The Vampire of New York City

Chapter 1: Victim Number One

Stella lifts up the crime scene tape and steps into the alley, "What have we got?"

"Female, late twenties or early thirties. No ID. It looks like she was raped. She's got some kind of bite mark on her neck. No other visible signs of trauma. Mac is on his way," Flack reports.

"Who found her?"

The detective motions to a man standing on the other side of the police tape, "He owns the coffee shop next door. Found her when he was taking his garbage out this morning. Didn't touch anything and called 911 right away."

She nods, "Okay. I'll start with the body."

Stella sets down her kit and pulls out a pair of latex gloves. After putting them on, she takes out her camera and photographs the body and surrounding area. Frowning at the bite mark on the woman's neck, she crouches down to take a couple close ups of the wound. Her frown deepens as she realizes that there is no visible blood in the alley. Setting her camera down, she gets her UV light out and goes around the alley in search of blood, starting with the area around the body.

Mac is pulling gloves on when she turns the light off. "Something wrong?" he asks, seeing the puzzled look on her face.

"A good morning would be nice."

"Good morning, Stella," he smiles. "Now… what about the body?"

"Our victim was bitten. It looks human, and it was definitely deep enough to draw blood. But I can't find any trace of blood in the alley."

"Maybe our killer cleaned it up. Or maybe this isn't the primary crime scene."

She shakes her head, "No, I'm sure this is the primary crime scene. There are impressions here in the dirt. See, these two look like impressions from his knees, and these could be from his toes. Like he was straddling her. Why kill her somewhere else and rape her here, when she's already dead?"

"Any other trauma?"

"None that I can see."

"Got an ID on her?"

"Flack couldn't find one."

Mac looks around the alley, and his gaze stops on the dumpster, "We're not done looking yet."

"I am not getting in there, Mac," Stella glares at him.

He glares back at her, "I'm your boss. You will do as I say."

"No. I got here first; I claim the body. You can go dumpster diving."

"I don't have any coveralls."

"You're in luck; I've got a pair in my trunk," she goes out to her car and returns a minute later. "If you're too embarrassed to change out here, I'm sure the nice man over there that found the body will let you use the bathroom in his coffee shop."

"Hold this," he hands her his jacket and begins to unbutton his dress shirt. He hands this to her too when it is off of his body. "You owe me, Bonasera."

"Are you going to take your pants off too so they don't get ruined?" she smirks as he begins to put the coveralls on. He just glares at her again. "You know, Mac, you don't have to completely undress to go dumpster diving. Has it been that long since you've had to do it?"

"I don't have any more clothes to change into at the lab."

"Is that why it took you so long to get here? You spent the night at the lab again? Mac, you need to go home. And for longer than to pick up more clothes," she scolds. "Why are you staying at the lab again? I thought we got past that stage a long time ago."

He doesn't give her an answer before he walks over to the dumpster.

Sighing, she goes to put his clothes in her car and resumes her work with the body, taking samples of the area around the bite mark in hopes of getting DNA from her attacker. She then scrapes under the victim's fingernails and lifts a hair from the woman's shirt, too dark to belong to her.

"Stel, I think I found something," Mac calls.

She tells the men from the ME's office to go ahead and take the body back to the morgue before going over to the dumpster. "What do you have?"

"A purse," he hands it to her and continues his search.

"We got an ID," she says, locating the wallet. "Our victim is Elisa Walters." Stella goes over to bag the purse.

"You might want to bring me a couple bags," he calls.

"Got something else?" she asks as she approaches the dumpster.

He holds up a condom, "Could belong to our killer."

As Flack is walking over, Mac pulls another one out of the dumpster. She holds an evidence bag up for him. "Find anything interesting?"

"A name. Elisa Walter," she informs him.

"And these," Mac holds up two more condoms, which he puts in the bags she offers him.

"Must be a hot spot," Stella smirks. "Got them all?"

He gives her a look telling her that he is going to get her back for this. "Nothing else of interest in here," he climbs out of the dumpster.

"I'll print it while you go change. Your shirt's in my car."

Flack looks from Stella to Mac, confused. He decides not to comment about this. "I'm going to run the vic's name. Let me know when you find something," the detective leaves the two CSIs alone.

Mac goes to change while she finishes up. A few minutes later she joins him with both of their kits. "Want to grab some coffee before we go to the lab? Or in your case, back to the lab? I'll buy."

"You owe me more than coffee, Stella," he says, following her into the little shop.

A/N: I don't really know how I came up with this idea. I actually came up with how I wanted it to end first, but it didn't really turn out like I wanted it too so hopefully you guys still like it. There are twelve more chapters I believe. So... keep reading and I'll update soon.