The night found him where he usual was to be found as such times. It found him in the room of a young man fully ready to act out the time worn ritual that his people were infamous for. The room was filled with the sort of things young boys liked. Action figures, posters, and the remnants of half eaten candy bars. Truly it was a pigsty, which was a good thing, it would help make sure he'd leave little to no trace of his presence. Being one of the only ones of his kind left that was sort of an important thing. He floated towards the bed and its occupant. A red-headed child, who for some reason seemed to bearing a pair of underwear on his hair, to be blunt the child was obese, and that filled him with a certain sort of trepidation, after all he had a very strict diet and it being disturbed would not do. Hopefully his thrall was prepared to act just in case of the worst.

Staring intently at the boy he noticed some strange swirl marks upon his cheeks. Surely this marked him as the child of one of the villages many clans. It didn't matter much to him though, blood was blood, and tonight he would glut on it. Sinking down towards the child he shifted the sheets so that he would have easier access to his neck. Smiling cruelly he opened his mouth unnaturally wide and bit down on the boys neck. He found a certain sense of glee as the child's eyes snapped open, staring at the strange feasting on his life force. For Chouji it was as if he had woken into some kind of horrifying nightmare. Some strange man was attached to his neck like a lamprey, and he was powerless to do anything about it. His body wouldn't listen to him. All he could do was watch and think, it was the most torturous thing he had as of yet endured.

For Dracula it was ecstasy, the child's blood was sweet, far sweeter then any other blood he had yet to taste. That almost gave him pause; there was something very important about that fact. However that didn't matter right now, all that mattered was his lust for this blood that drove him forward. His blood lust put any other thought to the back of his mind. Finding himself full he unattached himself and prepared to speak to the boy, before removing his memories of the night. However suddenly everything felt fuzzy, the room started to spin and he fell to the floor. His hand found its way to his chest clutching at it. He felt like he should call out to Elizabeth, but that made no sense, he didn't even know anyone named that. He had only one chance, and he took it, he called out to his minion through their bond, he called out to Igor.

Igor came, like an avenging angel, slipping through Chouji's window with a glower upon his face. Taking in the scene he sighed, his hump moving almost impossibly from one shoulder to another. His Master always got ahead of himself, never taking the time to check how much sugar was in his victim's blood. Really he had only himself to blame. After all who had ever heard of a diabetic vampire? It didn't matter now though, he had to do his duty. First however was the small matter of the boy staring at him and the now comatose Dracula.

"Are you happy with what you've done? Laid the mighty Dracula low, just because you couldn't put down the chocolate bars, does it make you feel good? You fat little piggy you!"

Chouji found himself even more stunned then he was earlier, first he had been violated by some strange man, and now he found himself being insulted by a strange little man with what looked like a fake hump on his back. He wouldn't stand for it, not anymore!

"Who the hell do you-"

"Oh shut up, I've got more important things to do then to trade barbs with you."

Chouji's mouth closed and opened rapidly, this night was not going his way. "You're in my room buddy; I think I get to say whatever I want to you after all of this!"

"I wouldn't be in your room if you could step away from the table every now and then."

Igor sighed once more and began to drag away his master. This was just another situation that left him wondering who he had wronged to end up in a situation like this. Chouji just stared on as Igor dragged Dracula out the window and through the air, his hump changing sides nonchalantly.

Far across town, Hyuuga Hiashi could only stare through his byakugan, and mutter one thing before he turned into bed.

"Such unsightly creatures these vampires, even if their fashion sense is to be lauded!"

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