Written; jennifer100

Pair; Hijikata x Souji

Beta; dragonfly-affinity

Christmas day

This is the last chapter of this story… I hope everyone like it…I'm just in love with this couple…I might do another Hijikata and Souji story…We do need more stories of these two, they are so perfect together…And I want to thank my friend dragonfly-affinity for helping me with the grammars…she is the best…now I hope you enjoy this last chapter.

Souji woke up and found himself lying in bed, in his bedroom. " What, happened? I don't remember," Souji said, sitting up. Hijikata walked into the room, holding his sword.

" Souji, you're finally awake, I'm glad. Now, I can go look for Furube," Hijikata proclaimed, looking at him.

" Hijikata, I'm coming with you too," Souji told him, getting up.

" No! Stay here and rest. Watch over Tetsu too," Hijikata instructed, leaving out the room.

" Hijikata!" Souji shouted, watching him leave. Tetsu came in the room jumping on Souji, giving him a hug.

" Mr. Toshizo, I'm glad you're alright! I was worried about you!" Tetsu exclaimed, hugging him tight.

" I'm sorry I worried you, Tetsu. I wish I could remember what happened. Tetsu, can you tell me what happened to me?" Souji asked, smiling at the little boy.

" Sure I can!" Tetsu agreed, obliging.

Hijikata was in his vehicle, driving, talking on his cell phone to Saito. " Saito, did you find Furube?" Hijikata enquired.

" Sanosuke and Shinpachi are looking elsewhere, I'm on 3245 s 74street. I feel a bad presence here," Saito informed him.

" I will meet you there, then," Hijikata declared, hanging up.

Tetsu was finished recounting Souji's possession to him.

" So that's what happened. I attacked Hijikata and you. I wonder how Hijikata feels after I did that. I wish I could go help them, but I don't want to leave you alone; Furube might do something to you," Souji thought aloud, smiling weakly.

While Souji was thinking, in the room with Tetsu, the doorbell rang.

" Are they back already?" Souji wondered, leaving, answering the call with Tetsu following him.

When Souji opened the door, it was Heisuke.

" Hey, Souji and Tetsu. I know Shinpachi and Sanosuke are here," was Heisuke's greeting, looking around for them.

" They've gone with Mr. Hijikata to find some guy," Tetsu notified him, smiling.

" Hey, Toudou, can you do me a favour? Can you watch over Tetsu for me while I look for the others?" Souji asked, looking happy.

" Yeah, why not? And… why does your house look so messed up?" Heisuke inquired, looking around.

" Tetsu will tell you everything," Souji directed, running upstairs to the bedroom. When he came back down, he had a sword in his hand, running out the door, looking serious.

Heisuke and Tetsu just watched him leave, closing the door behind him.

Souji got in the car and took off.

When Hijikata got there, he saw Saito scanning the surroundings, waiting for something. Hijikata got out of the vehicle and went to him.

" Where is this feeling coming from?" Hijikata wanted to know, pulling out his weapon.

" Something is coming. It feels like the same feeling when we were fighting the other day," Saito revealed, looking around.

" I don't like this at all," Hijikata stated, ready to fight.

Furube appeared on top of a tree, chanting some words and fog started to obscure the area.

" It must be him," Hijikata declared, looking around. Hijikata and Saito were trying to find him in the fog.

" You will die this time. Hikagami, come forth and kill them." Hikagami appeared in front of them, attacking them with his giant sword.

Hijikata and Saito moved just in time, before Hikagami could slice them. Saito jumped and tried to hit the Hikagami with his own sword, but Hikagami blocked his attack, with his giant blade. Saito jumped back down, throwing his dagger at Furube.

Furube caught the dagger just in time. " Damn, you," Furube cursed, getting angry.

Hijikata then commenced to attack Hikagami, but Hikagami swung his sword at him. Hijikata had to use his weapon to protect his body from getting sliced. Then, Hijikata flew back, hitting the ground. Hikagami diverted his attention to Saito, but Saito moved backwards, dodging his assault.

" How can we defeat him?" Hijikata growled, getting up.

Souji came flipping through the air, attacking Hikagami with his sword. The enemy blocked with his Ashigaru Gauntlet, sending Souji flying back, landing on the ground hard, tearing the front of his robe, showing his chest.

" Souji, what are you doing here!?" Hijikata yelled, mad. Souji didn't reply. He just got back up, with his robe ripped, eyes looking crazed.

" Kill these fools, Hikagami," Furube ordered, watching them. Souji and Saito both leapt, attacking Hikagami again, but Hikagami grabbed Souji by the hair and swung his sword at Saito. Saito moved out of the way just in time. Hikagami had Souji up in the air, who was trying to struggle away.

