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Third person POV

Half way through the following school year, Edward and Bella started attending UW in Seattle and they graduated later that year from Forks High.

The college years were stressful and confusing for Bella. She found herself struggling in her classes because her mind was always on Edward: What he was doing and where he was if he wasn't by her side were the questions always running through her mind. What was he thinking and was he still in love with her were the questions when he was close to her.

As if keeping up on school work and maintaining an apartment wasn't hard enough.

Edward, however, found college to be quiet enjoyable; he being very outgoing had a lot of friends, but what came with that was many admirers. Something he knew Bella was worried about. He did his best everyday to show her how much she meant to him. He did his best not to have any friends of the opposite gender, even though nothing could ever temp him to hurt his Bella.

They went through a rough patch middle of the second year, Bella was sure Edward was cheating, or at least he was thinking about it. All of their classes had been shared until Edward procrastinated and one of Bella's classes was full by the time he tried to register for it. He had a friend in that class, the one without Bella; a girl that he kept from her.

"Why would you hide her if there's nothing going on?" that's what she asked him.

"Because I knew it would upset you and I only see or talk to her in economics," he'd reassured her.

Edward couldn't believe it had come to this, he wanted Bella to trust him more than anything but how could he gain it if she always assumed the worst.

It took a few days of ignoring Edward before Bella couldn't take it any longer. He had been ignoring her too, because there was no reason she had to be upset with him.

Edward was in his room, which used to be the study, and Bella knocked lightly on the door; her heart pounding in anticipation of holding Edward in her arms once again. Edward knew it was her; it would be no one else. So he took his time answering; Bella had a lesson to learn.

"Hey Bella," he said when he opened the door to see her holding her hand up in a fist, preparing to knock on the door again if he hadn't answered.

"Hi…can we talk?" Her words came out in a whisper and Edward could not refuse her, nor did he want or intend to.

"Sure." He moved to the side and let her pass into his domain. "What do you want to talk about?"

Bella was a mess; her words came out in a rush, "I'm sorry for accusing you of something I had no proof of. I can't help it that I'm afraid of losing you to some hotter-than-me bimbo." She could feel the tears; feel the pull at her heart as the words leapt from her lips.

Edward felt the pull too; it was the connection between them growing stronger. He went to her, magnetically, and told her she was the only girl for him and the feelings held for her haven't changed since the moment he knew he loved her.

Bella believed him and they had what you call "Makeup Sex" all over the study room, computer desk and copier included.

"Don't open your eyes until I tell you to; promise?" Edward had been nervous all week, all of it building up to today. He had taken Bella to downtown Seattle; there they stood in front of the store he'd been visiting all week, preparing for this moment.

Bella was confused and excited; she had no idea of what Edward had up his sleeve but graduation was approaching so it had to be something good. She continued to keep her eyes closed as instructed and walked through the glass doors. Nothing could be heard or seen and she was starting to get really curious.

The moment everything and everyone was in place and up to Edward's standards, he tore his hands from her eyes, "Okay open them." Edward watched as Bella's eyes went from disorder to appreciative and finally bliss.

Bella opened her eyes to a place that didn't make sense until her vision focused on the rectangle glass casings positioned just so all around the room.

"Isabella," Edward called in the most alluring tone. He took her hands in his and marveled in the feel of her soft skin against his. "I've loved you since before I met you, I just didn't know it. I want you to be mine forever and I promise to be yours in return."

Edward got down on one knee and held Bella's left hand firmly in both of his. "My Bella, will you do me the honor of allowing me to purchase you one of these rings and wear it to show my undying devotion to you?" He smiled cheekily, but there was a visible worry line right above his left eye brow. Something Bella had seen many times before.

Bella almost fainted. She'd expected Edward's proposal to be romantic, but not like this. She knew it would come, it was inevitable. The world would cease to rotate on its axels if they were to ever be apart.

"I will love you everyday more than the last." Edward stood up and Bella hugged him to her in a desperate attempt to have him as close to her as she could get him. She wanted to crawl into his arms and stay there forever.

But she had a ring to pick out.

"So that's a yes then?" he asked while Bella was still holding onto him.

Bella mentally laughed at his notion. "Of course if it, yes, yes I'll marry you." Edward was ecstatic, to hear her say it was all he needed. Bella would finally truly and utterly be his, forever. That's something he's wanted to do since the moment he saw her by the sitting park. He thought about doing it there, but he wanted her to have a ring that she would be proud of; something she picked out.

Something Bella still wasn't aware of was that Edward had a ring made specifically for her. He hoped she would pick that one. If not he would tell her afterwards and see if she wanted it. It was a lame thing to do but he wanted to see if she would pick it by chance—or fate.

Bella was busy looking at all the rings, "That one's too big," she said. "That one looks like it was made by a blind man," she giggled. It did look poorly thought out, Edward thought to himself. His ring had a lot of time and love put into it.

