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Chapter 1

Badassvamp360: a/s/l ?

Vamplvr1987: 16 f wa and u?

Badassvamp360: 17 m wa what part?

Vamplvr1987: a little town, I'd rather not disclose that information at this time lol

Badassvamp360: ok that's understandable, what's with the screen name?

Vamplvr1987: Oh, that well….I love vampire movies. Van Helsing and Underworld 1 2 and 3 are my favs and I use it for all my user names…what's the story behind your screen name?

Badassvamp360: I was watching Van Helsing when I made my google account, I've been using it for all my accounts ever sense…and I've had that account for a long time.

Vamplvr1987: seems we have some things in common.

Badassvamp360: what kind of music do you listen to?

Vamplvr1987: classical mostly but I like old rock too and u?

Badassvamp360: I don't know about classical music but old rock is stand able. I like indie music.

Vamplvr1987: I have to go, my mom is calling me. I'll save you in my list if that's ok?

Badassvamp360: yes please do and I'll save you in mine. Do you know when you'll be on again?

Vamplvr1987: tomorrow after school, talk to you then..bye.

Badassvamp360: looking forward to it.

"Isabella Marie," my mom yelled from the kitchen. It's my dad's birthday and I'm supposed to be helping her make a cake for him. I love to cook, but I love computers even more.

"Coming mom," I logged off and turned the computer to standby. I have an essay I have to start so I'd be back to it soon enough. I attend Forks High, in a little town called Forks. Not many students are registered in that school, but then again, not many people live in this city. My parents, well my dad really, are big fans of small town life. It doesn't bother me much; I like to stay to myself most of the time. Give me a computer or a keyboard and I'll be content for hours.

"Grab the mixer; it's in the bottom drawer." I put on my apron and tied it quickly, grabbed the mixer and plugged it in next to where she was cracking the eggs into the mixing bowl.

"Here you go," I said as the last wick clicked into place.

"Thank you sweetie, preheat the oven to 350°."

My dad is the sheriff of Forks, has been since I was six. Good ol' Chief Swan the locals call him, even the Quileute's from the La Push reservation refer to him that way.

The cake was cooled and we iced and decorated it as we did every year just before we heard the cruiser pull up in the gravel out front. "Turn the lights off Bella," my mom said before she grabbed the cake in both hands and held it out for me to light the candles.

I flicked the light switch and light the candles as we stood waiting for him in the hallway. We heard his footsteps coming up the stairs and his key in the lock. He made us lock the door at all times; very overprotective. I guess being a sheriff and seeing all the things he has seen would do that to a person.

"Happy Birthday," we shouted when he opened the door. He looked tired as he did every night when he came home, but he seemed to always have time for us. He smiled his crinkly smile and head towards us, hanging his belt on the rack as he passed.

"I knew my girls wouldn't let me down," he blew out his candles and kissed my mom sweetly then hugged me and kissed the top of my head.

We ate dinner and had cake and ice cream afterwards. We didn't celebrate birthdays in a traditional way like most people do; it was more intimate with us, strictly a family occasion. I've never had friends over on my birthdays, just mom and dad. That was fine with me, I have been to a few parties and they didn't seem like something I would enjoy. I like the quiet, being able to think was something I really enjoyed.

I went to bed after doing a little over half of my essay, the rest of my homework was done when I got home. I know how important ones future is and how imperative it is to plan for it early. I was not going to mess that up by slacking off. I am going to get out of this town.

I was startled awake by the ear piercing shriek coming from my alarm clock; loud noises aren't common in my house. I got up groggily and stumbled to my closet. On the way I noticed it was raining. I rolled my eyes; that is what I get for living in the wettest part of the Continental US. Forks is covered in a near constant cloud and rain is something you are required to get accustomed to if you want to reside here.

I grabbed my clothes and made my way to the one bathroom we all shared. We had a routine down: Dad would shower at night, I would shower in the morning and mom would shower sometime during the time we were both gone. It worked for us and it has for a long time, ever since I started preschool.

The shower was warm and revitalizing, my shampoo smelled of strawberries and crème—my favorite—and it filled the room with its wonderful fragrance. I brushed my hair and brushed my teeth, that was all I did to get ready for school. So many girls at school caked their faces with makeup and most put on way too much. I don't care what other people think of me so I don't even bother.

For so many years I have been burdened with my father taking me to school in his cruiser, all the kids would stare and it used to bother me. Now, I don't even notice the judging eyes.

"Have a good day at school Bells," my dad said as he stopped in the parking lot of Forks High.

"Thanks dad, bye," I shut the door and walked toward my first class, English with Mr. Mason.

I don't have many friends at school, three to be exact. Angela who has always been in one of my classes, Eric who is Angela's boyfriend and Mike. Mike has had this thing for me for years, I don't know why. I've told him I wasn't interested many, many times over yet he continues to pursue me.

English started quickly as Mr. Mason liked to get class started exactly at the scheduled time that was listed. Government flew by as it usually did and I always dreaded trigonometry. The reason: Jessica Stanley. She and I were the best of friends all through grade school. When she grew boobs and a bubble gum attitude that all changed.

I walked into trig, not looking forward to what Jessica was going to say. She always had something snotty to say or something to put me down. It didn't bother me all that much but it got old after the 300th time she did it.

