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Hello my fellow worshipper's of the ambrosia that we know as fanfiction, but before anything else, please allow me to introduce my self.

My name is AvatarofDeath13, but any of my fellow fanfic writers whom have a name listed in my 'Book of Awesomeness' can call me AvaDe13 (or Avade13 or just Avade, if you're a really good friend and are either tight with me or just plain lazy when addressing others with long/hard to remember names).

This will be my first fanfic, I have most of the plot pretty much figured out and will slowly make all the necessary details finalized with time.

Naruto: A Zoid's Tale is a fanfic that follows the events surrounding the characters of the Naruto universe in an alternate universe that combines the chakra-manipulating ninja with the mechanical monsters of the Zoids franchise. In this story, all the fights between ninjas will be substituted with fights between those ninja pilots and their Zoids.

Please note before you read this story, for the most part I will not be taking too many suggestions in relation to certain characters using certain Zoids, or certain characters being paired with other characters. This also applies to how the story will go, as unless a suggestion I find from anyone is too good not to implement, chances are you won't see anything besides my own ideas in the story.

Also note, seeing as Naruto is the protagonist and the central character of this story, I thought it would be best to inform you I have already decided and set his main pairing. In case you were wondering, Naruto's love interest will be a character that I constantly chastise Kishimoto for tossing aside without a second glance, even though I understand that it was pointless for him to do otherwise. Her name is Yugito Nii, and she will be Naruto's intended in this story, end of discussion.

I will not repeat myself, this decision is final, and unless I meet my death sooner than scheduled it will not change, although it that case this story will either be offered up to the fanfiction population to finish or left to collect dust, thus negating the whole questioning of a pairing change possibility. Most of my stories will either have the pairings set, or they will be open to variation, but I will always state which at the very beginning.

A saying of mine goes that an excellent writer can not just manipulate tension, but they are able to deliver the effect of shock even when the reader knows fully well what to expect. I can never settle for less, and I abhor a repetitive trend with little variation, and while I doubt many of my ideas are original by any means, the setup and presentation of my ideas will constitute more originality than often seen by most authors.

All in all, I will all but guarantee this story to serve as a harbinger of sorts, a role model that for many hopeful writers will serve as a rubric or measuring stick for their own initial works, and thus slowly lead fanfiction to a new golden age.

And now, my first disclaimer! Oh the euphoria is simply electrifying!

Disclaimer: I, AvatarofDeath13, do herby quote that under no circumstances do I lay claim of any aspect of the manga/animes Naruto and Zoids, all characters both living and mechanical are the property of and belong to their respective owners. Any original ideas, characters, or objects developed by myself will have any and all sources of inspiration cited and credit given to their respective parties, although the original non-canonical creations that I lay claim to in fact I claim by right as my own, and only the owners of these sources of inspiration or the creators of the animes bear any right to challenge my claims whatsoever. I make no profit from my works, and they are created for the sole purpose of bringing priceless entertainment to their creator and his reviewers, and in the circumstances that any profit is made all profits shall be delivered to the anime's creators and/or the bearers of rights to claim whatever concepts, ideas, or characters borrowed or inspired by. This is my declaration of abiding the rights of claiming, so mote it be!

And my own unique disclaimer!

Private Disclaimer: I, AvatarofDeath13 will not make such a long and unnecessary disclaimer in the future.

And now, onto the story!


The Village Hidden in the Leaves, the self-proclaimed greatest of the Five Great Hidden Villages, a claim given weight in comparing Konoha with the other villages in terms of military strength, economic stability, and political connections to name a few. It is said that each generation of Shinobi produced by Konoha can be related to a tree: it starts out weak and brittle at first, but if nurtured right and given enough time and attention, it become a tree so large and sturdy that together with others like it completely overshadow anything and everything else around them. And yet, why would it be so important to be the focus of our tale?

In a world populated by mechanical life forms that are commonly referred to as Zoids, one would think the humans as nothing more than scenery and these Zoids as the 'people' of earth. Yet like animals, most Zoids are incapable of unlocking their full potential because they lack the mental capacity to make logic-based decisions, running on simple instinct to live their lives day by day. Thus, we introduce humans, beings that, despite their appearance of fragile things, have long ago learned to explore and unleash their own potential, allowing themselves to survive in a world where any random Zoids could crush and kill an entire village of people unintentionally when chasing another Zoid in simple fun play.

Eventually speaking, while some humans spent their time learning to make themselves stronger, others attempted to gain power by other means, and thus birthed the origins of Zoid-human interaction. These wild Zoids, upon befriending and bonding with these outgoing humans, learned to utilize their potential to heights far beyond what was imaginable, and thus created the mutually beneficial relationship between a Zoid and what would be coined it's 'pilot.'

Unlike a horse or a bull, these Zoids were not just some steed meant to carry the humans as they fought: they themselves often waged battles in the human's stead, and soon enough the focus of future wars changed from humans fighting humans directly to indirect fighting between two or more colossal beasts of unimaginable power piloted by humans.

With the passage of time, the people whom tamed the Zoids, and the people whom tamed their own wild energies known as 'Chakra' mixed and mated, and gave birth to those whom bore both talents, giving rise to the first generations of what modern society classifies as the Zoid pilot-ninja hybrids, or Ninja-Z for short.

Eventually, after constant fighting and three horrific Shinobi wars, an era of relative peace has encompassed the world of ninja and Zoid, or at least what constitutes as peaceful in a time of hired assassins and mechanical behemoths, a time where only a seldom unlucky few experience what is considered true hardship.

However, like the calm before the storm, the world is about to turn upon itself without little to no warning, and thus we take ourselves to the Village Hidden in the Leaves, because it is here that one individual, given a blessing entwined within a curse, will serve as the deciding factor in the fate of the entire world. This individual, goes by the name of…


===X===X===X Chapter One: Genosaurer! My name is Naruto! X===X===X===

This morning within Konoha starts off with some of the best promise for a perfect day than any other in recent weeks for one Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage and entrusted and beloved leader of the entire village. Despite his age and the pains that accompany one whom bears the guilt of every death brought by his men or upon them, every voice snuffed out in his quest to make Konoha as much a utopia as he could for his precious village.

Taking a look out the window, overlooking the village that he had protected and shed blood and tears for his whole life, and for which he continues to protect and shed blood and tears, he breathes in deeply as he uses what little free time he has to relax, feeling more content with every stroke of his calligraphy brush upon another example of the 'art of writing', a rare hobby to practice in a world where more than eighty percent of one's free time was spent in relation of any kind to Zoids. This was the much-needed nirvana that Hiruzen needed: no missions to appoint or give out, no condolences to offer to families with a recent ninja death, no more of the dreaded paperwork that is considered by all Kages as the greatest unholy abomination to ever exist, and most of all, no blonde-haired whiskered troublemakers to make him lose his mind…

But like all good things, even Hiruzen's perfect day had to meet a road bump, and that came into being with the sudden commotion sounding in the waiting room of the Hokage's office, before the door burst open without warning, and an unnamed Jonin unceremoniously dropped the two things he had been dragging in his hands onto the hard wooden floor, shortly followed by not one, not two, but three platoons of Anbu.

"Hokage-sama! This is the last straw! Naruto has gone too far this time, and I believe even you will agree with me on this!", was the Jonin's loud and abrupt exclamation.

