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Here's the prologue and chapter one:

A New Beginning


A man that took each of his strides with confidence was walking down the long hall way to the balcony that had an anxious empire awaiting for their new future. In his strong yet careful arms was a bundle of smooth, silky blankets of the finest quality in all of Egypt that were covering a new born child whose future was already laid out for him by the great Gods that surrounded the great and powerful empire.

Surprisingly enough, the young child's eyes were open and taking in the new and colorful surroundings of his large and exquisite home that had a history of its own. His face was in amazement with everything and yet, in the man's strong arms, he felt at peace and would later find out that he would continually turn to these arms in times of need.

The man walked onto the balcony into the bright warmth of Ra, the very essence of the great God seemingly enveloping the two into its very being; it's very power. The man with purple robes could feel his pride growing and when he saw his people below him, waiting, he felt the need to show his new son the golden empire he was to rule when he grew into a man.

Hoisting the young child into the light of Ra; into the child's future with all of his pride and well-being, the man showed his people his greatest accomplishment. An heir. A prince.

The future pharaoh of Egypt.

Chapter One

As the great god of Sun, Ra, shone brightly against the top of the cloudless, beautiful sky of the golden empire of Egypt, its people were going about their business just like they normally would in their normal but peaceful lives, thanks to their great king, Aknamkanon. A great and powerful god-like being that brought Egypt's enemies trembling in fear.

Though, not everyone in the golden empire of Egypt was at peace.

A guard walked around another corner only to find that it too, just like every other place he had searched had been missing of its young but rebellious prince. The very prince that could get the guard banished from his home if he didn't find him in time for prince's lessons. The guard sighed in frustration and continued his search for the prince who refused to go to anything that dealt with the word learning.

What the guard didn't know was as he walked past the large, decorative but supposedly empty pots was that they weren't empty at all. In fact, they held the very person that he was searching for; the young prince.

The prince heard the footsteps of the person walk past him and soon they were a faint noise then to nothingness. He sighed in relief, glad that the guard hadn't searched in this pot for him so he could take the rebellious prince to his lessons. The prince mentally gagged at the very thought of going back to the rooms of boring lectures of things he was not interested in at the very least.

The prince listened closely in case there were any other people nearby before slowly lifting his head to peek around. Of course if anyone was nearby, they would immediately see his hair before the rest of his head would appear out of the large jar. His hair was nothing anyone has ever seen before. The completely natural spikes that had multiple colors that included a golden blonde bangs that reminded anyone of the rays of Ra, and then with its pitch black hair that stood up into spikes that turned into a deep mahogany red near the end. Some say that his unique hair was a gift from the Gods, something he should treasure for its uniqueness while others saw it as a sign of a horrible curse on the young prince. Especially when they see the color of his violet eyes that only a select few were known to have.

The young prince prayed to the gods that he would be at least able to peak from the jar without his hair giving him away and almost jumped to joy when he saw that there weren't anyone nearby. Carefully getting out of the pot, his small feet landed on the ground with ease and he carefully did yet another quick scan of the area around him. Pleased, he walked down the hall way in search of a more suitable hiding spot that didn't make his small legs fall asleep.

As he was walking, the prince scanned the beautifully decorated walls that were filled with symbols that meant something foreign to him. He wasn't required to learn the teachings of the scribes, since the king was supposed to worry about other matters than reading and writing, but his father wished for Egypt to be a successful empire in not just military and wealth, but also education as well. And that especially included his son who had a short attention span when it came to some things.

The young prince continued walking, keeping an eye out for any people who were on the hunt to put him back into his lessons. He paused before turning into a corner and scanned the hallway and frowned when he saw a guard peering into pots that looked big enough to fit a young child.

This guard seems smarter than the other one. He remembered that I usually hide in pots, the young prince thought. He prince quickly retreated to another direction and ran to another hiding place. The prince ran in the direction of the palace kitchens, trusting the cooks to not turn him in.

When he entered the kitchens, a smile was on his face when he saw his favorite cook there. The woman, Asenath, was a middle aged woman who had a kind face. The pharaoh had many run-ins with the woman when he snuck off to the kitchen to hide from the guards and the woman would always find him and give him a sweet smile and a sweet that always made his mouth water.

"Hello Asenath," he greeted kindly. The woman turned from her work of shaping the dough and gave the prince a tired but nice smile in return.