They went through case by case and Bella had found three that she liked. The last case was the case that Edward handpicked all the rings; it also held the ring he'd made. He mentally crossed his fingers and hoped she would notice it and fall head over heels for it.

Bella looked down through the glass case and saw all the rings she would pick, how was she ever going to pick just one? Something caught her eye, something shinny yet dull, not as flamboyant as the rest.

"Can I see that one?" she asked the clerk behind the case.

"Sure," she pulled it out and sat it on top of the glass. The clerk knew that this was the ring Edward made and she had to fight back a smile as she felt so thrilled for the gorgeous man standing in front of her.

Bella grabbed it immediately and tried it on. "Edward, I think I like this one best, it even fits my perfectly." She tilted her hand from side to side; examining it in the different lighting it created.

"Bella," Edward called for her attention and when Bella looked at him he could see the joy she was experiencing. "I actually made this ring for you. I designed it myself." Edward was proud that he made a ring that Bella would like best; he was also so thrilled that she picked it over the rest.

Bella was at a loss for words. She looked down at the ring on her finger and was in awe at how beautiful it truly was. Now she could add sentimental to the list of things Edward would do for the proposal.

"Don't forget my bag," Bella yelled from the car. Edward was in a panic, running down the hall of their three bedroom home in Forks. They moved back home after college and stayed after they got married behind Edward's childhood home.

Bella was enjoying this part of her life, and though she dreamed of getting out of the small town she had always called home, she couldn't because there were too many wonderful memories. Not to mention she was babied and loved and waited on hand and foot by the people around her.

This moment was the one they'd been waiting for, for over eight months. Edward spotted the bag sitting next to his and Bella's bed half way pushed under it. He snagged it up and darted back towards the front door.

Bella was sitting in the front seat on the phone with Alice. She and Jasper too, live in Forks, just three blocks away actually. Alice was so excited; finally she wouldn't be the only one. Now she would feel like she wasn't the only one changing things.

"Here we go," Edward declared when he entered the car. He couldn't shake the smile on his face as Bella continued to take deep languid breaths looking out the side window. His sight fell on her hands that were cradling her swollen stomach so tenderly.

"Everything alright?" he chanced not looking away from the road; afraid some unexpected bump or obstacle would make her more uncomfortable.

"Just drive," she managed between breaths and Edward did as she asked.

They arrived at the hospital minutes later and Edward allowed the valet to park his first child, under any other circumstances he would have done it himself. He prayed silently that the valet driver knew the importance of his vehicle.

A hospital staff member brought out a wheelchair for Bella to relax in and Edward wheeled her into the section where they had visited a month prior to prepare and get a feel of the place and people.

Carlisle and Esme were flying in from Colorado where they had a house that they vacationed at yearly; they would arrive tomorrow morning. Charlie and Renee were already on their way. Rosalie and Emmett would be there shortly along with Alice and Jasper.

There were complications and Bella wasn't dilating like she should. The baby's heart beat was a little low but nothing to worry about; that's what the doctors and nurses said. Edward was mentally freaking out but he kept his cool in front of Bella; no need to worry her further he thought.

Nine hours later Carlisle and Esme arrive, still no baby Edwella. That's what Alice was calling it. When Edward and Bella tried to find out the sex it was no use, he or she did not want to show them until the time came. They had bought a select few clothes for the first few days and a bassinet but other than that only the necessities were purchased.

Alice was more than happy to go shopping for them after she knew whether she had a niece of a nephew. She hoped for a boy so he and Dylan could get dirty in the mud growing up and stick up for each other when trouble came their way. But a niece would be amazing; maybe she would finally get her shopping apprentice, she laughed to herself.

"Bella, you look great. You've been in here for nine hours?" Esme asked, taken aback by how good she looked.

"Yeah," Bella replied with a light breath. She was tired out, the pain was too much to bear for so many hours that she broke down three hours ago and accepted the epidural in her back to ease the pain. "Drugs," she laughed groggily.

"Don't worry hun, a lot of woman get them." Renee was by her side holding her hand and talking to her while Edward had left to see the family outside. She was worried for her daughter and her grandchild. Even though the doctors said all was fine, she couldn't deny the feeling that pulled at her heartstrings.

Esme agreed by shaking her head and a tear ran down her cheek, she remembered being in that same bed three times over. She missed the scene of children, walking, crawling and just barely rolling over.

"Don't cry Esme, the baby will be fine," Bella forced a smile to cross her face and she yelled at herself to believe her own words.

"Everything looks good, the baby is functioning normally except for the low heart rate and that's only because of the stress." Carlisle was sure, after seeing the status with his own eyes and expertise, that the baby would be fine.