"Hi Bella," she said sweetly when I walked by her, "Did you dress yourself in the dark this morning?" she cackled. Yes Jessica Stanley is truly a witch and that's an understatement. I ignored her as I always did and took my seat. Her and her posse laughed and took their seats as well. Mr. Varner came in and quizzed us on our test coming up on Friday.

Even though school just started last week, leave it Mr. Varner to give us a test. Every day he would quiz us on it until the day of; he has always done that since 9th grade. Spanish was the same as trig; Jessica would say some smart ass remark and I would ignore her. The teacher would come in and call for our attention in Spanish and class would begin.

After Spanish is lunch, I always waited for Jessica to leave first so she wouldn't have the chance to make jokes at how clumsy I am. I always meet Angela and Eric in the hallway and we walk to lunch together. Lunch was always chaotic; the popular kids were always loud and obnoxious; as were their followers. Jessica was one of the followers along with her puppet Lauren Mallory. They were so pathetic; always drooling over Tyler Crowly, Jasper Hale and Emmett and Edward Cullen.

I don't see what they saw in Tyler, sure he was good at sports and a smooth talker, but he was your average high school student. Mike is actually included in the popular group, but he prefers to chase after something he will never catch. Edward, now he is a different story.

He is the epitome of gorgeous; his green eyes are vivid and can be seen from across the room. His bronze hair that always seemed to be everywhere—like he got out of bed ran his hand through it and called it good—was marvelous. His smile was out of this world, crooked and sexy would be the best way to describe it. He's tall, but not as tall as his brother Emmett who is basically a gorilla in a man's suit, but he is definitely well built. One thing was lacking though, one thing that made him unattractive: His attitude. He isn't as bad as some, I'll admit, but he fits right in.

Emmett is dating Rosalie Hale, Jasper's twin sister, and has been since 8th grade. The funniest part about that was Jasper dating Alice Cullen, Emmett and Edward's little sister. She is the sweetest one of the group, I hadn't talked to her much more than the others but when I did she was always very nice and friendly.

Tyler and Edward rarely dated anyone exclusively, they liked to keep their options open which is revolting. They were too gorgeous to settle with a normal high school girl, they preferred models. A model would be the only kind of girl that would look good standing next to Edward, anyone else would just look plain and unattractive.

The only girl I have ever seen him serious about was Tanya Denali. Since 9th grade they were an item, all the up until the end of last year. The gossip was that she got a modeling offer in Southern California and her family moved there over the summer. Edward was supposedly heart broken, but he looked fine to me.

"Bella," Angela called from a few feet away from me where the line had continued to move without me. I was so lost in thought that I was holding up the line.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I apologized to the people behind me. They looked annoyed so I hurried to catch up.

"What'll it be?" the cafeteria lady asked.

"What are my options?"

"Meatloaf or smoked Salmon."

"I think I'll pass, but thank you." She creased her brows at me as I pushed my tray past her and settled with a fruit cup and bottled water.

We paid for out food and I followed Angela, Eric and Mike—who made his way into our group as always—to our usual table. It wasn't that I didn't like Mike, he is very genuine and honest and he is a very loyal friend. He is also very annoying in his persistence.

Somehow I managed to trip on my own feet and my tray went flying into the air and landed on the table that all the popular kids were sitting at. They all looked at me including Edward Cullen.

"Fall much," Jessica said between giggles and points. I picked myself up off the floor, my mind told me to run but my body would not listen. I stood there with my back to them, gathering myself so I could face them and retrieve my tray and what was left of my lunch.

"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to clean up your mess?" Lauren asked in a demanding tone. I turned around and locked eyes with Alice, she was picking my things up off the table and reaching under the table to grab my water bottle.

"Here you go Bella, you should really watch where you're walking," she said sweetly and turned back to her friends. They all laughed and she swatted Jasper on the shoulder along with Edward and Emmett. I turned and walked carefully to the table where Angela and company were waiting for me.

"That was horrid," Angela said under her breath, leaning toward me as I took my seat.

"Just another day at Forks High," I joked and smiled sarcastically. I was used to this, the way they treated me was basically normality in my life. I've been going to the same school with the same kids since I was five; they knew me inside and out, even if they weren't my close friends.

"So…we're going to First Beach on Saturday, do you want to come with?" Angela asked me and asked Mike. Not me and Mike, I'll make that clear now.

"Sure, I'm in," I said before Mike had a chance to answer. He would assume I was going because he was and that is so not the case.

"What about you Mike?"

"Yeah, I'm in," he answered lightly.

Next period has been my favorite period so far this year. It is Biology II and Angela is my lab partner. Mike is in it with us, but he is lab partners with Jessica. She flirts with him nonstop when she can get him to herself. She practically throws herself at him the whole period long; showing her cleavage, her curves and for some reason it never clicked in his head that she was interested in his affection.

Every year I have been in a class with Edward Cullen, even in elementary school we had the same teachers. We've spoke probably all of about three times, at least spoken on our own accord. One year we had to do a Romeo and Juliet scene, my cheeks were hot and I stumbled over all of my lines, but we managed to pass the project with an A-.

Next period was gym, with Mike, and for once I was grateful. Gym was my least favorite period because I always tripped or fell or hurt someone or myself. Mike always volunteered to be on my team and even though his intentions were different then mine, I didn't hesitate to accept.

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