"Well, hello to you too, my prince," she greeted. She wiped off the flour that was on her hands and gave the prince her full attention. The prince smiled even wider and ran up to her and wrapped his small arms around her legs. She bent down slightly and returned the prince's gesture.

"It's good to see you again, my prince," she said as he released her. "Sneaking away from your lessons again, I see," she stated with a mock disappointed expression on her face. The young prince grinned and nodded.

"So, should I turn you in and help further your education or should I keep an eye out for the guards and give you sweets that will make you bigger than the hippos of the Nile?" She questioned with her hands on her hips, trying to prevent herself from smiling but failing miserably. The prince widened his eyes and his lips turned into a pout, making the middle aged woman just shake her head and chuckle.

"Alright, let's see if the baklava is finished and I'll let you have some," she said, making her way to the other end of the kitchen. The prince stayed where he was, just in case there were any cooks over there that would actually turn him in. Not everyone was as nice as Asenath.

The prince waited patiently for Asenath to return and was looking at some of the colorful assortment of fruits that filled the baskets.

"You're just in luck my young prince," Asenath announced to him while holding a plate that had a decent slice of his favorite dessert, baklava. The young prince licked his lips and his eyes practically glazed over when he saw the sparkling piece of baklava. She handed him the plate and gave him a fork, then returning to the bread she was making before. The prince walked over to a wall and sat down, his back leaning against the stone. He put a decent amount of the desert on the fork and brought it into his mouth, chewing slowly and carefully, savoring the taste. None of the cooks could make a baklava the way Asenath could.

He quickly finished the rest of the dessert and stood up from the hard floor. He walked over to Asenath who looked like she was cutting up some fruits, and waited patiently for her to finish. When she finished she noticed the little person standing next to her and looked down. He held the plate in his hands and she smiled at him.

"Done already, my prince?" she asked. The prince looked upset. He sighed.

"Yes and I wish I didn't eat so much of it so quick," he complained. "It was so good…"

She smiled at him and gently took the empty plate from him and put it on the counter next to her. He smiled to her but then heard voices.

"Go and hide in the-"she didn't get to finish her instructions before the prince ran off to go hide. The door then opened, revealing a guard that looked worn out and annoyed. He walked in and noticed the only woman cook in the kitchen, Asenath, cutting fruits.

"Asenath," he called out. "Have you seen the prince come through the kitchens?"

She paused her work and looked up to him.

"As a matter of fact, he did come by not too long ago," she answered. "Why? Is there a problem?" she asked innocently. The guard sighed.

"He ran off from his lessons again and now I'm stuck looking for him. Bes and Seth are searching for him as well but so far, we have been unable to find him," he grumbled.

"Oh," she said. She grabbed another fruit and began cutting it up into the appropriate sizes. "I do hope that you do find him soon," she said kindly. The guard straightened his shoulders and was about to leave to continue his search until he noticed an empty plate with a fork. He saw a single nut on the plate and he suddenly became suspicious.

"Asenath," he called out," Why do you have a plate next to you?" He walked closer to Asenath. She didn't flinch or pause when he asked about the plate.

"I noticed that there was a plate when I entered and brought it over to me so when I was done with my chores, I could bring it to the servants so they could wash it for me," she answered calmly. He narrowed his eyes at her, not believing her.

"Really?" He questioned. She just continued cutting up the fruits, not answering his question. He sighed and began making his way out of the kitchen. He paused at the doorway.

"Oh and Asenath?" Her knife paused. "Could you tell the prince that if he doesn't start coming to his lessons then his father will have to be get involved," he said, his back to her. He walked out of the door and a moment after he closed the door, there was silence.


The young prince fell out of one of the closets that held most of the kitchens brooms and other objects. Since he never let Asenath tell him where to hide instead of where he normally hid, he didn't know that instead of the closet being filled with ingredients, it was recently updated into a storage room for cleaning supplies and home to some pots and pans. He lifted his head and Asenath almost cut her fingers at the sight. She was laughing at the prince's new hat; a colorful bowl that covered the prince's entire head.

"Stupid bowl," the prince muttered to himself though the only thing the middle aged cook heard was a low echo coming from the bowl, causing her to laugh harder. The prince blushed, thankful that the bowl was hiding it, and quickly removed the large bowl from his head.

Shaking his head, the prince fixed his unique hair to its normal spikes. Asenath walked over to him and helped him up from the objects that fell out with the prince when he opened the door.

