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I remember that day so well; it was practically seared into my brain. I don't know what made me angrier; the fact that people could be so cruel, or that fact that I had so easily fallen for their prank.

I should have known that something was up. I was a nobody, no one wanted to associate with me. The only friend I really had was Jacob, and that was only because our dads were friends. Other than him, I was alone. He didn't go to the same school and even if he did, I doubt her would even want to be my friend.

How could they be so cruel?

Seven Years Ago

I finally got out of gym class, how I hated that class. I weighed 203 pounds, gym and I did go well.

I on my way to my locker when I felt her presence; we barely ever crossed paths, and when we did, it was usually on accident.

Her name was Alice Brandon. You never approached her, she approached you. You never look at her unless spoken to. You never cheat off her, she cheated off of you.

Even through all of that, I still loved her. She was the most beautiful person in the world and every time she smiled, it was as if another child in Africa was saved from starvation.

Of course I chose that moment to trip and drop all my books. I could hear the giggles coming from their direction and that only intensified my already red face. I looked up to see them all looking at me. Rosalie was whispering something into Alice's ear and Alice's face suddenly became annoyed. There was some sort of silent argument before Alice sighed and looked at me. She noticed my stare and smirked. Lauren pushed her in my direction and she giggled and waved off her hands before heading to me.

My face shot to the floor and I started picking up my books. Black ballet flats came into my view and I looked up to see Alice smiling at me.

I opened my mouth to say something as she bent down and helped me pick up my books, but nothing would come out.

"Hi there, I thought you could use some help. Bella, is it?" She smiled.

I just nodded and stared at her dumbly. She stood up with my books and held them out to me. I started to stand up, but thanks to my 203 pounds, it took me a while; you gotta love Twinkies.

I saw her try to hold in a laugh and shame washed over me. I took my books with a 'thank you' and started walking into class.

"Hey," she grabbed my arm. "I was wondering. Prom is in a week and I was thinking, maybe we could go… together." She looked down shyly.

"You want to go with me?" I asked dumbfounded.

"Of course. I'm surprised that you haven't already been snatched up." She winked at me.

Here's the thing, everyone in the school knew that I was a lesbian. That was the reason I had absolutely no friends. In the seventh grade I had started to notice girls in a not so friendly way. I had no idea what was happening, so I did the only thing I could think of, I told Jessica. She was my best friend and I told her everything. That was mistake one.

A few days later, Mike came to me asking if it was true. I denied it at first, I mean, who wouldn't? Everyone kept urging me to tell the truth. It came to the point where people would surround me after school and try to get me to spit it out. After a week of questioning, I finally admitted it to Eric. That was mistake two.

After that confession, I noticed that I wasn't as well liked as I used to be. People would stare at me and whisper to each other. I ignored it, they were just acting weird. Someone caught my eye in eighth grade, Angela Weber. I wouldn't say I was in love with her, but she was my first actual crush. I was stupid enough to ask her on a date, to which she rudely denied. That was mistake three.

She moved away after that incident. I didn't see how it would make her so upset that she would move. I went into some sort of depression and decided it was best to eat away my worries. That was mistake number four.

No one liked me. I was fat, ugly, and a nerd. I was a social pariah and if you associated with me, that meant you had no friends as well.

I was snapped out of my trance when Alice shook my arm.

"So do you want to go with me?" She seemed slightly impatient.

"But I don't have a dress and I haven't made any plans…" She couldn't be serious.

"Oh don't worry, I already have everything ready. All you have to do is get a dress. I'm wearing a red dress just so you know." She smiled at me before turning around and walking back to her friends.

They all giggled and jumped up and down before heading out the door.

How could I have been so naïve?

A week later

The week had gone too fast and I found myself standing in front of my mirror, getting ready for the dance. My dress was long and black, but I didn't see how this color could make you look thinner. It took me a few stores to find a dress that actually fit; but then again, this barley made the cut.

I had still questioned why she asked me. At first I thought it was a joke, why would someone like her ask someone like me. First of all, she was straight. She had dated five guys in the last three years and I'm pretty sure it was all real. Second, she was beautiful. I was the complete opposite of her; anyone would think she was mentally unstable for asking me.

