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I was nervous. That I knew for sure. It was Sunday night, 6:30, and I still couldn't figure out what to wear. Bella had said that we were just having dinner, but just having dinner could turn into a lot of things. You see, nothing was simple with Bella. She was probably the most spontaneous person I have ever met. What could just be a simple dinner could turn out to be a friendly outing to the movies, the park down the street from her apartment, a club, or anything she could think about.

I didn't want to look like I tried too hard to dress myself up, not that that would be too hard since my wardrobe was pretty limited, but I didn't want to look like a slob.

"Jasper!" I called out.

No answer.

"Jasper, come help me pick out what to wear!"

"Why are you even going to her house? You know she's just gonna try to get into your pants." He called out just as he entered the bedroom.

I frowned. No, she wouldn't try to get into my pants; she already had the slut for that.

"No, I've already told you that she has a girlfriend." I forced out of my mouth. "Anyways, it's just dinner with a friend. I haven't hung out with anyone in a while."

"You're never home anymore. I never see you." He whined. "Wouldn't you rather have a nice and quiet night at home?" He said suggestively.

"I have a job!" I turned around sharply. "Something which you have failed to get yourself. I'm trying to keep us off the streets while you stay at home and do God knows what. Maybe if you found a job yourself, then I wouldn't have to work so fucking much!"

"Whoa, chillax. I just miss you." He whispered.

I sighed. "I miss you too, but I need to get a life again. You have a bunch of friends to hang out with, and I don't. The only person I consider a friend is Bella, and I really don't want to lose that friendship."

"How about I take you out with my friends tonight instead. I'm sure you'll get along just fine with them." He asked hopefully.

"I would, but I already made a commitment." I said impatiently.

"Can I come with you then?" He asked.

"I don't know. She said it was just us."

The truth was, I really didn't want him to come along. I wanted Bella all to myself tonight. I knew I would get jealous if Jasper started flirting with her, and I really wanted to have a good time.

"Fine, go have fun with your lesbian friend." He turned to leave. "Just please don't do anything. Friends become more than friends because of alcohol."

"You don't have to worry about me, or Bella for that matter. We are both responsible women." I pointed out.

"Right, I'll be here all night so if you decide to come back early, wake me up."

I nodded before returning to the task at hand. I had absolutely nothing to wear and it was … 7:00!

I started rummaging through my closet with a new fervor. I really had to find the perfect outfit for this.

I just had to.

I was just finishing my mental pep talk when the elevator doors opened. It was currently 8:15 and Bella had said to be there any time after eight. This was a reasonable time, right?

I stumbled out of the elevator, and suddenly regretted wearing the six inch heel that was currently on the opposite foot of my cast. I actually regretted wearing everything I had chosen to wear. While I was completely used to wearing heels this high, I was not used to wearing dresses this tight. I might be a little over-dressed.

The door to one of the apartments opened and Bree walked out.

"Alice? Hey, what are you doing here?" She smiled at me as she locked her door.

"Oh, I was just visiting Bella. We're going to have dinner." I replied.

"Oh." She raised her eyebrows. "Oh, wow. I totally didn't expect that."

"Expect what?" Now I was confused.

"Well, you're having dinner with Bella. My parents told me she was… different." She said, looking everywhere but me.

"What?" I still didn't get what she was sa… Oh. "Wait, you think I'm gay?"

"Well, you are eating dinner with her."

"No, were just friends. I used to know her in high school." I laughed nervously. "Anyway, I have a boyfriend."

"Oh, okay." She smiled shyly. "Well, I have to go. See you around."

"Where are you going?"

"I met this guy a few days ago. It's kinda last minute, but I'm going to his apartment right now." She replied.

"Oh, have fun then." I waved at her.

I turned back to the hallway and made my way to Bella's apartment. My nerves suddenly came back and I second guessed if I should really be here. I had Jasper waiting for me at home and I could easily go back and watch a movie with him.

No! I needed to be friends with her. I needed to prove to her that I was better company than Tanya.

I knocked on the door and ruffled up my hair. I have no idea why, but I did.

I heard Bella unlock the door and my heart started beating faster. I could always make a run for it… I looked down the hallway longingly.

"Hello there! We weren't expecting you until 8:45." Hold up there.

One, that wasn't Bella's voice.

Two, there wasn't supposed to be a we?

I looked up in total shock and anger. Did she really have the balls to come to Bella's apartment the same night I was supposed to be eating dinner with her?

