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Chapter 11


It's Friday afternoon, June something, 2011 and I am locked in a 3 foot by 3 foot metal box, hurtling through the air at 30,000 feet and I swear this is the first time I've been on an airplane without herbal encouragement since 1978.

It turns out that having Bella's naked thighs wrapped tightly around my waist in the bathroom of a 747 elicits a euphoria one hundred times more powerful than anything I've ever popped, smoked or snorted, and at the moment I'm more concerned with how to extricate my erection from my pants than with whether the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign in anticipation of a fiery crash.

Bella has both hands deep in the hair at the nape of my neck and I've got one hand down the front of her panties and the other tugging desperately at the waistband of my jeans. Apparently, taking your girlfriend on her first Disney World trip is the quickest way to join the mile high club. Ever.

Bella, noticing my dilemma, drops her hands to my crotch, deftly releasing the buttons of my fly and pulling back a bit to grin at me. Her eyes have been sparkling since the word Disney passed my lips and I have thought of nothing, since then, but how to make this trip magical from beginning to end because this trip is all about her happiness and any disappointment on her part would be the worst kind of failure. Evidently in my mind, magical begins with hot sex in the airplane bathroom en route to the happiest place on earth.

I drop my mouth to Bella's lovely neck, nibbling gently on the skin over her carotid. I can feel the heat radiating from her as she presses her hips into mine.

"I just hope you don't end up disappointed," I whisper against her flesh as she pushes my jeans and boxers from my hips, removing the final barrier between our aching centers.

"Oh baby," she teases, running her fingertips slowly up my inner thigh, "It's never disappointed me before." When she reaches my erection, she squeezes gently, causing me to bite down on her neck a little harder then intended. It thrills me to no end when this is met with a throaty moan that vibrates across my lips.

"Very funny," I whisper back before pressing deeply inside her.

"Oh, Jasper," she sighs, digging her nails into my back, urging me closer, and I realize that we've had reverent sex, playful sex, lazy Saturday afternoon sex, but we've never had an urgent, up against the wall, fuck, and it feels so good.

My mouth covers hers and the sounds of our pleasure are muffled as our movements become more and more frantic. When I can tell by the way her entire body is tensed that she's close, I pull back and drink in her image, eyes closed, lips parted, tiny beads of sweat decorating her brow and upper lip.

"My god, you really are exquisite," I sigh, pushing even deeper inside and feeling her begin to come undone around me. We ride out our orgasms together, hands pressed over mouths and brows knit in concentration as we attempt to keep our bathroom tryst to ourselves.

Finally spent, we collapse against one another, breathing heavily. Bella is the first one to find her voice.

"Excuse my language," she begins, "but that was fuck hot Mr. Brandon." She gives me a grin and a wink while tossing me my shirt.

"Stay away from Alice," I tease, pulling up my pants. "You're a bad influence."

Bella smacks my arm but smiles sweetly. "Me, the bad influence?"she asks, then adds, "Whatever gets your through the night, old man."

I groan as I take her face between my hands and kiss her gently on her swollen lips.

"And on that note," I say, smoothing my hair, "I'll meet you back in aisle 12."

The entire flight takes only about two and a half hours and Bella and I soon find ourselves in line for the Magical Express, the Disney bus that will transport us to our home away from home for the next two nights.

"I think this may trump my wedding day as the happiest moment of my life," Bella says thoughtfully as we pass under the Disney arch. She takes my hand in her and elbows me lightly in the ribs. "Maybe even better than the day my divorce was finalized."

I just shake my head and wrap my arms tightly around her shoulders, resting my chin on top of her head.

"What am I going to do with you, Miss Bella Swan?"


The fact that I was walking through the lobby of an amazing Disney hotel, my hand attached to Jasper's, was surreal in the degree to which is juxtaposed with where I had been only a few weeks before: sitting at the kitchen table in my lonely apartment, chain smoking and staring at an unopened bottle of Maker's Mark, because I would not survive alcoholism and I figured the genes were already stacked against me. Social drinking was a long way from drinking liquor straight from the bottle all by myself, so the next morning I delivered a present to my next door neighbor because I couldn't bear to look at it any longer. I shook my head, determined to keep thoughts of my divorce along with the conversation with my editor out of my mind, for at least the next 3 days. I had never wanted to be present in my own life more than at this moment, and I was damned determined to do just that.

While Jasper checked us in I took in the beauty around me. Lush green tropical plants and hibiscus blooms surround a crystal clear waterfall cascading in shimmering sheets into a pool at the center of the room. I smile as happy families with overjoyed children carry check in packets, ready to begin their own dream vacations. The excitement in the air is palpable, and I am literally jumping up and down when Jasper presents me with my very own envelope full of magic.

"Just point me in the right direction," I say, trying to decipher the map I hold in my shaking hands.

Jasper kisses me lightly on the cheek before reaching out his arm and pointing to the door located to my right.

"Straight out that door, third path on the left. Samoa building, room 2013."

"Race ya!," I yell, taking off for the door, nearing colliding with a family of four in the process. I could hear Jasper steps behind, and the sound of his laughter as he halfheartedly attempts to catch me. I take in everything around me as I pass a beautiful pool, a white sandy beach, …. and the third path. I feel Jasper whiz past from behind, but I hold my own, right on his heels as we burst through the doors to the Samoa building and into the waiting elevator.

"I think I want you on my team for the hundred yard dash," Jasper laughs, pulling me into his arms. "And by the way, you are incredibly sexy all sweaty and out of breath like that."

