!Here are some terms you might want to know!

Shay: Egyptian God of Destiny.

Field of Hetep: Also known as the Afterlife.

Maat: is the principle that held Ancient Egyptian society together and underpinned religious belief. Is translated as "truth," "order," "justice," or "balance." Also is a goddess

Suna: the title for Doctor/Healer. In this case Suna Hork means Doctor Hork.

Ankh: Egyptian word for oath. Wah also means oath.

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The Truths and Words

Dread filled the great kingdom of Egypt.

Silence and worry occupied the palace where the once great and almighty King Aknamkanon sat confidently at his throne where he ruled his kingdom. Though today, like the past week, the king was unable to sit on his throne and rule his kingdom. He was instead lying on his bed with labored breathing and a weak pulse; a sign of what was to come.

Footsteps echoed through the empty hallway. A young man with unique colored hair was making his way down the hallway to the palace gardens where he could finally have a moment of peaceful solitude. He rounded a corner but he paused in mid-step, sighing. Two female servants were whispering to each other and by their facial expressions, giggles and sighs, they weren't whispering prayers to the gods for a good outcome for the sick pharaoh. The prince closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he began making his way over to the gardens, silently passing the two gossiping servants. The servants took notice of the prince's passing and were silent, their eyes following the prince's every step, their eyes filled with lust. When they thought he was out of hearing range, they let out a giggle and began speaking to each other with more enthusiasm.

The prince rolled his eyes and made a final turn to the palace gardens. He visibly relaxed at the sight and made his way to the center of the gardens where his favorite tree stood, its tops gently dancing with the slight breeze. He sat down, his back against the trunk and with one leg straightened and the other bent, his arm resting on his leg. He sat in silence, enjoying the silent moment that he was rarely granted these days.

Ever since his father coughed blood a month ago, royal officials were becoming nervous of what was to come and the prince was put under more pressure with more complicated decisions and lessons, leaving little to no time for himself. But early this week, the king was unable to attend his normal duties as pharaoh and he has been in his bed since. With the king's inability to be a proper pharaoh, the prince was practically taking all of his duties at full force since most of the priests had their hands full with the king's being.

The prince sighed. He continued to deny it but deep within his heart he knew that his father, his guardian, would soon make his way to the Field if Hetep where he would be greeted by Osiris. His father's spirit would be at peace and he would be in paradise but the prince couldn't help but feel a sense of selfishness. He desperately prayed that his father would be better soon, for he was his father who guided him and loved him throughout the prince's life. But if his father left now, the prince would be lost and with the king gone, the prince would have to take on the throne. Of course he had always wished to be pharaoh but now…with his father slowly grasping at Death's hand…the prince regretted making the oath of becoming the future pharaoh after his father had made the passage way to the Afterlife.

The prince was losing his father and no matter how many times he prayed, no matter how many spells the priests cast: King Aknamkanon was going to hand Egypt over to his son.

The prince felt his body begin to quiver and the tears about to fall from his eyes but he quickly shook off the tears and calmed down the shaking. As a prince of Egypt, he was not to show weakness. He had never seen his father cry and the prince shouldn't either. He was the future pharaoh of Egypt and he had to be strong like his father was.

Is, the prince mentally corrected himself. But deep within his soul, the prince knew and he couldn't deny what Shay had in store for him and his father.

Somewhere else among the palace held a young woman by the name of Isis. But unlike seven years ago at the prince's tenth coronation of being the future pharaoh of Egypt, Isis was a beautiful young woman who was now a priest. But not just any priestess, but instead a more noble and higher ranking. She had become the holder of the millennium necklace which she wore proudly around her neck. She had only recently become a member of the pharaoh's sacred court but she was one of the wisest of the court. And although she was a young woman of beauty, surprisingly she was well accepted into the court with no disregards. The mysterious millennium items chose whom and the priests and priestess didn't question their judgment.

Isis was making her way to her room where she could finally rest after a long afternoon. Since she knew more healing methods and medicines than the other royal priests, they had left her in charge of caring for the kin, even though everyone knew of the king's fate.

"Priestess Isis," a voice called out to her. Isis turned around and noticed the other priest, Mahaad, making his way over to the exhausted priestess.

"Yes Priest Mahaad?" she replied, trying to hide her exhaustion.

"Have you seen the prince recently?" Mahaad asked. Isis understood the two meanings of his question. She shook her head.

"I haven't and it is making me curious," she answered, her head peering down the hallway in hopes of seeing the prince. "It is unusual that he is missing during this time of day." Mahaad sighed in frustration.