"What are you doing here?" I asked, seething.

"I invited her of course." Bella's head popped up from behind Tanya. She frowned. "Where's Jasper?"

"Jasper? Why would Jasper be here?" I demanded. "And why is she here?"

"I thought we could double." She said as if that were the most logical thing in the world. "I thought I said that."

She opened the door a little wider and invited me in. I walked in and looked around for the first time. Last time I had been a little preoccupied, so I didn't get to take it in.

"You can always invite Jasper over." Tanya piped up. "We do have enough food."

"I, uh," I strayed off as I finally took in what Bella and Tanya were wearing. Now, I could tell both of them had a shit load of money, but I guess that doesn't really matter when it comes to buying clothes. Bella was wearing some old, torn up jeans and a Dartmouth College t-shirt. Tanya was wearing an overly large t-shirt from my old high school and sweatpants… I was dressed as a hooker. "Yeah, I think I will."

Tanya snickered at me as she took in what I was wearing and went to look through so CDs

"You can borrow my phone in the kitchen." Bella told me as she went to go look through some music with Tanya. "It's just up against the wall right next to the door."

"Thank you." I squeaked before limping in the general direction that she pointed to.

This was definitely not going as planned. Bella almost seemed cold and unresponsive to everything about me now. When I think about it, she wasn't really even excited when she brought up dinner. Was she getting tired of me? Was she finally realizing that she couldn't seduce me? Was I too straight for her?

I quickly dialed our house number and waited six seconds until the phone picked up.

"Hello?" He said in a ridiculously suave voice.

There was a light giggle(?) in the background, but I chose to ignore it at the moment.

"Jasper? Is that you?" I questioned.

"Oh." He seemed to fumble around with the phone. "Why are you calling, I thought you were eating dinner." He paused. "Are you coming home." This came out in a slightly panicked tone.

"No, I was just calling to ask if you wanted to come over and eat dinner with us. She has a friend over. Could you bring me some extra clothes as well?" I said, scratching the back of my neck.

"Oh, I'm sorry, but I already made plans with the guys, they're here right now." He didn't seem to apologetic. "Why don't you just do this one without me?"

"Who's there?" Now I was kind of curious.

"Oh, uh, you know, the guys. You don't know any of them." He laughed to someone in the background and told them he would be there in a sec.

"Who was that?" Because that definitely wasn't a boy.

"Oh that was…" Pause. "…Brad?"

"Oh, okay." I wasn't totally convinced. "How long do you think you're going to be?"

"Uh, we're gonna be hangin' for a while. I don't think you should come home tonight, I think some of them are going to stay over." He said absently. "But if you do come over, call me and tell me cause I can kick them out."

"You don't have to. I'll just come over and they can sleep in the living room."

"NO. I mean, I seriously can have them get out. I don't want to make you uncomfortable." He seemed determined. "So ask Bella if you can stay over the night, just sleep in separate rooms. I don't want her getting any ideas."

"Ok, by-." The line dropped before I finished.

I came out of the kitchen to find Bella and Tanya giggling on the coach, fighting for the controller. Bella was lying on her back and Tanya was lying on top of her with her arm reached out above her, holding the controller. Bella was struggling to reach up for it, but Tanya was keeping her down. Tanya finally noticed me glaring at them because she leaned down and pressed a non-friendly kiss to Bella's neck, all the while staring at me.

Bella started moaning and stopped her struggle to get the controller. I then decided to speak up.

"Hey Bella." She abruptly shot up and knocked Tanya off her. "Thank you so much for letting me use your phone."

She looked flustered and her skin was pink, which only seemed to make her look more beautiful.

"N-no problem." She smiled bashfully. "Me and Tanya were just deciding what music to put on."

"Tanya and I." Tanya corrected her silently.

"Whatever." Bella giggled and gently pushed at Tanya's shoulder. Tanya seemed to melt under Bella's gaze, and let herself fall to the couch.

"Is Jasper coming?" Bella asked.

"No, he uh, his friends came over and their hanging out." I shrugged. "If I had known that he could come, I would have invited him as well."

"Who cares, guys are overrated." Bella shrugged as well. "We'll have a lot more fun without him. Are you ready to eat?"

"Yeah, I'm starved."

"Good, cause I made plenty." She said as she started walking to the kitchen.

