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Chapter 52

July 29th Continued

"Sir," Hermione said as they made their way back up to the Headmaster's office. "How do you suppose Slytherin's Locket came to be at Grimmauld?"

"That is an excellent question," Dumbledore replied. The only possibility that comes to mind is Sirius' brother."

"Regulus," Hermione said remembering Sirius mentioning him as they had discussed the family tapestry. "Sirius said he was a Death Eater."

"Yes he was," Dumbledore agreed.

"So Riddle might have given it to him?" Harry wondered aloud. "Like he gave the diary to Mr. Malfoy?"

"I would not have thought that he was that highly placed in the organization, though I might have been mistaken," Dumbledore admitted. "Maybe Sirius can shed light upon the matter."

"Sirius didn't think he was very important either," Hermione replied. "But we'll ask him again when we get back…there."

"Please do," Dumbledore agreed. A few minutes of silence passed as they continued on. Finally as they entered the Headmaster's office, Dumbledore turned to the teens. "When you do discuss this matter with Sirius, please remember it is for his ears only. Be careful of anyone else who might be listening. Though I am sure all that you may come in contact with at Grimmauld are absolutely trustworthy, I cannot vouch for their discretion."

"We understand 'Eadmaster," Fleur replied.

"Now you should be returning," Dumbledore said kindly. "The floo powder is on the Mantle." He nodded to the fireplace. "Since you cannot actually speak the name of the residence, just say Grimmauld and it'll take you to the kitchen there."

"Has there been any further news on Tonks?" Harry asked as Hermione took down the container.

"She is going to be fine," Dumbledore replied as he sat down in his chair. "She's to be released from the hospital tomorrow and if I understood correctly, wants to remain for your birthday party."

"What about Madam Malfoy?" Fleur asked. "Or her son?"

Dumbledore eyed the bonded for several seconds before answering that question. "I am, of course, unable to share any information about young Draco outside of the fact we know he's still alive. As for Mrs. Malfoy, she is distraught over what has happened to her son. She holds herself responsible for what happened and fears what might happen."

"Do you think Voldemort would kill Draco?" Harry asked.

"That is one possibility," Albus replied but not wishing to continue the subject he picked up a sheet of parchment and said in dismissal. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have much to do."

*** % % ***

"Please tell us it's not true Harry," Harry heard as he stumbled out of the floo into the kitchen at Grimmauld place. With Apolline's suggestion Harry was finding it easier to exit the floo but was still working on the timing.

"It can't be," Another voice said.

"What?" Harry asked in confusion as he looked around and saw it was the Weasley twins speaking. "What can't be?" He added as he dusted himself off.

"You let them make you a Prefect?" Fred said as he indicated the scarlet banner that hung over the dinner table that read




"Mum's been having us clean the kitchen so we could have your party," George explained. "But how could you let them do it to you?"

"Hermione we understand, But you Harry?" His brother continued but then exclaimed "Wait a minute," as he looked from bondmate to bondmate with a hint of mischievous suspicion. "Who checks broom closets for Prefects?"

"Ah…" George eyes alit as he grinned at Harry, "forgive us. We are such short-sighted pranksters. We now see the brilliance of your plan."

Though Gabrielle started giggling, Hermione glared at the twins. "You're not going to give us any trouble with our relationship are you?"

"Who us?" Fred and George responded in perfectly timed innocence.

"We are wholeheartedly in favor of it," George added.

"I mean with the entire castle staring at you, who's going to notice a few Puking Pastilles…"

"And to show you how much we care and want to help you be the best Prefects ever, we can even design an automatically ejecting broom closet."

"It's only what friends do for each other," Fred finished.

"To help us keep others out, or when and if we might be in one?" Hermione asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Is that a confession that you will, in fact, be in a broom closet this year?" George asked as he grinned at his brother.

The twins' grins disappeared when Molly Weasley bustled into the kitchen. "There you are. I hope you were able to assist Professor Dumbledore."

"We were," Hermione assured her after another glare at the twins who had adopted the look of pure innocence about themselves again.

It was late in the evening before they were able to get away from everyone and finally have a word with Sirius alone.

"What did Dumbledore want?" Sirius asked.

"Wait!" Gabrielle said and then held up her hand to Sirius who was about to say something else. She had seen a slight movement in her peripheral vision. She crossed the room and found something Ginny had described to her. A flesh coloured string that was sticking under the door. She pointed to it and said "Ginny told me about these. Fred and George can use them to listen to conversations."

