Hey guyz!! Well, I have a GrimmNel drabble series and a HichiHime drabble series...but no drabbles for my OTP! The horror! So here it is and we'll see what comes out of it. The rating will probably stay at T. And feel free to toss my any prompts or ideas that come to your minds! :D

Their characters will vary according to what stage of life Ichigo and Orihime are in. People change, so they'll be changing a little bit too. Usually for the better XD. So if you notice what at first glance appears to be OOC, that's what I'm doing. Adapting them to the timeline in their lives and in their relationship.

This particular drabble has been sitting in my computer for quite a while...I'm still pretty 'meh' about it...but it's pretty fun anyway, I think. You'll notice that apparently I have an obsession with making Ichigo sing *sweatdrop* I can't help it! It just really appeals to me XD

I reccommend listing to "I've Got the World on a String" by Michael Buble, which is what the song is.

This was probably also partially inspired by darkinsanity13's "Should've Assessed the Risk More". Read it!! It's hilarious XD




"I've got the world on a string…" Ichigo slid across the floor in his socks, sliding the swiffer in front of him as he sang along with the stereo.

"And I'm sittin' on a rainbow…" He spun around, tossing the handle back and forth between his hands.

"I've got that string around my fiiinnnger…" the powerful shinigami sung as he slid sideways, grabbing a duster and gliding it across the shelves as he twisted his hips, shuffling forward.

"Oh what a world and what a life…III'm in love!" Ichigo froze in the middle of leaning over his swiffer-turned-microphone, and glanced up at the doorway to the living room where the staccato applause had suddenly come from.

"Ho-ly shit," Renji exclaimed as Ishida stopped clapping with a smirk on his face. Keigo and Mizuiro just stood there with gaping mouths, pizza, beer, and poker cards in their arms.

Oh crap, he'd totally forgotten tonight was guy's night. He flipped the swiffer to grab it at the other end and shut off the stereo with the handle before swiveling back to the guys. "This…uh…" he waved the duster at them as his face flared up. "This isn't what it looks like."

Ishida crossed his arms over his chest, looking very skeptical and very amused. "This isn't what it looks like, huh?"


"So, you're not dressed in your wife's apron with a light blue, flowery handkerchief wrapped around your head and dancing around the house with a swiffer singing to Michael Buble?"

Ichigo's eyes darted from face to face and then he slapped his hand on top of his head, dragging off the handkerchief, orange spikes popping back up. "Well…okay so it's sorta what it looks like…but there's a very good reason for what's going on here!"

"Oh, we're all ears, Kurosaki," Renji grinned.

"Well…you see…uh…Orihime and I kind of… Well I might have, sort of forgotten our anniversary yesterday."

"Oh no."

"Oh yes. And it was a big one too. Our fifth…I think…"

"Is she angry?" Ishida asked.

"Well…no…not really. Just disappointed…and I think a little hurt…but you know Hime. She tried to brush it off and acted like it didn't matter."

All the guys muttered and nodded.

"So…" Renji cocked his head to the side. "Acting like a fruitcake is how you plan to win her over?"

"No!" Ichigo scowled. "I just…thought I'd clean the house and maybe cook her dinner and stuff…"

"Why the apron?"

"I was washing dishes. I don't wanna get dish crap all over my clothes!" He picked at the apron. "It's actually a pretty useful little thing…"

"And the handkerchief?"

"I'm cooking! I don't want hairs falling into the food…"


"Well, hell! It's not like I own one! I had to borrow one of Hime's…"

"Michael Buble?"

"…I was trying to set a romantic atmosphere for dinner… He's romantic, right?"

"And the song and dance routine?"

Ichigo scowled and kicked at the floor, muttering. "I got carried away, okay? It could happen to anybody…"

Renji let out a bark of laughter. "No, only you, Kurosaki. Only you."

"Shut the hell up! And if any of you even think about saying a word about this to Hime, I'm gonna take a blender to your guts, got it?"

"Dude…" Renji said. "Why didn't you just get her flowers or something like normal husbands?"

Ichigo scratched at the back of his head and blew out a puff of breath. "I did that last time I messed up…"

"Chocolate? Fancy restaurant? Massage? New dress?"