" Souji! Let go of him!" Hijikata demanded, looking at his husband.

" Now kill him, Hikagami!" Hijikata jumped into the air, panicked, using his sword to cut Furube in half. Hikagami started to vanish, causing Souji to fall to the ground, in pain.

" That giant thing is still alive and he might attack again," Saito warned, helping Souji up.

" Thanks, Hajime. My body will be sore for a while," Souji said, wiping the dirt from his body. Hijikata ran to him, grabbing his arm.

" What the hell are you doing here, Souji!? I told you to stay with Tetsu! Where's Tetsu anyway!" Hijikata interrogated, furious.

" He's with Heisuke. Why are you so mad? Everything's okay. We defeated Furube," Souji reminded him, smiling.

" You're always like this. You always disobey me," Hijikata sighed, letting go of Souji's arm.

" I don't have to listen to everything you say, Hijikata," Souji replied, getting mad too.

" You almost got yourself killed out there! You can be ignorant sometimes!" Hijikata retorted, grabbing his wrist, pulling him to the car. Souji didn't say anything; he just had his head down, covering his crazy eyes.

" I will see you two later. Hope you work things out," Saito said, going to his car too.

Souji snatched his wrist away from Hijikata. " Souji!" Hijikata cried out.

" I don't want to drive home with you! I'll drive myself home," Souji told him, getting into his own car, angry. Hijikata just looked at Souji, before getting into his vehicle. They both took off home, mad.

Souji got home first.

When he entered, Heisuke walked up to him. " Souji, what happened to you? Did you get beaten up?" Heisuke asked, looking at his torn robe.

" Oh I was fighting, that's all. How is Tetsu doing?"

" Oh, the little puppet boy is sleeping right now. It's Christmas today. I'll be back for the party later on tonight, okay? See you later, Souji," Heisuke said, leaving.

" Thank you, Heisuke, for taking care of Tetsu," Souji called, closing the door behind him.
Souji went into the bathroom, getting the first aid kit. Then, he moved to the bedroom, putting on a new robe. After he finished putting on his robe, he sat down on the bed, trying to fixing his wounds.

Hijikata came in, going upstairs to the bedroom. When he came in, he saw his husband, putting on alcohol, treating his wounds, using a cotton ball. " Souji, do you need help? You are having a hard time with that," Hijikata observed, sitting down next to him.

" Hijikata, I'm sorry I disobeyed you. I just wanted to help," Souji said, looking at him. Hijikata grabbed the alcohol and cotton balls from him.

" Souji, I'm not trying to restrict you, I'm just worried for your safety. I have to make sure that you will be safe, so I won't lose you," Hijikata declared, applying alcohol to his injuries.

" Hijikata, I'm sorry again," Souji repeated, turning his head. Hijikata took hold of his chin, turning his head to face him, kissing him deeply. Hijikata broke the kiss, dropping him on the bed, getting on top of him. " Hijikata, no. I'm tired. I want to go to sleep," Souji declined, sitting up.

Hijikata got off of him, going to the closet. " Alright, Souji," he conceded, undressing, putting on a new robe.

" Goodnight, Hijikata," Souji bid, lying his head down on the bed, closing his eyes.

" Goodnight, Souji," Hijikata answered, going to him, kissing his forehead. Souji smiled at that, before going to sleep.

It was Christmas morning. Tetsu got up and went into Hijikata and Souji's room. When he entered the room, they were still sleeping.

" IT'S CHRITMAS!" Tetsu yelled, waking them up.

" You damn brat! Do you have to be so loud in the morning!?" Hijikata rebuked, getting angry.

" Hahahah, Tetsu, you're very excited about Christmas," Souji remarked, laughing.

" Yeah I want my Christmas gifts. What did you get me?" Tetsu enquired, happy.

" Alright, Tetsu. Your gifts are under the Christmas tree, with your name on it. I will be down to help you unwrap the gifts," Souji told him, smiling.

" I bought you a gift too. It should be under the tree as well," Hijikata added, trying to go back to sleep.

" Thanks, Hijikata," Tetsu said, leaving.

" Hijikata, that was very nice of you. Did you get me something for Christmas too?" Souji asked, smiling.

" It's under the Christmas tree."

" Souji, what did you give me?" Hijikata inquired, looking at him.

" Hmm, you just have to find out. It's also under the Christmas tree," Souji replied, giving him a kiss in the lips. Hijikata and Souji spent a good while kissing each other until Souji broke it and he got out of bed, smiling at his husband. Then, he exited the room. Hijikata just watched him leave, before going back to sleep.

Souji went to the living room, where Tetsu was; seeing the young boy playing with his toys on the floor, near the tree.

" I see you're having fun with your presents," Souji commented, sitting down next to him.