"What's going on?" Sirius asked. "What is…" Hermione held up her hand to quiet Harry's godfather then pulled out quill and paper. She quickly wrote down what Gabrielle had told them.

Sirius smiled as he stooped to examine the string. He then motioned for the teens to move away with him. When they had retreated a few steps, he pulled out his wand and waved it around them while saying "Muffliato." He grinned at the teens. "We can talk now. All they're hearing is a buzzing sound."

"What was zat spell?" Fleur asked.

"Muffliato? It's a spell that was going around Hogwarts when I was there," Sirius shrugged. "It makes people around you hear a buzzing sound instead of what you're saying. Came in handy when…eh…never mind."

"Can you show it to us?" Hermione asked eagerly.

"Sure," Sirius replied. "You move your wand like this while saying 'Muf-lee-AH-to'." Sirius repeated the spell a few times until the bonded were sure they had it. He glanced over at the Twin's listening device. "Now to deal with that," Sirius crossed the room and with a wave of his wand he conjured a small box with a hole in it. He then cast a silencing spell around the box. With that done, he put the end of the string in the box and slid his wand the same hole. With a twist of his wand, he cast the same spell that Tonks had used to emit a high pitched squeal the night of Gabrielle's rescue. Protected by the silencing charm, no one in the entire house heard anything; No one that is except two red-headed twins who hastily yanked the end of the Extendable ear out of their own ears while looking at each other. Each with the same thought. "Uh- oh".

"That should do it," Sirius said with a smile as he watched the flesh coloured string being hastily pulled away. He quickly explained what he had done. "Of course I'll still need to make sure they understand that trying to overhear a Marauder is always a bad idea."

"You don't think deafening them is enough?" Hermione asked.

"Nope," Sirius replied with a grin. "Now what happened with Dumbledore?"

"Is that Muffliato spell still working?" Harry asked.

"It should be," Sirius replied but went through the motions to cast it again to make sure. "What's so important?"

"Remember that locket?" Hermione asked. "The one we found the other day in the drawing room?"

"That one Gabrielle has been trying to open?" Sirius answered. "Of course, what about it?"

"It's was one of Voldemort's Horcruxes."

"WHAT!" Sirius exclaimed in surprise. "HOW…"

"That's what we were hoping you could tell us," Hermione replied. "Do you know where it came from? Could Voldemort have given it to Regulus?"

Sirius considered for a few moments and then shook his head. "I really can't believe Voldemort would have given it to my brother. He wasn't that close to him…at least I didn't think so."

"Zat's what Dumbledore believes too," Fleur said. "Maybe your mother or someone else in your family?"

"Possibly," Sirius shrugged. "I moved out when I was sixteen so no telling what happened after that."

"Think we should ask your mother's painting?" Harry suggested.

"Dear old mum?" Sirius barked. "Even if she did know what it was, that old hag wouldn't tell us. She'd just scream at us all day."

"Not to mention she might start screaming it to anyone else who accidentally disturbs her," Hermione added. "You know what Dumbledore said."

Gabrielle had been quiet during the discussion, but then a thought occurred to her. "Ze elf," She said excitedly. "Ze night 'e was in our room. Maybe 'e was trying to get ze locket?"

"Could ze elf be working for Voldemort?" Fleur asked.

"No," Sirius said firmly. "We gave him a test when we first came into the house to verify he is still bound to my family but…" Sirius lapsed into thought a few seconds before continuing, "if my brother did have something to do with that locket, Kreacher would be the one to know. KRE…" He started but Hermione put a hand on his arm and said "Wait."

Sirius stopped in mid-yell and looked at the witch. "Why?"

"Let's make sure we know what questions we're going to ask," Hermione explained. "It's obvious he can dodge questions if we don't know the exact questions to ask."

"Good point," Sirius admitted.

"Maybe we should get ze locket and show it to 'im," Fleur added. "To make sure zere is absolutely no way 'e can misunderstand what we are talking about."

"Dumbledore still has it?" Sirius asked.


"I'll contact him and ask what he thinks," Sirius replied. "Then tomorrow, we'll see what we can learn."

*** % % ****

July 30th

When Harry woke the next morning he reached out mentally to his bondmates only to find concern. "What's going on?" He asked.

"It's Sirius," Hermione replied.

"What's serious?"

"Not…" Hermione's thoughts paused before she continued.. "I mean your Godfather Sirius."