"Done, done, done, and done."


"Yeah, so I screw up a lot, so shoot me!"

"You see," Keigo suddenly remarked. "This is why I will never get married."

Just then a buzzer sounded from the kitchen. "Oh! My cheese puffs!" The swiffer and duster clattered to the floor as Ichigo rushed out of the room.

Renji pointed towards where he'd left. "Did he just say…?"

"Cheese puffs?" Ishida finished. "Yes, unfortunately."

"He's lost his balls," Keigo breathed.

The sound of jangling keys caused all the guys to turn their heads and look down the hallway towards the front door of the spacious apartment.

"Uh-oh," Renji said. "Somebody's home early."

The door swung open and in walked Mrs. Kurosaki with a large portfolio under her arm, a smudge of ink on her cheek, and a slight frown on her face.

"Good afternoon, Orihime-chan," Ishida greeted with a bow.

Orihime's head snapped up and a warm smile spread across her face. "Oh! So that's why the door was unlocked. Hello, boys! How are you all doing?"

The "boys" answered with several "fines" and "how are yous". She thanked Ishida as he took her portfolio and placed it on the coffee table.

"How is your new chapter coming along?" Mizuiro asked.

"Oh, I've been struggling with it, actually. But today it was like I woke up with inspiration and everything just spilled out of my pen. So I got most of it done and decided to come home early today!" Orihime paused and took a moment to look around…and then blinked repeatedly at the clean living room that had been slightly more than a little messy this morning. "Wha-" She turned to the guys, a little frown back on her face. "Where's Ichigo?"

Just then a loud curse came from inside the kitchen that caused Orihime's head to whip around.

"You know what?" Renji remarked. "We were actually just going."

Orihime looked back at them with confusion written on her face. "Just going? But I thought you were hanging out here tonight?"

"Uh…change of plans…"

"Oh…well, okay. Nice to see you guys! Say hello to Nemu and Rukia for me!" She waved at them as they filed out the door, blinked in confusion when Renji whispered something in her ear, and then froze and turned when another curse was heard from the kitchen. "What on earth…" she muttered as she headed towards her husband's voice.

When she walked into the kitchen her eyes grew wide at her husband standing in her apron, scowling, and sucking at his wrist. "Ichigo?"

Ichigo jumped and nearly knocked over the wine bottle behind him. "H-H-Hime! You're home early!"

"Um…yeah…I got a lot done today… What…What are you doing?"

"Well…I, uh…uh…shit," he blew out his breath as he combed his fingers through his hair. The movement caused Orihime to notice the red streak on his wrist and she ran over to him, gently grabbing his forearm.

"How did you burn yourself?" she exclaimed in concern as a small yellow dome appeared over his wrist, quickly healing the burn. He didn't answer, and her eyes followed his gaze to the top of the stove where there sat cookie sheets full of lopsided cheese puffs and sweet potatoes. She looked back into his face as her fairies returned to her hair pins. "You made all this?"

His hand reached back to scratch the back of his head nervously. "Well, attempted to make anyways…"

"And you cleaned the apartment?"

He studied his white socks and nodded.

"Ichigo…" She dipped her head to look into his eyes. "Did you do this because of yesterday?"

He sighed again and reached up to gently grasp her arms, still not looking at her. "Yeah…I'm really sorry…I just thought I'd try to make it up to you but…I botched this up too…" Suddenly soft lips were pressing onto his and arms were around his neck. His eyes widened in surprise, but he immediately responded and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Orihime pulled back and rested her forehead on his, looking straight into his eyes. "Ichigo, you don't have to be sorry for yesterday. You'd just been on three shifts at the hospital and had two children die in your arms! I don't expect you to remember such a little thing like our anniversary after all that."


She cut him off with another kiss. "And you didn't botch anything up. I love you for doing all of this on what should have been you day off. The apartment looks amazing!"

Ichigo shifted uncomfortably and cast an accusing glance at his cooking. "Well…dinner didn't turn out so hot…"

"That has yet to be determined," she told him as she reached over and grabbed a funny-shaped cheese puff. He licked his lips nervously as she blew on it to cool it off. She bit into it. And his shoulders sagged in relief when her eyes lit up. "Ichigo!" she exclaimed when she'd barely swallowed. "This is amazing! And its wasabi flavored!"

