Love, Friendship, Fate

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"We were both young, when I first saw you.
I close my eyes and the flashback starts…"

-Love Story by Taylor Swift

Chapter One

BPOV (Will alternate throughout fanfic)

The airport was jam packed as we bustled through the Seattle airport trying to get to the gate where we had to meet the Cullens. Alice chatted about her new shoes as we held hands as ordered by our moms. I loved Alice like my sister sometimes but seriously, sometimes the constant chatter of clothes annoyed me. That and the Bella Barbie games she tricked me into most of the time. That was just HORRIBLE. Blech. Shopping on the whole was horrible which is why I'd beg my mom, Renee, to let me stay home when she and Alice's mom, Elizabeth, and Alice would go shopping. Sometimes she'd let me stay back with the guys which was always fun. Edward and Emmett Cullen were my best friends in the world next to Alice. Edward was my favorite though.

Even now at eight, I could tell you that I was in love with my best friend, Edward Cullen. He was like the boy version of me. We shared the same likes and dislikes, we both played piano and we both loved Debussy. He was my best friend in the entire world, the one I could go to no matter. He was there when my dad, Charlie and my mom fought. I always ran crying into his arms when it became too much. Needless to say I loved him already.

If only he would feel the same way about me. He liked me yes, that I knew, but no more than a friend. He loved me more like a sister I was sure. If he felt anything more, it was for Alice. I could see it in his deep green eyes that he liked her more like how I liked him. He liked me because I was the more down to earth one when compared with Alice the fashionista princess. But it was because of that that he liked her. Besides why wouldn't he? She was beautiful like him with short dark black hair and a ballerina figure. She had the most beautiful blue eyes. When compared to me, I was the ugly step sister and she was Cinderella. No matter how much I wanted to change that it would always be true. Boys would always prefer Alice to me.

And the same thing was to be said for Edward too. Emmett knew what I felt for Edward and he tried to assure me that he'd realize it some day. "Don't worry Bells," he used to say as he held me when I cried after seeing Edward and Alice together, "He'll see you for you someday and then he'll realize who it is he really loves."

Alice didn't like Edward in the same way that much I knew. She liked him more like a brother as she did Emmett. Alice always thought that someday her prince would come when she was older. She never gave a thought to Edward and although he tried his hardest for her attention, she never gave him more than the love of a brother. Edward and I were close and he told me of everything including what he felt for Alice. He said that he was going to make her fall for him and marry him. My heart was breaking at the exact same moment when he asked me to promise him that I'll help him.

I did promise him though and could have sworn that I heard my heart splinter. It was all wrong like that Shakespeare play. I loved Edward, he loved Alice and Alice was off in the clouds dreaming about someone else.

Poor Emmett often felt as though he were left out since he was the only one with feelings no more than brotherly. But Emmett being Emmett would definitely find a girl for him some day. Although he and his brother didn't look identical since they were fraternal, Emmett still had his fair share of looks. He would definitely be a heartbreaker like Edward when we all grew up.

How great was that? All my best friends were strikingly beautiful and here I was Ms. Plain Jane.

The reason all of us were best friends was because of our parents. Carlisle and Esme were Emmett and Edward's parents, Elizabeth and Edward were Alice's parents and my parents were Charlie and Renee. They had all gone to school together at Dartmouth together and had been best friends. Elizabeth, Esme and Renee had been friends since preschool and Charlie, Carlisle and Edward had been friends since high school. They met at Dartmouth and fell in love. They were such good friends that Carlisle and Esme had named Edward after their good friend. They had children, us that it, and we had all become best friends. We were all one big family.

But now, the big happy family was being spilt up.

Carlisle had been offered a big post in Chicago and since it was such a great opportunity, all of the friends despite the fact that they'd be separated had pushed him to accept. I was glad for my favorite uncle, Carlisle but sad that Edward and Emmett would have to move so far away from us.

