Chapter 1: Better Than A Fantasy

Lusting after Jennifer Check is bad enough, but lusting after Jennifer Check when she knows you are is even worse. She knows she can have me whenever she wants and she just LOVES to flaunt herself in front of me, flaunt the new boy toy, make me want her even more. It's like being a child in a candy shop, but every time you reach for a piece of candy your hand gets slapped away, but it just makes you want the candy all the more. I'm the child and Jennifer is the delicious candy bar every kid wants and begs their parents for.

It's Friday night and we're having one of our sleepovers we've been having since we were kids. Needy's playing with her BFF bracelet with a thoughtful look on her face.


"Yeah?" Needy was broken from her thoughts as she looked up from her magazine and locked eyes with her best friend.

"What are you thinking about?" She tilted her head to the side cutely.

"Nothing." Needy responded quietly, looking down, but then she looked back up and smiled at Jennifer with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Liar. You were thinking about me."

Needy just sighed, looking away. 'Conceited and cocky, but so very true.' "Not everything is about you Jennifer." She snapped, her eyes widening immediately afterwards, not quite sure where that anger came from.

"Where did that come from?" Jennifer narrowed her eyes at the blonde who just looked back down at her magazine, flipping the page lazily while she laid on her stomach on her bed with Jennifer right next to her glaring daggers into the back of her head.

The silence was broken a couple seconds later by Needy's soft voice. "Sorry." "It's whatever. Now, like I was about to ask before. Do you remember that thing you told me about a couple months ago?"

"Thing?" Needy asked nonchalantly as she just pushed her glasses back up onto the bridge of her nose and flipped a page in the magazine. Of course she knew what Jennifer was talking about; a couple months ago she told her best friend about her not so friendly feelings towards her. Jennifer just kind of shrugged it off and laughed like it was a joke or something.

Before Needy knew what was happening she felt the weight of Jennifer's body laying on top of her back and felt soft, full lips press against your neck slowly and sensually. "Don't play dumb Needy." Jennifer said softly into the blonde's ear who was now frozen.

Needy snapped out of her daze a second later and sighed, flipping yet another page. "Stop teasing me Jennifer." Over the past couple months Jennifer thought it was fun to tease the nerdy girl by brushing her lips across hers or kissing her neck and other things of that nature.

"Who said I'm just teasing you this time?" Jennifer's hot breath hit Needy's ear as she continued to speak softly into it. "I know you fantasize about me Needy . . . I know you want me . . . So . . ." Jennifer took the blonde's earlobe into her mouth, biting it a bit before she pulled away and whispered in her ear again. "Why don't you show me what you do in these fantasies?"

Needy swallowed uncomfortably and flipped the page with a very shaky hand; Jennifer had never gone this far with the teasing before.

"Enough of that annoying fucking magazine. You aren't even really looking at it anyways Needy." Jennifer grabbed the magazine from Needy's hands and tossed it onto the floor, turning Needy around so she was looking her in the eyes. "Show me Needy." She said breathily as she leaned in, bringing her lips agonizingly close to her best friends. "Show me how much you want me . . . Show me what you do in your fantasies." The brunette finally leaned in the rest of the way, placing a soft yet firm kiss on Needy's waiting lips.

When Needy finally came back to her senses, she quickly pulled her head back, looking up at her best friend with shocked eyes. "What the fuck Jennifer!?" She pushed the brunette off of her and quickly got off of the bed, looking at her friend incredulously. "Why do you keep messing with me!?"

"I'm not messing with you." Jennifer said seriously as she got up on her knees so she was face to face with Needy.

"You're full of shit." The blonde glared defiantly at her friend.

"I'm really not." Jennifer said softly as she took Needy's glasses off slowly and put them on the night stand. She then proceeded to lean forward and softly press her lips against her best friends' again. At first Needy was still unresponsive but it wasn't long before she finally gave in and started to kiss her friend back and it soon turned into an open mouthed kiss, slow but sensual.

Just as Needy was getting into it, Jennifer pulled away a bit and demanded softly. "Show me." Then the brunette laid down on the bed, patiently waiting for the blonde.

It didn't take too long for Needy to take action, because the next thing she knew she was on top of Jennifer kissing her hungrily, letting out all the feelings she's felt for the brunette for a long time.

A couple of minutes later both girls pulled away, desperate for air. "Holy shit Needy. Where did you learn to kiss like that?" Jennifer said breathlessly as she looked up the blonde.

Needy just shrugged, smiling a bit.

"So is this as far as your fantasies go?" Jennifer pouted, causing Needy's heart to skip a beat.

"Well uh . . . Um . . . No." She stuttered nervously, looking away from Jennifer's expectant eyes.

"Well what happens next?" The girl beneath her grinned sexily.

"Um . . ." Jennifer flipped them over so she was on top. "Do I . . . ride you?" She smirked, grinding her hips into the blondes, causing said blonde to close her eyes and tilt her head back, trying to hold back the moan that wanted to escape her lips.

"N-no." Was the first thing that came from Needy's lips once she was composed enough to talk.

"Well then what happens next?" Jennifer crossed her arms, looking a bit annoyed at her friend's lack of activity. A look of amusement suddenly played on her face though once a thought hit her. "Don't tell me you actually grow a pair in your fantasies and take control do you?" The brunette laughed a bit at the thought while Needy looked offended, taking her friend's laughter as a challenge.