"What happened?" Harry was now fully awake as he scrambled out of bed. He knew if his bondmates were concerned it was probably something he needed to be concerned about as well.

"We don't know,"Hermione replied. "He's locked himself in that other room on the top floor."

"So?" Harry said as his heart rate settled. "Why the concern? He just might be drunk and went to the wrong bed last night."

"Professor Moody…I mean Mr. Moody was here earlier and he said Sirius is just sitting there staring at a picture. When Mrs. Weasley told him breakfast was ready, he didn't answer her at all."

"I'll go check on him," Harry replied. "But he probably got a letter and picture from Fleur's aunt Berdine."

"Maybe, but then why that room?" Hermione argued and then added. "That was his brother's room."

"Something about the Horcrux?" Harry asked as he understood the connection.


"I'll see if he'll let me in," Harry said as he left his room. He made his way up to the fourth floor where there were only two doors. One he knew was Sirius' room while the other had a small sign that read

Do Not Enter

Without the Express Permission of

Regulus Arcturus Black

Harry first tried the knob, but finding it locked, he knocked on the door. "What's going on Sirius?" He asked through the door. When he still didn't hear anything, he continued. "Do I really need to get Fleur up here to unlock this door, or if that fails to blast the door down?" This time he heard a sigh, footsteps and then finally the clicking of a lock being turned. When the door opened, Harry first impression what that Sirius was hung over, but then he saw the depth of sadness in his Godfather's bloodshot eyes.

"What's going on Sirius?" Harry repeated as he followed his godfather back into the room. As he waited for Sirius to reply he looked around the bedroom. Though slightly smaller than Sirius' room, it had the same former grandeur and definitely the room of someone who was a Slytherin. Emerald and silver were everywhere; the walls, curtains and bed. Above the bed the Black family motto was painted over the family crest; TOUJOURS PUR. Underneath the crest were many yellowed newspaper articles fixed to the wall. Still waiting for Sirius to say something, Harry smirked. "I believe your brother just might have been a Slytherin."

"And yet he died far, far braver than most Gryffindors," Sirius replied in barely a whisper as he picked up a photo that sat on the bed.

"But…I thought you said he was killed by Voldemort when he didn't want to do something."

"That's what I thought had happened," Sirius admitted. "But it seems he met a far nobler ending. My stupid brother died stealing that locket from the place where Voldemort had hid it."

"WHAT?" Harry exclaimed. "How…how do you know? And if he died…then how did the locket get here?"

"Kreacher," Sirius said. "That…that elf brought it back," See the disbelieving look on Harry's face, he continued. "Maybe I should start from the beginning."

"Maybe you better," Harry replied.

"After our discussion last night, I paid a visit to Dumbledore," Sirius explained. "I was just going to get the Locket so we could question Kreacher. Dumbledore agreed with the logic, but he wanted to conduct the interview right then and there and we did."

"What did Kreacher say?"

"At first not much," Sirius said. "He seemed to be struggling to not obey my orders if he knew anything about the locket. I was ready to kick him out the window, but Dumbledore, probably using Legilimency, realized the Kreacher was under orders from Regulus to not discuss what happened with any family member so I ordered Kreacher to tell Dumbledore what happened and left the office."

"And…" Harry prodded when Sirius fell silent for a few seconds.

Sirius told him about how Voldemort had asked Regulus for Kreacher's help; how the Dark Lord had left the elf to die on a small island in an underground lake but how Kreacher had returned. Sirius explained that Regulus had then betrayed the Dark Lord by taking Kreacher back to steal the locket. "So Kreacher watched helplessly as my brother was dragged into the water by Inferi before returning as he was ordered to do." Sirius' voice broke in that last sentence as his eyes had watered. "Just wished Regulus had come to me for help…maybe…." Sirius finished the sentence with a long sigh that turned into silence. Finally Sirius handed the photo he had in his hand to Harry. "That's Regulus in the front center. He was a seeker too."

Harry took the photograph and realized Sirius would not have had to point his brother out. Regulus had the same dark hair and facial features as Sirius.

"It's strange," Sirius said after a few more moments of silence. "After hating my family for so long, I find that my brother died doing something I am proud of. Even Kreacher…I loathed him, but now…now…"

"Where is Kreacher?" Harry asked.