"Are you alright, prince?" she asked while he was dusting himself off.

"Yeah, I'm alright…"he muttered. The cook smiled warmly at him and he gave a small smile in return, still embarrassed of what happened.

"So…I should probably return to my lessons, right Asenath?" The prince asked.

"The choice is up to you, my prince." She checked one last time to see if the prince was alright before starting to put back the objects back into their original places.

The prince sighed in defeat and began making his way to the kitchen's door.

"I'm sorry for the mess, Asenath," he apologized, sincerely. She paused.

"It's quite alright, my prince," she said. The prince nodded and said goodbye to the cook before leaving the kitchen and return to his lesson that he decided to skip.

Asenath just shook her head in amusement and continued to clean the mess of today's misadventures with the prince.

The prince was making his way through the long hallway of the palace when he heard voices. Thinking at first that the voices were guards, he sighed in defeat and began making his way to the guards. When he rounded the corner, he stopped dead in his tracks. Instead of the guards that he thought that they were, they were one of his father's sacred guardians.

Oh no! If they realize that I'm here and not at my lessons, they'll surely tell father and I'll be in really big trouble!

Thinking quickly, he noticed a large pot nearby and he quickly made his way over to it and crawled into it. Since it was smaller than his usual pots, he used his arms to hold down his hair so it wouldn't give him away. He overheard one of the priests speaking to the other.

"…rations are more limited than the summer before. The pharaoh has been extremely stressed over the matter and with his son growing older and without any friends of his age; the pharaoh hasn't been taking care of himself. The other night he began questioning me dealing with matters over his son. He was constantly asking me if his son was being raised properly and I kept reassuring him that he was. The major reason why the pharaoh is worried is because the prince is 5 summers old and he hasn't had a friend of his age yet."

The other guardian replied," I suppose others should findeth it somewhat unusual that a boy of his age has had no one of his own age but it shouldn't be something that the pharaoh should be constantly worried about. He does have an empire to rule."

"I agree with you," the other guardian commented. "Though I do see why the pharaoh is worried…"

"How so?'

"If the son doesn't learn the ways of compassion and friendship, I don't believe that he'll be as successful of his father."

"I suppose you're right."

"The pharaoh continues to blame himself about the whole ordeal and…." The voices and footsteps of the guardians faded away. The prince pondered over what the guardians said about him and his father.

Could father being sick? Is it because of me?

Suddenly something collided with the pot, causing the pot to wobble. The prince tried to steady the pot but it wasn't enough. The pot fell over and luckily for the pot, it didn't break. Though the prince fell out of it, face first and at the feet of another.

He opened his eyes and saw a girl, around his age, bent down and looking at him like he had a third head. He slowly got onto his feet and looked at the girl that was in front of him. She was dressed in commoner clothes and she had an unusual shaped hat on. She was tan like him and had brown hair that reminded him of the sweet dessert that was called something like 'chokelate.' She looked around the same age as him though he thought there weren't any other people his age around. Since his mother died shortly after his birth, he never had any brothers or sisters since his father refused to marry another woman despite pleads of many subjects.

The girl stared at the boy created by the pot.

This boy doesn't look like he was made by the pot I put a spell on…The girl looked closer at the boy and noticed that the boy didn't wear the same clothes of the people of the city. In fact, his clothes were extremely nice for being a boy of his age. They looked almost looked as nice as Mahaad's clothes! She glanced at his eyes and was almost captivated by them. They were unlike any color of eyes she had ever seen, despite the pharaoh's.

He really doesn't look a person made by that pot…Maybe he can be my new friend!

"Who are you?" The young boy questioned the girl. The girl blinked her eyes in surprise. The boy could talk!

"I'm Mana."

There was a silence.

"What's it like to be a pot-person?" Mana asked suddenly. The boy looked at her in confusion.

"What?" He asked.

"What's it like to be made from a pot?" She asked again. The boy looked at her like she was crazy. For all he knew, she could be.

"I wasn't made from a pot."

She scrunched her eyebrows in confusion and looked at him, at the pot and back at him.

"But I accidently put a spell on the pot and then you came out of it…Aren't you a pot person?" She asked. The boy shook his head.

"I was already in the pot. I was hiding from father's guardians. And what's a pot person?" he asked. She looked at him like he was stupid.

