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Jibbs Rule # 2 by Pandora of Ithilien: Ideas that hit like a ton of bricks always produce something good.

The first time Jethro Gibbs wanted to kiss Jennifer Shepard was the first day he met her. It wasn't when he'd first met his new probie in the Director's office, though he had certainly noticed how attractive she was. He'd chalked it up to the red hair.

No, it was at the end of the day, when after having been dragged all around the base by him as well as getting sick during her first autopsy, she still had enough spirit left to tell him off for calling her 'Jen.'

"My name is Jenny," she'd snapped.

"Whatever, Jen."

"Do you want me to call you Leroy? I noticed no one uses that either."

He'd stared at her, about to rip her a new one, when he noticed the faint amusement dancing behind the challenge in her eyes. His own amusement flared, quickly followed by a spurt of desire he had to quickly clamp down on. The urge to kiss her had hit so suddenly that he almost wasn't able to stop himself, but he did.

That wasn't the last time that he wanted to kiss her. But it never hit him again quite that hard. It was more like a constant niggling usually confined to the back of his mind. He got pretty good at ignoring it after a while.

Until Marseilles, that was. They'd been stuck in that overheated attic for hours, and she was complaining about how ridiculous this was – "What exactly are they hoping for here? That we'll catch someone about to blow the damn thing up?!" – and, just to stop her rant, he kissed her. When she kissed him back, he knew this had been one of his better ideas, even if he paid for it later.

When he pulled away, she stared at him, looking as though he'd clubbed her over the head. And then she fisted a hand in his hair and kissed him rather harder than he'd kissed her, and… Well, the boring job was certainly forgotten.

Eleven Years Later

They were in the elevator and she was ranting about his latest stunt with the press. She really was cute when she was angry. And that was when an idea hit him, hard. He reached for the emergency switch.

"Jethro, what – " She was cut off by his lips crashing down on hers. She fought to pull away for a moment before giving herself over to the kiss. When they broke apart, neither of them had to speak. They knew it wasn't going to end here, and they knew it shouldn't. And Jethro decided that ideas that hit like a ton of bricks should always be acted on. They worked out pretty well.