A heavy sigh was the automatic response given by Hiruzen, whose thoughts drifted to, '…and this day was going so well, too…', before setting aside his brush and standing up to meet the eye, or in this case, eyes of the guilty party. Hiruzen's old dark eyes stared into two sets of eyes, one being a pair of blue eyes that seemed to shine with such purity that could calm storms and quell any savage beast, and yet at the same time eyes that masked the hollow void within the eye's owner of which he could recognize only due to his involvement in this individual's life and treatment; the other pair being a crimson red that at first glance seemed threatening but in truth held a mere mischievous curiosity clouted in innocence like it's fellow partner in crime, and at the same time it too masked invisible scars that could only be visible when the eye's owner turned to look at it's partner in concern.

Staring into the faces of these two, Hiruzen groaned and asked in a tone suggesting that this was far too common an occurrence, "What have they done this time now?"

When all the eyes drifted off to the window that overlooked the village, Hiruzen's eyes followed as well, and upon discovering the source of all the commotion, Hiruzen had to will himself to not reflexively gape like a fish at what many would consider the worst possible case of vandalism this village had ever experienced.

Upon the faces of the Hokage monument, a mountain that had the carved head of all of the Hokages of past and present and one of Konoha's greatest sources of pride and renown, what could be bluntly described as graffiti now littered the faces, which when pieced together actually seemed to give each face a different comical look. His eye began to twitch at the way Naruto and his friend had realistically created a unique expression for each face, only made worse when he realized with horror that Naruto had been extremely accurate in his 'work,' as each one fitted that specific face to a T.

The Shodaime Hokage, Hashirama Senju has been adorned with bulging veins and biting his lips as he glared at his adjacent neighbor. Hiruzen was one of the endangered few whom knew Hashirama personally and the truth that the legendary temper and strength that Tsunade of the Densetsu no Sannin possessed had been passed down from Hashirama himself… which was supposedly why he had been assigned as Tsunade sensei when she was a Genin, because he already knew how to handle a hot-tempered Senju.

The Niidaime Hokage, Tobirama Senju, in contrast, had lines drawn from his eyes to various parts of his face ranging and had a lecherous grin only given by a truly arrogant show-off completely ignorant of his two neighbors. The realistic portrayal of Tobirama was an even greater secret Hiruzen wanted to remain buried, after all who knows how the Elemental Country's Kunoichi population would react if they learned that it was Hiruzen's introduction of Jiraiya to Tobirama that created the grandstanding super-pervert and bane of all Kunoichi's that was Icha Icha Paradise's author, the Toad Sennin himself:

Upon casting a glance to his facial monument, Hiruzen was not surprised that he had been given an expression of quiet denial that gave off the impression that he wanted nothing to do with whatever fight would break out between his two predecessors and ignores the purple serpentine eye-markings adorning his eyes… wait what?! Doing a double take, Sarutobi realized with a silent horror that upon closer inspection, his monument had been slightly altered to give it a more snake-like appearance, and Hiruzen knew all too well why he had missed it. After all, only two individuals had managed to perfect what was known as the Hiruzen-Sensei Denial Expression, created in response to the foolish shenanigans conducted by two of the three subordinates of Team Sarutobi: Hiruzen himself, and his traitor of a student Orochimaru.

Noticing the trend in shocks that became more powerful upon looking at each part of his own past, resigning himself to see what memory Naruto would unintentionally revive this time, Hiruzen opened his eyes to gaze upon the visage of the Yondaime Hokage… and dropped the smoking pipe he had been preparing to light from his hand.

Out of all the 'renovations' made to the four faces of the Hokage monument, the Yondaime's was surprisingly the least affected, and in fact at first glance it looked like Naruto had simply been unable to work on the Yondaime before being spotted… but then Hiruzen saw the crude but still somewhat visible trio of lines drawn on each cheek of the Yondaime. The scariest part was: with those whisker marks the Yondaime looked exactly like an older clone of Naruto, and somehow Hiruzen instantly knew it was more than just coincidence, finally turning to glare at the duo of mayhem, his patience having finally met it's end.

The Jonin began to visibly fidget, while the quiet Anbu took the time to observe the 'handiwork' done by the two troublemakers, and upon noticing the striking resemblance between their precious Yondaime and the young boy laying at their feet, began to switch between looking back and forth between the two.

Hiruzen immediately noticed this and internally panicked, it wouldn't take long before the Anbu solved this dangerous puzzle like any other in the past, and what was worse was that the Anbu - despite being revered for carrying secrets entrusted by others to the grave if needed - were not able to keep their own self-discovered secrets for their lives. Hell, it was a well known fact that a large majority of the information fed to Kunoichi gossip magazines came straight from the mouth of the female Anbu members with better file access, especially upon discovering a secret too juicy to hide.

Deciding to nip that problem in the butt before it could rear it's ugly head, Hiruzen decided to play it safe and instead grabbed the attention of the curious party in his office by coughed and then with an added glare for effect asked, "How long did it take you to capture Naruto and his… friend?"

Of the three Anbu platoons, two of the platoons were growing nervous and knew it would be proverbial suicide to answer his question themselves, however one brave… and foolish rookie Anbu with a Tengu mask answered, "Three-hours, Hokage-sama! ", only to squeak in surprise as he experienced the combined killing intent of all the other Anbu members present, ready to pounce on him for 'snitching.'

Inwardly, Hiruzen grinned at the save he had just been granted, thanks to the unintentional opening presented by the newest rookie Anbu and his honesty that had not been conditioned to utilize all means possible to cover his elder's asses, Hiruzen mentally decided that maybe today might end off better than he had just been ready to believe, and the Anbu waited, not expecting to like what was going to be said…


Hiruzen took the moment needed to decide what he would do, wondering how again he allowed himself to be conned into taking this job again, and dismissed the Jonin before any more questions could be asked, before turning to face the Anbu, and barking out, "Ushi! Shishi! Kamakiri!" Like an automatic reflex, the respective Anbu Captain of each platoon came forth directly in front of Hiruzen, only to stiffen as a small but slowly growing pressure began to force itself upon them, which only seemed to increase as they began to sweat from the combination of strain and fear.

Taking his time to get them into the easiest state for him to manipulate and deal with was what Hiruzen did best, he had been far too lenient on his Anbu over the years, and he needed to remind them why he was still the Hokage. Even more so, he was enjoying the chance to cut loose a little and mess around with others like Naruto had often told him to do, which he was starting to seriously consider: Hiruzen Sarutobi seriously needed a vacation… maybe he should retire and announce either Jiraiya or Tsunade as Godaime Hokage, their reaction would be an expression worth dying for. Hell, even Naruto would do nicely as his successor… Kami knows the boy had more of the Will of Fire in his pinky than most of Konoha's ninja had together as a whole.

The small but noticeable squeal issued forth from both Shishi and Kamakiri whom were ready to buckle under the unreal pressure brought by Hiruzen's chakra, reunited him with the present, and finally decided to suppress the chakra aura, much to the relief of the three Anbu Captains whom could now breathe normally now. They realized they still weren't off the hook as Hiruzen finally asked, "Can you three explain what you were doing when your platoons were attempting to perform a task that was well beyond their capability?"

The apparent confusion that was expressed in Tengu's body motions, couple with the surprised reaction from the other Anbu led Hiruzen to continue his thoughts, "Naruto here, despite first impression is actually a master of stealth and evasion not seen since the Niidaime Hokage himself. If Naruto doesn't want to be found, chances are unless Kami herself is helping you you're not going to find him."

At the questioning looks from the Anbu, to which both Naruto and Hiruzen could only grin at, Hiruzen explained, "Truth be told, Naruto usually leads his humorous village-wide chases because I ask him to hold back on you, if he was serious I myself would be unable to locate him. In fact, the only Shinobi that have ever successfully caught Naruto with a Zoid at his best are in fact former Hebi Sannin Orochimaru and former Anbu Captain Uchiha Itachi… but that is to be expected when both helped raise and even train Naruto before they went rogue."

