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Summary: In Domino Joey manages talk to Mai, but he doesn't get far enough before a car comes. Pushing Mai out of the way, Joey takes the hit but dies before making it to the hospital. Before Joey dies he manages to tell Mai that he loves her. Arriving in Heaven, he becomes an Angel- in-training and finds out that he's Mai's guardian angel. Joey has now got to find a way to help Mai get past her depression. If he accomplishes his mission he will get the chance to come back to life. AU after Doom and before the pharaoh leaves for the memory worldPairings: JoeyxMai, possible Puzzle, tender, bronze, vote for the rest of the pairings

"Talking"'Thoughts'"Joey talking to Mai when he's an angel"Joey's thoughts as when he's an angel~~~Flashbacks~~~--Time changes--


My Guardian Angel

Ch.1- I'll be there for you

A blonde groaned as she opened her amethyst eyes. She gazed around a room wondering what had happened. She jumped when she heard a slightly deeper moan not far from where she was lying. She looked at the corner to find a familiar blond teen. He started to wake, grumbling something. For a moment, she thought his voice was slightly deeper than usual.

She heard her companion say something, but she couldn't hear what. The teen looked at the blonde woman, who finally sat up rubbing her eyes. She tried to stand up, despite the fact that her leg felt wobbly, but fell back on her butt. The boy sighed softly, already standing up. He walked towards the blonde woman.

"Mai, do you need help?" he asked.

The woman glared at the blond in front of her, snarling. "I don't need your help Wheeler."

Joey rolled his brown eyes at Mai. Part of him still worried about her. He stuck out his hand, almost daring her to grab it, smirking. Looking up at Joey, Mai returned the smirk, grabbing his hand and allowing him to pull her up off the ground. They felt a jolt going throughout their bodies as their fingers stayed intertwined.

Mai moved away from Joey, not really sure what to make of her feelings at the moment. Joey felt disappointed for some reason, but didn't feel like there was enough time to really think it over. She noticed the disappointment for a second before it disappeared. She didn't know what to say at all. She just took his soul and he should be angry at her or something. Mai started getting scared about what he might tell her. She didn't notice the whimpering sound that escaped her.

Joey looked at Mai and he noticed the scared look on her features and the whimpering. It almost broke his heart just to see her in that state. He knew he had to do something to calm her down so that she didn't dash off or something. With slight ease, he pulled her back into his arms as her whimpers got louder.

Mai felt herself being pulled back with a pair of arms wrapping around her tightly in a protective embrace. She heard Joey saying soft words of comfort to ease her fears. She felt her body relax as she let him pull her closer and for a strange reason she didn't mind at all. She turned around in his arms, placing her head in the crook where his neck and shoulder met. She could easily smell the cologne he uses, mixed together with his natural scent. The smell of spices (like those in a kitchen), and the scent of forests, with just a hint of an ocean breeze was very comforting to her at the moment and she didn't want to move. She heard someone coming but she didn't care at all about who it was.

"Well, look at that, ain't it Wheeler wide awake." A very familiar Australian accent floated in the air. Mai stiffened slightly in the blond's arms as she glanced behind her to see Valon, with a ferocious look on his face. There was also a maniacal gleam in his hard, icy blue eyes.

Joey looked over Mai's head to glare darkly at Valon, as he snarled at the other man. "What do you want, Valon?"

"Wanted to make sure you kept your end of the bargain, mate. And remember, Wheeler, to take care of her. See ya later." Valon retorted as he walked off on to the plane that Alister and Raphael were flying.

Shaking his blond head, Joey grumbled under his breath as the plane took off. "I will never understand him for as long as I live. I am keeping my end of the bargain."

Mai shifted closer. She didn't even care about whatever Valon was talking about, much less this bargain. She was wondering about the "taking care of her" part, but she didn't want to push it right now. Joey sighed softly as his fingers combed through her hair in an attempt to get her to relax. He whispered softly in her ear. "I forgive you Mai. I'm sure the others will also forgive you soon." She hoped the gang would forgive her like Joey did. She was glad that they hadn't been trapped in the bubble-like case that had floated in a watery substance.

The gang walked out of the temple as they chatted, happy that everyone was fine. Yugi's eyes lit up more at seeing his best friend was standing and alright. The others noticed his excitement and so they all called out to their friend. They saw Mai leaning against Joey, who had his arms around her.

"Joey, how are you feeling? You're not hurt right? I'm glad that you're ok," Yugi babbled as he got closer to Joey and Mai. "Hey Mai, I'm also glad that you are alright. I want you to know that I forgive you, so you don't have to worry about me."