I would miss them all so much. Esme's warm hugs and her gourmet cooking styles, Carlisle's loving patient self the person who'd gotten me my first puppy, Emmett's huge bear hugs and his sweet fun teddy bear ways.

But most of all I would miss Edward, my best friend in the whole world. And already, the love of my life.

Alice conveyed the same emotions though not nearly to the magnitude of mine. I knew she would eventually get over it as soon as the next Malibu Barbie came out.

But me. I knew I wouldn't. My best friend was being taken away. And he still didn't know how I felt.

It was that which was tearing me apart. The fact that Edward didn't know how I felt for him. The fact that he never knew that while he was pining for Alice I was in the shadows pining for him. It was heart wrenching and tore me apart inside.

I cried myself to sleep every night since Carlisle got the news and accepted. Edward felt the same as me but not for the same reasons.

He didn't want to leave because of Alice. Not me. Alice. When the two of us met at our clubhouse, our secret hiding place where we'd hide from everyone including Emmett and Alice, and cried ourselves away, he had told me. He said that he would miss me too. That he considered me his best friend in the entire world. That he loved me.

You have no idea how I felt when he said those words. I wanted to jump and scream for joy. He loved me! He loved me! Not Alice. Not anyone else but me.

But then he added that he loved me as his best friend, as the person he could go to whenever he needed to. And then he said how much he'd miss Alice and how sad he was that she never realized the extent of his feelings for her. And then he ran to me and we hugged and we both cried again. He because Alice didn't realize it and me because he didn't realize it.

I wanted to scream it at him, to let him finally know all that I've held back for so long. But I couldn't. Because I was a coward.

Now, here was the day Edward would leave and go to Chicago. He'd leave me and forget all about me and I would be left here feeling lost and broken hearted all over again.

I had to tell him.

Today was the day I'd tell Edward everything.

We made our way to the gate where the Cullens were waiting for us already. They were all there already. Emmett was perched on top of one of the suitcases. Edward was standing next to him searching the crowd for us.

When he saw us, he showed his parents excitedly pointing at us. His face lit up as we made our way towards them. Our parents hugged and tears brimmed in all of their eyes.

Edward and Emmett pulled me and Alice aside.

"Here's our e-mail addresses," Emmett said slipping the paper into my hands. "We got Dad to set one up for us just so that we could stay in contact."

"You will write won't you?" Edward said anxiously looking at Alice. I could feel my throat constricting already. Of course he'd want her to e-mail him.

And then he turned to me, "Bella? You will won't you?"

I smiled and nodded, "Of course Edward, like I wouldn't."

He looked at Alice tentatively, "I'll write to you everyday Alice." The tears were already in my eyes, threatening to come down.

Alice looked appropriately sad. "Of course, Eddie," she chirped up, "but my computer's not working remember?"

Edward slapped his head. "Oh right."

Then he was struck with a new idea. He turned to me. "Bella, you have your computer don't you?"

I nodded reluctantly.

"Well there then," he continued, oblivious to my feelings, "I'll e-mail you on Bella's computer."

He put his hand on my shoulder. "Thank you so much Bells," he said, using his nickname for me, "You really are my beat friend in the whole wide world."

"Bella?" said Emmett pulling me aside, "Promise me you'll write to me too."

"Of course Emmy-bear," I said hugging him.

"Don't worry, Bella," he whispered into my hair, "I promise you that someday Edward will realize it."

"Thank you Emmett," I said, "I love you."

"Aww…I love you too, Bells, you're the best little sister in the whole world," he responded.

"Hey!" I said, pretending to be affronted, "I'm only younger than you by like two months!"

"Yeah, well, you're still the youngest and Ali's still the eldest although she's smaller than all of us," he laughed and hugged me again.

"I'm going to miss you, Emmy," I said.

"I'm gonna miss you too, Bella-boo," he said, smiling.

Then Edward pulled me aside. "Bella?" he said, holding out his arms and I flung myself into them and let some of my tears spill over.