"Dumbledore thought it would be best if he worked at Hogwarts so he could keep an eye on him and if he had further questions about what happened," Sirius explained. "But you should've seen the difference in Kreacher. When Dumbledore pulled out the destroyed locket, he broke down and sobbed uncontrollably for ten minutes. When he finished I swear it wasn't the same elf. Kreacher was ready to kiss the very ground Albus walked on. 'Headmaster Dumbledore is the greatest wizard'," Sirius mimicked in Kreacher's voice. "Then of course Dumbledore told Kreacher it was you who actually opened it, so you can expect your own hero worship later on."

"Told you the elf needed help," Hermione said with a hint of smugness.

"Hermione? You were listening?"

"We all are," Hermione replied and both Fleur and Gabrielle acknowledged the fact as well.

"We were as concerned as you were," Fleur added. "Are you coming down for breakfast?"

"How about breakfast?" Harry asked his godfather.

"I'll be down in a few minutes. I want to clean up this room first…getting rid of these to start with," Sirius motioned to the newspaper clippings that hung on the wall below the Black crest. Harry glanced at the yellowed paper and noticed all of them were about Voldemort. Sirius snatched one off the wall and in a more determined voice as he shook the paper in his hand, Sirius continued. "This will not be Regulus' legacy. When this is all over and we've figured out how you're supposed to kick that bloody wanker's arse, Regulus will be remembered as someone who helped fight the bastard."

"Ow about our Cultural Center?" Gabrielle asked. "Seems a Wizard willing to sacrifice 'imself to save an 'ouseelf deserves recognition."

When Harry presented Gabrielle's suggestion to Sirius, he smiled. "Sounds perfect."

"I've got a letter and Neville's present ready to send to him with Hedwig," Hermione said when he entered the kitchen a few minutes later. "Was there anything special you wanted to add?"

"We'll see him tomorrow so not really," Harry replied. "Thanks Mrs. Weasley," He added as she put a plate of food in front of him.

"I still wished you were staying here for the rest of the summer," The matriarch of the Weasley family said.

"Ave you 'eard from my fazzer?" Fleur asked trying to not let Molly start up on her usual diatribe of why they should stay there.

"Yes," Mrs. Weasley replied with a disgruntled sigh. "He told Arthur that he's already contacted Mr. Lovegood and Mrs. Longbottom and that he and they will meet you at the French Embassy tomorrow at noon."

"Oh…I'll add that to the letter," Hermione said. "That we'll see him there."

The rest of the day was spent packing with Mrs. Weasley going from room to room making sure the children had everything packed that they would need.

July 31st, 1995

As soon as Harry awoke the next morning, he was instantly assaulted with his bondmates wishing him 'Harry Birthday' in his mind. As he lay in his bed he wondered what the Delacours had in mind for his birthday, but then realized it didn't matter. He knew, no matter what, he was going to have the best birthday ever.

"Wake up Ron and get down here," Hermione said. "Mrs. Weasley is planning on getting an early start on your birthday so we can be ready to go before noon. Also you have a letter from your Aunt."

"Probably used dental floss or something," Harry replied with a sigh. "That's what they would consider an appropriate birthday present though it's more than I've ever got from them before."

"Well she gave it to Shacklebolt last night asking for him to give it to you," Hermione replied. "Now get down here before I let slip what we got you."

Harry knew his bondmates had planned to work on the present the night before and wanted it to be a surprise, so he woke up Ron who was about to turn over and go back to sleep until Harry mention food.

"Why so early?" Ron asked and then his eyes widened. "Oh that's right. We're leaving today."

"And you mother wants an early start on my Birthday party," Harry replied.

"Happy Birthday," Ron said. "Let's go get breakfast so we can get to your cake."

"It's the birthday boy," Mrs. Weasley said. "Breakfast is almost ready, so why don't you start on your presents while I finish up?" She guided Harry to the chair at the head of the table where there was a pile of presents. Fleur, Gabrielle and Hermione were already sitting at the chairs around his.

"Wait?" Harry said and he looked at his bondmates. "Aren't I suppose to get birthday kisses?"

"Oui," Gabrielle replied. "But do you want zem now or when we're back at our 'ouse tonight and not being watched by Madam Weasley?"

"Good point," Harry agreed as he started looking forward to going home with his bondmates.

The first package Harry took from the pile was fairly large and pliable. It felt like cloth of some sort. He looked at the tag and announced, "From Hagrid." as he opened the poorly wrapped bundle. What appeared to be scaly cloth came loose once Harry had managed to cut away the twine and tape that held the wrapping together.

