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Chapter 4: Your Call

Jennifer tapped her foot impatiently, looking at the clock every couple of seconds as she waited for her boy toy to pick her up. It was now 6:05 and those extra 5 minutes felt like 5 years. Just as the annoyed brunette was about to text Zack there was a knock on the door.

"It's about time!" Jennifer snapped as she yanked open the front door.

"Sorry, I was getting you flowers." Zack smiled apologetically, pulling out roses from behind his back and handing them to his date.

"Oh, thanks." Jennifer flashed one of her fake smiles before she retreated into the kitchen with the flowers, properly disposing of them into the trash. "Gag me with a spoon." She mumbled under her breath before heading back to the front door. "Let's go. We're already late." Before the tall blonde could answer he was dragged by his hand to the car.

"What's the hurry?" Zack asked once dragged out of the car when they arrived at the movie theater.

"I just . . Um . . . Don't want to miss the movie." Jennifer bit her lower lip as she pulled her boy toy up the stairs.

"Babe, slow down. We'll make it." Zack smiled, turning Jennifer around, and pulling her into a slow deep kiss. Jennifer started to give in, but quickly pulled away when she sensed that her best friend was near; those two always knew when the other was near, it was quite weird.

When Jennifer turned around her eyes locked with Needy's. She opened her mouth to say something, but Needy just bit her lower lip and looked away sadly, grabbing Chip's hand and pulling him inside.

"What's wrong babe?" The blonde boy tried to read this foreign expression on Jennifer's face.

"Nothing." Jennifer batted Zack's hand away from her face. "Let's just go watch the movie." And with that they headed into the movie theater, sitting right behind Needy and her date Chip.

As the lights dimmed and the movie started Jennifer found she couldn't concentrate on the movie cause of all the blatant corny moves Chip was trying to use on her girl.

"Hey, could you go get me some popcorn and a drink?" Jennifer whispered to Zack, batting her eyes.

"Now?" He asked, looking at the movie with great interest.

"Now." Jennifer lost all sugary sweetness in her voice as she glared at her date.

"Ok, ok, I'm going." And with that Zack got up and went to go get popcorn while Jennifer crossed her arms, glaring down at Chip and Needy.

Steam practically shot out of the brooding brunette's ears when she saw Chip fake a yawn and stretch his arm up, ready to drape it over Needy's shoulder, but before he could fully drop his arm on Jennifer's territory Jennifer "accidentally" kicked his seat, causing the poor band geek to fall forward out of his seat. He sat upright and looked back at Jennifer with an accusing glare.

"Sorry." Jennifer mouthed, not hiding the murderous intent in her eyes.

Chip just gave the brunette one last glare before straightening himself out in his seat, facing forward with his hands at his sides.

"You ok?" Needy asked softly.

"Yup. I'm fine." He put on a fake smile, before going back to watching the movie while Needy shot Jennifer a warning glance.

Everything was going just fine for about a minute because Jennifer was sure she had discouraged Chip to make any more moves on her girl, but the band geek proved to be persistent, because the next thing Jennifer knew he lifted the seat divider between him and Needy and was slowly edging his way towards her BFF.

Before the Chipinator could get any closer to Needy Jennifer kicked down the seat divider again in one swift movement blocking off Needy from Chip. Chip tried to lift the divider again, but Jennifer placed a firm foot on it, keeping that divider from moving up anymore. Jennifer just smiled triumphantly as Chip let out a huff and slumped in his seat, now watching the movie.

A couple minutes later when Jennifer finally let herself get into the movie she heard Chip softly say Needy's name and looked down to see Chip leaning in to kiss HER girl.

"Hey babe, I got the popcorn and soda." Zack smiled as he carefully made his way to Jennifer. The scheming brunette stood up to grab the popcorn and drink, but the bag and drink "slipped" from Jennifer's hands and both went flying.

Needy suddenly jumped away from Chip when she felt popcorn and soda raining down on her.

"What the hell?" Needy stood up, popcorn scattered around her hair and body with soda dripping down her face.

"Oops. Must have slipped." Jennifer smiled innocently.

"Great. Now I have soda and popcorn all over me." Needy mumbled to herself as she started wiping the popcorn off of her while Chip just sat there dumbfounded, popcorn sticking out of his soda soaked hair. "I'll be back. I'm going to the ladies room to clean up." Needy shot one last glare at Jennifer before she made her way to the bathroom.