"A pot person is someone who was made from a pot. Duh."


Another silence.

"Do you want to be my friend?" Mana blurted.

"Huh?" The boy was surprised by her question.

"You heard me. Do you want to be my friend?" she repeated.

"Um…I guess so…"the boy answered shyly. The Mana's eyes shined brightly and her sudden grin scared the boy a little bit.

"Well, now that we are friends, I need to know your name," Mana told the boy. The boy opened his mouth to answer her but was suddenly interrupted.

"Mana?" A voice called out from the other end of the hallway. The girl turned her head to the source of the voice and widened her eyes in worry when she found out who it was.

Uh-oh! If Mahaad finds me, he's gonna kick me out of the palace for wasting time. I'm supposed to be at classes right now!

Panicking, she grabbed the boy's hand and ran away from the person at full speed, dragging the boy with her.

"Where are we going?" he asked, trying to not trip over his feet while running with Mana who was practically dragging him.

"Away from Mahaad!" she answered back. She took a sudden turn, causing the boy to almost fall but he quickly regained his footing. After taking another turn, the boy realized where they were heading to; the palace gardens, the very center of the entire palace.

She slowed down her pace when she noticed that they weren't being chased after and continued her way-with the boy in tow-to the palace gardens. They walked into the open gardens and Mana began making her way to a tree that grew fruit that was unknown to her. Mana finally realized that she was still holding onto the boy's hand and quickly released it and apologized.

She sat down at the trunk of the tree and was surprised when she saw the boy lay down in the shade with her near by her feet. She blinked but then smiled and rested her head against the trees, closing her eyes. After a couple of minutes of sitting there, Mana opened her eyes and looked at the boy near her feet.

The boy was just laying there on his back with his eyes closed. His arms were underneath his head, which had the most beautiful hair she had ever seen. It had golden blonde bangs that blew with the breeze and his hair itself was multiple spikes that were mainly pitch black but then went into a deep, dark crimson red at the edges.

There was a slightly stronger breeze for a moment that caused the leaves to allow a stream of light to beam on the boy's head. Surprisingly there seemed to be a shiny object on his head but the light from the sun went away, taking the shine with it. Mana blinked a couple of times; trying to reassure her that it wasn't a part of her imagination. Curious though, she stood up and sat next to the boy so she could get a closer look at his head. She brought her head closer to his and was slowly getting closer. She brought her hand up to fix his hair so she could see if there was a shiny object on the boy's head but the boy's eyes flashed opened, staring curiously at her.

"What are you doing?"

She removed her hand from near his head and looked away.

"Nothing," she lied. The boy looked at her with scrutiny, not believing her but he dropped it. He didn't want to make his new friend upset. The two sat in an awkward silence for a moment.

Hoping to break the awkward tension, the boy decided to ask the girl why she was here and when she made an inhabitance at the palace. He was curious and besides, he would do practically anything to break the awkward silence.

"Mana." The girl turned her head in the boy's direction.

"Yeah?" she replied. The boy bit his lip in hesitance but than decided to ask her anyway.

"Why are you here at the palace?" he asked. His eyes glanced in her direction, waiting for an answer. Mana was silent for a moment, lost in her memories. The young boy adjusted himself so that he was sitting instead of lying down; his upper body was facing her.

"Mana…" he called. Mana snapped out of her memories and brought her knees closer to her body, wrapping her small arms around them.

"I come from a small village that's nearby so I'm not from here. I wish I was because Ashari would come here to get pretty things and I always wanted to go with her but she never let me, saying that I was too young. I could've taken care of myself but no," she huffed in annoyance.

"Who's Ashari?" the boy asked. Mana smiled.

"She was a friend of momma's," she answered.

"What about your mother and father?" he inquired. Mana's eyes down casted. She was silent for a moment before replying.

"They died," her voice quiet. The boy's eyes widened before they lowered, in understanding. He didn't know his own mother but he could still emphasize in a way.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. Mana shook her head.

"Don't be," she told him, surprising him with a small smile. "I know that they are always with me. That's what Ashari always told me." Her smile grew and the boy soon had a small smile on his face as well.

"She was really nice and it was sad saying goodbye to her," she said.

"Why did you leave?"

