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Chapter 1 – Harry in the Great Hall. A simple offer of a bowl of stew sets off greater things in Harry's life.

Chapter 2 – Deal with Fleur's point of view from being selected until the start of the second task. She finds herself becoming fascinated by Harry Potter. She writes to her sister constantly because her sister has a crush on Harry Potter, The boy-who-lived.

Chapter 3 – Starts as they enter the water of the second tasks. Harry rescues Fleur from the Grindylows. Fleur's magic is compromised because of the water is interfering with her Veela magic. Harry swims with her to the hostages. As they are swimming toward the surface Gabrielle transforms and Grindylow attack again. Harry saves both Fleur's and Gabrielle's lives. They both name him bond mate. He falls unconscious. Awakes, talks to Dumbledore and find outs about the start of the bonding.

Chapter 4 – Harry meets Ron and Hermione. He gets angry at Ron for suggesting the Delacours are prizes. He confides in Hermione about the bonding. He meets with Sirius and Dumbledore in Dumbledore's office.

Chapter 5 – Back to the hospital wing. He talks to Madam Pomfrey. Dinner for Harry and the girls is planned. Hermione helps Harry get ready and we find out she likes him. Dinner between Harry and the Delacours goes very well. Girls explain how they fell in love with Harry. He tells them he will bond with them.

Chapter 6 – Harry goes for a morning walk with Gabrielle, on the return he meets Fleur and Gabrielle's parents. He has a discussion with Mr. Delacour and finds out more about the bond.

Chapter 7 - They attempt to bond. Bond scene is inside an imaginary house. Self doubt images appear in the form of the Dursley's. Bond is prevented from occurring. They call in an expert in Veela Bonds, Rachelle Berceau, and view memories of what occurred in the bond in Dumbledore's pensieve. The Veela Bond expert says they have to overcome Harry's self doubt. She explains there is a technique to push a trusted person into the bondimage if there is someone Harry trusted completely. They find out Hermione is in Harry's heart which the Veela expert interprets as Harry loves her. Dumbledore also discovers just how abused Harry has been at the Dursley's.

Chapter 8 – Hermione contemplation of her relationship with Harry over a late breakfast. She is taken to Dumbledore's office by Fawkes. Hermione is told of the problem with the bond, and she agrees to help if Harry wants her to. The Delacours and Hermione talk and Hermione learns Harry is in love with her and she confesses to the sisters that she loves him too, and hopes that isn't a problem if she wants to still be Harry's friend. Fleur and Gabrielle assure her that they would never try to prevent the friendship. Harry agrees to allow Hermione to help. They start the bond process again, this time with Hermione guiding the way. Harry's self doubts again try to overtake him, and when Hermione realizes he is about to fail again she kisses him and confesses her love for him. Hermione begs Harry to lose his doubt that people love him, that she loves him, and Fleur and Gabrielle love him. The self doubt images disappear and they make it to Harry's heart. Hermione says good bye and starts to walk away when Fleur and Gabrielle offer her a chance to join the bond. They tell her that since she is there with Veela magic, she will be bonded as well if she enters Harry's heart with them. After Harry says he could never envision a day without her in it she agrees and they all complete the bond. When they come out of bondimage, the noise of verbal echoes assault Harry and after separating the girls from Harry, Professor Berceau explains about the echoes and how the Veela magic will protect the bond mate's minds to Professor Dumbledore.

Chapter 9 – Starts off five days later with Harry contemplating how things had changed over the last few days. He mentally thinks about how the bond echoes have disappeared after a while and what the bond allowed him and his bond mates to do. Fleur and Gabrielle get to meet Sirius and the girls come up with a plan to not reveal the bond immediately but wait until the summer. Harry and each of his three bond mates share their first deeper kiss since the bond and the other girls realize they can feel the enjoyment of the kiss through the bond. Dinner with Fleur and Gabrielle's parents, where Harry learns Mr. Delacour is the Deputy Minister of Magic in France. Fleur offers to tell him about Sirius. Apolline Delacour remembers the struggles of the last few days from her point of view. They agree that Gabrielle will attend Hogwarts the next year to stay close to her bondmate.

Chapter 10 – Confrontation with Hermione's parents who are come to the castle under the misconception that Hermione is probably pregnant. They are relieved to find out it isn't true. Harry and Hermione explain and demonstrate the bond they share, but the Grangers become more confrontational again when they discover that Harry is bonded to more than their daughter. They do resolve the issue. Harry gets a lesson on feminine monthly cycles from Mrs. Granger when Gabrielle has her first one and panics.

Chapter 11 – Harry awakens to find Fleur sleeping in the bed with him. Grangers are shown around Hogwarts, meeting with the people who know about the bond to tell them they aren't disclosing it until the summer. Gabrielle is sorted into Gryffindor after a discussion with the hat. Dumbledore suggests to Harry that the Dursley's might need a little revenge extracted on them Marauder style. Harry asks Sirius if he wants his issue looked into by Mr. Delacour. He agrees. Harry remembers the Marauder's map and the possibility of Moody finding Sirius, and they agree that Sirius can hide in the CoS.

Chapter 12 – They go to the Chamber of secrets. Dumbledore suggests Harry should be given the rights to the Basilisk. Hermione figures out she can review Harry's remembrance of opening the Chamber and do it herself. When the bond mates make it to the dinner party with both the Delacours and the Grangers they find the Delacours have mentioned the exploits that Hermione has undergone with Harry (but she hasn't told them for fear they would not let her continue at Hogwarts). After the Grangers leave, Fleur tells her father about Sirius who agrees to open the matter once the bond is formally announced. Harry and Gabrielle go to the Gryffindor tower where the Twins want to throw him a party and find out Ginny is jealous of Gabrielle. Gabrielle talks to Ginny about Harry while trying to be friends with her.

Chapter 13 – Fleur and Hermione share a sister bonding conversation. Hermione asks Fleur what does it mean to be a Veela and Fleur describes her various powers. The Allure, the beauty and the other form she takes. Hermione describes Harry ability to shake off the imperious curse. Hermione discovers that she might have picked up some Veela attributes. The chapter ends with Hermione slipping into Harry's bed to sleep next to him at Fleur's suggestion.