My Rock

Summary: After Bella's bad break up she thinks suicide is the only way out. Then Edward comes into her life and pulls her away from the edge. Literally. He becomes her rock by always being there. But is Bella really able to love again? AH AU (OOC on Rosalie's part. She likes Bella in my story)

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters only the story.

Playlist Song for this chapter: Carry You Home by James Blunt

Chapter One: The End


I listened to the clicking noises my high heels were making as I ran down the boardwalk. As I listened, I thought about all of the events that lead me here.

I was just getting into my beat up classic Chevy pick-up truck. I looked down at the green lit up numbers on the dashboard. Just after six thirty. I've been having a very stressful day.

My alarm clock didn't go off this morning, so my entire day started off an hour later the it normally would have. To make matters worse, Jake, My long time boyfriend, ate all of the cereal… along with everything else in the pantry. I had to run over to the local super market to restock our apartment with food.

Afterwards, I ducked into the local star bucks to get a coffee to go. Swiss Mocha, my favorite. On my way back out to the car, however, my foot caught on an up-lifted part of the sidewalk and I spilled hot coffee all over myself. As if my day wasn't bad enough.

Then just to screw with me some more, Mr. Banner, my English Literature professor, just gave the class a an essay to write. Two thousand words on comparing Shakespeare's works into modern times. Due next class, four days from now. Great.

So as I pulled into the parking garage and made my way to my apartment building I planed on having a quiet, relaxing night with Jake.

What happened next, however, was most definitely not what I expected.

As I turned my key in the lock on our door, I heard a high pitched squeal coming from inside. I opened the door slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible. I heard giggling coming from the bedroom.

"Jake?" I called out into the dark hallway leading to the door of our bedroom.

The giggling suddenly stopped, and I heard low murmuring. Suddenly the door swung open to reveal a sheepish looking Jake. He wore only dark denim jeans and his hair was disheveled. A women came to stand by his side and started looking me over. She was wearing one of Jake's long button down shirts She was tall--significantly taller then my five foot height--and leggy, with long black hair. She had a dark completion, and her eyes where a deep charcoal black. All around, She was Beautiful. Suddenly, I felt very self-conscious and wished the floor would open up and swallow me whole.

"Jake what's going on?" I asked in frustration. I Know that I should be madder than Hell right about now, but all I could feel was hurt and betrayal.

"Bells, I think we both know what's going on here." He looked at me with only a trace of sympathy. "Don't make it harder than it already is."

I felt hot tears streaking down my cheeks as I remembered what happened only hours ago. I still couldn't believe it, yet when I look back I know it's true. I tried my hardest to find the point where it when wrong, when he stopped loving me. I mean, I knew we aren't soul mates. With the world today, no one has time to find their soul mates, their one true only. So I settled. I love--loved Jake, but it had always seemed like something was missing. Something was never exactly right between us. We were a round hole and a square peg. But I still love him. He was everything to me for two years. You can't just get over something like that as if it never happened. For two whole years he was there for me. If I needed a shoulder to lean on. If I had a tough day, if I just needed to talk; he was there.

That is how I found myself standing here, on the Mackinaw bridge, at five o'clock in the morning, looking down at the waves below. I could only just barely make out the water. It's still significantly dark out, with only a few cars on the bridge. All, of them too far away to even see me or recognize what I was doing.

Taking one last quivering breath, I grasped the railing and pulled myself up so I was standing in the ledge, my hands holding the bars to keep myself steady. I put all of my weight on the balls of my feet, closing my eyes. Sucking in a deep breath, I attempted to calm my nerves. I had gone cliff diving one time in La Push while I visited my pen pal, Quil, in Washington. The only difference is, I won't be resurfacing.

Letting out the breath through quivering lips I whispered, "Forgive me."

I was about to throw myself over the ledge when I felt a large warm hand covering my own.

AN: Sorry for the height difference. I know Bella is supposed to be 5'4" but I have always pictured her short like myself. If you think she should be taller then go ahead and picture her that way, but as I said before, I always think of her as a shorty.


Love you lots!