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"Maybe we're not meant to be.
It's never enough to say I love you.
No, it's never enough to say I try.
It's hard to believe,
That there's no way out for you and me.
And it seems to be the story of our lives.
Nobody wins when everyone's losing..."

-Not Meant To Be by Theory Of A Deadman

-The Deleted Chapter-

Third Person Point of View

Alice rushed down the hall from Bella's room and into the small room that was serving as her dressing room. All her friends, who had been gushing over her only moments before, had left her to take their seats. Usually, she would've missed their compliments and attention in which she so often basked but now, she was grateful in the peaceful silence.

She took the seat at the mirror and gazed, feeling strangely dissatisfied. Alice no longer felt the happiness and rush she was accustomed to whenever she would think of her wedding. She thought it was going to be the happiest and giddiest day of her life; she expected rushes and shivers of nerves to engulf her, for her hands to shake and her face to reach almost to the point of breaking because of the enormous smiles she just couldn't restrain.

Whatever she had thought about her wedding though, she hadn't expected this. The calmness, the stillness and tranquility that surrounded her. Was this what they called growing up? Becoming mature? Alice wondered. Had she finally evolved into a woman?

Alice let out a small sigh of sadness as she had the familiar longing for her mother settle in. Would she have been as cheerful as Renee seemed? Or would she have been Esme who had been troubled and nervous the entire day?

She had noticed the anxious glances her future mother-in-law would spare her and Edward and realized that whenever she did so, Esme would then glance at Jasper and Bella. The fact that she would spare such looks of concern to the couples had seriously unnerved Alice, making her no longer certain of what she was doing.

Was she doing the right thing? Was Edward the right one? These thoughts had been plaguing her for years since her parents had died. Their deaths had been sobering and made her see the world in a different light. She tried to fight it off since then, to become the vivacious and carefree girl she had once been and she had succeeded to a point where she had convinced those around her.

But inside her, in the very depths of Alice's heart, she knew something wasn't right.

Something her mother had said to her stood out now, more clearly than ever.

"It's just that sometimes you two seem as different as day and night," she had said.

Had she truly thought that they weren't for each other? When she had seen that it upset her daughter, she had casually dismissed it, saying, "Maybe I'm just over-thinking things."

Alice wished that her mother was there with her. She would have known what to do. Her mother had always known what to do. With a stunning intellect to go with her obvious beauty, Alice had always admired and loved her mother dearly. It was this day though that she felt the stinging pain of loss more keenly than the other days.

Mom, Alice sighed internally. I wish you and Dad could be here with me. I miss you.

She just couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right. Instead of the nervousness or giddiness, Alice felt strangely distant and a foreboding apprehension crept over her. A sheen of light perspiration dampened her forehead and suddenly, she felt as though she couldn't breathe.

She dashed to the window, throwing it open. Her chest heaving, Alice stared out at the now empty court yard of the church and attempted to slow her breathing. Taking in the greenery that was her beloved hometown of Forks, the familiarity of the atmosphere seemed to do the trick for her jumbled nerves.

Alice let out a slow breath and held out a hand. In it was the necklace and ring that she had shown to Bella only minutes before. She could feel the cool metal against her skin and instead of bringing her warming thoughts about her husband-to-be, her insides were cold and felt as frozen as ice.

Belatedly, she realized that there was an inscription behind the heart pendant. The heart was split into two and on each side, a word was written. Together, they spelled True Love.

A few months ago, Alice would have melted like a puddle of glue if Edward had given this to her. Now, all she felt was a growing and gnawing trepidation.

It felt wrong for her to stand there, holding this necklace and ring, tokens of his love.

The images of how perfectly they had both fit and suited Bella flashed through her mind and little scenes began to play out in her mind. Bella and Edward, the best friends of the group since they were little. The heartbreaking look on Bella's face for months after the Cullens were gone. The inexplicable e-mails that Bella would always be immersed in, talking to some unknown boy for hours.

The looks she would notice exchanged between them ever since the group had been reunited. The way that Bella and Edward would always fit together in such a way that it had felt like if no one else seemed to belong. Alice had ignored it, taking it for nothing but a closeness between friends but now, she could no longer convince herself of what that was.

The day Bella had come to her, begging that Alice be the one to pretend to have written those letters, stood out most to her, now more than ever. Alice had never before questioned why she had done it but now, she wondered if she should have.

Why had Bella written to Edward under her name? She had known he had harboured a crush on Alice, that much he had made clear. Then why had Bella continued to write to him under her name when she could have written to him under her own? Why had she let him fall in love with her when he thought it was Alice?

It was as if she had been doused in ice cold water.

She loves him.

Bella loved Edward.

The revelation was interrupted as she remembered how distant Edward had been since returning from Alaska and after Bella left. It was then that the epiphany had come full circle.

Of course. Edward loved Bella, Bella loved Edward. They were in love.

Suddenly, nothing else mattered to Alice any longer as she sank to the window seat, her eyes blankly staring.

How had she missed it before? How could she have not known that they were in love?

Her best friend. Her fiancé. They had been in love, perhaps for years, and she had never known.