He stroked my hair and said, "I know. I'm going to miss you too." He pulled back to look at me.

This was it, my chance to tell him everything. It was now or never.

"Edward-" I started just as Esme called, "Emmett! Edward! It's time to board."

He looked over to his mother and pulled me with him as he picked up his carry-on.

Esme hugged me. "Dear Bella, I'll miss you so much. You were like my daughter. I love you."

Then Carlisle hugged me, his words echoing the same as Esme's.

I hugged Emmett again and he made me promise again to e-mail him.

Last was Edward.

"Yes Bella?" he asked. "You were saying something before?"

I hugged him again, "I love you. Bye."

Truer words had never been spoken.

But he still hadn't gotten my meaning.

And as I watched my best friend and his family get onto the plane that would take them away from me, I felt my heart break into two pieces.


You have: ONE new message.

It had been two weeks since the Cullens had left. I had spoken to Emmett since then via e-mail. I couldn't speak to Edward. Not after I had lost my courage to tell him the entire truth.

Emmett sympathized with me and offered to beat Edward until he got it through his thick skull. Emmett's words not mine.

But I had refused and just hadn't spoken to him since then.

Alice, as I had predicted, had gotten over the Cullens leaving. She had moved on unlike me who was still sulking around the house.

I clicked on the message expecting to see a reply from Emmett although I had not too long replied to his last one.

What I didn't expect to see was Edward's e-mail address.

I started to hyperventilate as I looked on. Did he miss me? Had he realized everything I had been trying to tell him for so long?

I clicked on the message eagerly, only to have my hopes dashed as I read the first line.

Dear Alice,

He had forgotten me. He didn't put "And Bella." He just put Alice. I could feel the tears starting to well up in my eyes as I continued to read.

Hi. How have you been? I hope everything's still going great in Forks. I got Bella's e-mail address from Emmett so I decided that since you didn't reply I would try Bella's. I know Bella would have definitely made sure you get this.

Anyway, Chicago is great. It's a huge city, way bigger than Forks and it's really windy. The food here is great too. There's those really big name restaurants over here like the ones you see in Seattle. You'd love it.

I hope that some day we'll meet again you know. It would be so cool if we all meet in the futures as adults. A grown up me, a grown up Emmett, a grown up Bella and a grown up you. We'd all get together and have parties like the ones our parents tell us about and then we'd all eventually marry each and then our children will keep doing the same as us. Before I chicken out and delete this like I have countless times before, let me just say it. If all that does happen and we all have to fall in love and get married, I would definitely want to fall in love and marry you.

Now I'm going to hit send before I decide to delete that last line.

I hope you'll reply to this and then we'll still be friends. I would be so happy if we could.

Bye for now, I have to go since my new school starts tomorrow.

I miss you.



Now I was faced with a decision. Delete it, tell Edward Alice had moved on or make him happy and write him back just so that he knew someone still cared?

I chose the last one.

Dear Edward,

Hi. I'm good, doing homework right about now when I saw your e-mail. What about you? How's the new school going?

I feel the same way about that last part that you wanted to delete so many times. I want the same things too. It would be great to create some sort of tradition to pass on to our children like our parents did for us. I would definitely love for that to happen.

Anyway Forks is pretty much the same. Raining as always. When isn't it huh?

So how's Emmett and Uncle Carlisle and Aunt Esme? I've talked to Emmett a couple times since you guys left and he said that everything's been going great, that Uncle Carlisle loves his new work place and Aunt Esme absolutely adores her new kitchen?

You have no idea how happy I am for you guys.

Bye. I have to go. There is homework that awaits me. Ugh.

I miss you too,



I moved the pointer to the "Send" button, holding it there.

I stared at my name at the bottom of the letter.

Bella. Edward didn't want to hear from Bella. He wanted Alice.

Before I could change my mind, I deleted my name.



And then I clicked send and it was gone.


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