" Yeah, thanks, Mr. Toshizo. You and Mr. Hijikata have bought me a lot of gifts! Hey, Mr. Toshizo, do you want to play with me?" Tetsu asked, playing with his toy car.

" I wish I could, Tetsu, but I have to clean up this living room. I kind of wrecked the house when I was fighting Hijikata. Then I have to cook. Everyone is coming over later on," Souji told him, getting up.

" That's a lot to do. Mr. Toshizo. You forgot to open your Christmas gift. It has your name on it," Tetsu reminded him, playing with the toy monster.

" That's just from Hijikata, I'll open it later. Have fun playing with your toys. I'm going to take a shower," Souji said, leaving Tetsu alone.

It was in the afternoon when everyone came over, laughing and having fun.

" Hey, Shinpachi, I bet you could drink all six glasses of wine," Heisuke wagered, drunk.

" I bet you I can. Let's make a bet on that. If I win, you will have to give me some of your video games," Shinpachi challenged, laughing.

" Okay, you will lose."

" I'm so in on this one too," Sanosuke added, drunk and laughing. The trio started their wine drinking game. Hijikata was talking to his old friend, Kondo. Both of them were drinking as well.

" Your house is nice. You need to come over and visit me one of these days. You will love my place when you see it," Kondo boasted, laughing.

" Maybe I will go and visit you in New York," Hijikata murmured, drinking.

While Hijikata and Kondo was talking, Souji was talking to a guy with long black hair, who was very good looking. He was a new member of the police force working for Hijikata.

" I'm glad to be here, meeting a very nice person like you. You're the most beautiful guy I've ever seen," the black haired man complimented, looking at Souji.

" You're not too bad yourself. What is your name? You might see me around sometimes at headquarters. I might be able to help you out with my husband, Hijikata," Souji offered, smiling.

" Hijikata is your husband? He sure did pick a beautiful person. Oh, my name is Akihiko Suzuki. It means 'Bright Prince'," Akihiko revealed, taking Souji's left hand kissing it.

" What are you doing, Akihiko?" Souji asked, looking surprised. Hijikata jumped in pulling Souji close to him.

" What the hell are you doing with my husband?" Hijikata demanded, looking at him dangerously.

" I was just kissing his hand. Is something wrong with that?" Akihiko enquired smirking.

" I do have a problem with that," Hijikata stated, still holding on to Souji.

" Sorry, Mr. Hijikata, it won't happen again," Akihiko assured him, leaving the married couple.

" Souji, just don't get too friendly with him. If he tries to make a move like that again, he's dead," Hijikata vowed, looking at Souji.

" Hijikata, you worry too much. He was looking at me pretty strange."

" Okay, I'm going to try and help him out again, " Souji informed him, smiling at his husband. Souji was about to leave, but Hijikata stopped him by grabbing his wrist.

" Souji, don't go over there. I'll ask someone else to give him information about headquarters. I don't want you over there with that guy, Souji," Hijikata revealed, still holding on to his wrist.

" Hijikata, please can I help the guy out? He needs help and I'm the only one who can help him out right now," Souji pleaded, begging him to death.

" Alright, Souji. Just for a little while. I will be watching you two closely," Hijikata compromised, letting go of his husband's wrist.

" Thanks, Hijikata," Souji said, smiling at his husband before leaving him. Hijikata just watched him go, before returning to talk with his old friend Kondo. Tetsu was in his room playing with his toys, the adult were too boring for him. Saito was just eating noodles, looking at everyone. The trio was on the floor, drunk.

" See, I told you I'd win," Heisuke bragged, sounding drunk.

" How did you win? You passed out on the third glass of wine, so I win," Shinpachi argued, laughing.

" What are you two talking about? I should be the winner, I drank like three glasses," Sanosuke interjected, drunk.

" We were supposed to drink six glasses and no one did that, so nobody gets anything," Shinpachi surmised, drunk too. The three stopped with theory game, and were just talking, looking around.

Souji was talking to Akihiko again about headquarters. " Do you know how to use a sword? That's what you're going to need when you're working for Hijikata. He doesn't believe in using guns, he thinks guns are weak," Souji informed him, smiling.

" Your husband don't like nobody around you. If I had you, I wouldn't like anybody around you either," Akihiko declared, looking at him.

" Where are you going with this?" Souji demanded, getting a little angry.

" Don't get mad at me like that. I just like beautiful things like you. When I first saw you at headquarters, I was falling for you, but didn't know you were married," Akihiko revealed, still looking at him.

" Now you know I'm married, stop trying to flirt," Souji stoutly said, about to leave, but Akihiko stopped him, grabbing his wrist.

" Wait. I know you're attracted to me."

