Naruto Asunder Sequel Announcement

Hello, everyone it has been a while.

I just wanted to point everyone in the direction of the newly revamped sequel to Asunder titled Naruto Rend. Since there was a significant drop in viewership, a few people suggested that many had missed its release and wanted me to point out its existence on this end.

For those of you hesitant to jump in, particularly those of you upset with Asunder's ending, allow me to give you a few bits of information:

First- It is not a next generation story with a bunch of original characters. The main characters continue to be Naruto and Hinata, with many of the old favorites (and maybe not so favorites) returning as well.

Second- It is a crossover, but I have been very careful to write the new material through Naruto and company's eyes. While it does mean you have to pay attention, the information is brought up naturally through the story just like any other new world you would learn about.

Third- It has strong ties to a lot of events that occurred in Asunder and the repercussions of those events. It should allow me to flesh out some of the issues that remained after the story ended.

Fourth- Yes, this was always planned in some form or another. It just took me a while (and one complete reimagining) to get the tone and plot to where I wanted it.

Fifth- Yes, Asunder's ending would have been the same regardless. Although, I do admit it was easier to write with the potential idea they were only comic book dead.

Sixth- I am pushing my writing, and I believe it is better than when I wrote Asunder.

Seventh- There are three chapters of Naruto Rend available right now for you to check out for yourself. You are always free to message me with thoughts/questions. I would love to hear from all of you again.

Also, at the suggestion of a reader, I have included a few points from Asunder for those who need a refresher on what transpired during that story. I had wanted to do a full synopsis to get some practice with it in. However, I opted for this quick -near bullet point- method because many key points came from other characters than Naruto (synopsis is always through the primary only), and time wise, it didn't make sense to write out something that would take more time than having people the story in its entirety. Anyway, here it is below.

The beginning few chapters largely follow canon; the differences being primarily the deaths of Deidara and Sasori and heavy dialogue/set-piece tweaks.

Lee reveals to Naruto he cannot form chakra because his spiritual power is far too high to balance with his physical. As such, he is immune to genjutsu.

Things change up when Hinata requests Naruto's assistance in dealing with the issues with her clan. Naruto succeeds in secretly removing the caged bird seal from the branch family, while Shikamaru, Shino, and Lee are brought in to support. Meanwhile, Danzo lays a trap that results in Sai placing a release seal on Naruto in the midst of a battle with Sasuke. Due to Sharingan interference, Naruto sees inside Sasuke's soul and realizes he has no choice but to seal his mind away.

The day of the Hyuga ceremony begins. Hinata demonstrates her unique skills and soundly crushes the traditional styled Hanabi. She then challenges Hiashi for the position of clan head. After a fierce battle, resulting in the defeat of Hiashi's prized techniques, Hinata is almost struck down by the Elder. Naruto and the other three intervene. The Elder mocks everyone and claims Danzo will make a stronger Konoha before killing himself. While considered their savior, Hinata is exiled from the clan. Naruto finds her at his apartment later that night heartbroken. He tells her she is moving in with him.

Tsunade dissolves the current teams and places Shikamaru, Shino, Lee, Hinata, and Naruto on a single team directly under her.

Sakura discovers a way to free Sasuke from Naruto's seal. She does so, allowing Orochimaru to achieve temporary control of the Uchiha's body. He strikes a fatal blow on her moments before Sasuke regains control and finally kills the snake. The missing-nin then leaves Sakura to die. Jiraiya and Tsunade's meeting with Naruto is interrupted by news of Sasuke's release just as they were going to mention his parents.

Lee takes off after Sasuke as Naruto is provided a final moment to speak to his teammate. He chases after Lee while Jiraiya dispatches the Root members hiding in the forest.

Lee soundly defeats Sasuke but Danzo interrupts. Naruto arrives in time to save Lee and kill Sasuke, preventing the war-hawk from obtaining the Sharingan. Kisame arrives and captures Naruto, while Itachi explains to Danzo he has given the Hokage and Fire Daimyo all the information needed to brand the councilman a traitor. Danzo flees to exile.

Itachi guards Naruto as the rest of the Akatsuki prepare to extract the beast. Naruto gives his condolences to the Uchiha. Tsunade builds a small rescue team to find Naruto and then summons the rest of Konoha's forces to wipe out all of Danzo's hideouts.

The extraction begins but Itachi, moved by Naruto's earnest sorrow over Sasuke, attempts to intervene. He kills Kakuzu only for Madara to step in and steal his eyes. A failsafe activates within the seal, saving Naruto's life at the expense of giving up the Kyubi. The rescue team finds his body abandoned in a cave as Tsunade wipes out the last of Danzo's presence in Konoha and forces Koharu and Homura to step down.