That sent a shock like no other through the Anbu present, as both Orochimaru and Uchiha Itachi were the supposed ultimate prodigies of their generations, whom abandoned Konoha on their own whims. Both legendary missing-nin were responsible for their bone-chilling inhuman acts before leaving, illegal experimenting and forbidden research upon human subjects on Orochimaru's part and slaughtering his entire clan save his little brother on Itachi's part.

This made the situation that much harder to accept for the Anbu, as Hiruzen was basically saying that Naruto was a prodigy that usurped both Orochimaru and Itachi in potential. What was causing many an Anbu to fall into terror was that both went rogue likely from succumbing to too much pressure, and Naruto was the worst case of a pressured individual: a pariah that basically had his entire existence scorned and rejected by Konoha.

So with this knowledge, there was essentially no estimating how much Konoha would suffer if Naruto finally snapped and went the path of his two caretakers and sensei's Itachi and Orochimaru, and that's assuming Naruto leaves enough of Konoha to run damage control within in the first place.

Naruto snorted at the Anbu's reaction, and Hiruzen silently agreed with them, as only when he himself put things into perspective for the people of Konoha, did they actually think what the consequences of their actions would beget. Deciding that he wanted answers, Hiruzen repeated his question, "Well? Ushi, Shishi, Kamakiri? I have already explained this to you in the past, so why is it this time you forget to remind your Anbu platoons that they have better things to do than work for a hopeless cause, and speaking of which… how did you even manage to catch Naruto?"

The tallest and the most broad of the Anbu captains that was named 'Bull' stepped up and answered, "Hokage-sama, I was busy interrogating the recently captured missing-nin that you had assigned me to interrogate with Ibiki, and only when I finished was I alerted that another 'Uzumaki-chase' was in progress. By the time I caught up with my platoon to dismiss them, Uzumaki Naruto had already been caught."

Taking a moment to mentally confirm this, Hiruzen eventually nodded upon realizing that he had in fact done just that in assigning Ushi to interrogate a Suna-missing nin that had information pertaining to some possible future war, which was why he had made sure Ushi and Ibiki were not to be interrupted. Ushi in response let out a breath in relief now that he was cleared and out of the 'hot zone' as Anbu called it when under the Hokage's scrutiny.

Following the actions of her predecessor, the feminine 'Lion' stood up and explained, "Like Ushi, Hokage-sama, I was also preoccupied, having just returned from another solo A-Rank mission and was on my way to report to you for debriefing when I was informed that another Uzumaki-chase was underway, and managed to catch my platoon just as they were returning to report their capture of Uzumaki." Hiruzen already remembered that detail before Shishi had finished, and acknowledged Shishi with a similar response as Ushi.

Unlike the previous two, 'Mantis' shuffled up obviously a bit nervous, which both Hiruzen and Naruto seemed to notice, and patiently waited as Kamakiri harked on about training and doing a favor and a bunch of other crackpot excuses that had nobody fooled, and Hiruzen growled in irritation, "Before I lose my temper, may I ask how you actually managed to catch Naruto-kun here?"

The answer, unexpectedly came from Naruto himself, "Hokage-jiji, I wanted to tell Yu… sorry - I remember about Anbu and their secrecy - I mean Neko-Chan, about something I found out today about Kamakiri-teme here, and completely forgot that I was being chased when I went to go talk to her.", drawing the attention of everyone including the curious Anbu 'Cat' and the nervous 'Mantis.'

When asked to go on by Hiruzen, Naruto revealed, "I wanted to tell Neko-chan that I saw Kamakiri-teme earlier today with that green-haired baka-onna Jonin that wanted to have me executed the other day, you know… the one that I snorted at because she was bragging to her friends that she could make me obey any order she had due to some stupid jutsu of hers that controlled demons, which was total bull and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, I mean do I look like a demon?"

The answer, or the socially correct answer in front of the Hokage, was of course no, even if many of the Anbu disagreed because they thought he was a demon just because or as a result of making their lives a prank-filled hell. Naruto then decided to cut the awkward silence by finishing his tale, "They were doing the ecchi in the same alley where I was hiding in a dumpster from the Anbu and their Zoids after I bailed on the Hellcat I 'borrowed' to escape during the chase. In my hurry, I got caught by Kamakiri-teme here when he spotted me sneaking out of the dumpster."

The reaction brought quiet loathing from most of the Anbu present for Kamakiri's dishonesty and disregard of responsibility, silent rage from Neko - as she and Kamakiri had been dating for quite some time, restrained fury from Tengu - as he had fancied Neko himself and thus envied Kamakiri's luck, and pure disgust from Hiruzen as this was not the first time Kamakiri had pulled something like this.

Hiruzen growled out, "Kamakiri, this is the last straw! It appears I've been too lenient with you due to your mission success rate, but not even Kakashi abused his authority this badly when he was an Anbu Captain! You can do us all a favor, and leave your mask behind here, you are no longer an Anbu."

The words took a moment to fully reach Kamakiri, and when he finally realized this wasn't a hallucination, he reluctantly removed his mask and revealed his face to be that of one Gekkou Hayate, whom gave one last look of hate towards a smirking Naruto, before leaving the office.

After silence reigned in for a minute, Hiruzen broke it with his final, "I've heard enough. Naruto, you and your companion stay behind, Tengu, you stay behind as well. Neko, I suggest you take a week off before you resume your duties with what's happened today, the rest of you are dismissed.", which was met with reflexive 'Hai' from the Anbu and a half-hearted 'Hai' from Neko before they all left.

Getting to the point, Hiruzen looked at Tengu and made his point, "Seeing as we are short one Anbu Captain, coupled with the lack of faith I have for the division as a whole, leads me to do something a little unorthodox. Tengu, while you have only been an Anbu for a little less than half a year, you have proven trustworthy in that you can put your duties before your own standing among your fellow Anbu, and as Naruto might say, 'It's about damned time!'"

Waiting a moment to let the anticipation take over the giddy Tengu, Hiruzen continued, "I could go on, but I'm sure you have a pretty good idea of any other reasons for what I'm about to do: Tengu, I am appointing you as the new Anbu Captain to replace former Anbu Captain Kamakiri, report to Anbu HQ tomorrow to receive your Captain tattoo. You are dismissed."

With an obnoxious grin that could be felt even when hidden by his mask, Tengu could only nod and turn to Naruto and mention, "It seems that my birthday wish came true, I owe you one Naruto-kun.", which drew a devious smirk from the blonde, whom replied, "I'll hold you to that, Tengu!", which Tengu happily accepted and left with a newfound skip in his steps.

With the office alone save for the Sandaime, Naruto and his partner-in-crime, the silence that descended lasted for about three minutes, until Hiruzen simply took a deep sigh and lamented, "…what am I going to do with you, Naruto-kun? You bring both blessings and curses within each and every action you take, and I'm unable to ponder which to hold you in greater regard. You and your companion both."

The only response given to Hiruzen's comment was as indignant yelp that came from Naruto's companion, whom had remained surprisingly silent throughout the entire ordeal, which drew Hiruzen's attention from Naruto to the figure on the ground next to Naruto.

Whereas Naruto was a short, blonde-haired boy clad in a black jumpsuit with a few orange highlights, his cohort was not even human: resembling a Zoid of some sort, but it was much too small to constitute as one, and wasn't even able to be piloted. This just so happened to be a rare being that was known as an Organoid, a miniature Zoid that possessed the ability to fuse with other Zoids to enhance that Zoid's performance to levels unheard of.