Maybe at first, Edward had loved Alice a little but really, it had been Bella that was the one for him. It all made sense. The connection between them, their weird behaviour these past few days. They had been trying to hide the truth for everyone, their entire family, and not a person had suspected a thing.

But no, that was a lie. Emmett must have known as well. That night at the club, Edward had tried to tell her the truth. She had been too drunk and too hangover the next morning to really take his words into consideration.

"I'm not your sweetie; I'm not even yours. I have and always will belong to someone else. I'm Be-"

Of course. He had been about to say Bella. Alice closed her eyes tightly, almost as though in defeat. She knew now that what she had suspected was true. She remembered another detail from that night- Emmett. Emmett had stopped him. Emmett knew. Esme too, perhaps. All the anxious glances she had cast, they now made sense.

Why? she wondered again and again, the words resounding loudly in her head. Why didn't they tell us the truth?

So absorbed in her thoughts she didn't even realize she was not alone or that she had spoken aloud.

"They didn't want to hurt us, I take it," came his quiet voice. Alice's head snapped up and her eyes widened. The blond man stood there before her, clenching a crumpled sheet of paper in his hands. Despite his calm voice, Alice could tell that beneath the surface, he was anything but.

She realized at once that he had figured it out too and though he looked as quiet and calm as a sea breeze, he had to have been as affected as she was. She reached out to grasp his hand, looking to instill in him some sense of comfort and hoping she'd feel a tiny bit better. As soon as their hands touched, it was as though she had been jumped into the ocean as a cool wave of peace washed away her frazzled nerves.

He looked as startled as she by the shared sense of comfort. A camaraderie seemed to form between them in that moment and as grey met blue, they knew at once what they had to do.

Wordlessly, he held out the shriveled wad of paper in his hand. Alice took it from him hesitantly and smoothed out the creases. She held her breath as she took in the image.

Bella. Edward.

Her best friend, her sister. Her love.

They were on a rooftop and a beautifully lit city was in the backdrop. Their eyes were locked. They barely touched each other and yet, their embrace seemed intimate as though no one else in the world existed.

How had she missed this for so long? was the only thought that ran through her mind.

That expression of longing on their faces, the slight reserved nature that told her that they had denied themselves each other's love. There was passion in their gaze. Love. It was something she knew she had never had with anyone, not even Edward.

That kind of love only came once in a lifetime, she knew and Alice felt her heart weigh down with a sudden heaviness.

Could she be so selfish as to ignore this what was so plainly in front of her? Could she allow them to give up this love that they so both clearly shared?

These thoughts plagued her mind as they flitted through, one by one. It was one in particular though that was so heavy that she felt as though she might fall over with its weight.

Could I be strong enough to give him up?

Alice exhaled slowly and looked up to see Jasper's face. His smiling and carefree exterior was gone now as he stared at the picture and she could see her thoughts reflected in his face. He, she knew, loved Bella almost as much as she did Edward.

Could they be selfless enough to let them go?

He glanced at her and their eyes locked for an instant and they could both see that they would have to be the ones to fix this. No matter how much they loved them, they couldn't stand by and watch these two destroy their happiness for the chance of their own.

The connection changed at that moment that they both realized this and for one small instant, it became intimate and attraction swept through both of them. It was a strange bond of intimacy but neither would admit nor voice the sudden unexpected rush of feeling.

The connection snapped the minute they looked away but Alice could still feel that wonderful warmth in her stomach. It dissipated shortly, however, when she looked to the wardrobe where her wedding dress hung.

She looked at the beautiful dress she knew she could and would no longer wear. It was simply stunning with its gossamer skirt and wrapped bodice. Her heart ached with the knowledge that she couldn't wear it but she knew what had to be done.

"I don't know if I can do this, Jasper," she confided to him quietly, feeling the tears prick her eyes. "I still love him."

She sighed, resigned. "But I love her more."

"I know how you feel, Alice. Trust me, I do," he assured her gently.

She could tell that it would hurt him to let Bella go as much as it did her to let Edward go.

"They were willing to sacrifice themselves for us," Jasper said, shaking his head. "Stupid as they are, they believed that nothing mattered unless we were happy. Little did they realize, we can't bear to see them unhappy either. You've been their friend for years. Can you see them both unhappy?"

He took her hand in his and his thumb gently rubbed circular soothing motions and suddenly, she was calmed. Alice smiled at him gratefully.

"Thank you for this," she said quietly, feeling a new appreciation for the blond Southern gentleman. "I don't think I could do this without you," she admitted ruefully.

"Neither I with you, Miss Brandon," Jasper returned with a charming smile. That smile had an alarming effect on Alice who suddenly felt as though the pit of her stomach was bursting. She dismissed quickly, realizing what first had to be done.

"Shall we?" she said, gesturing towards the door. Jasper nodded and started to walk away but before he could, he spun on his heel and held her in an embrace. A shiver went through Alice and she gratefully accepted the comfort that he offered. He let her go and gave her a heartbreaking smile.

"Let's do this thing."


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"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over."