~Isabella's point of view~

I went over to the house of Phineas and knocked on the door. Linda Flynn opened the door and I went upstairs to the room of Phineas and Ferb. I knocked on again and entered the room. I talked to Phineas, but then I observed a love bite on his neck. It was so horrible to saw a love bite on him. He seemed to be really nervously and Ferb said that I had done the love bite. But why I couldn't remember?

I looked at Phineas again and kissed him. Then I put my night clothes and my other stuff on Phineas' bed and smiled at him. "Can I go into the bathroom now?", I asked him. "Of course you can.", he replied. I went into the bathroom and dressed on my night clothes. Then I brushed my theeth and cleaned my face with water and soap. Then I went back into the room of Phineas and Ferb. Ferb was still naked and it scared me a bit. I don't wanted to see the stepbrother of my boyfriend naked.

Ferb wrapped the bedcover around his hips and went into the bathroom. In that moment I was alone in the room with Phineas and I looked at him. "So...did you find my bra now?" "Nah, I'm sorry. I couldn't find it anywhere.", he answered. Then I saw Phineas blushing. "Did that mean, that you're didn't wearing a bra?" I smiled seductively to Phineas. "Come closer to me and find out...", I whispered and Phineas did so. He put his hand into my shirt and touched my breasts.

"mmh...Phineas.." I enjoyed the tight feeling on my breasts as he touched it. "Oh man...It's a little disappointment..you wearing a bra.", he said. "Took it off, when you didn't like it...", I said seductively to him. He embraced my back under my shirt and tried to took off my bra. I clinged my arms around his back while he was doing that. After a few minutes my bra fell on the floor. "Phineas....", I whispered.

"Three times on one day? Pl-ease!", Ferb entered the room again. He shocked me and Phineas half to death. But then I looked suspiciously to him. "Three times? There wasn't a second time, Ferb." "Of course there was", he answered. "Ferb...don't say anything.", Phineas said warningly to Ferb. "Please, Ferb. Tell it me. What's going on here?", I asked. "No..Nothing. There's nothing going on, right Ferb?", Phineas said. "I think, Ferb can answer for himself, Phineas. What is going on, Ferb?", I asked again.

Ferb looked into my eyes. I felt that something wasn't right at the moment. Then he said to me: "Isabella, there's nothing you don't know. Here isn't anything going on. It was just a little joke of me, you know?" I couldn't believe my ears after that. Phineas was so nervously and Ferb said something that scared me. How could there be nothing?

I just nodded a few times and went over to Phineas' bed. I layed down and looked to my boyfriend. "Come to me, now.", I said. Phineas went to his bed, too and layed down next to me. Then he kissed me again. "Good night, Isabella", he said. "Good night, Phineas.", I replied. After that we all fell asleep.

At the next morning I woke up into the arms of Phineas. But I felt so worried about him. He said Ferb's name many times that night. Sometimes he whispered it, sometimes he cried it out loud. I couldn't explain why but I thought both had a crush on each other. But...Phineas and Ferb? My boyfriend and his stepbrother? two guys? I don't wanted to think more about it. But what, if...

"Good morning, Isabella. Did you sleep well that night?", I heared Phineas. I looked to him and put a smile on my face. But it was just a fake. "Good morning, Phineas. yes, I did. I love it to sleep next to him." Phineas laughed a bit. "I know, I love it, too. Wanna have a breakfast now?", he asked me. "Yeah, of course", I said. But I couldn't get the thought out of my mind. I knew, I had to leave him if Phineas was in love with Ferb. I was so afraid of the answers to my questions.