This Organoid took the form of a dark crimson red fox covered in black tribal markings, with long ears akin to a rabbit, and nine long elegant tails that flailed about silently behind it. Affectionately named 'Kyu' by Naruto for his unique possession of nine tails, the Organoid Kyu happened to be the lifelong companion of Naruto, whom followed Naruto wherever he went. Kyu in fact happened to be one being Hiruzen could absolutely trust Naruto's safety with, and was Naruto's biggest lifeline in a village that treated him as being sub-human at best.

Normally, were it anyone else Hiruzen would have exacted a very harsh punishment for creating such a hassle and thus bringing possibly more paperwork for Hiruzen to fill out, but this was Naruto, a boy that had already been dealt possibly the worst hand possible by Fate and whom he saw as a surrogate grandson. Hiruzen in reality could no more punish Naruto than he could torture his other grandson Konohamaru, and thus allowed Naruto to get away with everything he did.

Guilt was the main reason for his leniency, as Hiruzen had been only able to do so much to make up for the abuse and neglect suffered at the hands of his village. As a civilian Naruto had fallen under the jurisdiction of the Civilian Council, many of whom were old crones whom lived in the past and could never be made to see with reason. Having suffered at the hands of the attack brought upon by the Nine-Tailed Bijuu that took many a life, including Konoha's beloved Yondaime Hokage after defeating the monstrosity of a Zoid, they targeted Naruto as a scapegoat for events that were essentially beyond his control.

At least Orochimaru had watched and raised Naruto for the first three years to be independent and take care of himself before going rogue, and Itachi had picked up the mantle and did it well until his own betrayal, compared to the actins of the village as a whole they were saints in comparison. During both times Naruto was nigh untouchable, what with two guardian prodigies scaring off the physically violent villagers, Naruto thus only having experienced four assassination attempts and seven mob beatings through that time, all of which were thwarted by an enraged Kyu seeing as it only happened whenever either Orochimaru or Itachi had been absent for missions and thus unable to be there to prevent it.

After Itachi's betrayal, and the council's adamant refusal to allow Hiruzen to assign Naruto any more caretakers, claiming that his 'evil' had 'tainted' Orochimaru and Itachi and did not want anyone else to fall victim to the 'curse'. With that said, open season had been essentially declared on Naruto, and it is only through a combination of miracles, Naruto's own stealth and survival skills, and Kyu's protection that Naruto had any sanity to bear from the abuse, beatings, and the worst case scenario for any child: rape.

Even to this day, Naruto refused to tell Hiruzen whom it was that had defiled him, and had basically admitted just two things: that it had happened only once, and that the rapist had been a woman. Hiruzen only found out by chance, as he had met with Naruto right after it had happened, and Naruto had never had the time needed to be able to hide his pain.

When he had decided to pop in and see how his surrogate grandson was doing, Hiruzen had unknowingly found Naruto right after it had happened, and noticed something wrong right away when Naruto was uncharacteristically quiet. He had gently prompted the blonde on what was wrong, and he had just up and tackled Hiruzen, sobbing into his robes while muttering incoherable gibberish that had Hiruzen grieving for the boy and the unknown cause of his hysterical state.

And that grief had turned to livid rage when the results of the physical and psychological diagnostic had revealed that Naruto had been subjected to rape, as never before had Naruto become so distraught from any beating or assassination attempt. In fact, usually Naruto hid any symptoms of either being beaten or surviving an assassination attempt so well that Hiruzen wouldn't know of any unless his Anbu reported them to him, and the boy wouldn't sell out anyone regardless of how they treated him.

The narrowing of the culprit's possible identity had ruled out any male as the rapist, as Naruto had no signs like anal bleeding or any other signs that he had been penetrated, and there had been no traces of foreign semen, emphasis on the foreign as semen had indeed been found… but that had turned out to be surprisingly and horrifyingly Naruto's own.

That, coupled with the numerous scratch marks that adorned Naruto's chest and back, the small remnants of vaginal fluid that were collected from Naruto's mouth and penis, and the detection of Viagra within Naruto's bloodstream all pointed to a woman being Naruto's victimizer.

Hiruzen had no qualms about having the culprit tortured and executed in a public display, but Naruto had denied him the identity of his rapist. At first thinking that Naruto was trying to protect his rapist like all his other offenders, he had been proven completely wrong when he had asked if those were his thoughts, and Naruto then gave Hiruzen the single coldest glare that he had ever experienced in his entire life.

The only answer given was, "Hokage-jiji, no one, and I mean NO ONE, is going to lay a hand on her, as she is mine to destroy and it is my hand that she will receive her just desserts. And I dare you to say otherwise." It might have been his old age, it might have been his soft spot for the boy, it might have been his wish to placate the desires of the rape victim in front of him, or it could have been that menacing bluish-silver that Naruto's eyes had somehow taken on, but in the end Hiruzen had relented to Naruto's wish.

It was sad… no, it was absolutely pathetic how Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage, could allow a single child to suffer so much in a village that he, not Iwa, not Kumo, HE controlled. But there was only so much that Hiruzen could do, what with running a village hat was still recovering from the Bijuu attack twelve years ago, as well as keeping the power-hungry politicians from gaining any more say in how things are done, and he couldn't expend resources like having Anbu guard Naruto, especially when half held a similar attitude towards the boy as the majority of the villagers.

Yet, every time he looked upon the young boy, Hiruzen's heart wrenched with self-disgust and sorrow that overshadowed all of his previous failings, and he wondered how long Naruto would withstand the abuse before he finally succumbed to madness like his two caretakers had.

Even the option of just granting Naruto the title of Genin was impossible, as Hiruzen could only do so by field promotion on a council-approved mission or by appealing to the council, of which the council knew all to well and thus made every attempt to refute, knowing that if Naruto became a ninja he would then fall under Hiruzen's jurisdiction solely, and anyone whom tried anything against him would be arrested, interrogated, and finally put to death, no questions asked, as that was the fate of anyone whom tried to assault a Konoha ninja.

And Hiruzen couldn't just send him off to someone like Jiraiya or Tsunade, as while Konoha hated Naruto they would never give him up because they would rather have a unused resource that they blatantly hated than let their enemies get said resource, they were that fickle. If Naruto were to leave as he was now, the council would pull every string and connection they had, and would search to the ends of the earth to find Naruto and bring him back to his personal hell.

And if Naruto were to be granted ninja status and wandering rights, the council would simply go over his head and declare him an A or S-class Missing Nin, regardless of Hiruzen's feelings or authority, and thus Naruto would spend the rest of his life on the run.

Adopting a look that basically said that he was questioning why he even bothered to continue being the Hokage, to protect a village that no longer held his Shodaime's 'will of fire' and would steep so low as to torment and rape a young child, Hiruzen dismissed Naruto and Kyu, wondering once again if ensuring Konoha's lasting legacy was worth the price of a child's happiness, sanity, and very soul.


"Well… that was easier that I'd thought it would be, Hokage-jiji's gonna be pissed when he finds out what I really intend on doing, right Kyu?" was the comment made by Naruto, which received a low growl of confirmation. Presently, both boy and Organoid were within a restricted sector deep under the Hokage Tower, that Naruto believed quite possibly expanded near a fifth the size of Konoha… which when considering how large a village must be to accommodate people passing by as well as fast-moving Zoids on the prowl, really is a lot of land when one thinks about it.

Normally, Naruto wouldn't be allowed down here at this time, no scratch that, Naruto wouldn't be allowed here period! Attempting to sneak into the Hokage's tower when nobody was around alone was criminal enough to warrant a trip to the Anbu Interrogation Cells, and that didn't even compare to the charges brought upon one whom accessed the restricted areas of the Hokage's tower without proper authorization.

