Written; jennifer100

Pair; Hijikata x Souji

Beta; dragonfly-affinity

Warning; If you don't like yaoi lemon don't read it…thank you

Okita problem

Hijikata was just coming home from work. Opening the door with his key, he went inside, smelling something good coming from the kitchen.

"Souji, I'm home!" Hijikata called out.

" Oh, welcome home, Hijikata!" Souji replied with a smile. " Just in time for dinner!"
Taking, off his coat, Hijikata hung it up on the coat hanger. After he was finished with his coat, he went to the living room and settled down on the couch. " Hijikata, how was work today?" Souji was leaving the kitchen, bringing Hijikata's plate to him.

" Work is so damn annoying." Souji handed Hijikata his plate. " Being a chief police officer is not that easy." Souji started to laugh a little. " Souji, this look good."

" I made your favorite, noodle and steak." Taking his fork, Hijikata started to eat. Souji sat beside him. " How is the food, Hijikata?" He was watching Hijikata eat, with a smile on his face.

" The food is good. Why are you not eating with me, Souji?"

" I already ate earlier." Hijikata put his plate on the table.

" Souji! You didn't eat." Getting up from the couch, Souji walked to the kitchen.

" I have to feed Saizo." Hijikata got up as well and went to Souji. " Saizo, were you waiting long?" Saizo just did his little noise, looking at Souji. Souji just gave Saizo his food, smiling at him. Standing, by the kitchen door, Hijikata waited for Souji to finish.

" Souji, why didn't you eat? Are you sick?" Souji had his head down, looking at the floor.

" Hijikata, you don't need to worry about me, all the time." Hijikata grabbed Souji by one of his arms. " Mr. Hijikata, what are you doing?!" Hijikata pulled Souji into a hug, and then touched his forehead.

" Souji, you have a little fever."

" I'm fine, so stop worrying." Hijikata had a really concerned look on his face.

" If you keep worrying like that, you will start growing gray hairs." Souji began to smile at that. Picking Souji up by the legs, Hijikata carried him to the living room sofa. " Hijikata, what are you doing now? I'm not sick!" Hijikata laid Souji on the settee. Hijikata was on the floor, sitting on his knees, staying beside Souji, touching his forehead.

" Souji, what's been going on with you lately? You don't seem like yourself. You've been skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner." Souji turned his head away from Hijikata and wouldn't look at him.

" Mr. Hijikata, I just didn't want you to worry about me all the time, so I kept it a secret."

" What secret is that, Souji?" Hijikata turned Souji around to face him.

" I've been coughing up blood again."

" Souji! I'm your husband; you're supposed to tell me these things as soon as possible! I'll call a doctor right away."

" No, don't do that, Hijikata. I'm fine now."

"Stop lying!" Hijikata raised himself from the floor and went to the phone. There, he waited impatiently for the doctor to answer.

" Hello, how may I help you?" the doctor enquired.

" I need your help. My husband is coughing up blood. When can you come over doctor?"

" I can be there tomorrow morning at 10am."

" Okay, thanks." Ending the call, Hijikata went to Souji. Souji was standing up looking at Hijikata mean. " The doctor will be here tomorrow morning, so you should get you some rest."

" Hi-ji-ka-ta-san! I'm tired of this! I want to be a police officer again! The reason I didn't tell you this is because of your worrying!"

" No, you cannot be a police official again! I won't allow it!"

" You were the one who taught me how to kill! Now you're stopping me!"

" S o u j i…" Hijikata eyes went into shock, looking at his husband.

" You're just worried something bad is going to happen to me, is that it?" Souji left Hijikata and went upstairs to his room.

" Souji wait we need to talk." Hijikata followed Souji into the bedroom. When he entered the room, he saw Souij combing his hair, sitting down by the dresser looking into the mirror. " Souji, you're right. I didn't want anything to happen to you, so I made you quit."

" Hijikata, I feel helpless without using a sword."

" Souji, you know it's dangerous for your health."

" I know." Souji put his comb down on the dresser, and got up from his seat. " Mr. Hijikata, thank you for protecting me."

"You're welcome. Are you alright now?"

"Yeah, I'm okay now." Moving to Hijikata, Souji gave a kiss in the lip. " I love you, Hijikata." Hijikata smiled at that.

" Okay, I'm going to finish my dinner, so you should go to sleep."

" Hijikata, aren't you going to tell me that you love me?"

" You already know that I love you," Hijikata was blushing greatly.

" Hijikata, you're so red!" Souji was laughing really hard. " You still get nervous around me, even though were marry now!" Souji laughed some more.

Hijikata picked Souji up and laid him on the bed. " Go to bed now."

" Hijikata, are you coming with me?"

" I'll join you later." Hijikata kissed Souji's forehead and closed the bedroom door.

"Goodnight, Hijikata."

"Good night, Souji."