He grinned at her enthusiasm. "You're not saying that just to make me feel better, are you?"

"Definitely not! Where'd you get the recipe?!"


"Mm," she replied as she popped the rest of it in her mouth. He watched her enjoying his masterpiece for a moment before reaching behind him and quickly pouring her a glass of wine. She took it and let her eyes roam down his body as she sipped. "You know…I could get used to this."

His face returned to its usual scowl. "Get used to what?"

"Me coming home after a long, hard day at work to a clean house and a home-cooked meal prepared by my adorable househusband… The apron is a really nice touch." Her eyes sparkled as she hid her smile with another sip of wine.

Ichigo gaped at her. "Why you little-"

"Oh! And I heard something about you practicing a song and dance routine for me? When do I get to see that?"

"Renji," he growled. "Or was it Ishida?"

She grinned mischievously. "Not telling."

Ichigo narrowed his eyes at his wife. "Oi, I'm the one that teases you. Not the other way around! What's with this role reversal routine?!"

Orihime giggled and reached out to glide a finger down his apron-covered torso. "I do believe, dear husband, that you're the one that started reversing roles."

He sputtered and muttered and reached back to untie the delicate strings, but Orihime quickly sat the glass down and stayed his wrists. "No, don't take it off!"

Ichigo's eyebrows shot up. "Now there's a phrase I've never heard from you before."


"Usually it's something like, 'Hurry up and take it off, Ichi!' or 'You have too many clothes on, Ichi!' or 'Why are there so many damn buttons on this shirt, Ichi!' or-"

She laughingly swatted him on the chest. "Stop it! You're horrible!"

"An eye for an eye, sweetheart."

"Aren't paramedics supposed to have unconditional mercy or something like that?"

"It's my day off, remember?"

As she rolled her eyes at him he suddenly licked his thumb and then rubbed it against her cheek. "Wha-"

He showed her the ink that was now on his thumb. "You had a little bit of genius on your cheek. Since my favorite mangaka is home early she must have broken her writer's block today."

"Hai! It was amazing! After days of being stuck all of a sudden I couldn't get the pens to move fast enough!"

An arrogant grin spread across Ichigo's face. "Well of course it was because of how you were woken up this morning."

Orihime's face flushed a deep pink. "N-No it wasn't! I fail to see how…that would help me with creating a battle scene."

He shrugged. "I'm just that good."

"Hmph. Says the man in the frilly apron."

"Okay, that's it. It's coming off."

Orihime laughed and wrapped her arms around his waist to stop him from untying it. "No, no! I like it!"

Ichigo raised an eyebrow and rested his hands on her sides. "You like it, huh? I suppose I'm not surprised…you always have the most…interesting fantasies." He chuckled as she buried her red face into his chest and wrapped his arms around her. The grin stayed on his face as a hand on her back mischievously headed towards her rear and gave it a good pinch.

"Eep! I-I-Ichigo!" she'd pulled back to glower at him, but he just laughed and tightened his hold on her.

"I think I need to prove to you how," he tilted his head down and brushed his lips against her neck, "I broke your writer's block… I'll go slowly this time, make sure you get every detail."

Her eyes widened as she caught his meaning and felt her legs go wobbly. "B-B-But…the food!"

"Mm," his fingers slipped underneath her shirt as his lips traveled back up to her cheek. "Reheat later."

"B-But…" Her fingers clenched the fabric on his back as she frantically searched her fogging head for a reason to delay…but then why did she want to delay this again?

"B-But," he echoed as his hands went higher, his thumbs grazing across the bottoms of her breasts. "Ya got nothing."

He has a point, she vaguely thought as she immediately gave in to his claiming lips and he began pushing her backwards and out of the kitchen. But she really wanted to see that song and dance routine Renji was talking about… She smiled against his lips. There were a few ways she could coax it out of him… But later. Her coaxing skills were temporarily out of commission while his hands were doing things like that.




I don't know why it's so long either XP It wouldn't end!! So the ending's pretty bad, but oh well!! I'm not really going to work very hard on these drabbles. They're just fun for me and hopefully for you too :D

Thanks for reading!!!