On the other hand, Naruto had never been one to consider torturing by Anbu the worst possible scenario he could encounter, after all he suffered more physical and mental torture from Konoha as a whole every day for years now, and there was quite literally nothing the Anbu could do to compare with that.

But why was Naruto here in the first place, you may ask?

To understand, it started out with Naruto failing the Graduation Exam for the third time in a row. For the seemingly innumerable failures preceding this one, Naruto had in truth done more than enough to earn the right to pass, but discrimination from the examiners that hated him and had the authority to fail him if they felt he 'wasn't ready', led to his being failed just to make him all the more miserable.

This year the Sandaime caught onto the examiner's game, and in response to avoid future failures for Naruto's from the examiner's with irrational hatred for him, the Hokage had Naruto transferred back to his original teacher: Umino Iruka. Originally Naruto had joined with Iruka as his teacher, but when Iruka noticed Naruto's skill that rivaled experienced ninja piloting Zoids, Iruka had petitioned to have Naruto placed in an older and more advanced class that wouldn't slow him down, but that placed Naruto into the hands of teachers that were known haters of Naruto and thus leading to Naruto becoming part of Naruto's current graduating class. And even when Naruto should have gotten the fair treatment he deserved, in the end he still got screwed over.

It just seemed as if Fate never gave Naruto any leeway, and rather took her time being especially cruel in her maltreatment of him. After all, Naruto had actually managed to score not just high, but an actual perfect on the written portion of the exams, something that had many still calling shots on cheating.

Even more unfairly, Naruto had managed to score another perfect on the target and evasion portion of the exams, having used the provided firearm on the test Zoid to hit every single provided bull's-eye dead-center while dodging fire from a flying Zoid from overhead. In fact, Naruto had not only hit every bull's-eye and dodged every bit of enemy fire, he had also managed to shoot and bring down the enemy flying Zoid, all without the use of any targeting systems or auto-aim functions.

The part that drove Naruto up the wall, though, was the combat simulation portion, where the student seeking graduation would be forced in mock-combat against a certain number of examiners. In this part, the examiners would not attack, but dodge and evade the examinees Zoid for up to five minutes, with their final mark decided upon how well they did as well as how many Zoids they managed to take down if any.

Naruto, had the unfortunate luck of being examined by three of the Chunin whom truly hated him, and thus Naruto actually had to face real opponents that went all out trying to take him out. The result: Naruto had bested three Chunin examiners in less than 30 seconds, breaking the previous record held by Uchiha Itachi at defeating all three examiners in 1 minute 30 seconds, and Naruto had done it without taking a scratch, and made it look easy!

And you have to wonder just how did this… prodigious couldn't even describe Naruto's performance, not all but secure Naruto's placement as a ninja? Simple: Naruto was unable to pass because he couldn't properly Bio-Gattai with his test Zoid. Naruto knew that this was completely unfair, as even the dead last of the previous Graduating class, Rock Lee, had been able to graduate despite not having a fully-successful Gattai - and that's was due to a medical condition of Lee's - but of course Naruto always had to get the short stick in life.

It seems that the wise Council of Konoha had coincidentally put into effect a new regulation that all ninja graduates must be able to Bio-Gattai with their Zoid, or else they would fail, but Naruto knew it was no coincidence. When the council found out that Naruto actually had an unbiased opportunity to pass this year, they had thrown in that monkey wrench to ensure that Naruto still wouldn't pass, after all they couldn't let 'him' get more powerful and possibly destroy Konoha in vengeance for their trying to 'exact justice' on Naruto.

It was only made worse seeing as Naruto already knew exactly why he was ostracized and basically treated worse than any child molester or clan killer ever was: he was a Jinchuuriki, a human sacrifice. To be specific, he was the child used by the Yondaime Hokage, to take the seemingly unstoppable Bijuu Zoid the Kyuubi, and transform it into a friendly but protective Fox Organoid, Kyu himself.

Naruto didn't know all the specific details, but he had already figured out that he had been used as one of the sacrifices of whatever the Yondaime had done that had stopped the Kyuubi, the other being the Yondaime himself. He also knew that Kyu was a sort of reincarnation of the Bijuu Zoid that had attacked Konoha, as Kyu didn't go out on destruction binges like the Kyuubi had.

With some investigation, Naruto discovered that the Kyuubi's original consciousness and Bijuu energy reserves were sealed within Kyu, and the only way for Kyu was able to access any portion of the latter was through Naruto: specifically through Naruto's emotions. When Naruto was experiencing extreme negative emotions like rage or disgust, Kyu would become more aggressive and would exhibit greater physical traits than normally possible.

It appeared this was a result of the even more intricate bond between Naruto and Kyu, as Kyu's life was tied to Naruto's, and thus the original Kyuubi's instincts dictated the need to survive, and it was more than just their camaraderie that Kyu protected Naruto, even though Kyu would still have continued to do so regardless of the Kyuubi's survival instincts or not.

All of this Naruto had known for quite some time, doing the extensive research needed to piece together the facts, and even after learning the truth Naruto had never held it against his partner Organoid Kyu, and instead directed all of his ire and focused it on the villagers and their despicable actions. No matter what, the ungodly number of atrocities committed against him by the villagers was inexcusable, and the sole reason Naruto was more mentally mature and haunted than adults more than three times his age.

Getting back to the how of the current situation, when Naruto was forced to watch the other kids of his class celebrate with their parents, all the while receiving glares from them that basically told him to do everyone a favor and burn himself to ashes, who else but Naruto's other sensei this year, Mizuki, coming to tell Naruto of a special 'makeup exam' that basically involved sneaking into the Hokage's secret stash of forbidden Zoids, and making off with one of them to present to Mizuki his skills as an 'adequate ninja.'

'As if!', Naruto chuckled mentally, as he silently laughed with no small amount of mirth at Mizuki's gullibility, after all Naruto had asked the Hokage countless times if there was a makeup exam to graduate, and seeing as he wasn't a ninja at this point he knew very well Mizuki was lying off his tongue when he came up to Naruto with his 'special exam'. Even without his natural talent for unearthing even the slightest ounce of deception in someone's behavior, Naruto would have easily noticed the underlying intentions of his sensei like a shark would notice blood from a wounded animal in water.

In reality, Naruto had been planning and scheming for ages now, trying to find the perfect opportunity to achieve the one thing he had sought above all else: freedom from this hellhole he called Konoha, and Mizuki had created the perfect opening for Naruto's plan.

For months the Hokage had been suspicious of Mizuki, having intelligence that could quite possibly link him to Konoha's infamous traitor Orochimaru, and just today Naruto had indirectly confirmed the Hokage's beliefs on Mizuki being a mole of sorts, indirectly meaning that Naruto - while playing the part of the 'happy, cheery, hyper ball of sunshine' that was in truth Naruto's masterfully created mask - had ranted about Mizuki's 'secret exam' knowing the Anbu were in hearing distance.

Seeing as the Hokage had yet to have him apprehended, it only confirmed that the old man had fallen right into his trap. For all the tactical genius that Sarutobi Hiruzen was, he was actually quite easy to fool if you really truly knew the guy and his way of thinking. It was quite sad that Orochimaru thought he was five steps ahead of Konoha, Sarutobi thought he was ahead of his ex-student by ten steps, and all the while Naruto was ahead of all of them by no less than twenty steps with none of the others any the wiser.

The Hokage had played his infamous 'Pseudo-Ignorance' ploy, where once he spotted a rat would have all of his ninja that were aware of the rat behave no different, making the rat fall into a false sense of security, and only when the rat had caught his prize and was on his way to share it with his fellow rats would the Hokage's ninja pounce.

