasped his shoulder and my hand run down his chest. We broke apart as he felt my hand on his chest.

"I-Isabella...what are you doing?", he asked uncertain. "feel good?", I asked back shortly. I touched his chest under his shirt and played secretly with his nipples. His shirt hid my actions perfectly.

"Nnnh...", was all he could say this moment. He grasped me on the shoulders and took me to his room. Ferb's Face wasn't friendly as we went into the house, but I didn't care anymore.

When we were in Phineas' bedroom he looked at me. "Are you really ready for this?", he asked me. "of course I am", I replied. Phineas nodded and kissed me again. I opened my mouth a bit to allowed his tongue a better entering. His tongue was playing with mine. At first it was a very awkward feeling but after a few secounds I really liked it. As we broke apart for air we looked into each others eyes. I didn't know what was going on with me. I felt deep inside of my head a longing I had never know before. I was sure Phineas would feel the same way.

He kissed my neck very tenderly and I could feel his warm breath on my neck. I layed down my arms on his shoulders and closed my eyes. "Phineas...", I whispered. Phineas stroked me with his warm hands around my hips and I started to panting a bit. Then he pulled me gently into his bed and climbed above me. He kissed my neck again, but I tried to pushed him away. "Phi...Phineas....the door...and the window.....please..." I was a bit heated of his kisses. I thought about to stop everything right now. My mother wouldn't be very happy if I told her that I had a romantic night with Phineas. But it was too late to stop now.