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Seven years ago, the three of us made a pact. We promised that we would serve together, retire together, and die together. We knew that we were the most important things in each other's lives.

One year ago, Bones asked us to forget that we even made the pact. He didn't want us to end out lives prematurely just because his was. He seemed to think that we both would have something to live for once he was gone. At that time we agreed to forget it and we didn't bring it up again.

One week ago, I decided that I couldn't forget the pact that we made. Bones has been everything to me. He saved me time and time again; he became my reason for living. I need to be with him in whatever dimension or whatever that he is in. I know that its not logical, but I am human.

I want you to forget the pact, Spock. As your Captain and as your friend, I am asking that you not honor it. You still have a lot to offer and you don't need us to go on with your life. You've been one of the best friends that I have ever had and it hurt not to say good-bye to you face to face, but I knew that you would try and talk me out of it. Knowing you, you would have been successful.

Don't mourn for us, we wouldn't want you to dwell on the fact that there are two less illogical humans in the world. Take care my friend.


Spock looked down at the two humans that were curled up together on the bed, their bodies were lifeless but they still had traces of warmth. Jim knew exactly how to appeal to him; he asked him not only as his friend, but as his Captain. Spock would always think of Jim as his Captain and as such he could deny him very little.

But Jim was wrong. Spock did not have anything to hold onto. He had nothing to contribute without his friends there. Leonard and Jim were the only two people that he really trusted and they were the only two people that he let see his human side.

He sat there, his stare staying on the two still bodies as he thought through his options. There were funeral arrangements and other calls to make. Star Fleet had to be notified and Spock would have speeches to write about his two lost friends.

The half-Vulcan stood up and walked to the comm unit and made the appropriate calls before walking over and kneeling next to the bed. There was no doubt that he would honor the request the Jim had made, but he couldn't just let them fade from memory. "Forgive me." he whispered to them before placing his hands on the sides of their faces.


Seven days ago Doctor Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy and Captain James T. Kirk had passed away. In the days since then there had been a public viewing of the bodies, a public memorial, and a private funeral. The men were seen as heroes throughout the galaxy and everyone mourned their loss. Everyone except for Spock who had been the third member of the infamous trio. He was there at all the functions, spoke of his two friends with a great amount of respect but his voice remind calm and collected, his face as stoic as always.

He was offered condolences and he responded in kind but still showed no emotion. The original bridge crew of the Enterprise was there and stood at his side, but their grief was noticeable but even they couldn't see any sign of grief in his eyes.

Long after the guests and the crew left, Spock stood in front of the graves that now held the bodies of Jim and McCoy. His eyes ran over the epitaphs.

James T. Kirk - "Kirk out." Honored Hero, Captain, Friend, and Husband

Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy - "I can fix that!" Honored Hero, Doctor, Friend, and Husband

Spock sat on the grass, "I will miss you my friends." At least in the physical sense. He thought.

You know Spock, you could have been a little more original with our epitaphs. McCoy's voice sounded in his head.

Calm down Bones, at least your quote isn't so morbid…Kirk out. No shit, I'm laying a wooden box six feet under. Jim answered back.

Spock listened to the bickering in his head and was stoically amused, Maybe I made a mistake in taking your katras, but if you two have suggestions I can always have them redone.

Dammit, I'm a doctor, not a poet!

Not like I'm really gonna see it, Spock.

Both men laughed softly in his head and Spock allowed himself to answer with a laugh of his own.

Where to now, Spock? McCoy questioned.


He could feel Jim swell with pride, The Enterprise?

Yes. Spock answered and got to his feet. He looked one last time at the graves and quickly glanced at the empty spot that would be his in the future.

Spock, lets go. I wanna get to the ship.

Jim, stop acting like a child.

Spock raised his eyebrow and left the cemetery without another word and went home with his two best friends in tow.

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