Danzo takes over Otogakure and captures Karin.

Naruto is returned and stabilized. However, the lack of the Kyubi resulted in his body draining his own chakra to refill the seal. Jiraiya begins investigating a means to restore his power and gives Kakashi his blessing to continue Naruto's training. Danzo defeats and captures Jugo.

Hinata takes Naruto to see Sakura's grave where he says his goodbyes and hopes for the good in Sasuke to find peace with her. Danzo begins gathering Jugo's blood for a mass-produced curse seal to enhance his Oto army. He tortures Karin for information on the whereabouts of Orochimaru's private files. She cannot answer so the interrogation continues. Naruto and Hinata attempt to cook and end up sharing a kiss.

Naruto begins intensive recovery training under Kakashi while Hinata begins to train with her evolved Byakugan. Jiraiya and Tsunade exhume the Yondaime's body. Kakashi accidentally reminds Naruto about his conversation with the latter two, and their mention of his parents. He evades his teacher and storms the Hokage office where they are examining the Yondaime's body. His arrival causes a reaction and they are sucked into Naruto's seal.

Jiraiya reveals who Naruto's parents were as they wonder through the sewer system of the seal. Tsunade discusses how Kushina was given no choice but to accept a mission to Uzu no Kuni, and felt Naruto would be better off believing she was dead. Naruto angrily accepts their answers, but still feel his parents took the easy route out.

Danzo places a mind control seal on Jugo and has him taken to Konoha. The trio, trapped in the seal, find a door leading from the Kyubi's old cage to Minato's seal. Naruto opens it and the find themselves inside the Death God's stomach and are quickly confronted by the being itself.

Jugo, his humanity completely erased and evolved to a third level, is unleashed on Konoha. Naruto defeats the Death God and the Kyubi's other half agrees to join him. Hinata, Shino, Shibi, Lee, and Gai attempt to stop Jugo and almost succeed. However, the monster recovers and lands a near fatal blow on Hinata. Naruto is awakens and sets out to save her, begrudgingly accepting a resurrected Minato's assistance.

They arrive on the scene. Minato takes Hinata to the hospital while Naruto engages Jugo, making full use of his reclaimed demonic powers in spite of being in front of a large civilian audience. He destroys Jugo with an Imari and leaves, overhearing the villagers' praise of him. Danzo hears of the failure and decides to test his army on Suna.

Minato breaks down when he learns Naruto spent his life alone. Shino struggles with his inability to contribute in the fight against Jugo and save Hinata. His father gives him an offer for specialized training. The cursed army attacks and their surprising power boost nullifies Gaara's counterattack. Baki knocks him out. Agent 44 is dispatched by Danzo to Konoha to kidnap Lee and Hinata for their abilities.

Fu rips the information from Karin's mind and eliminates her. Minato tells Naruto he is going to bring Kushina back to Konoha. Agent 44 uses Danzo's supreme knowledge of Konoha's security to easily complete her mission, while Shino's training to acquire all seven breeds of Kikaichu begins. Minato sets off and Gaara arrives with the surviving Suna refugees.

Naruto discovers Hinata is missing and finds out about Suna's destruction. Tsunade promotes him to Chunin and tasks him with building a rescue team. Shikamaru comforts Temari while Minato arrives at Uzu. Danzo reflects on his subliminal stoking of Agent 44's rage.

Naruto goes to Shikamaru for help on developing a plan. Danzo uses Orochimaru's data to rebuild Hinata's damaged body faster. Naruto encourages Gaara to keep moving forward. Koharu and Homura approach Tsunade about being on Naruto's rescue team. Minato arrives at the Uzu base, is captured, but ultimately released by Kushina. Tsunade forced Naruto to have the two elders and Chiyo on his team.

The rescue team departs for Oto, Naruto using clones to make the force larger and slower than it really is. Gaara begins converting the ground under Konoha into sand. Arriving at Danzo's base, they engage his top Root agents. Shino defeats Agent 44, Yugao, and breaks the hold Danzo has over her. Lee escapes and goes on a drunken rampage, while Shikamaru and Shino battle Fu and Torune respectively. A controlled Hinata is set against Naruto as the two Elder's go on ahead to fight Danzo.

Danzo is victorious and moves to escape deep under the compound while the other battles finish. Chiyo reprimands Naruto for his indecision and reminds him of his failures with Sasuke. Having no choice to dispel her seal, he kills Hinata and gives chase after Danzo. Meanwhile, the cursed army marches upon Konoha. Gaara, under the suggestion of Jiraiya, uses his sand on a micro level. The choking sand cloud is inhaled by the army, and Gaara quickly suffocates all of them before dragging their corpses underground.