"I think I might need a shower," I grin, giving him a wink.

"I will NOT be missing this one," Jasper declares, picking me up and throwing me playfully over his shoulder just as the elevator announces our arrival on the second floor.

Luckily, no one is there to witness the hysterics as we make our way from the elevator down the hall to room 2013.

"Key please," Jasper demands when we reach the door. I wave the envelope in front of his face.

Seconds later we are in the room and I'm vertical again, pressed up against the wall as the heavy door slam shut behind us.

"Have I told you how delicious you are when you're delighted?" Jasper asks against my neck, raking his teeth up and down the sensitive flesh.

"I seem to remember you saying something to that effect on the way here," I pant, "But I have no aversion to hearing it again."

In a flash I find myself being scooped up and carried "over the threshold" style into the room's massive bathroom. Jasper starts the water before turning his attention back to me, slowly removing my t-shirt and shorts. Before he has a chance to reach for my panties, I shove him, still fully clothed, into the shower stall with me.

"Water conservation and all that." I shrug when he looks at me like I've lost my mind. We struggle to remove his saturated clothes.

"Good thinking," he grins, pulling his soaked shirt over his head.

"Just doing my part," I add, admiring the way his chest looks with water streaming down it.

I finally manage to drag Jasper's jeans and boxers down his legs, dropping to my knees in front of him.

"There's something I've been wanting to do," I murmur, "for quite awhile," I add, smiling sheepishly. I reach out my hand to stoke him gently with my fingertips, and I heard a dull thud as Jasper's head makes contact with the tile behind him, eyes closed, hands gently massaging my shoulders, as I take him slowly into my mouth. I relish in the full body shudder that passes through him at the contact.

"Fuck, Bella," he groans as I began to move my mouth in time to his nearly imperceptible thrusts.

The knock on the door could not have been more unwelcome.

"That'll be the bags," Jasper gasped, attempting to back out of my grasp.

I hold tight to his muscular thighs.

"Stay," I sigh.

Strong arms pull me up into the warm spray.

"Enjoy your shower, Bella. I'll meet you afterward," he grins, nodding his head toward the bedroom. He kisses me sweetly before slipping out of the shower, into a robe and out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

I curse the punctuality of the Disney bell staff while quickly using the hotel supplied bar of soap to clean the travel from my flushed body. I dry off with a fluffy white towel before leaving the steam of the bathroom, goosebumps prickling my flesh as my body makes contact with the heavily conditioned air on the other side of the door.

I step over Jasper's discarded robe on my way to join him in the bed, when something in the window catches my eye.

"Is that...," I begin, climbing onto the bed and craning my neck to look outside.

"Your very own view of Cinderella's castle," Jasper finishes, cradling me in his arms.

"You," I start, pausing to kiss him sweetly on the lips. "are utterly amazing. Really, I wish I had a better vocabulary because mine seems inadequate to describe your greatness."

Jasper grins and shakes his head, settling on top of me before bending to whisper in my ear. "I love you," he sighs, kissing my neck lightly, "inadequate vocabulary and all," another kiss, "very very much."

It turns out that making love beside a beautiful view of Cinderella's castle is every bit as good as it sounds.


"I'm trying to decide if it's worth the risk of incurring a $300 'cleaning fee' to just light up right here on the balcony."

The cigarette was already in my mouth as I tossed the map listing the designated smoking areas on the dresser. Bella follows me out, sliding the door closed behind us. She gives me a disapproving look as she watches me light the cigarette and take a long drag.

"What can I say, I'm a rebel," I remark dryly, blowing little smoke rings out towards Space Mountain.

"Without a clue," Bella teases, joining me at the railing and stealing the smoke from between my lips.

"Hungry?" I ask, lighting another.


I had made reservations at O'Hanas, one of the Polynesian Resort's signature restaurants that boasts tropical drinks, huge skewers of meat and hula lessons. When we stop to have our picture taken out front, Bella begins to giggle.

"I feel like I'm at the prom," she laughs. "You know, I didn't go to mine because there was not even one boy in the entire school that could hold a candle to you."

"Somehow I don't think me being your prom date would have gone over well with the administration."

"Maybe not, but it would have been all kinds of hot," Bella says, winking as the hostess leads us to a table in the back.

Dinner was loud, chaotic and completely delicious, culminating in a bread pudding with warm caramel sauce that Bella declared the best thing to ever cross her lips, present company excluded.

"Where to next? Bella asks as we walk along the slate pathway, torches giving off light and heat above our heads. I didn't miss her longing glance toward the main pool area as we passed.

"Water slide?" I ask casually, noticing that she's wearing a bathing suit under her sundress.

Thirty-nine times down the water slide later Bella and I lay stretched out in a hammock along the white sand beach, facing the castle.

"That was fun," Bella whispers, snuggling closer and nuzzling my neck. "You are SO getting laid later."

"Good to know," I reply, chuckling as a run my fingers through her damp hair.

I was about to suggest that we make our way back to the room when the first burst of color lit up the sky. We watch the entire display in silence, with me occasionally watching the sparkling colors reflected in Bella's lovely eyes.

Later, as we lay in bed watching the lights of the castle turn from blue to pink to purple, Bella traces patterns on my chest and sighs contentedly. Just as my eyes begin to close and sleep begins to drag me under I hear her soft whisper.

"You better get some sleep, old man. Because tomorrow, I wake you at dawn."

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