Hello all! I've found myself playing Trauma Center a lot as of late and I'm totally loving the slight relationship between Val and Dr. Vaughn. So...considering they're my favorite couple, I decided to write a cute little fic for them. Enjoy!

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Part One

"Hey, Val? Exactly how much do you know about dentistry?," Markus asked nonchalantly as he walked up to his secret lover who was standing by the hospital reception desk.

She looked up from the chart she was reading for a split second and then looked back down.

"Nothing. I'm a doctor, not a dentist. Why?," she asked, scribbling something on the chart in her hands.

Markus slightly winced as he took a breath and the cold air sharply bit at his back tooth. Truth be told, this was old news to him. In fact, his tooth had been giving him problems for almost a week now. But when it starts to interfere with everyday tasks, including involuntarily breathing, he knew something had to be done.

He clamped a hand on his left jaw where the pain was and tried to focus on breathing through his nose.

"Well...because...," Markus trailed off.

He knew deep down that he definitely did not want to spend the rest of the day in the dentist's chair. And calm, caring and loving Valerie would not let him get away without having his tooth looked at.

He considered walking away before she could ask. He began to turn when Valerie placed the chart down and looked him in the eye.

"Do you have a toothache?," she asked, taking a step closer.

He sighed, wincing again at the stinging pain.

"Yeah. It's been bothering me for a few days now," Markus answered truthfully, giving into Valerie's beautiful eyes.

"So...why don't you go to the dentist? I can make an appointment for you if you'd like...?," Valerie offered.

Markus' eyes went wide at the mention of the word 'dentist'.

"NO!," he yelled. Then he cleared his throat when Valerie crossed her arms. He spoke quieter. "I mean, no. I'm okay. I think I'll live."

"Markus...you really need to have that tooth looked at. It could be something really serious!," she said, her eyes filling with concern.

Markus instantly felt bad for yelling at her a second earlier. His eyes visibly softened.

"You're right," he paused for a second. "Look, I'm sorry for yelling at you like that. It's just that this tooth is really getting to me."

Valerie smiled brightly, already forgiving him,

"That's okay- I know what it's like. I've had my fair share of toothaches too. How about you head back to the lounge and try to rest...you look tired. I'll call up and make an appointment for you," she suggested.

Markus smiled, grateful to have such an amazing friend.

"Thanks. That sounds great. I guess I'll see you later...?," he said.

"Yea...I guess," Valerie smiled, a slight blush coloring her cheeks.

Markus slightly bowed his head as he began to walk away.

"Markus?," Valerie called.

He stopped walking and turned around.


"Um..," she stuttered, her blush full-blown. "I just wanted to say 'sweet dreams'."

Markus smiled back and blew her a kiss.

"Thank you, Val," he smiled and turned.

Valerie couldn't help but watch his retreat. The way his muscles moved against the back of his shirt. The way that his hair blew slightly because of the quickened pace at which he walked normally. The way his shoes made a special sound on the tiled hospital floor. The way he absolutely glowed in the bright white hospital hallway.

She sighed to herself before pinching the bridge of her nose. She was falling hopelessly in love with him. No- scratch that. She was hopelessly in love with him...and there was no way even she could deny it.

Markus slept for a while. Not too long, but he dreamt enough to make him feel like he got a good rest.

Oh, it felt soooo good. Valerie's enthralling scent filling his nostrils to the brim. And the feel of her sweet and strawberry flavored lips against his, moving in perfect harmony. Her hand was on his stomach and was just about to go lower, when...

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Markus' cell phone went off, rousing his from his explicitly romantic slumber.

"Awww....come on...," he groaned as he fought his eyes open.

The room around him was dark, but when he took a look at the bright cell phone screen, he squinted as his eyes adjusted to the brightness.

It was a text message.

From Valerie Blaylock:
Hey Markus. I got you an appointment today at six. I thought it would be nice if I went with you, so meet me at the hospital entrance at about five o' clock. Love you!

Markus smiled brightly at her two last words: 'Love you.' Come to think of it, she had been saying that to him a lot lately. I wonder if she was hinting at anything.

He closed out of his inbox and looked at his background. It was a picture of him and Valerie. They were both wearing blue scrubs and were making cute faces at each other. In the bottom right-hand corner was a small heart that Val insisted he put in. They had some great memories together.

The clock on his phone read four fifty-three.

He climbed out of bed and stretched lightly. He clipped his ID tag back on his scrubs and and slid his cell phone in his pocket before heading for his love. After all, he hoped to god that she loved him back the same way he loved her...

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