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1st Month

It was the end of yet another world conference, and as the various countries were preparing to head home Mattie stopped her neighbor to the south with an important announcement.

Oh god! What's he going to say when I tell him? Will he even believe me? I knew I should have told him sooner, but I only found out last week! Please be ok with it, please be ok with it, pleasebeokwithit! And whatever you do please don't faint when I say the word!

"Um Alfred, could you wait up a second? There's something I need to talk to you about…privately."

"Sure Mattie, no problem," he answered.

And so they waited, until every last nation other than the two were absent from the room. The awkward silence carried on into the loneliness. Mattie was at a loss for what to say. How was she just going to say this without giving the man in front of her a heart attack?

I just have to put it out there! I'm sure he'll be fine, she thought, not believing herself in the least.

"S-so Alfred…you know how babies are made…right?"

OH yea, like that wasn't completely lame! He's probably looking at you like you're an idiot!

But she merely heard a sigh.

"Yes, Mattie, I do know how babies are made. What's you're point?" Geez, did everybody think he was a moron?

"W-well…uh…," her face was starting to get hot at this point. Come on you coward, just tell him! What's the worst that could really happen?

"Well…you see…about that…it's really funny, you know…." Her face grew bright red, the same color as the red tint in her naturally blond hair. She could barely admit it to herself still, how was she supposed to tell Alfred of all people!

"D-d-do y-you like kids?" she asked, once again as if her legs were about to crumble from right beneath her.

"What?" he asked, a little fazed, but quickly regained his composure. "Oh, yea, I love kids. They're really fun to have around, even if taking care of them is kinda troublesome. But yea, kids are great! Why do you ask?"

"Oh! N-no reason really…I just…"

Mattie clamped her eyes shut in frustration. She wasn't gong to do this anymore! She just had to come out and say it, accepting any consequences that might come. She had to tell him! She drew in a huge breath.


Nothing. She didn't hear any sort of yells or objections or even the sound of Alfred dropping to the floor passed out. He just stared at her. This was so much worse than she had expected! That is, until she finally heard his reply.

"Oh. Congratulations, I guess. I always thought you'd want to wait a bit more for this sort of thing, but I guess I was wrong, huh?" And then, almost as if on purpose, he asked the most oblivious question Mattie was sure even he wasn't capable of. "So…who's the father?"

Once again, nothing. How was it possible for someone to be this oblivious? It just wasn't natural!

I guess I'm going to have to spell it out for him…

"Alfred," she started, almost irritated now, "do you remember that one night, when I was really upset because, once again, no one had listened to my ideas at the world conference? And you offered to drive me home?"

He scrunched up his forehead in concentration, trying to remember, before it finally dawned on him. The confusion was quickly replaced with a look of pure shock.

Good, that's the reaction I was looking for.

"B-but! That was ages ago! How…! Why…!"

Again Mattie became just a little annoyed.



"It was last month. I'm already a month in now in fact!" She gave this last note with a glowing smile as she delicately place a slender hand over her abdomen.

"Mattie…" he was at a total loss for words, for the first time in his life. How did this happen? (well, he knew how it happened. He had just been reminded of it)

"I'm pregnant Alfred," stating it once again, completely thrilled now, her blue eyes glistening with pure joy. "I'm pregnant, and you're the father!"

Suddenly a large crash bellowed throughout the room as the double doors burst open, revealing nearly every nation that had been at the previous conference.


"I wonder what was so important they had to wait 'till everyone left?"

"Hey, move over. I can't hear, aru!"

"What are they saying, what are they saying?"

Nearly every country that had attended the world summit was currently gathered outside the main door, trying to listen in on the private conversation between Mattie and Alfred. Though it had seemed like no one was paying attention, the truth was that France had heard the whole discussion about staying after the summit and Francis, being who he is, immediately told everyone else. You'd be surprised how quickly gossip spread through personified countries with nothing better to do.

Although, with so many people crowded around one doorway, things you're trying to hear tend to get a little muffled.

England- not entirely approving of spying on the two-managed to hear Mattie stuttering (surprise surprise) meaning that whatever they were talking about was a very uncomfortable subject for her. His curiosity rose just a quarter of a degree as he could have sworn he heard her mumble something about 'not knowing how to put it'.

Everybody began to lean in, suspense rising dramatically as the words 'love' and 'kids' came up out of the muffled conversation.

