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The Bonfire

At exactly 6:30 when it began to get dark, Dad spoke in a normal voice in the kitchen down stairs to catch my attention, "Hurry up, Bells. We don't want to be late!"

"Coming," I spoke back at a similar volume before rushing down the stairs and into the kitchen to pull the last of the food out of the oven and into a box.

"Ready?" he asked as he picked up four boxes full of food.

I smiled and grabbed the same amount of boxes, "Yeah, let's go."

"Do you mind if we taking your car?" Dad asked as we walked outside.

I shook my head, "Nope."

We loaded all the food into my car before I hoped in the drivers seat and dad climbed in next to me. The trip up to the beach was short as it was only a five minute walk anyway. When we arrived, the elders already sat around, starting the fire. Several of the elders' wives and mother's of the boys were spreading food out on a table to the side and smiled at us when they noticed we'd brought even more food.

"You didn't have to make anything, Bella," Sue Clearwater, Harry Clearwater's wife, told me with a smile.

I smiled at her and shrugged, "Well, I know how much the boys can eat…"

Sue and the others nodded in agreement.

One of the other women, the only one that didn't look completely Quileute, stepped forward, "I'm so glad they'll have a girl around now. Maybe you'll be able to keep them in line."

I laughed, "Let's hope so."

She smiled at me, "I'm Jasmine Call, Embry's mum."

I smiled at her and shook the offered hand, "Bella Black."

It was then that some of the boys turned up.

"Hey guys," I greeted as I turned to face them. Jake, Embry, Collin and Brady came out of the woods in the usual cut off shorts and no shirt after having just finished off their patrolling. No one was going to miss the bonfire so we were checking the woods thoroughly directly before and afterwards.

"Hey Bells," Jake greeted me at the same time as the rest greeted me with, "Hey Boss".

"All clear?" I asked Jake when I knew no human was listening. Even if they did know about us, I didn't particularly like any of them knowing about the latest news on the vampire front. I didn't want to scare any of them.

Jake nodded next to me, "We could smell that one of the Cullens, the copper-haired male, got really close to the Treaty line but he didn't cross it."

I nodded, "Thanks."

He smiled at me before joining the other three boys that had arrived in helping to set up the fire. Embry seemed to want to help with the food but the women weren't letting him as they didn't trust him or anyone else who'd ever been a werewolf not to eat it all. While I was sitting down watching this happening, Paul and Rachel showed up.

"Hey Bells," Rachel greeted me and went to take a step forward to hug me.

Paul made a slight twitch as if to stop her and I instantly took a step back and smiled apologetically at her, "Sorry, Rach. It's just not a good idea to be to close to such a newly turned werewolf and it really doesn't help that Paul is well aware of how ill-tempered new werewolves are and therefore doesn't want you near me."

She frowned but nodded and stepped back into Paul's arms. Paul smiled at me in apology and I waved him off easily. I already knew I'd have to back off from humans for a little while. The council had let me go to school today but there was still a chance I'd get angry very easily.

Sam turned up just as everyone was taking a seat around the bonfire, a huge smile on his face as he greeted everyone. He then moved me slightly so that I was no longer leaning against a log and instead sat back against his legs. He leaned over and placed a kiss on my hair as he was sitting comfortably.

Jared, Seth and Quil all turned up with their imprints at about the same time. Jared and Kim took a seat close by to Paul and Rach while Quil and Seth both brought their imprints over to meet me. I stood up and greeting both Seth and Quil with a smile before I glanced at the small two year old sitting on Quil's shoulders.

Quil pulled her off his shoulders and into his arms with a grin before telling her, "Claire, this is Bella. Bella, this is my imprint, Claire."

"Hello Claire," I smiled down at her as Sam stood up next to me, his arm going around my waist.

"Hello Bell-a," the small girl greeted with a childish grin and I smiled down at her before turning towards Seth and the small girl standing beside him with her arms wrapped around his waist and her head buried shyly into his stomach.

"Bells, this is Emily," Seth told me with a grin as he turned her face slightly so that she could see me.

"It's nice to meet you Emily," I smiled at her and she smiled timidly back before she hid her face again.

Seth smiled down at her as he spoke, "She's just really shy. I'm sure she'll be talking away by the end of the night."

I smiled at the look of brotherly love he sent towards the small ten year old before glancing up at my own imprint with a smile, "I would have loved having you around when I was younger."

He laughed softly as he placed a kiss on my lips, "You would have been what? Fourteen, when I first phased?"

"Yep," I answered happily.

He smiled down at me, "I would have loved to have been there for more of you life."