"Mahaad was in our village getting food and other stuff when I tripped and broke a shop." The boy seemed to recall Mahaad leaving for some training with others. "The mean and stupid man started yelling at me and said that he was gonna cut my feet off! But Mahaad saw me trip and the ugly man yell at me and he walked over saying that the man needed to calm down and other stuff. But the man started yelling at him for…how did he say it?" She pondered for a moment, her eyebrows knitted. Then she suddenly remembered. "Oh yeah! He said 'stop sticking your prissy nose into other people's business where you don't belong!' But Mahaad started saying that the man was being to mean to me and that it was all an accident but then the man started saying that I caused so much damage for him that I should be punished.


A man was red from anger, despite the dark tan that engulfed his large and hairy body. He was glaring at the young boy, who by the looks of it, was barely to the age of 10 summers old. The child had clothes that obviously showed him as someone who had wealth and power but with the way he carried himself, he didn't seem to be like a spoiled brat. He was mature beyond his years and to some, it was unusual for a child to be so similar to an adult.

The child sighed and glanced at the damage and finally at the girl, whose large, innocent eyes made his heart warm. A rare and unusual feeling. He pulled out a small pouch and tossed it carefully to the man, who caught it anxiously.

The man opened the pouch and was immediately taken back by how much gold was in the pouch. It was enough for him to rebuild his market stand that would be at least double the size of what was. He then began praising the young child, apologizing to him and to the young girl in hopes for the child to completely forgive him so the child wouldn't regret giving the money to the large man.

The boy nodded and when he turned around to finish buying more food, the young girl was in front of him, her head down and with her hands behind her back.

"Thank you for saving me from getting my feet chopped off. I'm sorry that you got yelled at from the big man because of me," she apologized, shyly. The boy smiled gently to her, like an older brother would do to his sister.

"There's nothing you need to apologize for," he kindly stated. The girl's head snapped up and a smile was on her face.

What she did next surprised the hell out of the soon to be sorcerer.

She hugged him as if he was the only thing left on this world; him, a complete stranger! But it wasn't the hug that almost caused the boy to almost have a heart attack.

It was the innocent power that he could sense deep within the girl's ka.

It was an unusual sensation to feel for the young magician but yet it felt similar to him in an odd way. The girl didn't know how much energy, power-so much potential! He could sense that the girl doesn't know of the existing magic that was within her but he could sense that it was used before, but only a minor fraction of what it could really do.

The girl needed training so she could wield and control this power and she needed to begin soon. In fact, she would need to begin in at least a couple of months just so she could be prepared of what she would be going through.

He needed to see Inhotepize; one of the oldest and wisest sorcerers in all of Egypt.

End of Flashback

Mana paused for a moment.

"What happened next?" the prince asked her, urging her on.

"Well, he then asked me to follow him to where he was resting his horses with the other people and started looking for this old man. And this guy was the oldest man I had ever seen!" she exclaimed. The young boy thought of any 'old man' that went with Mahaad to his trip-or 'journey' as Mahaad liked to call it-and then thought of the elder Magician who rarely went on journeys anymore due to his age. He was considered to be a powerful but wise magician though he wasn't a sacred guardian surprisingly. The boy couldn't remember his name since he never sees him but he knew who he was.

"When we found the old man, Mahaad bowed down to him and then started telling the old man a bunch of stuff that I couldn't understand about Ka and other things but he said something about magic!


"Master Inhotepize, can you not sense the Ka within herself slowly trying to make itself known? I feel as if she should begin training immediately with us so she could control the power, and not let others suffer for what she wouldn't be able to control," the boy stated. He knew he must have seemed rash and somewhat crazed, but when the girl hugged him, he could feel the raw power and potential the girl unknowingly had. He just hoped his master would agree with him and would teach the young girl.

The old sorcerer listened to the boy and knew that for the boy to be able to seem somewhat crazed over the girl, the girl must be worth it.

Silence filled the tent, the children waiting for the sorcerer's decision.

The sorcerer looked at the girl and slowly, he let his mind free, his constructed walls that he were very fond of were put down so he too would be able to sense her power at full force.

It took him by surprise.

Mahaad of course immediately filled his senses but after a moment, he was able to sense an innocent, slow but powerful force coming from the girl that almost rivaled the boy next to her. Inhotepize thought for a moment, knowing that the girl would be of use to the future king in the future, like Mahaad would be but he was unsure if the girl would be willing to spend the rest of her life in the palace, forever in service of the pharaoh. The main questions were if they could teach her to wield her new power and could they trust the girl with the future pharaoh.

