Summary: After Bella's bad break up she thinks suicide is the only way out. Then Edward comes into her life and pulls her away from the edge. Literally. He becomes her rock by always being there. But is Bella really able to love again? AH AU (OOC on Rosalie's part. She likes Bella in my story)

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Chapter Five: I Can't


I awoke the next morning disoriented and confused. I sat up in a bed that definitely wasn't the one I am used to waking up in. A TV was on and some unfamiliar show was playing. I looked around the room trying to understand what was going on. Slight indications—like how the lamp on the bedside table was bolted in place—let me know that I was in a hotel room. I tried to remember how I got here. Then it all came crashing back to me. Jake. He cheated. I left. I… I almost jumped off a bridge. Edward pulled me back. Edward saved me. I laid back down letting yesterday's events flood my mind. I replayed everything in my mind.

After a while I looked back over to the nightstand. The alarm clock stated that it was eight forty-five. As I was getting up, something bumped my leg. I nearly jumped out of my skin but quickly calmed down when I looked down and realized that it was only a remote. Swiftly, I hit the power button shutting off the annoying sounds of the TV and heaved myself off the bed. I walked over to the curtain covering the glass window wall at the far end of the room and pushed it to the side. The sun was up and the lake was shining from the early-morning light. I just stood there for awhile mesmerized by the sparkling water of lake Huron. After a few minutes my stomach growled, effectively pulling me out of my stupor.

I went over to the boxes in the corner and found a pair of cutoff jeans and a white and navy blue striped polo shirt. I stripped out of the clothes I slept in and pulled on the new ones I just got out. Grabbing the room key, I walked out the door and down the hall to the elevator. I went up to level two, Edward mentioned that there was a breakfast room on the second floor. Once I found my way there—after wandering around aimlessly for a few minutes—I noticed that not many people where there at the moment which was just fine for me. After pouring myself a cup of coffee in a Styrofoam cup and snatching a bagel with cream cheese, I walked out the glass doors to the balcony. It overlooked a small part of the town, a busy street, and even the small ice cream place Edward took me to yesterday. I noticed a couple stores nearby and thought about going down there for a little while. Before I did that, though, I would need to go to the local super market and stock up on some food.

Once I finished my bagel and coffee I walked back inside and threw out my trash in a waste basket. I walked back down the hall to the elevator. Once I was back in my room I grabbed my purse and when out to the parking lot and to my truck. I wasn't very familiar with this part of town so I went down different streets looking for a grocery store. After I found a seven-eleven I turned into the parking lot and walked inside.

Walking aimlessly down the aisles, I stopped every so often to put something in my cart. I was about to turn down another aisle when a cart rammed into mine, but no one was with it.

"Sorry! Gosh, I'm really sorry." A familiar voice said while running over to where I was standing. "Emmett, you are such a—" He's sentence broke off when he saw my face, then finished saying "genius." The way his voice got quiet as he said the last word made me think that it wasn't how he was originally going to finish.

"I'm a genius? Wow, that's something I never thought I'd hear you say, Eddie." An enormous man with huge muscles said as he came our way—I assume he was Emmett. "Sorry, we were just messing around. I didn't mean to hit you with that cart." Emmett said to me with an apologetic grin plastered on his face.

I smiled back tentatively and told him it was alright. Emmett was a tiny bit taller than Edward. Maybe six foot five. He moved a hand in front of Edward's face and started waving it. He blinked a couple times coming out of his daze as a faint blush spread across his face.

Emmett's laughter boomed throughout the whole store. "Edward, are you… Blushing? Oh, man!" He continued to laugh as Edward's cheeks grew a darker shade of red.

"Don't pay attention to him, Bella. He's an idiot." Edward explained to me.

Emmett sobered up and put a hand on his chest in mock disappointment "I thought you just called me a ge—Wait. You two know each other?" He looked quite surprised. Edward and I both nodded our heads in unison. "Wait. Did you say her name is Bella?" He didn't wait for an answer from Edward. Instead he turned to me. "Are you Bella?"

"Yes." I said slowly, wondering where he was going with this and why my name was so important to him.

"Well, pleased to finally meet you. I'm Emmett, Edward's big brother. Edward has been talking about you nonstop all morning." Emmett grinned at me, Edward and I both turned a deep crimson.

Looking at Emmett's smiling face it doesn't seem like Edward had told him anything bad, like how we met. However, I couldn't be sure. "Nothing too horrible I hope." I said returning his grin with my own.

"Nah. More like 'She is so beautiful, with long brown hair and big brown ey—'" He was cut off when Edward jammed his elbow into his stomach. Hard.

"No I didn't." Edward said. Once again, his cheeks became a fait shade of pink, while I was still a deep red.

"I think it's time for you to go now Emmett. Why don't you go get some of the things Esme asked for?" Edward said thrusting a list in his brother's hands and shoving him in the other direction.

"Okay, okay. I'll leave you two alone. It was great meeting you Bella." Emmett flashed me a great big smile and headed off in the direction Edward pushed him in.

"Sorry about him." Edward said apologetically.

"Don't be. Your brother is very…" I searched for a word to describe him. "interesting." I settled on. I think it fit him pretty well.

"That's one way to put it." He smiled. "So, Bella, I was wondering if maybe you would lik—" He was cut off by his phone ringing. "Hold on."

"Hello… yes… Alice I—… Well, no but we—… Okay, yeah, we'll be there soon. Love you too sis. Bye." Edward closed his phone while shaking his head and smiling. "Sorry, my sister, Alice, wants Emmett and I too come over 'ASAP'" He quoted the last part while rolling his eyes.

I laughed. He is so lucky. A brother and a sister. I was an only child and always wished I had one or the other while I was growing up. "It's fine. I'll see you some other time."

"Actually, that is what I was going to ask… I was wondering if you're doing anything this Saturday." He looked hopeful and slightly nervous. "I'm going to have that day off and…" He trailed off. Was he asking me out on a date?

"Sure. Call me and tell me the details. I don't want Alice to kill you for being late." I smiled.

"'Kay. I'll call." He flashed me a crooked grin and went off to go find Emmett.

I bit my lip to stop myself from smiling like a person who just won the lottery. Although, that is exactly how I feel.

I got so caught up in the moment and looking into his beautiful emerald eyes that I didn't think strait. A date. I just found out that my boyfriend is cheating on me. Am I really ready to trust someone else? Can I actually go on a date with Edward? I knew the answer to these questions.

No. I can't.

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