Arashi: Here is my second attempt at puppyshipping with a few other pairings. I hope you will like this one as you did with the first one. This is the squeal to Heaven or Hell it takes about two weeks after everyone found out about Joey and Seto. The Yamis have their own bodies but still have the mind links to their hikaris. Roles may change between ukes and semes depending on how it goes.

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Yugi and the gang decide to have a sleepover where the whole gang including the most new addition, Seto while grandpa is on a trip for the weekend. They decide to play a game that leads to interesting results as most of the gang gets with someone. But what will happen when someone goes to jail after seducing a cop. JoeyxSeto and other pairings with lemon

Pairing-Puppyshipping, tendershipping, puzzleshipping, bronzeshipping. Light siblingshippings, AnzuxHonda or AnzuxRyuuji

Truth or Dare gone wrong

Seto yawned tiredly as he waited for the bell to ring to finally the school and see his boyfriend and lover, Joey Wheeler. Seto smiled dazedly glad that the teacher didn't notice him not paying all that much attention to the lesson. At the corner of his blue eyes, he saw Yami write something on a piece of paper then fold it up before tossing it on his desk. Seto shook his head at the ex-pharaoh's antics but was curious what the note said.

"Seto are you even listening to the old croak give such a boring lecture?"-Yami.

Seto snickered under his breath, something he wouldn't do until he got together with his boyfriend, Joey, as he put it that he finally got stick from his ass. He glance at the teacher who wasn't paying attention to the students as most were either asleep or passing notes behind the old man's back. He quickly wrote a response before throwing it back to Yami who was sitting next to him.

"Not even, I just count down the minutes before I could be with my Puppy once more. I miss him, already and I think he's trying to make an excuse or something to get out of class."-Seto

Yami choked as he tried to hold back his laughter that got Marik, Bakura with their hikaris besides his own. Yugi couldn't help but wonder what was so funny until he read Seto's reply with adorable blush on his face that attracted many of the boys in the class. Marik and Bakura also read the note with smiles on their faces as they told their hikaris what it said that even got Ryou to rival against Yugi's blush.

Marik grabbed the pen from Yami's desk as he wrote his own message to the no longer stoic teen. "Poor Seto you already miss your puppy. Didn't you guys gotten caught again a little bit before lunch? You guys are worse then rabbits."

Seto scowled at Marik who had to remind him of the incident that took place before lunch when the principal caught him and Joey having their usual make out sessions.

"That ain't funny Marik. Wait until I tell Malik about when you talk in your sleep about the things you want to do to him." Seto wrote back enjoying the blush on the Egyptian's cheeks and smirked smugly.

Before Marik could write down a reply the bell rang, the students fled out of the school wanting to enjoy the weekend with no homework. Seto leapt out of his chair twitching impatiently as he waited for the others to pack their things. He really wanted to see his Puppy and missed being with him as it is.

They walk to the front of the school laughing slightly as Seto kept on twitching meeting the gang to hang out at the game shop. Talking near the gates where the rest of the gang laughing about something Joey told them. Mai glance over to see the rest of the group and an anxious Seto, she giggled softly as she got Tea and Serenity's attention.

All three girls thought the two boys are cute together. Of course it was hard to talk to Joey when Seto jumps at him at times kissing him. Joey raise an eyebrow at his friends they pointed to towards the school ground. Joey saw his other friends and his boyfriend who happen to be twitching badly. Joey smirked already knowing that his little dragon is getting desperate since their last make-out before lunch. He thought that Seto will be able to control himself but its another thing he got to teach to his dear dragon.

Yugi smiled at Joey and the others chirping happily, "Do you guys want to spend the night at my house?"

"Sure, I have nothing to do today." Joey answered ignoring the grunt sound from his lover. He love teasing the other boy.

Marik and Malik smiled and snickered under their breaths at Kaiba. "Sure it would be better then staying home."

All the girls agree wanting to take more pictures for the photo album for the two boys and have some fun. The rest of the gang had nothing better to do as it is.

They all smirked evily when Yugi said not that innocently. "My grandpa is going to be gone for the weekend so we could do whatever we want. What games do you want to play at my house?"

"Truth or dare." "Seven minutes in heaven" "I never" The whole gang spoke at the same time trying to figure what would be best to play when they all decided on the first two. They walk to the game shop satisfied to have a game already picked out as everyone tried to think of a dare for the other.

Joey thought of daring his boyfriend into wearing a French maid outfit. While Bakura couldn't help smiling dazedly as he thought of Ryou wearing a cat woman outfit. Marik plan to have Malik dress as a sexy prisoner with fuzzy handcuffs on his wrist. Yami drooled at the thought of Yugi in tight leather pants and shirt.

The boys were to busy drooling missing the scared looks of their lover or soon to be lovers' faces. Tristan and Duke groaned embarrass and scared to what might happen next while the girls called Ishizu to meet them at the game shop.


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