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Grim Reaper Kyo

Chapter 6:

A New Mission

"So this is Veronica…" Kyuubi said thoughtfully.

"The one and only!" Veronica grinned as she 'stood' beside Kyo as Team 7 got their next mission.

"Omigod! Why are you here? I mean, it's not like I'm not happy to see you, but why?" Kyo rambled excitedly.

Veronica chuckled and whipped out a pair of reading glasses and a floating clipboard appeared in a puff of smoke in front of her. "I'm here to deliver Tora the cat to Emo Hell, he's supposed to die from suffocation today…" she read as she flipped through some pages on the clipboard.

Kyo sweatdropped and she could almost swear Kyuubi was too. "What's Emo Hell?" she asked slightly confused.

"Huh? Oh, you wouldn't want to know, it's a pretty pointless Z-rank Hell." Veronica said dismissively.

"There's a Z-rank now?" Kyo blurt out.

Veronica chuckled. "Lord Thanatos had to make the rank specifically for this hell. I heard he laughed himself to tears when the demon Harlequina made it as a joke. It really wasn't the Hell she made to graduated Reaper training, but Thanatos liked it enough to make it official." she said as if spouting off a coworker's dirty secret.

"He seriously laughed that much?" Kyo giggled, nevermind that she's never even seen Thanatos other than a silhouette through those screens he hides behind. The thought of the almighty god of death laughing his ass off was just too funny. Veronica must have found it funny too because she was laughing alongside Kyo.

"You two are weird…" Kyuubi mumbled, not understanding their sense of humor.

Everyone who'd been watching the proceedings turned to Thanatos with narrow eyes.

"What?" he asked defensively.

"Tora still has three more lives." Fari deadpanned while some of the other god's eyes narrowed suspiciously. Thanatos sweatdropped behind his purple hanyo mask.

"Oh, so it does." Thanatos said, pretending to sound surprised. Most of his siblings grumbled incoherently. No one was going to fall for his 'innocent' ploys at trying to win his bet.

There was a long tense, awkward moment which was only broken when Sethlans, the God of Fire, decided to speak. "So… what is Emo Hell?"

"Huh? 'Due to Tora already being stuck in Living Hell, he cannot be moved until his time there has ended in another three generations'?" Veronica read in confusion as the words on her clipboard changed. "Funny, I've never heard of Living Hell…" she added.

Kyo glance at Tora's guts being squeezed out of his body. "I can't imagine why." she said innocently while she was laughing on the inside. That's what the stupid cat got for scratching her Naruto-kun…

"Gee, maybe I'm stuck in Living Hell…" Kyuubi mused.

Veronica merely chuckled as she brought a hand up to her mouth already guessing Kyo's reaction. She wasn't disappointed as Kyo glared at Naruto's stomach where the fox spirit resided. "What the hell is that supposed to mean? You should be grateful your not stuck here by yourself! Are you saying that my company is hell?" she snapped.

Veronica could've sworn she saw Kyo breathe fire and her tongue becoming slit during her rant. She sighed and pat Kyo's head with her clipboard like scolding a puppy. "Kyo-chan, don't take very little things at face value." she said calmly, while she mentally laughed at Kyo as she pouted and crossed her arms like a spoiled brat, her twin comical horns on her head only adding to make it funnier. "Kyuubi-san probably was referring to the fact that he's sealed inside an orange obnoxious short twelve year old boy." she said, her eyes curving to upside down 'U's.

"Yeah… what she said…" Kyuubi agreed, though it wasn't very convincing.

"He's not that obnoxious…" Kyo could only grumble.

"Uh-huh…" Veronica said, not convinced. "By the way, I spoke to his dad the other day-"

"Naruto has family!" Kyo exclaimed. "No way!"

"Everyone has family Kyo," Veronica rolled her eyes. "Just let me finish-"

"But this is great news!" Kyo gushed excitedly. "His whole life he wanted family and now I know he has some! Oh if only I could tell him!"