" What are you talking about? Let go of my wrist," Souji ordered, looking crazy.

Hijikata jumped in, grabbing Akihiko's neck painfully.

" I warned you. I don't need you to work for me. Get out of my house!" Hijikata commanded, letting him go. When Hijikata released him, Akihiko was coughing real hard, trying to catch his breath. He walks out, still coughing.

" Hijikata, thanks, but I could have done it myself," Souji told him, smiling at him. Hijikata didn't say anything, he just stared at him.

" Hey, Toshizo, why did you leave like that?" Kondo asked, coming up to them.

" Kondo, how are you enjoying the Christmas party?" Souji asked, smiling at him.

" Haha, it's very nice, I'm glad to see everyone doing well. I will be going now, I have to go back home tomorrow. I hope you two will come and visit soon," Kondo bid them, going to the door.

" We will Kondo, glad you came," Souji answered, waving goodbye. Kondo left. " Hijikata, did you open my gifts?" Souji enquired, laughing.

" Thanks for the cookies, but you know I don't eat sweets, Souji."

" I didn't know what to give you, so I made some cookies for you," Souji smiled. Hijikata took his wrist, pulling him to the Christmas tree, where he gave him a kiss.

" Look at Hijikata and Souji kissing near the Christmas tree, it's kind of romantic," Shinpachi cooed, looking at them.

" I bet tonight they're going to do it, because Hijikata wants Sooooooouji for his Christmas prize, hahahah."

" Heisuke, I would not say that out loud if I were you. Hijikata will kill you, like he almost did that guy," Shinpachi warned him, glancing his way.

" Yeah, he's right, you're so lucky he didn't hear you. Better be glad he's kissing," Sanosuke agreed, looking at him too.

" I guess you're right. I think I better go before he finds out. Who's not too drunk to drive me home?" Heisuke enquired, laughing

" I'll take you home," Saito replied, close to his face.

" Thanks, Saito," Heisuke responded, moving back from him.

When the Christmas party was over with, everyone said their goodbye to Hijikata and Souji, going home.

" That was fun, Hijikata. I guess I'm going to bed now," Souji said, about to leave, but Hijikata wrapped his arms around him.

" I'm not ready for you to go to sleep yet," Hijikata whispered into his earlobe.

" Hijikata, I don't want…" Hijikata cut him off, kissing him hurriedly, both of them hitting the floor; Hijikata on top of him, still kissing his lips. Souji broke the kiss, pulling away, getting up.

" I'm going to the room. Souji said, heading to the upstairs to the bedroom. Hijikata followed him.

" Souji, I'm not done with you, yet," Hijikata coolly proclaimed, still hounding him.

" I'm done," Souji retorted, entering the room. When they were inside, Hijikata pushed Souji against the door, pinning both of his arms against it, kissing him hurriedly again.

" Souji you're not getting away from me tonight," Hijikata declared, touching his chin, looking into his eyes.

" Hijikata, I don't…" Hijikata cut him off again with a deep kiss, unfastening his robe, throwing it to the floor, exposing his chest. Hijikata went down, kissing his chest.

" AAAH, Hijikata," Souji cried out, moaning.

" You can be as loud as you want, Souji," Hijikata murmured, still kissing his chest. Hijikata then carried his lover to the bed, lying his body down. Getting on top of him, Hijikata gave him another deep kiss, pulling his husband's underwear off. Hijikata's hand travelled to his chest, touching his nipple, making Souji moan some more. Hijikata took off his robe and boxers, showing his entire naked body.

" Hijikata, I…love you," Souji whispered, tears coming down his cheeks.

" Souji, I love you too. I won't hurt you, Souji," Hijikata assured him, wiping the tears away. Hijikata then pulled inside of his lover, pumping in and out.

" AAAH, Hijikata," Souji moaned, touching his cheeks. Hijikata then pinned his arms down again, kissing his neck and lips. Hijikata spent a good while, moving in and out of his lover's body. "AAAH. AAH," Souji moaned loudly. Climaxing, Hijikata than pulled out of him kissing him passionately, looking into his eyes.

" Souji, give me your wedding ring finger," Hijikita uttered, getting off of him, lying on the bed, holding Souji close in his arms.

" Why do you want to see my wedding finger?" Souji inquired, giving Hijikata his wedding hand, anyway. Hijikata took it, kissing his wedding finger.

" This wedding ring tells you how much I love you. I'm so glad you're my husband, Souji."

Souji blushed at that comment. " I'm so glad you're my husband too, Hijikata," Souji returned gladly, giving him a kiss on the lips. Souji lay on his chest, going to sleep. Hijikata just watched him sleep for a little while before joining him.

Thank you for reading…this is the end of this story