Hiashi was a family man. Of course, some would say that he was very bad at it, considering the state Hinata was in. However, was he truly to blame for that? Was it not truly her fault for not rising to his lofty expectations?

If you were to ask Hiashi the answer would of course be yes. He treated her as he would his son, if he had one. After all who could tell the difference when she pranced around with a butch haircut like hers? He was complimented of course that she chose to emulate him to the point of wanting to be a boy, but really did she inherit none of his love for the dramatic and fashionable?

It was of course a matter of common knowledge, that the only thing that Hiashi liked more then being noble and unyielding, was his seeming love of statements made in dramatic fashion, symbolic or otherwise. Everyone in Konoha knew that the only reason he didn't go around slapping Neji for his fate rants, was due to the boy's ability to dramatically reveal his Caged Bird Seal at the drop of a hat.

Yes, to him Hinata was a disappointment. Sadly she never seemed to get the hint, even when he would "accidentally" reveal his thoughts on her in dramatic fashion. He still had hope for Hanabi, dwindling hope, but still.

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