And before anyone was prepared, a sudden yell came from the room in the form of an "Alfred-I'm-going-to-have-a-baby!"

Silence, both from the crowd and the room beyond. No one had been prepared for that. Certainly not Francis or Arthur who, at the moment, looked like they were about to cry and strangle someone at the same time.

But more importantly, the two father figures were both wondering who exactly the person who had defiled their little girl was, and why she was confiding in Alfred of all people! Sure they were extremely close, so much that they were often mistaken for brother and sister, but they had never exactly seen eye to eye on most matters. She was usually much more comfortable talking to her two dads if anything was troubling her.

But soon both answers were given as another well heard comment emitted from the room.

"I'm pregnant Alfred, and you're the father!" the statement was said in a tone of pure joy, but the feeling was short lived as every nation suddenly screamed at the top of their lungs and came bursting through to door, most toppling over one another.


How had it turned into this? One minute poor little Mattie had been sharing a very delicate (if not awkward) matter with Alfred, and the next she was being questioned left and right by every personified nation she new. Arthur was trying to beat the snot out of a passed out Alfred (I knew he'd overreact to the word 'pregnant'…), and Francis, along with everybody else (though mainly the other girls), was trying to get more details out of her, having already gotten over the shock and ecstatic about being a grandpa.

As Mattie tried to escape the bombardment of questions she managed to locate Roderich, better known as Austria.

"Look everyone, I know you're all curious, but to be honest, I don't know that much myself. If you want details you should talk to Roderich!" she stated, quickly hiding behind him.

"Rod? What's he got to do with any of this?" Elizaveta asked.

"He's the one who confirmed that I was pregnant. He is a qualified doctor after all."

"Yes, and if you would be so kind as to not suffocate her with questions, that would be helpful. All the stress you're giving her is bad for the child." He gave them an icy stare that finally got everyone quiet. But soon enough, Mattie was being pulled over to a chair to sit down by Hungary and Ukraine as the usual questions and concerns transferred to Austria.

"Dear, you must sit down," Katya insisted. "You have to relax, for the baby." Mattie complied, gently resting herself in the seat. She was glad to have people like Ukraine to look after her. She was always so nice.

"I should have guessed as much when I saw you though," Elizaveta commented with a smirk. "I mean, you were practically glowing when you came to the summit today!"

Mattie blushed. Of course she had always been good friends with some of the girls like Ukraine and Hungary, and even little Lichtenstein, but she still wasn't used to all this attention.

Suddenly she noticed that Alfred was no longer hiding from Arthur trying to beat him to a pulp. Instead he was slowly walking toward her, with that look he got on his face whenever he broke a window with his baseball, like when they were kids.

But they weren't kids, not anymore, and he now had to come to terms with the responsibility Mattie had given him. He was going to make this work!

He stared directly into Canada's crystal blue eyes, venturing behind the wire-rimmed glasses hoping for some kind of message, or sign, or anything that he could interpret as an It'll be alright Alfred! Being a dad is easy! There's absolutely nothing you need to worry about!

But all he got was a beautiful ocean staring back at him. He gave another sigh.

"Mattie…" he was at a loss, again. That's twice today he had no idea what to say to the girl... no, the woman sitting before him.

"Alfred," she cut him off, "if you're not ready for this, I understand. We can just have the baby adopted after it's born, if that's what you want. You don't have to be a part of this if you don't want to; just as long as you're happy."

Both of the other girls looked at her with shocked expressions, but remained silent, probably waiting for Alfred's response. Did she honestly think the problem was that he didn't want the baby?

"Mattie, that's not it at all! Of course I want to keep it! I'm just a bit overwhelmed is all, but it's our kid and we're going to raise it, right?"

Again, that smile; that smile that made Alfred's heart melt and the rest of the world just disappear.

"Right! I'm glad you're ok, Alfred!"

Man! It should have been illegal to be that cute! The powerful nation gave a small blush as he bent down to give her a slight kiss on the cheek, receiving an equally noticeable blush in return (along with a rather embarrassing squeal from Hungary).

Mattie was about to say something when her face suddenly turned a nasty shade of green. She quickly mumbled something like 'have to puke' and rushed out the door.

"Oh, that's right," Katya said, "I almost forgot about all the symptoms that come with being pregnant. Poor Mattie…"

"You ready lover boy?" Elizaveta asked a confused Alfred. " 'Cause you better be prepared for nine months of puking, food cravings and mood swings!"

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