Mai smiled ruefully as she remorsefully said. "Ugh…Thanks Yugi I didn't …mean to cause you guys so much trouble and for that I'm…sorry. I feel like I don't deserve your forgiveness," she finished softly, looking at the ground even though it wasn't that interesting.

Tea went closer to the blonde as she replied gently. "Mai, you're our friend so you've got our forgiveness. That's what friends do for each other. You don't have to blame yourself for what you did, right Tristan?"

Tristan glared at Mai with hatred in his eyes; to him she is like a snake waiting in the grass. She didn't deserve forgiveness at all. He couldn't understand why Joey was willing to forgive her so quickly. In his opinion, she's dangerous to be around and he doesn't like it one bit. It will take a good reason for him to forgive her. Remembering the sight of Joey just after he lost his soul to that harpy made him hate the blonde more. Didn't Tea and Yugi realize that she just took their friend's soul?

"Whatever", Tristan grounded out with clenched teeth.

Mai flinched at the raw hatred in Tristan's eyes and she knew that he wouldn't forgive her at all. She wanted to hide from his glare. The memory of Joey during her duel under the seal of the Orichalcos flowed through her mind. Joey sighed angrily at his friend's attitude, he had felt Mai flinch at Tristan's glare. It was his choice to go after Mai and challenge her to duel for a second time. He buried his nose in her sweet hair, smelling rose scented shampoo that wafted up to his nose. He softly told her, "It's going to be alright, I promise. I know I usually don't break my promises, but this is one that I won't no matter what happens. Just remember that I'll stand by your side when you're in trouble."

Yugi hated the tension in the air. It was suffocating everyone. He doesn't understand why Tristan is still angry and he probably never will. Footsteps were heard coming from the distance as the gang glanced towards the doors of the now destroyed base that Dartz had set up. A tall brunette teen walked towards the group with his little brother behind him, trying to keep up. The boy smiled at Yugi as he called out, "Yugi! Is everyone accounted for? It's time to go back home."

Kaiba rolled his eyes at his little brother's antics, but was still willing to give the losers a ride. He noticed right off the bat the tension between Tristan, Joey and Mai. It made him somewhat curious on the matter, but he didn't care that much. He was just glad that Mokuba was alright, that was enough to satisfy him for now.

Yugi looked over the gang as he answered Mokuba, "Yeah, let's go home."

Mai sighed, happy to get a ride back to Domino as everyone boarded on the plane. She noticed an empty seat next to Joey, but she had a feeling he wanted to sit on his own. She was about to sit down on a chair near the blond when he grabbed her hand and gently pulled her into the seat next to him with a smile on his face. She glanced at Joey, hoping that he would clarify the reason, but he didn't. She rolled her eyes in annoyance, but she was getting quite tired. She yawned as she stretched, trying to get comfortable for the long fourteen hour trip from the base to Domino city. Feeling her eyes close as sleep took over her, Mai leaned against Joey unconsciously for the same security she had felt earlier.

--Fourteen hours later--

After arriving in Domino City, Yugi and the gang got off the plane, and walked towards the direction of their usual hangout, the game shop that Yugi considered his home. They chatted about anything, just glad to be back home. Across the street, Mai didn't notice a car driving extremely fast in her direction

Joey did. As he called out her name, "Mai!" he managed to push her out of the way of the speeding car. But he didn't have enough time to save himself. The car hit the blond, sending him flying about a couple of feet. When the car stopped, a nervous yet drunk man came out murmuring, "Oh no, that's really bad."

Mai and the others ran to where Joey lay, hoping that he was alright. The sight wasn't good at all. Tea grabbed her cell phone and called for an ambulance. Joey had scratches all over his body with bits of blood flowing out of his side. He groaned and that got Mai's attention. The others went towards the man to make sure he stayed put. She felt tears forming in her eyes as he opened his honey-brown eyes.

"Mai, you alright?" Joey gasped out as he found it hard all of a sudden to breathe. His vision started to blur and he knew that he wouldn't make it to the hospital. He wouldn't live that much longer.

Mai tried to smile but found it too hard as she heard him gasping and groaning in pain. "Joey save your energy until the ambulance comes." Mai scolded half heartedly.

He shook his head. He answered softly as he sensed the darkness coming, "Won't be enough time for that, Mai. Mai, there is something that you should know first before I go… Mai, I fell in love with you and I wanted to be with you. Please just take care of yourself. That's my last wish, besides you keeping my Red-Eyes as reminder."

Mai gently pushed his blond hair back as she kissed him on the lips. She whispered to him before the darkness came, "I love you too, Joey. Please don't leave me; I still need you in my life."

Joey smiled as death took him away from those he loved, but it wasn't like he had a choice in the matter. He wanted to stay and live, but the paramedics arrived too late and pronounced him dead at the scene of the crime.


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