Naruto had deduced that the Hokage would basically allow Naruto to run freely amok the 'unprotected' secret Zoids in the Hokage's tower, when in reality he would only have been able to gain access to the Zoids that Hiruzen believed were weak enough that Naruto really couldn't do much harm with them, but still exotic enough to fool Mizuki into believing them worth much more, and then to bag Mizuki when confronting Naruto.

Too bad Naruto had anticipated this, and had made good use of the many skills that allowed him to slip past the barricade preventing access into the restricted area that the Hokage had planned Naruto to avoid, deactivate the traps that would have stopped him if he had tried to get the restricted areas anyways, and crack the code that made it nigh impossible otherwise to get into the place the Hokage had wanted him away from.

And now we find our young whiskered blonde and his Organoid Fox companion standing in front of a set of metal doors that looked bigger and tougher than the gates into Konoha itself, waiting for Naruto's cracked code to open the door.

Upon the creaking that signified the doors were opening and hadn't been used in quite some time, it opened with a dull blue light that engulfed the two as they waited for the doors to finally open, only to gasp as they stared into what looked like some sort of… gargantuan cryogenic freezing lab. The room was very cold, that much was certain as Naruto could see his breath whenever he breathed out, and it was large enough to fit the more than a hundred above-large sized Zoids encased in ice… wait, what?

"Holy shit…" was Naruto's blunt response, although an appropriate one for the shock he was experiencing in seeing a sight that very few people in his universe had the mental capacity to picture in their imagination.

Indeed, this frozen palace had Zoids upon Zoids lined up in elongated rows not unlike books in a library, all of them frozen solid and encased in a thick layer of ice that was constantly being maintained if the cables billowing more frozen mass were any indication.

Going through aisles of these Zoids randomly, taking a moment to observe each Zoid that he passed, and he noticed that in front of each ice-entombed Zoids was a profile set up like those in from of zoo animal exhibits, except these ones described what the Zoid was, what it was intended for, and why it was kept in stasis here.

Eventually, Naruto came upon a Zoid that for some reason seemed to call out to him like no other Zoid in his life, the only one that came even close was the Strum Tyrann that the Yondaime Hokage himself piloted. It became obvious why Naruto felt this call, as this Zoid was a Genosaurer, a type of Zoid that was the predecessor of the Zoid class that the Strum Tyrann belonged to, and finding that information alone had been incredibly difficult for even Naruto to find, which only meant it wasn't supposed to be common knowledge by any means.

Zoid-Type Base Model: Genosaurer

Model Designation: Des Genosaurer

Model Function: Deathsaurer-esque Zoid (Potentially believed to be able to unleash destruction on a scale similar to that of the Deathsaurer of legend, thus being able to serve the same purpose of an untouchable engine of destruction.)

[Model Specifics are unauthorized from view by SSS-Level Classification]

Model Owner: N/A (Originally intended for the Yondaime Hokage's son, until the child's untimely 'death' during the Kyuubi attack.)

Reading the profile out loud, Naruto became only more interested as he read along the small but curious information on the Zoid's profile, cursing with unbidden jealousy upon reading the line about the Zoid's intended owner, "Damn, someone has all the luck!" His jealousy turned into disgust and fury when he read the part detailing why the Zoid had ended up becoming a frozen mummy.

Reason for Imprisonment: Zoid was deemed too dangerous to allow to roam in the Sandaime Hokage's Zoid ranch. The Zoid would not accept any pilots, and killed anyone whom tried to pilot it. It is believed by the Sandaime that the Yondaime used some unknown sort of identification system based on a single genetic code imprinted in the Zoid's memory bank, to ensure that his son and only his son could pilot this Zoid without being rejected and killed.

To best describe the unfairness of the fate that had befallen this Zoid, Naruto growled out an ironically fitting, "Fate is a cruel bitch!". As Naruto laid down next to the frozen Zoid, he took the time to think of just simply how ironic the similarity of fate that he and this Zoid shared: it's not every day you meet any being, Zoid or not, that can relate to you in suffering, especially when considering how fucked up Naruto's situation was.

For the next few minutes the world had muted, not a word was spoken, not a sigh was released, not a growl was issued, a complete void of sound - save for the depraved laughter of Kami herself - as she cackled at the sick humor one might find in this meeting of martyrs.

While respecting the silence, Kyu was nevertheless active and restless, and just now more concerned over his partner's mental state than ever before and yet afraid to interrupt Naruto's 'trance'; thus distracting himself by switching between looking over the other frozen Zoids that only now seemed just a part of the scenery, staring at the coffin of ice that encased the potentially great Des Genosaurer, and finally glancing to his eerily quiet partner and his own locked stare to the Zoid he found he could empathize with.

As if an unknown signal was given, the solemn silence was broken when Naruto, in a melancholy tone remarked, "Isn't it funny how life works? When people say life isn't fair, I never imagined it would mean that it would be biased, and certainly not blindly bitch-fit biased like one of Sasuke's more 'unhinged' fangirls are to any human being that isn't the tragic 'Uchiha Prince': meaning no matter what you do you're never going to be considered in their thoughts for more than just a few seconds."

Completely dead to the world, Naruto's pain only continued to egg him on, keeping him oblivious to the growing fright that was visibly overcoming Kyu, whom unlike his partner has noticed that the frozen Genosaurer's eyes had started to glow a blood-red underneath the ice.

"You look truly magnificent, and yet here you are in a fucking tomb of ice! The diamond to surpass diamonds that is hidden away by a world composed of arrogant lumps of coal that fear losing their undeserved superiority. You're almost like… no, you're exactly like me, Des Genosaurer: a sacrifice made for the 'greater good' of our races, it's so ironic how we've both managed to get screwed over so badly that I wouldn't be surprised if the answer to life's purpose was simply to make our lives into one endless nightmare."

With a renewed vigor Naruto continued on, unaware that his Organoid companion was edging away slowly from him as the ice surrounding the Des Genosaurer began to give way little by little. Had anyone else been in Naruto's place, they would have immediately noticed the tell-tale signs that indicated that the Des Genosaurer was trying to escape it's frozen cage, but Naruto is always an exception to the norm in any situation.

"You've been basically damned to spend essentially the rest of eternity locked in this frozen hell, while I seem to have been damned for seemingly forever to roam the fiery hell that is Konoha. I can't really support the idealism that 'one should be grateful to Kami every day they are alive and experience pain - cause let's face it - for us it's the reverse: Kami should be grateful that she isn't alive and able to experience the pain that we go through every day we are alive."

The groan that seemed to emanate from the frozen Genosaurer as the ice around it began to give way was ignored by Naruto, whom seemed lost in his own little Zen as he went on in divulging the little tidbits of their ironically parallel fates, which seemed to motivate the frozen Zoid only more and more, until finally Naruto gave the unknowingly last push needed to begin a revolution.

"I bet my life, if Kami hadn't turned you into a Zoid version of a 'Jinchuuriki' like the Shinigami did me, you'd already be revered among all the other legendary Zoids of myth… that is, had the kid that the bastard Yondaime fathered managed to live and not bite the dust like his old man. If, from the get go, he lived, and wanted to free and pilot you, just as badly as I do right now, you'd already be the Emperor of all Zoids by this point in time…"

The large shard of ice sized like a kitchen sink that dropped and shattered only a foot or two away from Naruto snapped him out of his daze, and he looked up to see the Zoid that he had been talking to had suddenly decided to awaken and attempting to free itself. With one last shattering roar, the Des Genosaurer's tore from the ice encasing it's body, and turned to the one that had somehow managed to talk the Zoid into getting free.