"I'll go get more popcorn." Jennifer took off before Zack could reply.

In the bathroom Needy finished furiously cleaning off her face and was now wiping it off with paper towels when she heard the bathroom door open and then close. Then she heard a click signaling the door was locked. Needy turned around to see who did such a thing when she suddenly felt a pair of lips on her own, stopping any possible questions she had. Needy didn't have to open her eyes to see who was kissing her, she already knew who those deliciously soft plump lips belonged to and it was no surprise to either girl that she gave in to the kiss and started kissing the brunette back just as fiercely. A minute later though Needy's senses came back to her and she quickly pushed her ex best friend away.

"What the hell Jennifer!" Needy glared at Jennifer, breathing hard from the random make out.

"What?" Jennifer smiled innocently at Needy, biting her lower lip and twirling her hair in a way that she knew made her BFF melt.

Needy just rolled her eyes, immune to Jennifer's old tricks. "We're not even friends anymore. Why would you think it would be ok to kiss me?"

"Are you telling me . . ." Jennifer got up close and personal with the blonde who was now blushing. "That you don't want me?" Jennifer pressed her taught body against her BFF's. "Are you telling me . . ." Jennifer walked forward, backing Needy up until her butt was on the sink. "That you don't want this?" Jennifer lifted Needy up a bit so the blonde was now sitting on the sink and then leaned in, kissing Needy's upper lip while squeezing the blonde's hips a bit before slowly kissing her lower lip next.

Needy let out a content sigh as she gave in once again to Jennifer Check, leaning in to capture her BFF's lips in a slow deep kiss. Jennifer just smiled a triumphant smile as she slid her hands down Needy's bare legs only to slowly slide them back up, pushing Needy's skirt up to her hips.

Needy felt a shiver run through her body when those deliciously soft hands slowly slid up her thighs, but the former geek's eyes snapped open when she felt Jennifer start to push aside her underwear so she could get better access. Needy quickly pushed her sandbox lover away and jumped off the sink while Jennifer stumbled back a couple feet from the force.

"What the hell Needs! What's gotten into you!" Jennifer yelled, standing up straight now, trying to regain her composure.

"What's gotten into me!" ME!" Needy asked incredulously, while Jennifer looked at her as if she had grown another head.

"Is it Chip! Has he "gotten into you". Have you two already fucked! Is that why you're treating me like this?" Jennifer crossed her arms, the ugly green monster called jealousy was rearing it's head now.

"First off, it is absolutely none of your business what me and Chip have or haven't done and two, how dare you!" Needy started approaching Jennifer with murderous intent in her eyes and for every step she took Jennifer took one step back, unsure of what her best friend would do. "Why am I treating YOU like this! You're the one who acted like us having sex meant nothing! Ever since we were kids you've always bossed me around and treated me like some little slave, like I owed you something, like I should kiss the ground you walk on. Well I'm not that dumb little nerdy girl anymore Jennifer and your hold over me is gone."

For the first time in her life Jennifer Check was stunned. She just stood there as Needy started heading for the door, ready to make her escape. "Needy . . ." The blonde stopped in her tracks, her back to her ex BFF. "The reason why I acted like us having sex meant nothing is because . . . It did mean nothing to me. You mean nothing to me." Jennifer kept a stone cold face on. Nobody talks to Jennifer Check like that. If you hurt her, she'll hurt you worse. That's how Jennifer Check works.

Needy felt hot tears fall down her face at her BFF's harsh words and before Jennifer knew what was going on Needy had stormed up to her and slapped her hard across the face. "Rot in hell Jennifer Check."

Jennifer had a shocked look on her face as Needy ran out of the bathroom and out of her life. The brunette brought her hand up to her burning cheek as she just looked at where her ex best friend stood in front of her. Needy had looked so broken and hurt. 'I just won . . . I'm supposed to feel good . . . So why do I feel so bad?"

Jennifer took a couple minutes to compose herself before she walked out of the bathroom where her boy toy was waiting for her.

"There you are!" Zack smiled, pushing himself off the wall he was leaning on. "What took you so . . . Babe . . . Are you crying?" Zack's eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

Jennifer looked at him like he'd grown a second head. "What? I'm not crying." To both of their surprise the ice queen's voice was shaky and her lips were quivering as if she were holding back more tears. Jennifer lifted her hand and wiped her cheek with her finger only to find that she was in fact crying.