"Is that dragon skin?" Ron exclaimed.

"Probably," Harry replied. "He said he was going to get some for me." He glanced at Fleur and Gabrielle and grinned. "Supposed to be good protection from Veela flames."

"Why'd he get you that?" Ron persisted.

"He had joked about it earlier in the year when he found out I was dating Gabrielle," Harry explained. "Said I should line my cloak with it to help protect me from her flames if and when I piss her off."

"She wouldn't…." Ron started.

"Veela have tempers," Harry said quickly to cut Ron off. He then noticed the note that had been bundled in it. He quickly opened it and read


Happy Birthday! I have a friend from the MacFusty clan who owed me a favor and was able to get me this. It's the skin of a Hebridean Black Dragon that I told you I'd get you. It's good at protecting from fire and pretty light. Madam Malkin's can line your robes with it. Wish I could be there, but Olympe and I are about to leave to do something important for Dumbledore. Can't say anything more. See you back at Hogwarts.


Harry glanced up as he handed the note to Hermione. "What's Hagrid and Olympe doing? He says Dumbledore has them doing something."

"That's between the Headmaster and Hagrid," Molly replied. "You don't need to worry about it."

"But..." Harry started but Fleur stopped him. "Don't mon cheri. We can ask Dumbledore later or maybe Sirius knows. Let's not start an argument this morning."

Harry made his way through the rest of the gifts until there was only two left; a small package from his bondmates and the letter from his aunt. When he opened the box, he found a handsome gold watch.

"You can stop carrying the broken one around now," Hermione explained with a smile. "I picked it out."

"And I did ze spellwork on eet," Fleur added.


"Eet has several on it including ze impervious, and a cushioning charm," Fleur explained. "Now you can save as many damsels from lakes as you wish and it shall never be 'armed."

"And how many more ladies should I save from lakes?" Harry asked with a mental smirk.

"You can save my sisters and me as many times as you want," Fleur replied. "We can pretend to be stuck at ze bottom of ze sea while someone 'as stolen our bikinis?"

"Hmmm….that does sound like fun," Harry agreed.

"I added zis," Gabrielle said as she pulled the watch from Harry's hand and moved a knob. A panel slid out of the watch revealing a magical photo of his fiancées. She thumbed the knob again and the photo changed to one of Harry and Fleur dancing. As she kept moving the button the pictures rotated through various pictures of him and his bondmates. "Well ze pictures anyway."

"You did an excellent job…all of you. It's perfect," Harry replied as he gave each bondmate a kiss.

"What about this?" Hermione asked finally and slid over the letter from his aunt.

"I guess," Harry replied as he opened the flap. He was surprised when he found a note and a picture. The picture was a non-magical photo of his parents and himself when he was an infant. He then read the note that had come with it.


Happy Birthday. Your mother sent this to me picture shortly after you were born. I thought you might like to have it.

"That…was unexpected," Harry said as he picked back up the picture.

"It appears she does regret…things," Hermione said gingerly as she felt in the bond for Harry's feelings.

"Regret," Harry repeated Hermione's words as he remembered his mother's letter. He quickly jumped from his chair and ran out of the kitchen.

"Arry?" Fleur asked but then was reassured when she realized her bondmate was not angry or sad.

Harry returned a minute later holding something in his hand. He laid out his mother's wand and letter she had wrote him. "I...can someone copy these?" He asked.

"Why?" Gabrielle asked.

"I want…I mean she obviously is trying to apologize and my mother wanted me…." Harry stammered. "I want to let her know my mother regretted what she had done as well."

"You don't have to do," Hermione replied. "She caused you a lot of pain."

"I know," Harry replied, "but…I should give her a chance for mum's sake. I don't want to send the real ones because she or Uncle Vernon might destroy them, but…."

"Bien sûr," Fleur replied. "I can copy zem." She pulled out her own wand and quickly duplicated the letter and wand. "Ze wand will not work…"

"My aunt won't know that," Harry explained.

"Are you going to write a note explaining what these are?" Hermione asked but she was already pulling out parchment and a quill.

Harry quickly dashed,

Aunt Petunia,

Thank you for the photograph. I have a few of my parents but not that one.

Harry paused as he tried to figure out what else to write. Finally he continued.

I thought you would like to know that my mother regretted what happened between you two. Here is a letter she left me before she died. She had left it with a lawyer that I met about my inheritance from her. I am also giving you her wand. If you don't want it, please send it back.

