Seeking Solace

Dark then yanked Soren into a passionless kiss hard enough to split the Branded's bottom lip. The ebony swordsman grinned and licked the wound. "Haha!" he chuckled, "That only makes me want more!" He then bit down on the youth's lip to draw out more blood.

The sage cried out and pulled back, feeling the warm, red liquid trickle down his chin. Soren opened his eyes to affix the clone with an angry glare, but his vision went white as he suffered yet another blow to the head, only this one was much softer, and he didn't lose consciousness.

"I love how your eyes match the blood," the clone whispered sweetly, his hands finding the cut he had made into the youth's robes earlier. In one swift motion, he tore through all three layers of the tactician's outfit, leaving the spell caster in only his underwear.

Soren felt the cool air of the temple wash over him, chilling his beaten body. As the perverted shadow of his lover took pleasure in exploring the youth's body, the sage thought only of Link, wondering why the blonde had yet to find him. Link! his mind called. Please save me! I'm only yours! Don't let him do this! the youth internally pleaded, squinting his eyes shut to avoid shedding tears. Despite his best efforts, the tactician cried.

Dark laughed at the sight. "Tears? Oh, so you're a softy after all."

The Branded opened his eyes and glared at his assailant. Even with tears lining his cheeks, the youth look fierce.

The Dark Hylian squinted his eyes as a malicious grin spread across his face. "Shall we begin?" he asked, and then ripped through Soren's underpants, exposing the sage's most sacred parts.

Don't touch me there! Don't touch me there don't touch me there donttouchmethere!

The tactician pleaded with his eyes, but was shown no sympathy whatsoever. The pleading expression only made Dark lust for the spell caster more. Fisting the youth's ebony hair, he tilted Soren's head back and sank his teeth into the exposed flesh of the sage's neck.

Soren moaned deep in his throat but he refused to cry out. He knew now that pain and fear triggered the assault, so he vowed to stay silent. Even as Dark licked up and down his body, the sage withheld his whimpers.

The mockery of Link sat back on his heels, his expression showing pure disappointment. "No need to put up a strong front," he mumbled while tugging down his own pants and revealing his erection. Soren cringed at the sight. With a smile, Dark again fisted Soren's hair and forced his cock into the youth's mouth. "You bite, you die," he warned.

The last thing the Branded was to die with the abuser's member in his mouth, so he kept his teeth away. The clone smiled at the sage's obedience and began a brutal pace, gagging the youth with each thrust. Soren cried as he realized that he couldn't breathe; every time he tried, Dark's cock rammed into the back of his throat. With a low moan, the impersonation of Link released, nearly drowning the tactician.

Soren whimpered as the salty liquid pooled in his mouth and as he went to spit, Dark withdrew his member and held the spell caster's mouth shut. "Swallow it," the swordsman commanded with a grin.

The Branded obeyed, though he found it hard since his throat was throbbing. Once the clones seed was gone, he panted, and refused to scream or cry.

Annoyed, Dark leaned down and whispered, "Now, for the main course," before flipping the youth over on his stomach, causing him to whimper from his bruised ribs. The shadow clone untied the sash binding the youth's legs and spread them, revealing the tactician's entrance, and with only Soren's saliva for lubricant, he entered the spell caster in one thrust.

Soren could no longer pretend to be brave as his body was washed in agony. "STOP!" he cried. "PLEASE! IT HURTS!"

Dark's face lit up in childish delight as his listened to the spell caster's pleas for mercy. He set a brutal pace, not caring if he tore the youth's body to shreds. Soren's yelps and cries continued as his body was violated. As the clone gave a low, throaty moan of release, the sage sobbed into the cold stone floor.

The mockery sighed as he came down from his afterglow, and after noticing the youth's defeated posture, gave a harsh laugh, "I gotta say, that was the best fuck I've ever had."

Broken, the young Branded couldn't form a reply. All he could think about was the throbbing in his head, chest and back, along with the deeper, more internal ache from the rape. Why? Link… I thought you would protect me… I can only take so much…. Why? It hurts, and I only want you to hold me. Make it all go away, please. With no more tears to shed, the spell caster lay still, his body thankfully going numb from the cold tile he had been forced to lay on. He watched, uncaring, as the blood from his split lip pooled around his face. He could feel a similar pool forming between his legs, though the blood offered his only warmth.

"Hmf," Dark grunted, deep in thought as he fixed his pants. "If only I could break him as easily as I did you." Seconds later, the pout turned into yet another sinister grin. Soren groaned as he was moved from his spot on the cold tile floor. Dark leaned down and whispered, "He's here."

Link raced to the back of the water temple, Soren's tome still in his hand and his heart pounding. Please, Goddess, please! Let Soren be okay; just let him be okay!

As the final door came into view, the blonde refused to slow; he kicked it open and rushed in, only to stop dead in his tracks. A deep chill set into his bones as he saw his lover's shredded robes on the floor, and he started to shake at the smears of blood on the tile.

Dark cleared his throat to direct Link's attention towards him. The Hero's expression when from scared to horrified as his wide blue eyes took in the naked, battered, bloodied form of his lover in his dark twin's embrace.

Soren's head titled weakly to the side, as if he no longer had the strength to support it. His eyes closed and he moaned as he felt the cold steel of Dark's sword to his throat.

I… I was too late.

(End Chapter)