"I have been searching for the prince but so far I haven't seen him in his quarters, in the throne room or in the palace studies. It is beginning to worry me so," he admitted. Recently, Mahaad had kept close tabs on the prince for safety measures and if the prince was missing, even for a moment, Mahaad was filled with uneasiness. Isis thought for a moment before a realization came to her. She almost smiled at Mahaad's narrow thinking.

"Perhaps you are searching in the wrong places," Isis told him kindly. She smiled at him and bowed her head in respect before she silently dismissed herself to her quarters, leaving a confused magician.

With the pharaoh ill and all of the responsibilities being suddenly thrown at him, I can understand the prince's reluctance of his duties as the prince and future pharaoh, Isis thought to herself.

Mahaad stood there confused for a moment before he finally understood Isis's words. He quickly began making his way over to palace gardens where he knew with complete certainty that the missing prince was there.

When he entered the palace gardens, he soon spotted the prince sitting against a tree alone. Mahaad was about to walk over and scold the prince for leaving without anyone knowing but he paused. The prince's head was down as if his shoulders were carrying every problem that has occurred in Egypt but he was slowly crumbling. He then saw the prince begin to shake and Mahaad took two more steps closer to the prince but then the prince stopped. When the prince looked up, Mahaad could see an emotionless mask that took the prince's handsome face but his eyes were a different story. They held complete and utter sadness. The sadness made his face seem older and exhausted, as if he had been the pharaoh for many years. The exhaustion was evident, for there were dark circles around his eyes; showing the many restless nights that the prince had suffered. Mahaad decided to break the silence.

"My prince," Mahaad gently called out. The prince turned his head towards the holder of the millennium ring, trying to keep the emotionless façade. Mahaad began making his way over to the prince.

"My prince, I have been searching for you for a while now. Have you been here the whole time?" Mahaad questioned. The prince nodded.

"Yes. I apologize if I made any inconveniences on you or the royal court," the prince apologized, his voice ringing through Mahaad's ears. Ever since the prince turned thirteen summers, his voice was rapidly changing and to his luck, the prince's voice rarely cracked during its change. Now his voice was mature but still beautiful, captivating people of the palace and from afar, especially to the women, something that constantly annoyed the prince.

"There is no need to apologize, my prince," Mahaad told the prince while shaking his head. "Since I am head of security of the palace; I am needed to know the whereabouts of the royal family, especially you." The prince nodded his head in understanding. The prince's shoulder slumped slightly.

Several years ago the prince had his first time experiencing the hate of his mortal enemies. Of course there were dangers in his training when they handled the weaponry but that time, it was different. The prince's eyes opened to the possibility of someone trying to dethrone him by taking his life and it could happen at any corner; and once, it almost did.


When the prince was the age of twelve summers, he was walking back from his lessons about the gods of Egypt when he felt an unusual presence. Of course, he did his best to ignore it but the constant nagging in his mind made him keep his senses wide open. After a while, though, there wasn't a sign of any danger and when the prince was about to pass the throne room, he let his senses rest.

He had wrong timing.

There was a slight gust of wind that blew from the open regions of the palace and caressed the prince face causing him to slow his walk to cherish the cool breeze on the hot, Egyptian day. But just as shortly as the sense of peace and happiness came, it was quickly whisked away.

The prince felt something scrap against his upper left arm, causing the skin to slice open and allowing the blood to flow from the fresh wound. The prince felt an immediate wave of pain and opened his eyes in shock. Hoping to ease the horrible pain and to stop some of the blood from escaping to fast, he brought his other hand, clasping against the wound, blood soon flowing out of the prince's grasp. His knees wobbled slightly from the shock of the pain but he quickly turned around, but luckily his turn saved his life. Another oddly shaped dagger flew barely past his face and dug itself into the stone wall next to its slightly bloodied brother.

The prince's eyes widened and his senses opened at full force. He saw something merged with the shadows and was ready to try to escape the palace dissatisfied. The figure quickly and stealthily stood up and was about to run until something stopped him; he was frozen in place, unable to move a single muscle.

Guards were rushing to the unsuccessful assassin with Mahaad leading the way with his eyes focused on the man. With no doubt, Mahaad had casted the spell on the unsuspecting man and was able to freeze him before he escaped with his crimes unpunished by the palace and its occupants.

The guards quickly surrounded the man and brought their spears around his neck when Mahaad released the man from the inescapable spell. Everyone's eyes except the prince's were filled with anger, hatred, and disbelief; every ounce of the negative emotions directly towards the man who had tried-and almost succeeded on killing their future King; an act that was punishable by death from not only the mortals but those who ruled them.