He looked up from the parchment and said. "That way if she sends it back, I'll know she really doesn't want anything to do with mum and I won't have to worry about this again." He rolled up the parchment and turned to Mrs. Weasley. "Can you please have an Order member give these to my aunt?"

"Of course dear," Molly Weasley replied. "Now how about your cake?"

"Wait…" Harry said as he realized who he had not got a present from. He turned to his godfather. "Nothing from you?"

"It's coming," Sirius replied with a grin. "But since Tonks helped me get it, I thought she should be there when I give it to you."

"According to Dumbledore, she'll be at the party this afternoon," Hermione said.

The rest of the morning passed quickly. As soon as the party was over, everyone dispersed to finish last minute packing. As usual for a Weasley departure, things were lost or misplaced and when Dumbledore arrived shortly before noon, there was still some last minute scrambling going on.

"Good day Harry and happy birthday," Dumbledore said as he watched the scurrying with a twinkle in his eyes. Harry and his bondmates were had been packed and waiting for some time. "I see the Weasleys still have trouble with being ready on time?"

"Yes sir," Harry replied with a grin of his own.

"Please remember that your trunks will follow later," Dumbledore reminded them when Ron started lugging his trunk toward the door.

"Yeah…right," Ron said as his ears turned pink. He quickly put the trunk down.

"We'll bring them in a while," Bill said with a smile as he picked up the trunk and moved it aside.

"And Ginny and Gabrielle?" Dumbledore asked but just as he asked the question, steps and voices could be heard coming down the steps. Molly was following the two girls down the steps still fussing over her daughter. "Did you remember your swimming suit? They say there is some place to swim there...and remember that you're a guest so…"

"Yes mum, I have my swimsuit," Ginny sighed, "and yes I know we're guests. You've already reminded me a dozen times this morning."

"Eet is fine, Madam Weasley," Fleur said. "Ginny and Ron are going to be most welcome and we will be 'aving too much fun to get into trouble."

"But…." It was obvious Molly was not comfortable in letting her children out of her sight much less let them travel to another country.

"Molly," Dumbledore said. "We really must go. Mr. Delacour, the Longbottoms and the Lovegoods are already at the Embassy awaiting us. Mr. Delacour has made some arrangements for Harry's birthday and I'm sure they would not like to be delayed."

"Any further," Harry said to his bondmates with a glance at his new watch. It was already ten minutes past when they should have already been at the Embassy.

*** % % ****

Later that afternoon, Petunia opened the door to see the same large black man she knew was a Wizard. She had secretly given him a letter for Harry the previous night. "Yes…did Harry refuse the letter?"

"Actually no," Shacklebolt replied. "He sent a return one and this." He held up a wand and a note in an envelope.

"A wand? But…"

"I believe the explanation is in the letter," Kingsley said. "Maybe you should read it." He handed over the original roll of parchment.

Petunia unfurled it and read the note from Harry. "Lily…" she gasped and reached for the envelope. She quickly read the note Lily had left for her son. "She regretted it…and I…" When she looked up at Shacklebolt he could clearly see the tears in her eyes. Those same eyes fell on the wand still in the wizard's hand. She took it and studied it for several long seconds. She remembered the wand. She remembered her sister holding it. The piece of wood in her hand no longer represented the magic that she always claimed to despise, but her sister she had seen holding it all of those years ago. "Oh Lily…." Her tears fell freely now.

Shacklebolt cleared his throat nervously before he spoke. "Just to let you know, Harry's going back to France today so we won't be watching your house after another day or so."

"But how will…."

"I've been told that I can tell you that Arabella Figg is a squib," Kingsley said.

"A squib?"

"A non-magical person born to magical parents," Shacklebolt explained. "She can contact someone in the magical world if you need to."

"What about the tours?"

"They will continue," Kingsley replied. "I'm sure that the interest will die down after a while though. Now if there is nothing else…"

"Thank you." Petunia replied.

A/N Before anyone complains that Muffliato was created by Snape and Sirius wouldn't know it, remember that Levicorpus was also in the Half-Blood Prince book and James knew it and used it on Snape.

Also while researching this chapter, I reread where Moody, in book 5, verified that the noise coming from the desk in the drawing room was a Boggart. How? According to Lupin in book 3, no one knows what one looks like when it is alone. Obviously, if his magical eye can see through the desk, then some magical spell can see through the desk and someone would know what a Boggart looked like.