This was the result of a prompt from animeangel088, it involved someone forgetting an anniversary and while it isn't exactly what she wanted it was inspired by her so I hope she, and all of you, enjoy it.

This is Post Hogwarts, and AU but not really. You'll understand as you read it. Please forgive my butchered attempts at other languages that show up a little later on in the fic. It is complete and while I am a total review whore, I won't hold chapters hostage, even though I was encouraged to do so by someone. So please let me know what you think! *breaks out the puppt dog eyes* You know you want to! ;D


Severus sat watching the fire, a tumbler of bourbon in one hand as he watched the fire as his mood darkened.

He sneered as the door opened quietly to their- his chambers, if the whelp thought he could do this- make a fool out of Severus then he was sadly mistaken.

He briefly wondered what his excuse was tonight. He had heard a lot of them, work ran over, a crisis with a friend, the usual when one was carrying on an affair.

'Mr. Potter,' Severus announced as the younger wizard pulled of his shoe. The sudden noise startled Harry and he stumbled before falling quite hard on his bottom, taking the cloak tree with him.

'Shit, fuck, bugger,' Harry swore trying to untangle himself from the mess. When he finally extricated himself from him he gave Severus an apologetic look. 'I'm sorry Sev, I didn't know you were still up,' he said sheepishly.

'Indeed,' Severus sneered and Harry was taken aback by the venom in that one word.

'Sev?' he asked moving toward the older man in concern.

'What was it this time?' his sneer firmly in place, 'or rather who? Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger or both perhaps? Maybe it was Miss Weasley or those irritating twins? Longbottom, Malfoy, Finnigan? Who was it tonight?' he spat each name out like they were all dirty.

'I was with Hermione but I don't know what- Sev, what's wrong?' Harry asked now both worried and scared as he could feel Severus' anger.

'Get out,' he didn't shout it, so it sounded like a polite request but after spending four years with the man Harry knew that this quite command was far more menacing then any shout could be.

'Please Sev,' Harry pleaded unable to keep his eyes from tearing or his voice from breaking.

Instead of replying Severus flung a newspaper at him, The Evening Prophet, which had become nothing more than a glorified tabloid in Harry's opinion but he wasn't thinking about that. No his attention was focused on the photos on the front of the paper. Harry with dozens of wizards and witches some of them Severus had named and so many others.

Harry looked up at Severus, his tears running freely now as he pleaded with the older man to listen to him, believe that he hadn't done what the paper was accusing him of.

'Leave,' Severus stated plainly cutting off Harry's denial.

Harry stopped but didn't move, he couldn't, he couldn't move, he couldn't breathe, he could barely even think.

Before Harry could even process what was happening to him he was outside of their chambers. Well apparently they were Severus' chambers now because no amount of pleading or begging or banging or swearing would allow Harry in. Harry, in his exhaustion from his time spent with the devastated Hermione and the four mock duels he had taken part in with Bill, slumped to the floor and soon feel into a restless, terror filled sleep.