"Are you um . . . Ok?" The blonde boy asked awkwardly, stuffing his hands in his jean pockets.

"I'm fine." Jennifer looked away from her date and felt her heart drop when she laid her eyes on Needy outside with Chip comforting her. Her heart stopped beating all together and felt it rise into her throat now when she saw Chip lean in and capture Needy's lips in a soft kiss which her sand box lover returned. Jennifer noticed this time when more hot tears poured down her face. "Let's just go ok?"

"O-ok." Zack looked uncomfortable with the crying brunette as they left the movie theater and he took his date home.

When they arrived at Jennifer's place Zack leaned in to kiss the brunette, but she turned her head. "What the hell did I do?" Zack huffed as he sat back in his seat, giving up trying to get a kiss.

"Nothing." Jennifer sighed as she got out of the car.

"Wait!" Zack stopped Jennifer before she could close the door.

"What Zack?"

"Can I come up?" The blonde put on his best sexy smile and Jennifer's mouth dropped in astonishment.

"Goodnight" And with that Jennifer Check slammed the door and stormed up to her room, plopping on her bed and pulling her arm over her eyes once she reached her destination. She won, she was supposed to feel amazing, but then why does it just feel like she lost everything and the world was crashing down around her? "Ugh!" Jennifer sat up, becoming frustrated with her own emotions. "I'm Jennifer Check for Christ sake! I don't care about anyone, but myself!" The furious brunette stood up and paced the room, gripping her hair, trying to get her emotions in check. She stopped though when she saw her reflection and saw the broken look on her face. "That's it." Jennifer grabbed her car keys and took off to Needy's place. "I'm going to give that geek a piece of my mind!" When Jennifer pulled up to the curve right next to Needy's place her heart stopped and all angry thoughts left her mind when she saw Needy through her window, face down on the bed, shoulders shaking; she was obviously crying. For the first time in her life Jennifer Check actually felt guilty. The brunette bit her lower lip and looked away from the window and pulled out her phone, texting the girl that wouldn't get out of her head.

~Needy's P.O.V.~

Needy laid face down on her bed, blasting the song So I Thought by Flyleaf when she felt her phone suddenly vibrate. She lifted her head and opened it up only to see a text from the girl that was the source of her pain. All the text said was "Needy . . ."

Needy quickly sent her reply saying "What?" when there was a knock on the door. "Sorry mom!" Needy shouted over the music, quickly wiping away her tears and getting up. "I'll turn it down. I didn't know you'd be home . . ." Needy opened her bedroom door and was surprised when she didn't see her mom, but Jennifer Check standing in front of her with her head down, playing with her BFF necklace.

"I miss you . . ." Jennifer looked up at Needy with tear filled eyes.

Needy looked away from her sandbox lover when she felt tears well up in her eyes all over again. Swallowing the lump in her throat Needy simply said "Get out."

"But Needy!" Jennifer took a step forward.

"I said get out!" Needy looked back at Jennifer, tears spilling out of her eyes now.

"Needy . . ." Jennifer grabbed her ex best friend's hand. "Please . . Just hear me out . . ."

"I gave you a chance in the bathroom Jennifer. You missed it. The Needy boat has sailed. Now get out." Needy pulled her hand out of Jennifer's grasp.

"But Needy . . . I need to tell you something!"

"I don't care! Just go aw-"

Jennifer grabbed Needy's face and pulled her in for a slow, deep kiss, interrupting whatever the blonde was about to say. Jennifer had never kissed her like this before. The kiss was soft, slow, and deliberate, like the brunette was trying to get something through to her friend.

Before the two girls could get too into the kiss they heard the front door open and close, signaling Needy's mom was home. Both jumped apart before her mother could see them, both blushing just as bad as the other.

"Needy . . . I . . ." Jennifer started, but then Needy's mom came up the stairs to her room, interrupting whatever Jennifer was about to say.

"Oh! Jennifer what are you doing here? It's late, shouldn't you be at home in bed?" "Well . . ." Jennifer started.

"Yeah, she was just leaving." Needy looked away from the her ex best friend, she couldn't stand to see the hurt look on Jennifer's face.

"Yeah . . . I was just leaving . . ." Jennifer looked down and started to head out. "We WILL talk later Needy." And with that Jennifer Check was gone and she was very determined. She was going to get her Needy back.

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