Title - Not Alone

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - they're not mine

E/O Challenge word - relax

Word Count - 100

AN - Teen!chester. Happy Belated Birthday, Sammygirl1963!


Sam swayed, nearly knocked over a stack of books.

Bobby needed more bookcases.

"Whoa, easy kiddo."

Strong arms steadied him.

Old Spice and leather and gun oil.

"Think you need to hit the sack, Sammy."

The teen weakly struggled.

"No, gotta research."

Gentle, John contained his younger son.

"Sam, you got a fever. You need rest."


He almost wiggled free.

The world spun and wavered.

Effortless, John lifted the boy and started for the stairs.

"Dad, Dean's curse…"

"Let me and Bobby handle it."

Soft bed, warm covers, Dad's comforting rumble.

"Relax, Sammy. It'll be alright."

Sigh. "…Okay, Dad."

-= end =-