I leant up to place another kiss on his lips.

I noticed then that most of the mother's were already leaving after having set up the food. They, as they were not directly involved, could not witness a Pack bonfire. As the last mother disappeared around the curve at the end of the road, Harry called out, "Alright, wolves. Go for it."

I watched in great amusement as all the boys raced to the table of food faster then humanly possible, Sam included, and laughed as I saw Collin and Brady fighting over the last slice of pineapple pizza.

"Well," I heard Dad telling Uncle Billy as I walked at a slightly calmer pace over to the table and picked up a few slices of ham and cheese pizza. "I for one am glad that Bells didn't inherit that werewolf trait."

Uncle Billy and the rest of the elders merely laughed at him.

After I'd picked all the food I wanted, I returned to the bonfire and, before I could even think about sitting somewhere else, I let out a surprised yelp as I felt Sam grab me by the waist and pull me down and into his chest as he casually lent back on the log.

"Comfortable?" he asked me with a grin.

I rolled my eyes at him but smiled all the same, "Yes."

He flashed me a bright smile before digging into the food he'd collected. As I too began eating an insane amount of food that even I couldn't believe I was capable of consuming, I glanced around at all those attending the camp fire.

The members of the generation before us sat at the natural head of the camp fire, there had only been five of them and only three remained. My father sat in the middle with Uncle Billy on his right. Harry Clearwater sat to his left but I knew that that position had not always been his; when the pack had still been phasing, it had been Joshua Uley's place.

The other member not here was Quil's father, instead, his grandfather, Old Quil, sat in his place. He was the last remaining wolf from the pack before our parents still remaining. I'd recently found out that he, like Quil, had imprinted when Quil's grandmother was only young and had remained phasing longer then the others.

Sam and I sat comfortably beside what were now the elders with Jake beside us showing the places the three of us held. The rest of the boys did not really have a place as there had not been this many werewolves since the beginning of the spirit warriors.

Embry sat beside Jake as they consumed masses of food. Jared, Kim, Paul and Rach sat together to one side of the camp fire, increasing my earlier feeling that being imprinted made you slightly different then the rest. Quil and Seth sat with their young imprints together, keeping them entertained and I smiled as I noticed Emily talking away to Seth, her earlier shyness gone. Brady and Collin also sat together, laughing loudly together and messing around.

"Hey," Sam nudged me softly. "You okay?"

I turned to him with a smile on my face, "Yeah. I feel like I'm finally home. I feel like I'm where I belong, with family."

Sam smiled and placed a soft kiss on my lips, "It's amazing the way the pack so easily becomes family."

I smiled as I watched those I considered brothers around the fire, "I think, in a way, I've always known that this is where I was meant to be. It probably explains why I hated Phoenix so much. It could never compare to La Push."

Sam smiled just as my dad cleared his throat to begin the telling of the legends. I listened, staring into the crackling embers, as dad told the stories of our people. I listened as he told of how we came to be wolves and was fascinated by the story. Sure, I'd heard it before but never in so much detail, never when having known it to be real.

"Tonight," Dad continued after he'd finished telling the legend of The Third Wife. "We welcome a new wolf to our pack. However, we also welcome two new imprinted couples and a new leader. Since the moment my first and only child was born, our tribe had feared what would become of us. When my younger brother had a son, we were relieved but when he did not show signs of being Alpha, we feared again. Never before had a first born child of the Black family been female. Never before had a female become a werewolf."

Across the fire, Dad and I looked eyes and, though I knew him to be sad that I had to carry this burden, I also knew him to be proud of me.

"However," Uncle Billy picked up for him when Dad paused. "The impossible has happened. A girl has become a werewolf, a girl has become our Alpha and our future chief and the position will continue on in the family."

I smiled at him across the fire.

"Tonight," Harry continued. "We welcome a new wolf as our current Alpha and future leader as she follows in the foot steps of her ancestors."

My father stood up then and I quickly followed, taking a few steps so that we stood directly facing each other. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace with a hand crafted pendent of our tribe symbol hanging off it. He stared directly at me as he held it in front of me.

"Our ancestors and our descendents have been given the duty of leading this tribe," Dad spoke strongly, loudly. "You, like those before you, have been granted this great gift. Our tribe's safety and future lies in your hands. Do you understand what these responsibilities require of you?"

I nodded, "I do."

"Do you swear to put the needs of this tribe before your own?"

"I do."

"Then I name you, Isabella Black, as my heir," Dad finished and gave me a smile before finally placing the pendent identical to the one he always wore over my head. I returned his smile with one of my own as the wolves around us all began clapping and cheering loudly.

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