The very Gods of Egypt would have no mercy on the man.

Mahaad walked up to the man with his eyes peering into the man's dark heart and was disgusted and angered. Since he was the person of highest authority, except for the prince's, around, he had control of what was to be done with the man who had just attacked his friend who he made an oath to. The magician was forever in debt for the prince for saving his life and taking him in as a friend despite their positions in the palace. He was the prince's protector and he was not going to allow anyone or anything harm the person who he befriended with.

And he wasn't going to allow this man to get away with his horrible actions now.

"You have just acted on a treason that is against the gods of Egypt themselves," he spoke fiercely, his voice filled with venom, almost frightening everyone in hearing radius. The magician's gaze was hard and cold; piercing its way to the man's very Ka and picking it apart piece by piece in a slow and painful process. "Trying to assassin a future pharaoh, who is a living God, is an act that goes against everything that Egypt is taught and is raised upon. You have just acted on treason against the Egyptian Gods and you will in doubt be faced with punishments that will be suited for your evil act." Mahaad's face was filled in pure hatred. "I personally hope that Sobek will have no mercy on you," his words ringing into the Ka of every man there. "Take him to the dungeon until the pharaoh will have thought of a proper punishment for his evil doings," Mahaad commanded. "Maat will be brought to this man." With that, the guards quickly followed Mahaad's orders and tightly bound the man with uncomfortable and thick ropes that assured no escape for the criminal. The guards forcefully lead the man away, towards the dungeons where he would wait in silence and solitude until he would be brought to the court where he would be judged and probably killed.

Mahaad's attention then quickly turned to the bleeding prince who was down on his knees with guards trying to assist him to rise to his feet. The crimson liquid that had poured from the prince's arm still continued to flow freely, no doubt that it was a deep wound. Mahaad ran over to the prince and told the guards to fetch him some clean water. The guards nodded and ran off to fetch their master's demands. Mahaad kneeled down in front of the bleeding prince, who was clutching his arm with much strength, trying to cease some of the blood from coming out. The prince looked up at Mahaad and tried to hide his pain but his eyes and strained face gave him away.

"Are you alright, my prince?" Mahaad asked, ignorantly. The prince nodded.

"I'm fine," his answered but his strained voice and it cracking gave him away. Mahaad would have normally rolled his eyes at the prince's lack of showing any vulnerability but now wasn't the time.

"Let me see your wound, your highness," the magician gently commanded. The prince slightly grimaced at the thought of removing his hand from his open wound but did so, slightly hissing, but hid it quietly.

Mahaad slowly and carefully brought the prince's injured arm closer to him so he could examine the wound more close fully but when he noticed where the cut was located, his frown deepened. It was obvious that the wound was deep and they would need to bring the prince over to a healer soon.

"Sir!" someone yelled from behind the magician. The magician turned around and was greeted by one of the guards though disappointingly he had no water. When the guard stopped next to Mahaad, he could feel Mahaad's angered glare.

"Sir," he stammered," Lady Isis has requested that the prince was to be moved in her quarters. She told us to cease fetching some water due to her abilities of healing and medicine." Mahaad thought for a moment and glanced at the tense prince who was trying to hide his pain and discomfort. He wasn't too familiar with the woman Isis, but he did know that she had experience in medical abilities and she was a priestess in training. He sighed in defeat. It was a more logical choice to bring the prince to her so she could heal him and Mahaad didn't want to risk putting the prince in any harm or permanent damage if he was to heal him with magic. Besides, he was taught to bring a wounded person to a healer (if there was one available) first before trying to heal them with magic. Mahaad nodded to the guard.

"Help me carry the prince to her quarters," he told the nervous guard. The guard was slightly shocked that the magician agreed with Isis' terms but quickly shook it off. If the prince was harmed, the guard thought, desperate calls call for desperate measures.

Mahaad and the guard steadied the prince on his feet and Mahaad brought the prince's uninjured arm around his shoulders, bringing most of the prince's weight on himself. The guard assisted Mahaad and slowly backed away when the prince and magician were situated.

"Hurry and announce Lady Isis of our arrival," Mahaad commanded the guard. With a quick nod, the guard ran off.

