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"Joey talking to Mai when he's an angel"

Joey's thoughts as when he's an angel


-Time changes-

*Song Lyrics*

Mai woke up screaming. A batch of new tears streamed down her pale cheeks. She spoke softly, "Joey, I miss you so much. Why did you have to die?"

Joey watched his beloved cry out for him, and it pained him dearly that he couldn't help her at all. His beautiful white golden wings gently covered Mai as she continued to cry. He softly whispered to her, even though she couldn't hear him. "Mai, everything is going to be alright. I'll be by your side even if you can't see me. This I promise you, and I'll keep it no matter what."

Mai felt a warm presence next to her, but she paid it no attention as she fell back to sleep for a while longer. She hoped the day would be a lot better than the other days she'd had recently. She finally felt protected and cared for, letting the darkness take her away once more.

This I Promise You

Ohh ohh...

When the visions around you,
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surround you,
Are secrets and lies
I'll be your strength,
I'll give you hope,
Keeping your faith when it's gone
The one you should call,
Was standing here all along..

Joey watch as Mai slept by his side enjoying each breath she took. She moans slightly in her sleep as he wonders what her dreams were about. He smiles softly at her glad to see her once more with his own eyes then from above in heaven. Sure he missed everyone but something about her got his heart beat faster as her scent drove him crazy.

Mai open her eyes once more as she stared at the clock besides her. It read 9:15 causing the blonde to groan slightly as she remembers she had to meet with the others at 10. She got off the bed sighing softly as she glances at the picture of her and Joey before heading into the bathroom to take a shower.

Joey scowled as he watches her leave the bedroom to take a shower. He wants to take a peak but a part of him didn't want to be a pervert. He groans softly glad to be an angel but he won't break the rule for staying with your charge unless it was the opposite sex. Shivering with distaste, he glided out of the room into the living room to take a look around.

The house was nice and comforting to him at the moment besides becoming a distraction from his thoughts of his beloved. He shook his head as some of his hair went to his brown eyes. He noted that she had not that much food in the fridge as he gazed around the kitchen seeing some dishes that are dirty and need to be washed. Joey smile as he thought of something to show Mai that she ain't alone.

And I will take
you in my arms
and hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
this I promise you
this I promise you

Turning on the water at the sink, he carefully wash the dishes as his sweet angel finish her shower. He put them away before scrounging around in the kitchen to find something to make for his love. He made a promise to be there for her and make sure that she'll be alright if something should happen to him.

In the bathroom, Mai smell something cooking in the kitchen and knew no one was in the house besides her. She quickly put on a pair of jeans with a purple shirt instead of her usual outfit. Arriving to the kitchen she found the dishes she plans to wash were done and drying on the dish rack. On the table was some breakfast made for her, couple pieces of toast that was buttered, scrambled eggs with two pieces of bacon and a glass of orange juice.

I've loved you forever,
in lifetimes before
and I promise you never...
Will you hurt anymore
I give you my word
I give you my heart (give you my heart)
this is a battle we've won
and with this vow,
Forever has now begun...

A shiver when down Mai's spine as tears formed in her eyes. There was only one person who knew what she likes for breakfast and that was Joey. There were times he stayed with her and he cooked her something in the morning. She always thought it was sweet of him everytime she sees him in the kitchen cooking sometime for them to eat.

Besides a plate was a small note with the following words. Mai's amethyst eyes widen as she read the note not feeling the tears falling. She recognizes this handwriting as Joey's. For a moment as she read the letter, Mai could have sworn she heard Joey's voice.

"Mai you're never alone and I'm by your side even if you don't see me. This is my promise to you. Even though I never told you how much you mean to me until my last breath in the world…I love you with my whole life.

To show proof of my love, I thought you might like the song I heard before I died. You can thank Serenity later when she played the song. I believe it's called this I promise you by some boy band. Well here is the part of the song that made me think of you.

Just close your eyes (close your eyes)
each loving day (each loving day)
I know this feeling won't go away (no…)
Till the day my life is through
this I promise you…
This I promise you…

Over and over I fall (over and over I fall)
When I hear you call
Without you in my life baby
I just wouldn't be living at all...

And I will take (I will take you in my arms)
you in my arms
and hold you right where you belong (right where you belong)
Till the day my life is through
this I promise you baby

I know it ain't much but I want you to be happy. You're the key to my heart and never forget that, Mai. Please don't hurt yourself despite you still miss me. The thing is…I hurt each day not being by your side and wish to have you in my arms. Please promise that you will take care of yourself for me, my love.

Always will love you and be in my heart,


Just close your eyes each loving day (each loving day)
I know this feeling won't go away (no…)
every word I say is true
this I promise you
every word I say is true
this I promise you
Ooh, I promise you...

Joey smile lovingly at his angel of his heart gaze at him with out realizing it. He knew it will take time for her to see him but it was worth it. He felt drained from using some of his gifts of making her something to eat and writing the note. He had to find away to tell her that he's here.

Mai choke back a sob as she finish the note with a small smile on her lips. Her eyes held a bit more of the old spark again as she gazed at the corner for a moment. Mai thought she saw him as angel but did nothing. The angel smiled at her lovingly as he mouthed out, "I love you."

The golden wings and the halo look adorable on him but she couldn't speak wanting to call out to Joey. He's her angel no matter what even when he denies it at times. She cried out as he vanish from her sight but felt him near her that calmed her. The softness of the wings wraps around her once more as they did earlier that morning.

Joey's brown eyes widen when she cried out made him realize that she could see him for a few moment. He felt his eyes getting heavy as his wings went around his heart once more. He places his head on her shoulder, kissing the side of her neck softly.

He heard her murmur softly, "Sleep my angel and I want to say thank you for breakfast. Before I forget…Joey I love you too and I miss you too."

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