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Recap: "Truth or dare." "Seven minutes in heaven" "I never"

Joey thought of daring his boyfriend into wearing a French maid outfit. While Bakura couldn't help smiling dazedly as he thought of Ryou wearing a cat woman outfit. Marik plan to have Malik dress as a sexy prisoner with fuzzy handcuffs on his wrist. Yami drooled at the thought of Yugi in tight leather pants and shirt.

The boys were to busy drooling missing the scared looks of their lover or soon to be lovers' faces. Tristan and Duke groaned embarrass and scared to what might happen next while the girls called Ishizu to meet them at the game shop.


Ch. 2 Run Yami, Run!

As the group got closer to the game shop they noticed couple more people standing with Ishizu, Odion, Mokuba, and Serenity. The four people were chatting among themselves as they laughed about something Mokuba said.

Yugi smiled at the two Isthars and the two younger teens as he called out to them. "Hey guys!"

Mokuba smiled at the gang, happy to see the rest of his friends and his brother. Serenity grins at the possibilities the night will hold from the game.

Ishizu mutter to Odion quietly. "I bet that both Malik and Marik would get together at the end of the night."

Odion stared at his younger sister with a scared look in his dark eyes. The normal tan face turns pale as he wonders what Ishizu knew.

He asks softly, "What of the pharaoh and the tomb robber besides their hikaris? It's oblivious that something will happen with them."

Ishizu's tiny smile got a bit bigger answering. "We'll have to see since the day is almost half ways done."


In the living the gang sat in a circle on whatever furniture near by. The Ishtars sat on the chairs with Marik sitting on the floor. Yugi and Yami sat on the love seat with very little distance between them. On the recliner, Joey leans against Seto with strong arms around his waist. The others sat on the floor around in different areas.

Anzu gaze around every one wondering who will start the game. She groans out, "Who wants to start the game?"

Everyone glance at the other not wanting to be the first victim. Anzu groan out while pulling out a bottle from her bag.

"Don't ask why I have a bottle in my bag. Let's spin the bottle to decide who goes first." Tea finish as the rest of the gang looks at her move closer to spin the bottle to choose the victim's fate. The bottle spin really fast as everyone move closer to the bottle. The clear bottle started to slow down as the boys held their breaths while the girls smirk evilly. It shifted slowly towards Ryou's direction as the other guys groan and felt sorry for the albino

Anzu grin evilly as the rest of the girls pop out from behind the scared boy. He glance at his darker half's direction only to find him move closer to Joey and Kaiba. 'That traitor had to leave me alone with the girls.' he thought with a cute pout.

"Ryou, it's between Truth or Dare?" Anzu ask the frighten boy with a sweet smile that look evil to him.

Sweat drop begin to form as his brown eyes shift to all the girls around him. He let out a nervous chuckle before he answers with a squeak. "Truth!"

Anzu glance at the other girls for a moment in a secret and silent conversation. She turns back to him with a kinder smile hoping that she won't freak the boy out further. "Ryou, do you have a crush on someone in within our circle of friends?"

Ryou's soft pale cheeks turn adorable red in Bakura's eyes. The boy tried to speak but nothing will come out. Everyone knew the boy was shy and were willing to let him take his time. He stare at his hands trying to find away to answer that question. He did have a crush on someone in the group but of all times he had to be there.

"I do have crush on someone with in our group." The blushing boy replies softly as a bit of his white hair went into his face.

The girls eyes shine with excitement as they cackle getting the boys a bit frighten of them including the Yamis that usually don't fear much. The girls began to squeal loudly since they already have an idea who it is.

Mai soften her smile for Ryou as she asks gently. "So who is the lucky person?"Ryou blush darker with a cute smile on his lips as he whispers loud enough for everyone to hear. "Bakura…"

Bakura grin as he lifted his light's head to give him the best kiss of his life. The girls awe at the sight while Serenity and Mai took pictures of the kissing boys. Ryou moan in the kiss allowing Kura entrance into his mouth. They pulled away with gone from the world expressions within their eyes.

Bakura grin wolfishly claiming his light's lips once more. "Mine, White Treasure and no one else's."

Ryou rolled his brown eyes as the other boys grin at the other. Yami smirk lightly feeling happy for his friend but a bit jealous of not able to kiss Yugi all he wanted. Marik felt the same way sending his hikari pretty suggestive glances every so often.