Naruto quietly waited some distance from the Zoid, ironically frozen himself - except he was frozen by fear, the only thing standing between the powerful and possibly uncontrollable Zoid was Kyu, and as the Zoid seemed to stare at Naruto with what looked like curiosity, Naruto wondered if he would ever find out the one question that still plagued him to this day: why had the Yondaime chosen him of people to condemn to a fate that made Hell look benevolent?

So it came as a surprise to Naruto as the Des Genosaurer suddenly seemed to realize something, somehow inexplicable sensing that the Zoid was beyond elated for discovering something, and then proceeded to open the part of it's chest that was the cockpit of the Zoid and lower a cable to the floor that was obviously used to get into the cockpit to pilot the Zoid.

Having been shocked to the point that he couldn't yell, Naruto could barely stutter out, "Y-y-you w-w-w-want… m-me, to p-p-pilot y-you?", and the brief nod of the Des Genosaurer's head sent Naruto into a daze. His biggest question: why did it want him to pilot it, when it said that only the Yondaime's son… and suddenly, it seemed as if each and every single question Naruto had ever asked had been answered all at once.

Only the Yondaime's son was supposed to be able to pilot the Des Genosaurer, the Yondaime had used him of all children to become the sacrifice of Konoha, the Yondaime was the only other Konoha citizen to posses the exact same hair color, style, and eyes as Naruto. It could only mean: Naruto, was the son of the greatest ninja to ever live and Konoha's greatest Hokage, the Yondaime. As if subconsciously looking toward another source to confirm this, Naruto turned towards the Des Genosaurer's profile, and noted the last little tidbit that he hadn't seen earlier.

Parent Zoids

Maternal Zoid Parent - Strum Fury

Maternal Zoid Parent Pilot - Uzumaki Kushina

Paternal Zoid Parent - Strum Tyrann

Paternal Zoid Parent Pilot - [Yondaime Hokage] Namikaze Minato

If Naruto needed any more proof, beyond knowing that the Des Genosaurer that seemed to relate more to himself than any diary or imaginary friend ever could, was essentially his Zoid-brother, seeing as they shared the same Zoid/Pilot parents, however if there was any more disbelief on his face, he didn't show it as his face was lowered to shadow his eyes and face.

When he did turn to look up, though, the look that one would have witnessed would have made the Shinigami himself piss his robe, as Naruto's eyes no longer displayed the pure radiant innocence of his mask or the cunning aloof genius that Naruto often hid from view; instead an ice-cold hollow intensity that dared Fate to test her luck once more fucking with him, now made itself the permanent resident expression within Naruto's eyes. While anyone else would question themselves at the very least if they looked into Naruto's eyes, Kyu and the Des Genosaurer only felt empowered and assured in what they knew was going to happen, upon staring into those bluish-silver eyes.

With such finality and authority in his tone that begged no argument, Naruto spoke with a slowly rising volume, "We're leaving, now. I'm sick of the pain, I'm sick of the hate, I'm sick of the abuse, I'm sick of the lies, and most of all I'm sick of KONOHAGAKURE! Konoha will not keep me here any longer, even if they were to offer me the Hokage's position!" Grabbing the wire and being pulled to the cockpit, while Kyu simply climbed his way onto the Des Genosaurer's back, Naruto instinctively engaged the Zoid's Bio-Drive, and for the first time Naruto felt the sensation that only a Zoid Ninja could feel when Gattaied with his Zoid.

Making the way towards a way out of this frozen nightmare, the Des Genosaurer found a Zoid launch bay that would send them quite a ways from Konoha. Unbeknownst to Naruto, his eyes had changed once again, to a very bizarre metallic silver lacking any of the earlier signs of blue, where instead of the typical normal shape of a human eye, concentric rings that continued from where his pupil would be to where the whites of his eyes and beyond, eyes that still retained every single ounce of the frozen intensity that he had now made his own.

Naruto remained completely unaware of this, however, as so focused on the here and now that it wasn't even worth noting. Having planned and dreamt of this day for most of his life, with a conviction spoken like a zealot reciting their sacred mantra Naruto declared, "Today, just like Orochimaru-sensei and Itachi-sensei before me, I too break free from the chains that bind me to the abomination that is Konoha! Like the dragon of legend, I too shall carve a path of destruction and carnage, as I lay waste to a world that has forsaken me! Today, I TAKE FLIGHT!!!" The last that could been seen after that, was the speeding form of the newly released Zoid departing via the secret launch bay, as the Des Genosaurer, Kyu, and Naruto finally escaped the cage housing all of their pain: Konoha.


Finally, the first chapter of my story is complete, and over 10,000 words to boot! Not bad for my first time, eh? Although this chapter is not betaed and even I recognize it could use a lot of improvement and I guarantee will have numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes, but even then I simply want to get my work into production, only later will I worry about making perfect chapters with minimal errors.

Now, I know one of the biggest questions that people are going to ask me is this: Why a Genosaurer of all things for Naruto's Zoid?

My answer is very complicated, and it alone might take a thousand or two words to get into even a properly detailed explanation that won't incite flamers with intelligence to flag me to death. Hehehe, I must be excited if I unknowingly made a multitude of puns in the same phrase, in fact while I'm on my writing high I'll do something I rarely ever do: make a decision on the fly. But that will be discussed later.

Why a Genosaurer?

My answer is best explained in another question: Why not a Genosaurer?

Many people when thinking of what Zoid Naruto would pilot in a Zoid-Naruto crossover, would imagine a Zoid normally used by a heroic character, like a Liger-type Zoid (Blade Liger, Liger Zero) or a Zoid that matches certain themes of his character, like the Shadow Fox.

Who's to say that it would be a good choice for him, and yet who's to say there is another choice that could be just as good if not better? I imagine, for example, upon reading The Dragon Dilemma many readers (not including myself, I am actually quite neutral on the topic and simply appreciated the story itself) were disappointed that Naruto went the way of the Liger, despite him being partnered with Shadow, an Organoid that was commonly associated with Tiger or Geno-type Zoids.

You see, there are many things that I find particularly loathsome, and that is following trends. Everyone believes that the characters that uses the powers of light and dream of peace to be pure and compassionate, and characters that use the powers of darkness and wish for war to be corrupt and heartless.

Very few will ever take the leap and do what they want to do, regardless of how many people claim it to be wrong or immoral, or simply just too disturbing to think about (I will admit in full honesty that even I am somewhat hypocritical by saying this, as I make my intolerance for yaoi made well-known and unyielding). People care so much on the opinions of others that they forget that their lives aren't decided nor run in a committee: you don't have a bunch of people get together and decide for you whether or not you can go get a glass of milk from your own refrigerator, do you?

Even in the rare cases that people go against trends, there is only so far that they, for example, will allow a certain character to rise or fall before it becomes too dangerous to go any further with them.

I say that is the coward's way out. There is no defined limit to how evil or how good a person can become, or better yet, whether or not a person is truly good or evil to begin with. I mean, two great examples of people that fit this scenario would be Dumbledore from the J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, and Nagato/Pein from Masashi Kishimoto's manga Naruto.

Dumbledore is a commonly played on character in fanfiction, and is usually played in more numerous lights than most other fictional characters in existence can compare to: he's been portrayed as: an eccentric grandfather that loves and is loved by everyone, a delusional relic whose forgotten to see past his ideality and witness reality, a detached leader whom treats those he trusts like expendable assets, a corrupt puppeteer that manipulates others to ensure his continued power, and even an amoral monster that will grow to even greater lengths for power than his supposed 'darker' equal.

In the case of Dumbledore, whom in his canon portrayal in the Harry Potter series is that of a leader of the light, whom like many of the people whom have or nearly have created their own undoing's, only has the best intentions at heart, but yet often creates just as much or even more harm than good. As the saying goes, 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions', and because there are so many varied opinions of Dumbledore's actions being innocent or not, justified or not, benevolent or not, etc., Dumbledore has a fitting number of portrayals. In a sense, Dumbledore is a lot more human than most people give him credit for.