Mahaad then began making his way over to Isis' quarters. The walk was slow however, because every other minute or so they would pause when the prince froze in pain whenever there was a breeze that traveled the halls of the palace or when the prince accidently moved his arm slightly. When they paused, Mahaad would take a moment and rest. The prince may be small for his age but that doesn't mean he wasn't light. Mahaad almost snorted at his thoughts. The magician wouldn't be surprised if the prince's hair was most of the prince's weight. There was defiantly enough of it and he wouldn't be surprised if the prince's hair was most of the prince's weight.

When they neared Isis' door, they felt revealed and when Mahaad opened the door, it felt as if most of their problems lifted off of their shoulders-literally and figuratively . They quickly spotted Isis who had just stopped preparing her medicines so she could help the magician and prince.

"Bring him over to my chair," she told the magician. Mahaad nodded and with one last burst of energy, he was able to steer the prince to the chair and get him able to sit down with little pain. Isis walked over and knelt down, leveling herself with the prince. She gazed upon the weakened prince and when the prince finally met her gaze, he felt comfort. Her gaze made him forget the pain for a moment and he was able to be comfortable for a moment. Isis then grabbed a bowl that had a strange colored ointment and put some bandages in the ointment. She then grabbed a wet towel that was next to her and began gently caressing the prince's arm, removing the dried blood. She put down the towel and then grabbed the bandages that were in the bowl with the ointment and began wrapping them with great ease and experience. Mahaad was amazed by how Isis was able to wrap the prince's wounds with such ease and without causing the prince barely any pain. Surely there must be some magic involved but yet, he sensed none. Isis stopped her work for a moment.

"How are you feeling, my prince?" she asked him. The prince glanced at his bandaged arm then to the young woman in front of him with slight awe. He nodded.

"I feel fine," he told her, only lying slightly. He was still feeling quite a bit of pain but it wasn't as intense as it was before. Isis however, could see past the prince's strong charade and walked over to an opened box that was lying on her bed. It had the symbol of the healing god, Amenhotep, engraved on the front of it, showing elegant craftsmanship and beauty. Isis grabbed some small bag of some sorts and grabbed some of its small contents out of the bag. She walked over to the prince and put them in the prince's hand on the uninjured side. He looked at them and then back at her. She smiled gently at him.

"They are poppy seeds," she told him. "They are to help with the pain." She turned her head slightly towards Mahaad's direction as if she was reassuring the uneasy magician. She knew that the magician didn't trust her completely and she didn't expect him to. She smiled to both of them and began putting away her things.

"You may want to bring him to a healer soon," she told Mahaad. "I can only treat his wounds momentarily but he needs more appropriate fixings in order for him to be fully healed. I recommend going to Sunu Hork, since he is more experienced with deep wounds from knife and dagger attacks." Isis closed her box and faced the two. Mahaad nodded to her and helped the prince up to his feet. When the prince was upright and with Mahaad's assistance, the prince was able to make it to the door. Mahaad's attention turned to Isis for a moment.

"Thank you," he told her. With that, the two left before Isis could respond to Mahaad's gratefulness.

End of Flashback

Ever since the assassin had tried to kill the prince, it wasn't too big of a surprise that his father had increased the prince's security and limitations. In fact, it took several months after the attack for the prince to convince Mahaad from following the prince everywhere he went. It took two years for the prince to convince his father to allow him to travel into the city to explore-well, it was more like begging but the prince refused to admit to anyone that he had stooped that low for permission.

The prince sighed.

"Are you here to scold me?" the prince asked. Mahaad was taken back by the prince's question and didn't hesitate to his response.

"Of course not," he tried to assure the solemn prince, "I was just merely curious as to your whereabouts." Mahaad became slightly stiff, knowing the prince knew he was slightly bluffing. The prince mentally just shook his head at Mahaad's answer.

"I apologize for my sudden disappearance, Mahaad. I'll return to the throne room in a moment," the prince calmly said. Mahaad just merely nodded. He understood now, the prince's actions recently and Mahaad felt foolish for not noticing it sooner. Mahaad sat down next to the prince.

"My prince, is there anything that you wish to talk about?" Mahaad kindly asked. The prince just looked at him for a moment before he turned away, ignoring Mahaad's question. Mahaad sighed.