I finally put the finishing touches on my makeup when I heard the door bell ring. Charlie called me from downstairs and I took this as my cue to head on down.

I clumsily walked to the stairs to find Alice and Charlie looking up at me. Charlie wasn't all that surprised that my date was a girl, he knew about me when Angela's mom called him to tell him of his daughter's ways. He was surprised when I had told him it was Alice Cullen; I didn't blame him, I was surprised too.

Alice, as always, looked amazing. Her long black hair was set into big, beautiful curls and it framed her face perfectly. She was wearing a red, form fitting, floor length dress and I could barely see her turquoise heels from the edge of her dress. That's Alice for you, always trying to make a fashion statement. Her makeup looked professionally done and it made me feel even more self conscious as I remembered my own.

My traitorous feet made me stumble the first few steps; and as I reached the last step, I tripped over practically nothing and fell to my knees. I heard my dress rip on the side and immediately felt hot tears of shame fall down my cheeks.

Alice's petite form appeared before me and she attempted to help me up. Once on my feet, she hugged me to her and whispered in my ear.

"Don't worry, you look even sexier than before." I felt myself go weak at the knees, but overcame it and turned to my dad.

"I guess we'll be heading out." He smiled and nodded.

"Have fun Bells, you deserve it." He nodded toward Alice. "You take care of my girl."

I blushed at his words and turned to Alice. She looked slightly uncomfortable but nodded none the less.

"I will sir. Have a good night." She took my hand and pulled me outside.

"Are you ready to have a night to remember?" She smiled back at me as she opened the door for me.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I said right before she closed my door.

The car ride was mostly silent; a part from my heavy breathing as Alice stroked my thigh, getting dangerously close to a place I wanted her to be so badly.

We got to the hotel in Port Angeles. It was a wonder how the school got money to rent the place, but I put that thought aside as Alice spoke to me.

"Thank you so much for accepting my invitation. It means a lot to me." She leant forward and kissed my cheek.

"Thank you for inviting me. I haven't felt this good in a while." I smiled at her.

"Yeah." She sighed.

Her door was opened by a valet and she proceeded to exit. I followed suit and stepped into the night air. I felt air hit my exposed skin on my right side and I suddenly remembered.

Alice was by my side in a flash. "You look beautiful." She reassured me. "Everyone is going to be so jealous of me."

We proceeded to walk inside and follow the signs leading to the ballroom.

I could hear the bass of the music beating from the inside. I always wondered what it would be like to go to a dance. This was my first and only dance, and to say I was excited would be an understatement. I was here with the love of my life, she didn't know that of course, but it meant everything to me.

The doors opened for us and I was met with a dark room dimly lit with lights of various colors. There was a large dance floor in the center of the room, but only one third of it was occupied.

Alice saw her friends out of the corner of her eye and she pulled us to them. She first hugged Jasper Whitlock, her ex boyfriend, a little too long. They broke up two weeks ago, but apparently they are still very good friends. She hugged the rest of them and as she hugged Rosalie, I saw some sort of exchange. I chose to ignore it, thinking it was probably alcohol, everyone did that… right?

They all said hello to me and went back to talking amongst themselves. I felt slightly out of place since Alice was talking to them and I wasn't really invited into the conversation.

Alice noticed my discomfort and took me to the dance floor.

"I hope you dance because I love to dance!" She yelled over the music.

"I've never really been to a dance, this is my first." I yelled back.

She was starting to look uncomfortable again but I quickly went away, just like every other time.

"I'll guide you."

She took my hands in hers and led us through the crowd until we were roughly in the middle. She pulled me closer and started to guide my hips with hers to the music.

I got lost in her face as she looked away and smiled to everyone. Everyone else didn't exist at that point.

She caught me staring and smirked at me. She grabbed my hands and led me to another

"You were pretty good. Here, have something to drink." She grabbed me a drink and got one herself.

"You look beautiful." I murmured more to myself.

"Bella…" She sighed.

I looked up to meet her eyes, but she wasn't looking at me. It looked like she was having an argument with herself.

"Alice? Is something wrong?" I touched her arm.

She snapped back at me and smiled. "Yes thank you, Bella." She stood on her tip toes and put her mouth to my ear. "But I'll feel much better when I get you to the room I booked for us." Her voice was deep and full of lust. Just hearing it sent a jolt through my body.