"Uh, Kyo…maybe you should listen…"

"Who is he?" Kyo turned to Veronica, ignoring Kyuubi altogether. "What's he like?" Kyo suddenly got a look of realization on her face, and just when Veronica thought Kyo had finally gotten a head on her shoulders and figured it all out, it only took Kyo nine words to crush that thought to oblivion. "Where the hell has he been this whole time?" she growled angrily.

"He's dead, obviously." Veronica deadpanned, figuring it'd be the only way to get it through Kyo's sometimes thick skull. "How else could I have talked to him?"

Kyo suddenly got a shell-shocked expression and froze.

There was an awkward moment which Kyuubi suddenly broke as he burst out laughing.

"Now that's not very funny…" Veronica chastised, frowning.

"Haha, I know, I hate myself for it but for some reason that was just so fucking funny!" Kyuubi laughed.

"Aw man, what an ass…" Arausio, the God of Water, mumbled. Most of the gods and goddesses mumbled their agreement except for Loki, the God of Mischief, who burst out laughing and Adharma, the God of Sin, who's pale face finally changed from cold disinterest to an amused smirk.

"Let the spirit be." Jove coincided. "Foxes always were more on the spiteful side, it's in his nature."

Thanatos turned to Fari who sat beside him to his right. "That's funny, I remember him saying something similar to that about me once." he whispered.

Fari chuckled. "You're as spiteful as he is lenient. He lets us get away with almost anything. I sometimes wonder how we haven't destroyed the worlds yet." she answered back in a hushed voice.

"You know I can hear you." Jove's voice made both gods turn to the seat at Thanatos's left to see Jove sitting on his throne and giving them a mixed annoyed yet amused expression.

Thanatos and Fari gave him a blank look before turning back to each other. "So as I was saying…" Thanatos continued to whisper not too quietly, much to Jove's annoyance and some of the other god's amusement.

"Wow, he really likes to make a big fuss over everything…" Veronica suddenly said, changing the subject, while smiling happily as she watched Naruto demanding to get a higher ranked mission like a spoiled brat. "He reminds me of you in a way Kyo."

"What? I'm not that bad, am I?" Kyo whined instinctively as she snapped out of her daze.

"No you're not Kyo," Kyuubi said, making Kyo preen happily. "You're worse." he deadpanned.

"What?" Kyo deflated while Veronica burst out laughing.

"Ok, I say we cast a vote. Those of you who think the Reaper's worse raise up your hand." Aeolus, the God of Wind, suddenly proposed as he stood up and looked around as half of the other gods and goddesses raised up their hands. "And the human boy?" the other half raised up their hand.

Jove, who'd remained neutral throughout the votes, chuckled as Aeolus looked taken back that it's an equal tie.

"Aw, c'mon! The Reaper's obviously worse!" Aeolus protested.

"You're only saying that because you gave the boy your element when he was born." Lufu drawled in annoyance. He'd been one of the ones to vote the boy more annoying.

"And you're only saying that because he's one of the only people you're not allowed to shoot an arrow at." Ankt, the Goddess of War, said scornfully. She'd voted the opposite.

"He's not the only one I want to shoot an arrow at!" Lufu growled.

"Lufu." Jove warned.

"It all depends on what kind of arrow you're shooting Lufu." Ankt replied coyly, ignoring Jove and making Lufu give her a disgusted look at the innuendo.

"You're sick, sister." Lufu spat.

Ankt merely shrugged. "It's not like we're related by blood like human siblings. We were merely born at the same time at the beginning of creation."

"Were were reborn from the ashes of the last creation. What's to say we weren't siblings like those humans before this creation?" Lufu countered.

Ankt scoffed. "Then it wouldn't matter then would it? Besides, no one but you seems to have a problem with relationships between us deities. Just look at Dharma and Adharma, they're considered twins and yet they're lovers! Dharma's the Goddess of Virtues for blood's sake! Do you really think the 'face of all goodness' would defile her name if it weren't alright for us to be together?" she ranted angrily.

"Leave us out of this Ankt." Adharma warned threateningly while Dharma calmly put her hand on his to placate him from attacking their sister.

"Yes, Ankt, I think it's best if you discuss your relationship with Lufu while not in our presence. It'd definitely do a helpful number on our ears to not have to heard the two of you bicker like two married humans." Tima cut in curtly.