I started following her but Tanya bumped into me as she tried to get closer to Bella. I stumbled a little, and almost tripped over my cast. I looked up with a fierce glare only to find myself alone. I growled to myself and entered the kitchen.

Bella was just putting a ginormous bowl of spaghetti in the middle of the table while Tanya was practically eye fucking her from behind.

"Do you need me to get the plates?" I asked politely.

Tanya and Bella looked at each other weirdly and turned back to me as if I was the strangest girl in the world.

"Why would we need plates?" Bella asked.

"So we can eat our food." I stated.

Tanya snorted and didn't bother to hide it while Bella just smiled and shook her head.

"Tanya and I never use plates; we always just eat from the bowl." She laughed.

"But you guys just met." I pointed out incredulously. "How can you 'always' do this when you just met?"

Bella's eyes went wide and she looked to Tanya but Tanya seemed to be struggling with something.

"We, uh, we hang out a lot. She's been coming over for dinner every day for the past week." She rushed out.

"And almost every day for breakfast." Tanya added smugly, to which I glared.

"Yeah, and breakfast too." Bella agreed quickly, but didn't seem to catch Tanya's innuendo.

I just huffed at Tanya and turned to Bella expectantly.

"Let's eat." She said as she went to a cabinet and pulled out three wine glasses and bottle of white wine.

"Ugh, I love Chardonnay." Tanya moaned, effectively making Bella blush.

I grumbled out a few words that I wasn't proud of and sat down at the table.

"I'm guessing we eat with our hands as well?" I asked casually.

"Alice." Bella sighed with her hands on her hips. "Silly, Alice."

I started feeling uncomfortable under her gaze and just smiled at her a weak smile. Tanya came up behind her and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Come on, the food's gonna get cold." She ended her sentence with a peck on Bella's cheek.

I was slightly thankful that Tanya brought Bella out of her little world. I was not, however, happy with the way she did so.

What. A. Slut.

They both sat down and Bella started pouring the wine. I caught Tanya's gaze and we suddenly got stuck glaring at each other.

"So, Alice, how's work been treating you?" Bella asked curiously, just as she handed me my glass.

"Yes, how is you're job going? It must be nice working as a cashier at Starbucks. Do you get free drinks?" Tanya, may I say, rudely asked.

"Tanya." Bella muttered as she elbowed her.

"No, it's fine." I glared at Tanya. "And yes we do get free drinks." I added smugly.

I could have slapped myself from how stupid I sounded. Who the heck would show off the perks of getting free drinks for working at Starbucks when you're twenty four?

No one.

"How about you Bella?" I asked, trying to get the spotlight off of me.

"It's pretty tiring. I've been so busy lately that I barely get to go out anymore." I huffed. "I guess that's what you get for becoming a lawyer."

Yeah, I can give you thousands of other things you get as well.

"What, might I ask, do you do for a living, Tanya?" I asked.

She didn't seem that smart. She couldn't have been anything near what Bella was.

She seemed to think for a while before smiling.

"I'm a plastic surgeon." She said.

Bella snorted.

I gawked.

"Oh really?" I asked.

"Yep." She said proudly. "Has anyone ever told you that your nostrils flare out every time you speak?" She asked.

My hand shot to my nose.

"No they don't Alice. Don't worry." Bella shook her head.

"I don't think you are qualified to make that assessment." Tanya stated and then sneer at me. "I could fix that up for you, but I gotta say that it wouldn't be cheap. Especially in your case."

"Anyways." Bella gave Tanya and me a look. "Let's eat."

She handed out the forks and started digging in. I gave Tanya a withering look to which she simply shrugged.

The nerve!

Tanya started eating as well and they fell into a comfortable silence for them, but an uncomfortable silence for me.

They just seemed so familiar with each other. It seemed as if they have known each other for years not days. I doubt that they would have been tousling it out in the couch if they only knew each other for a few days. Or maybe that's just a lesbian thing.

I grabbed my fork and hesitantly dipped it into the bowl.

"Spaghetti is my favorite food; I could eat it for every meal." Bella stated, while shoving it into her mouth.

"You'd get fat." Tanya replied in a monotone voice.

"No, why would I get fat?" She asked dumbly.

"Spaghetti makes you fat." Tanya said.

"Spaghetti makes you fat?" Bella asked disbelievingly.

They both erupted in a fit of giggles, but I seemed to miss out on the funny part.

"Uh, I love that movie!" Bella laughed.

"I know we have to go see it again." Tanya sighed.


