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Two years after that whole shebang, I found myself sitting at another wedding. And no, it wasn't mine. Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz really do make an adorable couple.

I sighed as I heard the guests tapping frantically on their champagne glasses, cheering as they elicited a kiss from the newlyweds. I felt a twinge of jealousy, but, more than that, a huge gob of happiness course through me.

Why are weddings always so painstakingly beautiful?

"Sweetie," A hand resting itself on my right shoulder pulled me away from my thoughts, and then I watched as a glass with some slushy-white stuff was placed in front of me. I eyed it suspiciously before I glanced up at the man leaning over me, a grin on his face.

His grin made me melt, and, even though I wanted to scowl at him, I couldn't.

"Hey Cha-Cha-Chad, how's it going?" With a withering look at my joke-of-a-nickname for him, he slid down in his seat beside me, and took a sip out of his own beer bottle. Blegh.

"I think that I need you to teach me, Sonny." Chad sat the bottle down on the table with a 'thunk' and my heartbeat sped up. The smirk on his face caused me cheeks to flood with heat.

Really, how could one stupid, egotistical, blue-eyed, beautiful SOB make me lose myself?

Oh, right, I'm hopelessly in love with him.

"You see, there's this girl-"

"Chad," I giggled (sadly, yes, giggled), and placed my hand over his wrist, "you really don't have to do this again."

You see, when Chad re-entered my life at that wedding, he went through this whole thing where he came up to me, made me say his name, and described his perfect girl. At first, it broke my heart. After that, when we were finally a couple, he did it again. And he did it at every wedding we've been to since.

So, for the next five minutes, I sat there in my seat, flirting with Chad, letting him drone on about his perfect girl.

That would be me.


When we were finally done, Chad reached for his beer again, and I eyed my drink, suddenly, desperately thirsty. I picked up the glass, and smelled it.

"Pina colada, honey." Chad said in between sips, and I swallowed.

Besides strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas are my favorite drink. But here, for a certain reason, I was kind of hesitant to take a sip of it. Because, most likely, the pina colada had alcohol. And, you see, I can't.