The case of Pein, on the other hand, is an equally controversial issue that even now raises serious and intense debates, and quite possibly even raises questions concerning the morals and beliefs of people in reality. Pein, unlike Dumbledore, was a primary villain of the Naruto, whom has committed more than enough acts that would normally have him grouped with several other characters that many belief an eternity of suffering in hell would be too rewarding a fate upon their demise.

However, like the case of Dumbledore, Pein's actions and intentions seem like complete opposites. In Pein's desire to end war and establish a permanent peace among mankind, his answer to bringing about such a Zen would be creating a weapon so destructive that it would make mankind so fearful of violence, as they would only end up being smitten in the end, that they would rather go along with the concept of eternal peace rather than continue the needless suffering.

My point being, a fictional character is possibly more godlike than any God (or Gods) of any religion could possibly be, as while any religious deities might have limits on what path and actions they can or cannot take or conduct, fictional characters are only limited to what their universe's rules dictate their own limits are (meaning you decide just how far 'gone' any character can be).

I'm tired of ranting, though, so I'll just go onto the little contest that will also bring up a part of the 'system' that is my collection or writings and works.

The First Contest!

I'll start off small, to get the basic understanding of how things will work with me clear with all of you.

Going back to my mentioning finding multiple puns in my statement concerning lengthy explanatins and flaming me until I die? Well I'll give the first five people, who can identify at least three of them (only one pun can be shared between two people, any more and it will be invalidated) one free 'Madness Ticket!'


The Madness Ticket System

Any member of our esteemed community, whom fulfills a special requirement/completes a random task I assign/wins a contest of sorts (like the one I just presented) will earn from me one or more 'Madness Tickets.'

A Madness Ticket is basically my equivalent of a grantable wish from Shenlong/Porunga (watch Dragonball Z if you have no idea who that Shenlong or Porunga are, and shame on you if you have and still don't know), that is, you basically have a temporary say in something or someone in one of my stories.

You could turn in a Madness Ticket you 'hold', and could for example, have an OC of yours featured and made prominent in my stories. You might also want to see the story focus more on detailed extensive battle scenes or steamy lemon scenes (yes, I will write lemons in the future, and all stories that might include lemons will be rated M to indicate such), or change focus to a character that is usually underdeveloped and unused by most Fanfics. Hell, you might even decide you want me to feature an omake that you yourself wrote, at the end of one of my story's chapters!

Of course, like the Eternal Dragon's wishes, so to is the range and form of possible 'wishes' that I may 'grant' finite. For example, I will refuse to grant any wish that involves anything that exhibits, supports, hints at, insinuates, and/or describes yaoi or yaoi sentiments. I'm not a yaoi fangirl, I'm AvatarofDeath13: the exact opposite of a yaoi fangirl (anyone says that means I'm a yaoi fan boy, you'll see just exactly how 'understanding' I can be), and I am a logical thinker whom places precedence on rationality and what makes sense, and in my opinion (remember it's an opinion, not what is fact, my beliefs are my own and I'm entitled to my opinions just like everyone else is) yaoi commonly ignores and refutes these ideals. I'll put up my yaoi rant later up on my profile.

I will also refuse to grant any wish that would interfere with the final outcome of my stories to the point that my endings would not be possible without using such plot devices like the infamous deus ex machina. If for example, and note this is all hypothetical, you want me to make the King Gojulas the penultimate antagonist Zoid of the story, when I already have the Seismosaurus planned for that role, unless I decide that I'm my own worst enemy, I won't be able to grant that wish.

Another wish I might not be able to grant involves character pairings. Normally, I am very lenient on who will be paired with who in romantic pairings (as it gives me a lot more variety to work with, again I will remind you of my zero-tolerance policy concerning yaoi), but there comes a time that a request for a pairing will turn up, that if I go through with it, would threaten the entirety of the efficient machines that are my stories.

Let's say, that you want Orochimaru to be paired with Tsunade, but I have planned for Tsunade to be loyal to Konoha and protecting it's people like her canon version, and Orochimaru to be loyal to his ambitions and his dream of destroying Konoha like his canon version, and it's a critical pillar of the story. Their lies the stumper: how do I get them to go loony and get together for the typical 'and they lived happy ever after, The End?' The answer is: I most likely wouldn't.

Believe me when I say Orochimaru is one of my favorite Naruto characters, as well as my favorite characters in anime as a whole, but where I see endearing quirks, others would see unholy features. I mean, if you were Tsunade, would you be able to ignore that Orochimaru has no qualms about raising people from the dead, people that might be your loved ones, just to mess with some adversary's head? That he regularly tortures and experiments on people like a ten-year old plays with legos? That he is more obsessed with staying young and alive than any other female, Tsunade herself? And don't even get me started on his soul-jumping bodies, regardless of the age or the gender of the body in question!

My point is, I'm not going to do such things as mary-sues, overused clichés, or character bashings… at least only to a certain degree for the latter: as for example, I won't make Sasuke an Uchiha with a god complex who believes himself infallible that gets his ass beat every single fight, or turn Sakura into a raving bitch who'd rape her own mother than think Sasuke as anything less than perfect and is seen as worthless by every character and Tonton.

That doesn't mean I won't capitalize on the faults of individuals, such as Jiraiya's perversion or Gai's… youthism, to make a big laugh every now and then. It just means that I'm not going to turn a character into a punching bag that everyone cracks and flames just because they have or do something that I or somebody else doesn't particularly like or approve of.

To make a long story short, the cashing in of a Madness Ticket will only allow your ideas to go so far, as my job isn't to appease you and the rest of the masses… my job is whatever I feel like doing at the time. Do not worry if you want to cash in a Madness Ticket for something and I am not able to grant that request, as you'll still be able to save that Madness Ticket, as when one of my readers gets a Madness Ticket, you keep it until you spend it: it doesn't expire.

Unless you try to change my mind concerning yaoi, then you'll have each and every single Madness Ticket you possess revoked and your involvement within anything surrounding my stories banned for life. And I'm completely serious on that threat, don't test my patience because I have none, if you give me reason to I will not hesitate in enacting the privileges granted to me as a Fanfiction writer.

Another note to mention, is that if you save up four Madness Tickets (three or even two in the possible future, if in fact Madness Tickets become just as hard to come by as common sense is nowadays), you get an even better wish: an idea for a story that I MUST write.

Yes, if you decide to save up on the 'insanity', you can contribute your own ideas into your own chaotic brainchild that I will raise, nurture, and care for, and you will have final authority on what happens in the story, yes that means that I will have to listen to your decisions even if I don't agree with them.

Of course, there will be limits to what I will and won't write, like with yaoi, there are just some things I won't do. Usually, however, this would involve something like a book/anime series or something that I have little to no knowledge about, and which would take wayyy too much of my writing time to understand and become an authority on to do a good story for. That means, unless you yourself are able to somehow catch me up to speed on a certain series or work that you want me to write about, and I don't mean the simple who-what-when-where-why summary, chances are I will be unable to grant your request. More will be said on this in the future.

Anyways, I hope that my endless capacity for mind-boggling quirks and love of oxymorons has not yet driven you away from me and my writing, but you are entitled to whatever you want to do. My final bout of wisdom for you is this: remember your capabilities are ultimately decided by yourself. You might get fired for mooning your jackass of a boss, but it's not like you are 'physically' designed to be completely incapable of being able to turn around and pull your pants down in order to bend over in an insulting manner to someone you find irritating, do you?

AvatarofDeath13, over and out!