"Yeah, that is definitely on my Christmas wish list." Bella pretended to wipe a tear from her eye.

"What are you guys talking about?" I interrupted them.

"We're talking about the awesomest movie ever to be shown in theatres." Bella said. "Don't tell me you have never heard of it."

I shrugged.

"That settles it; you're coming with us next time." Bella slapped the table.

Tanya speared her fork into the bowl and hit the bottom. Bella looked at her with her eyebrows knitted together.

We fell back into silence and started eating again.

I couldn't believe it when it happened, but the most Lady and The Tramp thing happened. And I could easily tell you who the tramp was.

Bella and Tanya put their forks in the same general area of the bowl and brought the noodles to their mouths. In the end, there was one noodle hanging between them. My eyes opened wide in disbelief when I realize what was about to transpire.

This could not be happening.

Tanya noticed it first and started pulling the pasta into her mouth while seductively staring at Bella. Bella didn't seem to notice what was happening, but when she looked down; her eyes went wide as well. She looked at Tanya before biting the noodle and cutting it off from her mouth. This seemed to disappoint Tanya who just slurped the rest into her mouth.

I breathed in a sigh of relief. Not that I was jealous, but that I wouldn't have to witness it, and Bella was less likely to get herpes.

"These are really long." I stated matter-o-factly.

Bella giggled. "That's what she said."

I blushed.

"Yellow." Tanya spit out.

"Blue." Bella followed.

They both looked at me, waiting for something magical to happen.

"What?" I questioned.

"You lost, you make a sex noise." Tanya said casually.

"Sex noise?"

"Yeah, see, the game is that yo-." Bella was cut off by her own moan as Tanya reached down and pressed her hand to a not so decent place on Bella's body.

"Don't worry, she did it for you." Tanya said smugly, still stroking Bella.

I just stared, in disbelief.

Bella stood up as fast as I could blink.

"Ok, were done." Bella piped as she turned around with the bowl in her hand.

She headed for the sink and just shoved the spaghetti down the drain.

"So, that was fun." Bella started again. "We should do it again sometime."

Tanya stood up as well, looking as if she hadn't just done what she did, and went to help Bella.

"No, I'll get that later." She waved off Tanya. "Alice, I think it's time for you to go home."

Tanya looked excited as heck.

I was hurt.

Did she really want to get rid of me so fast, just so she could have wild sex with this slut? I could feel tears start to form at the thought.

"I kinda forgot to ask. You can say no if you want, but can I stay over the night? Jasper is having some friends of his sleep over and he doesn't want me there." I sniffled.

"Cheater." Tanya coughed in her hand.

"No he isn't! He's way better than you." I stomped my foot.

"Whoa, Alice. It's okay. You can stay over." Bella interrupted.

"Sleepover!" Tanya yelled. "I call Bella's room. Which means you have to sleep in the guest room."

"I thought sleepovers entailed everyone sleeping in the same room." I replied.

"Not in this case." She crossed her arms.

"Well I don't want to sleep in the guest room." I crossed my own arms.

"You don't have a say in this." She said back.

"Neither do you, you don't even live here." I countered.

"I might as well. I spend more time here than my apartment." She said all high and mighty.

"Guys, we can all sleep in the same room." Bella put herself between us. "So do you mind sleeping on the floor, Alice?"

"I have back problems." I lied.

"I'm not sleeping on the floor." Tanya said.

"Fine then, you two can sleep in my room, and I'll sleep in the guest room." She 'compromised.'

"No!" Tanya and I said at the same time.

"Then how are we going to do this?" Bella asked.

In the end, we were all laying in the same bed. Bella in the middle with Tanya and me flanked at her side Bella had given me some clothes to sleep in, and changed into something herself, or changed out of her jeans and kept her underwear. This didn't seem to bother Tanya.

I could feel Bella's leg next to mine. It was one of those moments where you don't want to be the first one to move, or else you might insult the person. I stayed still until Bella moved her leg away. I suddenly missed the warmth.

"Hey Bella, could you hold m-." I turned to find Bella deeply asleep.

I also noticed a very possessive hand covering her breast. I looked up to see Tanya glaring at me, before she closed her eyes and squeezed Bella's breast.

I turned away from them with a huff. Ugh.

I finally closed my eyes with a smile. Little did Tanya know that I had that same breast in my hand a few nights ago.

My eyes shot open just as the thought passed through my head.

Why should I care?


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