Four hours later and Bella was rushed into an emergency cesarean because the baby's heart rate was dropping lower than anyone was comfortable with. Five minutes was all it took and the baby was rushed off to the nursery to be further observed and cared for.

"A girl," Edward breathed when the nurse told them before exiting the room with her. He knelt down to be closer to Bella's ear. "We have a little girl." Bella wasn't completely coherent but her lips rose in a smiling fashion.

What was a family of two is now a family of three. Edward was beyond thrilled and he didn't hold back that fact when he went to the waiting room to tell his family; Charlie and Renee included.


Today was my little girls first day of school, "Come on Ema; you don't want to be late for your first day do you?" I'd taken the day off to ride along. Renesmee was thrilled to be going to kindergarten; she worked hard every day with her numbers, letters, shapes and colors.

She even learned the months of the year in order.

"Are you coming with us daddy?" my angel asked when I buckled her into her booster seat.

"I am…you think I would miss your big day?" I asked energetically, tickling her under her chin.

She shook her head and smiled that gorgeous smile that wins me over every time. "No," she giggled in response to my tickling.

"That's the answer I was looking for," I shut the door after making sure the buckle was tight. Bella was already in the front seat turned around to talk to Renesmee. She was talking to her like the couch before a big game.

"And you're going to talk politely and share with your new friends," she said when I turned the engine over in my rebuilt Volvo. I couldn't part with it, even though it is now 8 years old.

"Yes mommy, I know I need to share my toys," Bella had been drilling her about that because she wasn't one to share. Even when Dylan and Alyssa (Rosalie and Emmett's daughter) came over to play she had a hard time watching them play with her toys.

The school was ravenous with kids and parents everywhere you looked. We found the room and stood outside it while Renesmee looked around with excitement.

"Oooh, mommy they have a water fountain," she exclaimed excitedly to Bella, pulling on her arm.

"Yes, and I'm sure you can have a drink anytime you want." She wrapped her arms around our daughter and kissed her cheek. "Have a great day at school Ema, and make friends okay."

I could hear the tears in her voice; it caused my throat to swell.

"Give daddy a hug," I picked her up in my arms and held her tight. "You have fun and don't let anyone pick on you!"

"I know, I'm a big girl," she held on to the straps to her backpack and ran into the room. The teacher found her and showed her to her seat. She smiled and waved at us then continued on with her teacher duties.

"Our little girl is growing up," Bella sobbed unsuspectingly and leaned her head against my shoulder.

"Yes she is; what do you think we should do about that?" I quirked an eyebrow at her and smiled devilishly.

"Edward! Let's get off the school property before you start thinking like that," she grabbed a hold of my shirt collar and pulled me down the corridor, but not after both of us taking a sixth look at our daughter laughing with another little girl and boy.

Life was good, the only thing that could make it better would be adding another addition to our little family. But that might be asking too, much.


Life has taken a wild turn to say the least. I didn't give kids much thought before our wedding. I just figured they would come in time. I didn't expect to get pregnant on our honeymoon on an island off the coast of Brazil: That was a nice surprise.

Time goes by so fast; Renesmee's first day of school came and went. It was a tearful moment but I held it in until we got to the car. I decided today would be a good day to tell Edward the news that I hoped was going to be good news to him.

I was beyond thrilled.

I'd given up on having a job for now, Edward makes more than enough as the music teacher at Forks High and Ema needs her mother to be there for her. Edward was the one who suggested we do it this way and I agreed. Now things were going to change again.

We got to the house and Edward was in a playful mood, very touchy feely and for some reason it irritated me. That was only further proof of what I was going to tell him. That has only happened once before and that was when I was pregnant with Ema.

Edward and I were lying on the couch his head was laying on my stomach. Here we go, I thought. "Edward I have something to confess." He looked up with worried eyes, "I guess I could have worded that differently. I have something to tell you," I corrected.

"What is it?" he sat up and looked me in the eyes, I had to avert mine.

"I'm pregnant," I whispered.

"What?" he asked; not sure what I said.

"I'm pregnant," I said louder but still under my breath.

"Bella," his eyes widened but no smile crossed his face like I'd hoped. "Did you just say we're pregnant?"

"Technically I said I'm pregnant, but yeah. Are you excited?" I smiled widely trying to show him that I was; I was ready to have another baby. I missed the feeling of my arms cradling a tiny innocent being that I helped create. I wanted that again and I would never regret it; this was what I wanted.

His mouth was gapping and I was so close to freaking. He shook his head slightly, "I'm speechless."

"Well say something, anything. Good, bad, I'd like to know how you feel about this." His expression changed and I wasn't sure if it were better than the blank one I was seeing moments ago, "How do you feel?"

"I asked you first Edward, it doesn't matter how I feel right now I want to know how you feel." I was having a minor panic attack, nothing major.

His adoring stare was piercing and I felt the spark between us crackle to life. "Bella calm down, you don't want to hurt the baby."