"My prince," he started," I can understand that you are going through a hard time." The prince glanced at him for a moment before his eyes went back to staring ahead at nothing. "You have just recently been given practically every conflict that lies on Egypt's doorstep. A normal pharaoh would have his advisors and priests help him to resolve the problems but currently, no one is able to be in your time of need." Mahaad paused. "You are the prince of Egypt, meaning that you are next in line to the throne when your father passes on to the Afterlife. I know that you know that the time is soon and with every passing moment, it is coming sooner than what we want. Your wish is to be there for your father; stand next to his bed where he can speak his wise words to you. There you should be given that opportunity but because of your birthright, you have no choice but to seem strong and ready for every obstacle that is thrown in your way." Mahaad put his hand on the prince's shoulder. The prince faced him, his eyes holding something new; sorrow and weakness, a trait that the magician wasn't used to seeing on a powerful person. But when Mahaad looked at the prince in front of him, he began seeing him in a new light for a moment.

If the jewelry and fancy clothes were removed; the title and respect that the prince had at birth was ignored; the stance and confidence that the prince had was whisked away by some unseen force; the prince was just another boy who was confused and in grief over his father's illness. Everyone knew that King Aknamkanon was soon to be passing and they usually weren't quiet with their gossiping. The prince was a boy who had to continue to endure the constant listening of his father's inability to rule at the moment. Ever since birth, the prince was raised to immediately take the throne after the king's passing but no lesson in the world could prepare the prince for his father's soon-to-be death and with all the responsibilities the prince had to do and with the sorrow and grief in his heart for his father; Mahaad gained a new respect for the prince.

"My prince, you have mentioned several times in the past that we are friends and I am forever grateful that you consider me close to you. But I cannot allow myself to let you endure your troubles alone, silently. I have a duty to you as not just a sacred priest but also a childhood friend. Please, my friend," Mahaad pleaded," let me uphold my position to you as a friend and tell me what bothers you so." The prince was silently in awe by Mahaad's emotional words. Rarely Mahaad would ever let his carefully constructed walls down and open himself to someone. It was practically unheard of.

But here he was, telling him that as his responsibility as a friend, begging that the prince tell him the conflicts that troubled the prince so.

"Where to begin?" the prince questioned quietly. His words mainly meant for only his ears.

"The beginning is the best way to start," Mahaad kindly told the prince. Mahaad gave a reassuring smile to the prince. The prince returned a small smile of his own. The prince then sighed.

"I've been raised since birth that I was to be a future king; a living God who would rule the great lands of Egypt," the prince told the listening Mahaad. "I was given the best education from the best philosophers, military generals, and many teachers of every kind. I was to be taught everything that I would need in my future rule as pharaoh and I honestly believed that I was ready." The prince gave a short and harsh laugh. He suddenly became serious again. "But no matter how many languages I speak; the multiple trade routes I am to have memorized like the ancient scriptures of the gods of the past and now; even to how weaponry is made…they can only limit to the mental challenge of being a King." The prince gave looked down at the ground, as if he was searching for something.

"There will never be a person that can teach a son how too lose his father with complete happiness." The prince closed his eyes. "Right now I am being a selfish being and the need won't go away. My father is now nearing the time of his passing where he can be at peace in Paradise but instead of me celebrating such an occasion, I can only feel anger and sorrow towards the gods." The prince tensed, trying to hold back his tears. Mahaad froze. Ever since the prince turned the age of fifteen summers, the prince had impenetrable walls that he rarely let down, even to his closest friends. Now, the prince lowered his walls for once and instead of giving words of encouragement, the magician could stare at the prince with his mind blank from slight shock.

"My prince…"Mahaad managed to speak.

"I am being a selfish person for wanting my father to not reach paradise and to rule the lands of Egypt. I have been taught the ways of the pharaoh and yet I only wish to turn away from my teachings and hope my father will continue to rule for eternity. I am being weak and for this…I shouldn't be allowed the important duties of being pharaoh. I will only end of failing my father, my people, and the gods." The prince winced slightly at his accusations to himself. Mahaad's state of surprise was shattered.

"You are mistaken."

Mahaad's sudden words took the prince by surprise. The prince head rose and faced Mahaad, the prince's confused and sorrow filled eyes meeting the gaze of Mahaad's determined and angered eyes.

"You have never failed your father or the gods and you never will for that is not a part of who you are. You are accusing yourself of being a selfish being but are you?" Mahaad questioned the prince. The prince didn't answer. "After the many years I have spent with you throughout our childhood and adolescent years, I have been blessed with fond memories. They are filled with innocence and brilliance that only you can bring to a person's dark and alone Ka." The prince was about to interrupt Mahaad but the magician continued before the prince could even mutter a word. "Deny the truth all you want but I know what I know and I can only wish that you too will agree with my words. Look through your doubts of yourself and you will see for yourself. Everyone who you cherish in your heart knows that whatever the gods throw at you, you will conquer. Not by power or selfishness but by your kind words and effective actions that are awed by all." Mahaad could still see the doubt in the prince's eyes.