Joey taps Seto whispering to his lover. "I think you owe me twenty bucks, Dragon."

Seto grins lovingly answering to his koi. "I'll give you the twenty with something extra, Pup."

Ryou let out a breath closing his eyes as he spin the bottle for the next person. It fell on Odion who pale slightly while his siblings patted his shoulder and let out a few snickers. The white hair boy gave the man an apologetic smile as he asks. "Truth or dare?"Odion wanting to be brave not before glaring at Malik and Marik. Odion groan out with a hand covering his face. "Dare, Ryou."

Giving the man a break, Ryou decide on something simple that Odion would appreciate. "Odion, I dare you to record every insult said in this room on a camcorder."

Odion let out a sigh of relief while Ishizu pass her older brother both the bottle and recorder. "It's my turn now so let fate decide the next person."

The bottle landed on Bakura getting everyone to groan as if imaging all the dares he'll do. Bakura ignore the groans waiting for the Egyptian to say his question. "Tomb robber, truth or dare?"

Bakura smirk letting the others think he was about to choose dare. He put on an act as he thought about it for a couple minutes. "I'll go with truth."

Everyone in the room fell to the ground staring at the thief king. Ryou couldn't help but be a bit worried about his Kura. Yami felt a headache coming giving a soft moan as he place his nose into Yugi's hair. Yugi felt himself go hard with the tiny moans from his darker half. Odion said with no emotion with a camcorder in his hand, "Bakura do you really hate the pharaoh?"Bakura scowl at the question, grumbling out. "I don't hate him but I just don't like him period."

Bakura spun the bottle not expecting it to land on Yami. With a glorious smile on his devilish looks, Bakura ask with mock seriousness. "Truth or dare, Stupid pharaoh."

Yami glare at the Thief King, answering. "Dare and give me your best shot."The smile never left Bakura's face as he replied. "I dare you to streak down the road but ass naked singing My Girl only change the word, girl with boy."

Yami blush not looking at anyone in the room as he got up to take off all his clothes in the other room. He came out with a towel wrap around his waist. His sculptured chest glitter in the sunlight. Yugi's eyes hungrily look at his darker half up and down. His thoughts all involve Yami making him scream out his name while making love.

The girls blush while they whistle in appreciation but let it expect for Anzu. A part of her likes Yami still but didn't know that Yami's heart is taken by someone else. He walks to the door in the towel around his firm and taunting waist. Bakura laughed, "Take off the towel you idiot."

Blushing darker, Yami let the towel drop from his waist. His firm ass towards the others hearing the girls' soft sighs and Yugi's muffle moan. He took of running getting women's attention on his sexy body.

In the most beautiful baritone voice, Yami began to sing. "I've got sunshineOn a cloudy dayWhen its cold outsideI've got the month of mayI guess you'd sayWhat can make me feel this way?

My boy(my boy, my boy)Talkin bout my boy

(My boy)I've got so much honeyThe bees envy meI've got a sweeter song thanThe birds in the treesI guess you'll sayWhat can make me feel this way?

My boy(my boy, my boy)Talkin bout my boy

(My boy)"

Yami ran through the roads of Domino city not caring about the snickers or sighs from the men or women. All he cared about was the person whom should up in his mind, Yugi. His precious hikari that control every breath in his body."Hey hey heyHey hey heyOoooh...I don't need no money,Fortune or fameI've got all the riches babyOne man can claimWell I guess you'll sayWhat can make me feel this way?

My boy

(my boy, my boy)Talkin bout my boy(my boy)"

All the women knew this young man's heart belongs with another and hope the boy would take care of him. A police officer left the donut shop eating his glaze donut with his black coffee. His eyes widen to see a tall, tri-color hair teen streaking down the streets of Domino. He blush at the site of a prefect body that most women would love on her dream man.

Yami rush back to the shop glaring at the snickering boys all holding a recorder even Yugi. Yugi have him a hug whispering in his ear. "Yami, that was wonderful."

Yami nuzzle his light's nose with his replying to him. "Thanks abiou for the compliment."

Glaring at Bakura's direction, he roared out. "Tomb robber I'm going to get my revenge on you later."


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