He glanced at the girl's eyes and saw innocence and curiosity in them. Searching closer into the girl's soul, he was taken back by the determination and loyalty that the girl possessed.

All doubts of her blew with the warm wind that blew across the desert.

The sorcerer turned his attention to the anxious boy who awaited his decision. He nodded and gave the final words.

"So let it be written, so let it be done."

The boy nodded and grabbing Mana's hand, he led her out of the tent and into the dark night. The girl looked up at the sky with worry, knowing that Ashari would be furious with her since she's been gone for so long.

"Um…" she trailed off, realizing that he didn't know the boy's name. The boy took notice of the girl's hesitation and remembered that he didn't know the girl's name and she didn't know his.

"My name is Mahaad," he told her. The girl smiled at him and took her hand out of Mahaad's gently.

"I'm Mana," she told him. She looked at the sky with worry again; Mahaad took notice of her worry.

"Is something wrong?" he asked her. The girl looked at him and frowned.

"Ashari is going to be mad at me for not coming home. I won't be able to do anything for so long…" she complained. Mahaad closed his eyes and mentally growled in frustration at himself. How could he have not thought of the girl's guardians? He shouldn't have acted with rash thought and took the girl home and talked with this person known as Ashari. Opening his eyes, he glanced at the village and back at the girl.

"Can you take me your home so I could talk to Ashari?" he asked her. The girl's eyes brightened at the thought of bringing her new friend to her home and quickly agreed, grabbing Mahaad's hand and running in the direction of her home.

End of Flashback

"When we got home, Ashari was waiting by the door and boy, she was mad. She started telling me that I shouldn't be outside when it's dark but when she saw Mahaad, she started asking him who he was and stuff," Mana continued.


"Who are you?" Ashari asked the boy who was calmly standing next to Mana. He seemed to be of high status due to the clothes he was wearing but oddly enough, he seemed to have Ashari's high respect for him, not because of his money, but with the way he carried himself and with the way his eyes held kindness and determination.

"My name is Mahaad of the Pharaoh's palace, future guardian of the next king," he stated. He stated his title so he could show that he meant business and that he wasn't some kid in fancy clothes. Ashari's eyes widened at Mahaad's title and glanced over at Mana who was just smiling at her. The looked back at Mahaad and noticed that he wasn't just another new friend of Mana. Surprisingly, he meant business and with his title, the woman had no choice but to listen to his words. "I wish to speak to you dealing with Mana," he stated kindly. The woman nodded and ushered them in, telling Mana to go wash up from the day's previous activities.

Ashari lead Mahaad into a room and she motioned for him to sit down on one of the mats while she sat down on hers. Mahaad immediately started telling her of how he met Mana and that when she hugged him; he felt a power that immediately set the girl's future in stone.

Ashari listened to the boy's tale of today's activities with the sorcerer and told her of his recommendations.

"Mana holds within her a power that she will need to immediately learn to control so she could benefit not just her and the people around her, but she may be able to help the prince in the future when he becomes pharaoh," he told the woman.

Ashari was shocked by this bold comment and prediction and almost immediately, her mind refused to believe that the girl that she has been taking care of for the past three of her four summers, the girl who could barely walk on a flat surface without tripping and causing some kind of damage had this power that could help the future pharaoh. She nodded her head at herself and tried to get over the shock. The boy noticed the woman's hesitance and started speaking again.

"I can understand that what I am saying is hard to believe but I give you my word that what I am saying is true. Mana will need to learn how to control her unfound power and she will need to begin training immediately," he stated. Ashari looked at him with confusion.

"But she is only a child," she told him. "She is only four summers and you are telling me that she needs to start training immediately?" she asked him in disbelief. The boy nodded.

"Normally someone of her age would have been already told if they have power but the question is if the power will mature enough and be able to grow in power and understanding or if it will just fade away in time," he told her. Ashari opened her mouth to speak but Mahaad cut her off. "The sorcerer of the pharaoh and I believe that Mana's power within her Ka will not fade but in fact will grow when she learns how to control it." Mahaad paused before speaking again. "I believe that this will benefit and help Mana in the future. The choice however, is up to you and Mana."

There was a pause of silence, Ashari trying to decide if this was in fact the best for Mana's future.