"My prince, you weren't born to be King of Egypt," Mahaad stated. "You were gifted by the gods because they know." The prince gave a confused look at Mahaad. He continued," The gods do not create a future pharaoh who will just watch the people of Egypt; they create a future pharaoh so he will care for the people. The pharaoh is considered a God not because of his power and blessed being from Ra but because he is the only one who can do something for the people. The only obstacle that our enemies have that stands between them and the power of Egypt is the very person who was given our trust. Your people, your friends, and your family trust you, my prince, because of the purity and good in your heart. With that friendship and trust, that's why I know and everyone that has had the chance to befriend you, that you will one of the greatest pharaohs." The prince shook his head at Mahaad's words, denying them. Mahaad shifted his body so he was in front of the prince and placed both of his hands on the prince's shoulders. The prince refused to meet Mahaad's eyes but Mahaad didn't wait.

"Do not deny the truth that everyone knows. The only mistake that you can do is fear to make one."

The prince slowly opened his eyes and met Mahaad's intense gaze. The prince's stiff and denying demeanor soon changed and he then hung his head in shame.

"My prince," Mahaad called out gently. The prince slowly lifted his head.

"Do not be ashamed of who and what you are."

"And what is that, Mahaad?" The prince questioned weakly. Mahaad smiled at the prince.

"You my prince are the Prince of Egypt and are the future pharaoh of the great land," Mahaad began. He stood up proudly and gazed down at the prince with pride and determination. "You are a person who has been gifted the mysterious powers from our gods and have been entrusted with our lives. But…" Mahaad paused. His once proud smile soon changed into a warm and kind smile. "You are also a son to a great man. You were raised by his side and you cherished him and his teachings. You grew up with his embracing arms and there, nothing could harm you. Now you are suffering with your father and you refuse help from another. You were taught to be strong and you have listened to your teachings. Though you now feel weak and selfish but…you must know that you are not. You are not a selfish being because if you were then the entire nation of Egypt is selfish." Mahaad took a calming breath. "No one wishes to see the man who has protected them all their lives to suddenly pass on. Even though the Afterlife is paradise, it is a harsh and slow process of healing for those who have lost the loved one." Mahaad paused. "I know that I can never understand what you are going through but I can still say this: King Aknamkanon was the closest being to a father that I have ever had. My teachers were just people who taught me the simplest things that I need to know. Your father however, taught me the important lessons that I need to know in life. He had also gifted me someone similar to a brother and for that, I am forever thankful for him." The prince's amethyst eyes widened in shock. Never before had the prince heard such words from Mahaad and with this sudden confession, the prince could hardly believe it.

The prince had always known that Mahaad had great respect for his father and it wasn't a surprise to him. His father was pharaoh and it was natural for people to show their respects for the great king. Although the prince had never known that Mahaad had a connection to King Aknamkanon similar to a family connection. In fact, the prince didn't have the slightest hint of Mahaad admiring King Aknamkanon as a father. Suddenly Mahaad's words began replaying in the prince's mind.

"…King Aknamkanon was the closest being to a father that I have ever had…He had also gifted me someone similar to a brother and for that, I am forever thankful for him…"

A brother?

Mahaad had told the prince that he looked at the prince as if he was a brother to him. The prince's breathe faltered and his eyes blinked. A brother?

The prince smiled.

He looked up at Mahaad with a smile and Mahaad smiled back. Mahaad brought his hand down to the prince and the prince didn't hesitate. The prince grabbed his friend's hand and with the magician's help, the prince was hoisted into an upright position. They faced each other for a silent moment before they let go of each other's hand. Trying to hide a smile, the magician began making his way towards the throne room. The prince watched the magician leave him so he could go on with his duties as a priest, a small smile on the prince's face.

Right after Mahaad left, a servant ran into the palace courtyards. Breathing heavily, she looked around the gardens. When she spotted the prince, her eyes widened and she immediately ran up to him. She bowed to the prince, still breathing hard. The prince gave a confused look at the girl but when he saw her worried and panicked expression, he became worried.

"Your highness!" The girl exclaimed, still trying to catch her breath. "King Aknamkanon has requested your presence in his chambers." The prince's eyes widened in fear.

"He wishes to speak with you immediately." The servant girl looked up at the prince with a worried expression. The prince gave a silent nod and dismissed the servant girl. When the servant girl left his sight, the prince tried to calm himself. Is Father…the prince shook of his thoughts, burying them in the back of his mind. He took a breath and began making his way to his father's chambers where his father was waiting.