"Oh and like you don't feel the same way?" Ankt snarled. "Everyone knows you want to switch roles with Lufu just so he'll notice you."

"T-that's not true!" Tima protested, her face turning scarlet.

"How long has this been going on?" Jove asked in surprise.

Thanatos and Fari rolled their eyes, secretly wondering what Jove did with his time since he was supposed to be omnipotent of the goings on of the universe.

"Yeah, how long has it been?" Lufu growled as he stood up and pointed at everyone. "You're all sick bastards you know that?"

"Wait, what did I do?" Thanatos turned and asked Fari.

"Everyone thinks we're together." she whispered back.

Thanatos stared at her for a while before he began to chuckle and was quickly joined by Fari at the irony that would be. After all, no one could escape the fate that was death. They were snapped out of their musings when Jove suddenly spoke again.

"Lufu! You're not permitted to leave once a deal has been made!" he warned out louder than the other gods had heard him in nearly a millennia. The whole structure of the Council Haven shook under the power in Jove's voice, but it didn't even deter Lufu as he made his way outside.

"Suck my dick, asswipe!" he growled, flipping Jove the bird before walking away, slamming the door behind him.

There was a long silence which followed Lufu's departure. The tension in the room was so thick it could be cut with a knife. It was broken, finally after a long while, when Solum, the God of Nature, reached out and smacked Aeolus over the head.

"See? This is why we don't vote! It's always bets! Bets!" he snapped.

"How was I supposed to know that would happen?" Aeolus protested childishly as he rubbed his head.

"Ok, if you want it that much, I'll give you a C-rank mission. It's a protection mission of a certain individual."

"What?" Kyo practically screamed as the old Hokage gave Team 7 their mission. "He's not ready! He can't die yet!" she panicked as she flew around in circles, but suddenly stopped when she realized something. "Hey! Wait! If he dies I can finally talk to him! Yes! Thank you old man Hokage!" she cheered as she pumped a fist in the air.

"Hey, what about me?" Kyuubi whined.

"What about you?" Kyo snapped rudely as she shot Naruto's stomach a glare.

"I don't want to die yet…"

Veronica glanced at her clipboard and blinked. "Well, sorry to burst your bubble Kyo, but it seems like only the Uchiha's chances of dying has gone up. Naruto's chance of dying on this mission is only 0.07%, higher than his usual 0.02%, but it's still not likely."

Kyo cursed colorfully. "I don't want to meet the Uchiha! That teme deserves to be alive!"

Veronica sweatdropped. "Shouldn't it be the other way around?" she mumbled to herself.

"You know, I don't really understand her logic that well either…" Kyuubi agreed.

"What's this? They're all a bunch of super brats. Especially the shortest one with the super stupid-looking face. Are you brats really ninja?" the drunk muttered as he came in.

"They're guarding a drunk?" Veronica asked to no one in particular.

"Who's the shortest one?" Kyo asked instead as she looked at Naruto and his teammates while Naruto asked around the same question.

"It's Naruto you idiot!" Kyuubi pointed out the obvious while Sakura and Sasuke stood up next to Naruto so he'd realized the height difference.

"That bastard insulted Kyo's Naruto-kun!" Veronica gasped in overdramatic sarcasm as she brought her hands to her face before snickering.

"It's not funny Veronica!" Kyo protested angrily as Naruto was held back from attacking the drunk bridge builder by Kakashi.

Veronica coughed. "You're right, it's not funny." she said, composing herself.

"Thank you." Kyo sniffed indignantly.

"It's hilarious!" Veronica giggled.

"No it's not Veronica!" Kyo protested.

"Thanatos, you're Reaper has a very bad taste of humor." Fari said blandly.

"Yeah, I mean, it wasn't even that funny." Thanatos agreed.

"I think Fari meant that the situation wasn't so much as funny as it was sad." Arausio said.

"Actually it was kind of funny." Jove said, chuckling.

"See? Someone agrees with me!" Thanatos grinned while the other gods sighed in unison.

"Well, I don't think it's funny." Loki mumbled, making some of the other stare at the God of Mischief in shock. That proves it, it wasn't funny.

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