Before Jennifer knew what was happening Needy turned her body, switching their positions so she was on top again. "Actually, yes, I do." She couldn't help but smirk at the look of surprise on her friend's face and before Jennifer could respond Needy simply dove in and captured her lips in another steamy kiss. As their lips started to find a rhythm and move together Needy slowly slid her hand up Jennifer's shirt, running her fingertips up her side and once her hand reached the other girl's bra she slid her hand behind her back, easily unclasping it with one hand. Once that was taken care of Needy proceeded to bring her hand under the bra, grasping Jennifer's breast lightly, squeezing it a bit to get a feel for it. She smiled triumphantly against her friend's lips when Jennifer gasped into her mouth when she ran her thumb across her now hard nipple.

Needy pulled away a bit with that same smirk on her face. "Not so funny now is it?"

Jennifer just quickly took off her shirt and bra and tossed them to the side. "Oh shut up and fuck me already." She said playfully, grinning when she saw the look on Needy's face. "You ok there?"

"Yeah, just give me a second to take it in." Needy said softly, looking over Jennifer's body.

"It's rude to stare Needy."

"I know . . . It's just . . . You're so beautiful." She breathed out before she leaned in again and attacked Jennifer's neck, sucking and nibbling on it to leave a mark and show that Jennifer is hers. All Jennifer could do was bury her hands in Needy's golden locks, close her eyes, and enjoy the ride. Once Needy was satisfied with her work she made her way down, slowly kissing Jennifer's collar bone and lightly scraping her teeth across it as she went further down, taking one of her nipples into her mouth, running her tongue across it lightly.

"Oh God Needy." Jennifer breathed out as Needy just listened as her breathing got shallower and more desperate; Jennifer Check was panting because of her.

Needy proceeded to kiss down further slowly, making her way down her stomach, dipping her tongue in the girl's belly button a bit on her journey south. When she got to the obstacle known as Jennifer's pants Needy simply took the material next to the button in her mouth and tugged a bit, undoing her friend's jeans easily. Using her hands now Needy unzipped them and Jennifer lifted her firm butt up so Needy could take them off with ease and proceed to toss them carelessly on the floor.

The only thing left between them now was Jennifer's underwear which Needy took into her mouth without hesitation and tugged them down her legs. Now it was just Jennifer.

"This isn't fair Needy." Jennifer said breathlessly, looking up at her nerdy friend. "I'm all exposed and you're still fully clothed. Take them off."

Needy just blushed and obediently stood up, quickly taking off all of her clothing. "Wow . . ." Was the only thing Jennifer said as Needy self consciously tried to cover herself up. "Don't hide that hot body, come over here and share with the rest of the class." The brunette grinned deviously as Needy made her way back on top of her.

"You look like a Greek goddess." Needy said softly as she appreciatively gazed down at her sandbox lover's body, slowly running her hands down her body, then slowly sliding her fingertips up Jennifer's inner thigh. Both girls locked eyes as Needy inched closer and closer to her destination. Without warning Needy just pushed one finger deep into her friend causing the other girl to gasp as her finger easily slid in because of Jennifer's natural lubricant. Needy watched in awe as Jennifer's eyes widened and glazed over, her jaw hanging open, reveling in the sensations of her friend inside of her.

"D-don't stop." Jennifer pleaded with her friend, Needy hadn't even meant to stop, she just got too caught up in looking at Jennifer. The blonde girl then proceeded to move her finger out of her friend only to push it right back in while she started to rub her thumb against Jennifer's clit. In response Jennifer let out a soft moan which was soon muffled when said girl leaned up to capture her friend's lips in a sensual kiss, biting Needy's lower lip and tugging it as she pulled away. Needy soon added another finger, using her body to help push her fingers in and out of her panting and moaning friend.

"Needy." Jennifer moaned out as Needy pressed her thumb harder against her friend's clit, picking up the pace and moving her thumb faster and faster by the second. "Oh fuck! Needy!" Jennifer cried out as Needy took Jennifer's nipple into her mouth, slowly moving tongue over it as her fingers continued to work their magic. Jennifer wrapped her arms desperately around Needy, digging her nails into her friend's back as she hit a spot deep inside of her.

"Right there." Needy started to continuously hit her fingers against that spot over and over again mercilessly as her thumb started to move at an alarmingly fast pace. "Oh God Needy! Don't stop." The brunette ran her nails down her friend's back as she felt herself getting closer and closer.

Needy kissed her way back up Jennifer's chest, sucking on her neck a bit before she rested her forehead against the pillow, panting heavily into Jennifer's ear and closing her eyes so she could concentrate on pleasing the goddess beneath hear.

Their damp bodies moved in sync with each other as Jennifer's moans and gasps progressively got louder and louder. "Needy, I'm so close. Please say it." Jennifer breathed out.

"Jennifer . . ." Needy panted.

"Please." Jennifer pleaded desperately, clinging onto her best friend for dear life.

Needy could never say no to Jennifer. "I love you." She said softly into Jennifer's ear and that's what sent Jennifer over the edge.

Digging her nails deeply into Needy's back and arching her back into Needy so her firm damp stomach was pressed against her friend's, Jennifer drew some blood from Needy's back as she cried out and came on Needy's fingers which curled deep in her while her thumb slowed down a bit to help her friend come down from the orgasm, stopping when Jennifer's body went limp and she just laid there with a far off look in her eyes.

"Holy shit." Was the only thing that came from Jennifer's mouth when she could finally talk again. "My whole body is numb."

Needy just smiled proudly as she laid down next to Jennifer and kissed her shoulder.

"We have to do this more often." Jennifer grinned as she looked over at Needy who blushed a bit and nodded her head. "So did I live up to your fantasy?" Jennifer laid on her side, looking at the blonde girl.

Needy just smiled as she looked Jennifer in the eyes. "This was way better than any fantasy I could ever have."