"Don't tell me to c-," his finger pressed against my lips as he shushed me and he looked down at my stomach. His hands trailed down my sides causing shivers to run through me. He lifted my shirt just over my flat stomach and revealed a small portion of the purplish pink scar that started at one end of my cervix and ended at the other. His finger trailed lightly over it and then he laid his head on my stomach.

"I hope it's a boy," he said. "Either way is fine but I would really like I son," he said to my stomach.

"So you're okay with this?" I assumed.

"Of course I am love, nothing would make me happier." He crawled up me and placed a soft kiss on my lips. "Are you okay with this?"

He was inches from my face and the all too familiar feeling of unconsciousness flowed through me. "More than okay," I tilted my head back to reach for his lips and he met me half way. We still had two hours until we had to pick up Ema; that was just enough time.


The inside of a cell is nothing to brag about, four concrete walls, a metal frame attached on all ends with a flat hard cushion and a white sheet. No pillows, no comfort and no privacy when you have to use the john. I played endless amounts of king's corners and even more rounds of single solitaire. I think I read six books, full novels and I never read. I didn't even do it when it was required back in school.

There isn't much else to do, it passed the time and that was all I could think about; that and Bella.

She was the apple of my eye for a long time, always silently there in the back of my mind. I didn't realize the reasoning behind it but with all the free time and solitude, I had a lot of time to think.

I believe that Bella was a symbol of all the things I wanted and would never have. Edward was the guy living my fairy tale life and I didn't think that was fair. It wasn't his fault his parents worked hard for what they achieved. It wasn't his fault that his parents didn't do drugs and allow said drugs to run their lives.

When I saw Bella it was like I woke up, what the fuck am I doing? I remember thinking. But she got in the car and at that moment I felt like there was no turning back. I had started it and now, somehow I had to end it. It was my pride, I didn't want Edward to win by me just giving up, no he had to fight for it and fight for it he did.

Maybe not in the literal sense of the word but I was sure he did his part in tracking us down.

After my sentence was served they sent me to Highline West Seattle Mental Hospital, which is where I have resided for the last year and a half. I have had one visitor throughout the whole ordeal and she has come every chance she could. I didn't ever think I would look at a woman as a companion, a partner; I thought I'd be a bachelor forever. Victoria has cleaned up and got a job back in long view at the Arco in town. I could tell she hasn't been using, her cheek bones aren't as prominent and she doesn't look broken out from all the chemicals anymore.

Today was my last day in the center; I was being released because I have proven not to be insane after all. I had realized my delusions and dealt with them accordingly. I know Bella is nothing to me and I am nothing to her. She is with Edward and they love each other. I was going to be with Victoria and do my damnedest to make it work. I was going to straighten up my act and the first thing I was going to work on was moving the fuck out of Long View; tweaker capitol of the Pacific Northwest.

"Victoria, where is Jason's shoes," I hollered out the back door of our mobile home. Victoria and I married shortly after I was released from Highline. She worked while I hustled but I only did it so we could get out of there.

Once we moved to Vancouver, Washington I got a job at a painters union and have been working there ever sense. Victoria and I had our first and only child, as of now, a year after we married. Jason is now four and a beautiful little boy with a mixture of my and her mother's curls. He was smart, he knew right from wrong and he was a good boy.

I was prouder and prouder of him every day. On the rare occasion, Jason would come to the work site with me and I would teach him the trade. That's why I needed those damn shoes; he already had his little painters pants on we bought for him.

My little man.

"They should be by the front door," she was outside in the little garden we had full of vegetables. Victoria had taken us all vegetarian and it actually had a big impact on my life. I feel more energetic and I don't feel as heavy.

"I don't see them…please come and help me." I watched her through the window as she scrambled to her feet. She was going to come in with guns flaring. When she pushed through the sliding door the expression on her face told me I was right on.

Before her face could turn as read as her hair I swept her up and kissed her senseless.

My life had done a complete 180 from my parents, I don't do any drugs but I occasionally indulge in a drink or two or three. I have a wonderful woman I can call my wife and I'm the proudest father in the world.

I have everything I always thought I never would, could or deserved to have and it's all thanks to Bella.

If it weren't for her I would have never gone to prison, I would never have gotten over the infatuation I thought of her and I would have never gotten better. I would have passed this life by and I would spend an eternity in hell rather than live the life I was headed for.

People make mistakes, mine was a rather large one and I paid my debt to society. I do not condone what I did and I would never ask for anyone's forgiveness. I will live with my decisions and I will try and make up for them for the rest of my life.

I felt that James had a hard life growing up with druggy parents and maybe he was just drawn to Bella because she was so pure, who knows. James is a good guy and I had to tell you what happened to him. He never bothered Bella or Edward again, they just don't cross paths.

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