Chiyo explains to Naruto's Bunshin her reason for going on the mission, and how being a Hokage means he must be willing to sacrifice his friends for the sake of the greater populace. She uses her life transference technique on Hinata, but will not allow the Bunshin to dispel so that Naruto can decide whether he defeats Danzo for revenge or the village's safety. Lee arrives and passes out as Yugao brings a triumphant but injured Shikamaru and Shino to the group.

Danzo utilizes a superior Shunshin to keep Naruto on the defensive. He claims Naruto should lament not being brought to Root as a child, for he would never have lived alone or been limited in his training. Naruto relies on his biggest moves, ultimately filling the entire cavern with exploding clones and utilizing his Rasenshuriken. Defeated and dying, Danzo imparts his best techniques to Naruto, claiming they are enemies of philosophy but allies in loving Konoha.

The group returns to the village and begins recovering as Madara's plans gain full traction. He sends Pain to attack Konoha and begins powering his own Sharingan from the eyes he'd collected over the years. Hinata tries to hide from Naruto, because of the Orochimaru like aspects she carries from Danzo's experiments. In an emotional moment, Naruto comforts her and says they will stick together even if the rest of the world despises them.

Kushina and Minato return and encounter Naruto and Hinata. After a tense meal, they all return to Naruto's apartment. The hurting parents are ready to fully accept whatever Naruto chooses. He explains that he cannot comprehend the idea of family, and while he doesn't want to be cruel, the problems facing Konoha are at the front of his mind. Unable to give a solid answer, but unwilling to end the potential, the discussion is left up in the air with the promise of later. However, after they leave, Naruto breaks down in front of Hinata.

The Great Toad Sage has a new vision about Madara, who now carries the power to infect his prophesy. Naruto visits Tsunade and discusses his reservations about becoming Hokage in light of what happened in Oto. He recommends Shikamaru takes the position so his role can be more in line with what Jiraiya does. Hiashi begins training Hinata as Naruto departs for Sage training. Akatsuki attack Konoha and Madara claims the power of all the tailed beasts.

Minato is attacked by a possessed Yondaime Raikage. Shino and Yugao engage Pain's mechanical body and destroy it. Gaara fights Hidan who has been given Kakuzu's powers. At the cost of his life, he manages to rip the immortal apart at a particle level and scatter the blood soaked grains of sand into the winds. Kushina starts battling with Pain's main body but is interrupted by Konan. Madara unleashes a mindlessly feral Kyubi upon the village to kill everyone.

Hinata emerges from the training bunker and barely escapes the Kyubi with Minato's help. Madara has Zetsu and Kisame feed upon the bodies of the barely living tailed beasts to fortify their own power as he raises a massive tower to help with the Moon Eye Plan. Naruto arrives and crushes the Kyubi. Madara releases his hold on the demon. The fox gifts the last of his power to Naruto where it bonds with the other half, increasing its potency.

Pain, whose power and soul permanently reside in Yahiko's body, did not finish the Kyubi off to save chakra for the fight against Madara. Naruto arrives at the refuge and makes Pain agree to his plan. Kushina sorrowfully remembers being forced to give up Naruto, and how he has grown without her. Naruto formulates a battle plan as Minato prepares the village for a mass exodus to Uzu. The village goes to praise Naruto for taking on Madara, but he left in silence having grown beyond the need for praise.

Naruto is stopped outside the village by his parents, Kakashi, and his team. They say their goodbyes as Pain sets out ahead to clear the path. Hinata, Lee, and Kakashi decide to go with Naruto as Minato warps them to the tower. Once inside, Madara divides the ninja up. Hinata battles Zetsu in a room he has invested with his acidic plants. She kills him only to succumb to the acid. Lee is forced to open the eighth gate in order to defeat Kisame.

Naruto and Kakashi engage Madara. The Uchiha's power allows him to almost toy with them. Ultimately, he snaps Kakashi's back and Naruto unleashes his full power in a fusion of sage and Kyubi power. Madara pushes back with all his tails and Naruto uses a Rasengan that creates a small black hole. Pain destroys the tower, and influenced by Naruto, promises to return home and become a respectable Kage.

Five years in the future, Iruka gathers up his son to go celebrate Shikamaru becoming the next Hokage. While walking through a rebuilt Konoha, he reminisces on how Naruto and his team influenced everyone to be better. Kumo has become the most dedicated of allies, and though bittersweet, the people of the village have been able to find happiness because of the team's sacrifice. He hopes Naruto's spirit will watch over the next generation, guiding them to become everything he was.