Suddenly Mana skipped into the room and ignoring the serious atmosphere, she skipped to Mahaad and gave him a hug in greeting, surprising Mahaad but he quickly controlled his surprise with a greeting of his own.

"Hello Mana," he greeted. Mana's arms released him and she then skipped to Ashari and gave her a hug of her own. Ashari was taken back by Mana's show of devotion and suddenly, her mind was set. She slowly wrapped her arms around Mana and brought the child closer to her body in defeat. After a moment, Ashari released Mana who noticed that Ashari was crying but had a smile on her face. Ashari cleared her throat before speaking to Mana.

"Mana, how…" she paused and glanced at the boy who was watching her back. Her mind was set and she couldn't go against it now.

"Mana…how would you feel if Mahaad took you to the palace so you could live there?" she asked the child in front of her. Mana's eyes gleamed.

"I would be so happy!" she exclaimed. She paused for a moment. "You would come with us, right Ashari?" she asked. The woman shook her head.

"No. This would be your own adventure with Mahaad," she told the girl. Mana bit her lip.

"Then I won't go," she stated, though a trace of unhappiness was detected in her voice by Ashari. She shook her head.

"You need to go," Ashari concluded. "You need to learn how to be a strong and powerful mage so you can help the prince. The prince will need you and so will the people of Egypt," she told the girl, hoping the Mana would agree with her. Mana shook her head furiously.

"Would you do it for me?" Ashari asked. Mana stopped shaking her head and looked back at Ashari. Mana stayed silent.

"…Yeah…" Mana finally answered. Ashari smiled at her and then back at Mahaad.

"Are you sure that this will be the best for her?" she asked the boy.

"I cannot answer that for I am not one of the gods but I can promise you that I will protect her and help her to the best of my ability," he promised. Ashari, sensing the truth behind his words, closed her eyes and then nodded to Mahaad.

"Thank you."

"No," Ashari cut in. "Thank you."

Mahaad nodded and stood up. The woman stood up as well, picking Mana up into her arms.

"I'll let you two say your goodbyes and I'll come back when Re descends upon this village once again tomorrow," he told her. Ashari nodded.

"Thank you."

Mahaad nodded and left the two alone and headed back to the camp where he was staying at, preparing for the departure with the new addition.

End of flashback

"So you're training to be a magician like Mahaad?" the boy asked. The girl nodded.

"Yep! And with Mahaad's help, I'll be able to be a powerful sorceress that will one day help the pharaoh!" she stated, standing up proudly. She turned to him.

"So why are you here?" she asked him.

"I live here," he told her. Mana rolled her eyes.
"Well I know that," she stated. "But why?"

The boy was about to tell her but then paused. Would she treat him with special attention like all the other people did when they found out what his title and future was? He sighed and decided that he couldn't lie to her if she was to be his friend. Besides, father always told him that lying was an act against the gods and the boy didn't want the gods to be mad at him.

He sighed and stood up, since his legs were falling asleep. He turned to face her as a gentle breeze blew the leaves and his hair. Once again the leaves allowed a beam of Re through their shade and it hit the boys head again. Since the breeze shifted his spiked hair somewhat, Mana could see once again the shine that was on the boys head. She spoke before him.

"What's on your head?" she asked him. Confused, the boy stared at her before remembering. He always had it on his head since it was required when he was out and about and he never really thought about it.

"Oh, this?" He pointed to his head, where the shiny thing was. Mana nodded. "That's my crown," he told her.

Crown? She thought

"Why do you have a crown?" she asked him, confused. The boy was about to answer her before they heard someone yell. A guard was running over to where the two children were and had a look of relief on his face. The boy grimaced when he realized he was caught. Darn. Now I have to go back to those boring lessons again, he thought.

"My Prince," the guard sighed in relief. Mana was shocked. She looked at the boy next to her and noticed that he was in fact wearing a crown and had an upset expression on his face.

Is he really the prince? She thought.

"Hello, Mahab," the boy muttered in defeat. He really didn't want to go to his lessons not that he had a new friend that was near his age.

"My prince, the guards have been looking everywhere for you. You need to return to your lessons before your father hears of your absence from your teachings of becoming future pharaoh of Egypt," the guard spoke to him with disappointment laced in his voice. The prince sighed and nodded before turning to the shocked Mana.

He's the prince of Egypt? She thought with amazement. The very boy next to her that was hiding in the pot and talking with he was the prince of Egypt and what was more surprising was that he was her friend.