* * *

The prince slowly brought his fist to the beautifully carved door. He hesitated for a moment before he knocked on the door. Its echoes rang throughout the hallway, silence quickly following after. There was a moment before the prince heard anything.

"Enter," a deep voice called within the room. The prince opened the door slowly and stepped into the room. The room was filled with a depressing presence and sorrow was filled in every person's heart that was within the room. The prince got on one knee, his tri-colored head bowed to the once great man who now lay weak on his bed. The prince noticed there were a few healers and magicians who were also with him. They were silent, intent on there jobs but knowingly failing miserably.

"Leave," the deep voice commanded to the healers and magicians. They were surprised by the sudden command and a few were about to protest but they were quickly silenced.


Some of the younger magicians and healers quickly left, following the command but a few of the elders hesitated. Finally sensing the finality of the words, they sighed and left, uncomfortable with the king being alone with just his son. Once the door silently closed, the son and father were finally alone. The prince raised his head slightly, trying to see what was in front of him. He was about to speak but the king spoke before him.

"Come and kneel by my bedside, my son," his father told the prince. The prince gracefully rose up and walked over to the center of the room where the large bed was placed. He brought down one of his knees when he was next to his father and bowed his head in respect to the king.

"There is no need for formalities my son," the king kindly spoke to the prince. The prince raised his head and his eyes met his father's dimmed ones. "We are alone and we are limited on time I'm afraid." The king tried to suppress a cough but failed. They rattled his chest proving his point. The prince was about to protest the king's words but failed to do so; he couldn't deny it either. Instead the prince grabbed a nearby cloth that was soaked with warm water and placed it on his father's head. Without his headdress and gold that he often wore to show his status, the king looked no different from a normal man who had worked his entire life. The prince's hand shook slightly but he quickly steadied it, trying to hide all of his weaknesses. The king let out deep breath once his coughing fit was over. The king gazed at his son who was knelt beside him during this dark time.

"My son," Aknamkanon began, his voice hoarse but still had its deep and powerful tone," The time is near, my son, for my passage to the Afterlife is approaching soon." The prince was about to disagree with his father's words but the king just shook his head. "No. Deep within your heart you also know the truth. Do not try to deny what is destiny, my son. That was not the way I have taught you throughout your life." The prince hung his head and nodded, listening to his father's words.

"Soon you will take your place as pharaoh. There you will be challenged constantly by both your enemies and what the gods have in store for you." The king frowned for a moment. "I have prayed to the gods that your path would not be as grueling but I fear the path of destiny cannot be avoided. You will need to overcome your obstacles in order for Egypt to be safe for it is your duty to protect our people. Use the power that lies deep within you and do not be afraid of what is right. Doing what is dark and evil is an easier choice than to what is light and good. I can only pray that you will listen to my words wisely and follow them." The prince reached up on the bed and grabbed his father's nearest hand. He held it with a firm but gentle grip.

"Father, I have listened to your words and I will follow them. I will not disappoint you," the prince calmly promised, his voice filled with honesty. The king smiled slightly.

"I already know that, my son. For you have never disappointed me." The prince smiled at the king's words and his heart filled with warmth. The moment didn't last long though.

"My time is arriving where I will need to give the last words of destiny," the king solemnly told. The prince was confused and it was evident on his face.

"I do not expect you to understand now but when the time comes, my son, you will unlock the doors to understanding. Everything has a time and a place and soon…soon you will be able to embrace your destiny and your identity."

My identity? What in the world does he mean? The prince questioned himself.

"Father—"the prince began to question. The king shook his head.

"I cannot tell you for you must learn its secrets for yourself and Egypt." The prince was about to protest and beg for understanding but then thought against it. He had to respect his father's wishes even if they would only confuse him. The prince nodded.

"My son…do you know who you are?" The king asked the prince. The prince was slightly confused by his father's question but answered anyway.

"Of course. I am your son and the son of Ra. I am prince-"The king cut the prince off.

"That is not what I meant my son." The king told his son. The prince's eyebrows scrunched in confusion and he quickly began trying to understand what his father wanted.

"I am sorry father, but I do not understand what you mean," the prince finally confessed, slightly embarrassed at his ignorance. The king shook his head.