I heard myself whimper and she chuckled.

"Come one Bella, we only have it till twelve." She led me to the doors and snuck us out.

The elevator was taking extra slow and Alice seemed slightly impatient. The light went off and there was a ding.

"Finally." She muttered before pushing us both inside.

My back pressed against the wall and her mouth was at my neck. I felt awkward for a moment. I mean, to anyone this would look weird. A beautiful fit girl was attacking a big fat girl; come on, my stomach barely let her reach my neck.

Her hands traveled up my sides until they reached my shoulders. She pushed herself up and whispered to me.

"Almost there." As if on time, the bell rung and the doors opened.

She dragged me out and ran with me to the room. Her hand wouldn't stop fidgeting and she tried to place the card in the slot, but it eventually went in.

I walked inside and the door immediately slammed.

"Alone at last." I turned around to see Alice leaning on the door with a smirk on her face. I didn't like it.

"Yep, I guess we are." I said, looking around the room.

"You aren't getting shy on me now, are you?" She giggled.

"No it's just… oh I don't know. I'm talking too much aren't I?" Oh god.

"Shh, just don't ruin this for me." She slowly stalked to me and brought me down to her level.

I bent my head down to kiss her, but she moved her head and went to my neck. I was getting frustrated, I wanted to kiss her. It was all I could think of since we got into the elevator. I failed to notice that we had been moving and I jumped up when I felt something against the back of my knees.

She pushed me down and climbed up to where she was straddling my waist. Her lips, once again, went straight to my neck. I grabbed the sides of her face and tried to force her lips to mine, but she slipped out.

"Strip." She said in low and sultry voice. She rolled off of me and waited for me to stand up.

I rolled onto my stomach so that I could easily push myself up.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew something was off, but I was stupid enough to ignore it.

"Go nice and slow for me, ok?" She lay back on the bed and crossed her legs.

I nodded and then proceeded to pull one strap down. Her face flashed different emotions, one being amusement. I started to pull the strap back up, but she shook her head and motioned for me to continue.

I dragged both of the straps down and grabbed the zipper. It took me a while to make it go down, but it did.

This was it. This was going to be the first time anyone would see this much of my body. I chose to get changed in the bathroom stalls in gym, not wanting anyone to see my stretch marks.

My dress fell to the floor and landed in a heap at my feet. I looked up to see her smile turn into a full blown grin, but she wasn't looking at me.

There was a drunken laugh from behind me and I turned around to see all of her friends hiding behind the couch laughing at me. What caught my attention the most was what was in Jasper's hand.

"That was great Ali baby. I got everything." He laughed, showing her the screen of the video camera he was holding.

Tears were immediately streaming down my face as the realization sunk. It was all a prank. Alice didn't like me; she was merely in this for the entertainment.

I turned to see her laughing in the bed and with her arms around her stomach. Jasper's body came into view as he plopped down onto the bed with Alice.

"You were amazing baby." They shared a long kiss before standing up and leaving the room, friends in tow. "Wait till the school sees this."

That was the last thing I heard from that night.

After the shock wore off, I slowly pulled my dress up. There was no point in hurrying up; no one was waiting for me. I didn't notice the people that walked past me in the hallways, and before I knew it, I was outside the hotel. I came just in time to see Alice's yellow sports car drive off into the highway.

The taxi ride home was forgotten as soon as I stepped out of the car and paid the driver. I ignored Charlie's questions about why I was home early. Nothing matter anymore.

I regretted wanting this to be a night to remember. All I wanted to do was forget this night ever happened.




I don't know what Charlie did to convince the faculty to let me skip graduation, but it worked. After I locked myself in my room for a few days, he demanded to know what happened. And I told him. I told him everything, but I made him promise not to tell. It would just make things worse.

I moved to Jacksonville for the summer to live with my mom. I didn't want to endure the whole summer locked in my room. I knew I was going to move to New Hampshire to attend Dartmouth, but I didn't feel right living in Forks anymore.

How could they have been so cruel?

Back to the Present

I felt one solitary tear fall down my cheek as I remembered that night. I quickly wiped it away. I didn't cry anymore, I was over them. They didn't control me anymore and I hope to never see their faces again.

… How could they have been so cruel?

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