"You're the prince of Egypt?" she asked the boy in astonishment. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was agape. The boy nodded mutely and his shoulders dropped slightly.

Great, he thought bitterly. Now she's gonna not be my friend anymore or she's gonna treat me different. Stupid guard…

Suddenly a smile was on her face and out of nowhere she attacked the prince with a hug, shocking both the guard and especially the prince.

"Hey-"the guard yelled at the girl but Mana released him.

"That is so amazing!" she exclaimed. "You live here and you have all these people work for you and you get to eat dessert before dinner without having people yell at you!" she exclaimed, excitement in her eyes.

"I guess so," the boy said nonchalantly. Not all of that's true but it's pretty close…the prince thought. Wait. She's not scared or bowing down to me…

"That is so amazing…I wish I could tell people to make my own bed…" she said dreamily. She snapped out of it. "Wait, are you in trouble or something?" she asked the prince. The prince grinned sheepishly and put his hand behind his head, laughing nervously.

"As a matter of fact he is," the guard answered. The guard put a hand on the prince's shoulder. "My prince, please follow me so you can resume your lessons with Master Shimon Muran." The prince nodded and looked over to Mana.

"Sorry for not telling you sooner about me being a prince," he apologized. Mana smiled at him.

"It's okay."

The prince smiled in return and said his goodbyes to his new friend. While the prince was walking with the guard to his lessons where an upset Shimon-the holder of the Millennium Key and one of the sacred guardians of his father's court-was waiting for him so they could resume their lessons, he thought of Mana and her reaction to everything, her kind words, her enthusiasm, well…he just thought of her in general. She seemed so kind and playful to him and she wouldn't give him special treatment for him being a prince but for being her friend. The prince smiled at the thought of future activities he would do with Mana and he couldn't wait for his lessons to be over. Maybe they could put some mud in Seto's shoe tomorrow and then maybe the next day they could sneak out to the Nile and swim for the whole day and after that…a list of opportunities.

Maybe having his new friend will be exactly what the prince will need.


A soft breeze gently caressed the pharaoh's cheek as he was walking near the palace gardens after a long and grueling meeting dealing with the trade routes to Nubians. He paused for a moment and took a deep breath, filling his lungs with Egypt's warm but fresh air that always put the pharaoh in comfort. He was relaxing in the silence of the palace when he heard a faint laughter that sounded as if it was coming from the palace gardens. Curious, Pharaoh Aknamkanon headed to the source of the laughter only to discover the prince of Egypt on a tree branch, sitting their laughing at something.

He sighed in disappointment. He has told his son not to climb trees since he was the only heir from Pharaoh Aknamkanon and no one wanted the prince to get injured from an innocent activity. Though, how the prince was able to climb the tree with his height is a mystery to all.

He took a step in the prince's direction but he then heard laughter with the prince's. A higher and more feminine pitch. Furrowing his eyebrows, the pharaoh looked for the source of the laughter and noticed a young girl next to the tree, sitting down with a determined look on her face. The girl stood up and spoke something to the prince causing him to stop laughing but he still had a smile on his face. The pharaoh looked closer at the girl and he suddenly remembered who she was.

Ah, the young child that Mahaad found in a village, he thought.

Looking at Re's position in the sky, he noticed that the prince was supposed to be at his lessons by now with Shimon. He frowned and looked at the prince who somehow was on the ground, still in one piece and was laughing at the girl. The girl seemed to have rolled her eyes before yelling touching the prince and yelling something while running away from him. The prince just stood there for a moment before he started chasing the girl, laughing the whole time.

The pharaoh noticed that the prince seemed lighter, more carefree...

More like a child like he's supposed to be, the King thought happily. He glanced at Re's position in the sky once more before smiling to himself. He started walking once again, heading back to the throne room where he would be needed once again, and smiling the whole time.

He thought of his son's new friend and smiled at the thought of his son having a friend that would be able to help the prince through his struggles as the future pharaoh of Egypt. But for now, the two could just chase each other and play pranks on others without having to worry about what was to come.

Besides….he thought. My son can learn about trade routes and military strategies later on today but for now…he can just play with Mana and more than likely play pranks on some of the more…uptight future priests, he thought with a chuckle. With friends comes great trust and learning but also a lot of trouble for the adults, he thought, chuckling to himself.

But for his son….It would be worth every headache.


Author's note

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