"I suppose you will not be able to answer my question now, my son," the king solemnly told his son. The king's eyes suddenly held a light of hope however at a something. "But in time you will and you will yell it to the great beings of Egypt proudly. You will tell everyone the true essence of you." The king seemed satisfied with his words and let the words sink into his mind and his son's ears. The prince however couldn't understand anything his father was saying. No matter how hard he is listening to King Aknamkanon and how much he is trying to understand his father's words, the prince couldn't make any sense to them. He is speaking in riddles and I cannot find the answer, the prince growled to himself. What do his words mean? Frustrated, the prince brought his hand to his forehead, trying even harder to make sense to his father's words. The king noticed the prince's frustration.

"My son, do not revel now for it is not the time," the king told his son. The prince shot his head up and his hand was immediately off his forehead. The king smiled at him. "You have plenty of time to figure it out. Do not dwell in misery and confusion." The prince smiled back at him but it was a weak smile. The king's smile slowly disappeared. He knew that he was passing and he had to tell his son soon.

"I cannot waste anymore time with riddles and questions any longer," the king spoke, his voice hoarse and his breath raspy. "My son, there is a reason for everything, even if it doesn't seem so. Even I have my reasons for the secrets that are held within my palace. Within my family." The family? The prince wondered. Wait…does he mean…

"I know you understand my words this time, my son. Yes, there is a reason for the secrecy and mystery that has been going on for the past eighteen years. Especially since you were born." The past eighteen years? That was when the millennium items were created and a year before my birth. What does that have to do with the millennium items? The prince thought to himself.

"You are connected to the millennium items in more ways than anyone can ever imagine. You are in fact connected to the gods that have been protecting you all through the years."

"But father, everyone that is part of the royal family is. I have been told countless times that we are in fact a God. We—"The king shook his head at his son's words.

"Do you honestly believe that, my son?" King Aknamkanon solemnly asked. The prince froze for a moment, barely believing that his father spoke those very words. After a moment though, he shook his head. The king had a knowing look on his old face.

"I believe we are here to rule Egypt so that we can protect the people. We are here to guide them in their times of need; we aren't amazing Gods. We never were," the prince spoke, his voice filled with a grave tone. "We are men who are kings. Nothing more, nothing less."

"I cannot agree or disagree for I do not the true answer myself. Do I believe ourselves to be a God? I doubt it for if we were, there would be an end to wars and greed." The king paused for a moment. "But I do believe that we do have something more. Something that the gods themselves have entrusted with that no one else can gaze upon. We have a connection with them that is stronger than anything else that is on this vast mortal world. That is why we are pharaohs and those who live the simple lives are not. But my son, there are things in this world that are mysterious and yet we continue to search for the answers to them. Our fate and the gods are just one of them. They are the only ones who can control what will happen in our lives and what the outcomes will be."

"Father…I don't understand." The king smiled at the prince.

"You will my son. For you have my blood and your mother's flowing through you. You are strong and can access any situation into a victory. Yet you are kind and compassionate, just like your mother." The king smiled at the thought of him reuniting once again with his beloved wife. The prince felt his heart sting at the mention of his mother and his father's grave words.

"My son, do not forget who you are. You are a man with the power and knowledge of the gods and you cannot let your heart take the path of darkness." The prince gave a weak nod.

"I won't." The king smiled at his son's words. "I'll make you proud." The king shook his head.

"My son, you have already made me proud." The prince was shocked by his father's words. His father rarely ever showed his pride to him yet after all of these years, his father had always been proud of him. His heart seemed to fly into the sky with joy. The prince smiled at Aknamkanon, his beloved father.

The king gave one last smile before he allowed darkness to cloud his vision, pulling him into a deep, dark sleep, his son fading away.

Later on that day the King gave his final breath on the mortal world. Despite all the spells and medicines that healers and magicians used for their king, they couldn't stop the inevitable. The king had reached an old age and lived a long and great life, leaving his son to his growing nation. The prince, however, had not moved from his father's bedside. The prince had stayed by his father's side long after his death, despite pleads and scolding from the elders. The prince just ignored them and continued to mourn the loss of his father and dreaded what was to come. In a few weeks, he was to seal his father into his protected tomb and then become the pharaoh of Egypt, something he has been prepared for his entire life for. As he gazed at his father's peaceful face however, he felt like a weak boy who had been given a sword and shoved into a room with a hungry lion.

Alone and weak.

The prince leaned forward and rested his elbows on his father's bed. His hands were brought together and were placed on his head, holding it up. He closed his eyes and felt a single tear descend on his face, landing with a slight thump on the white sheets. He felt all of his emotions stirring inside of him, waiting for the moment when the prince would let his carefully constructed walls crumble.

There was a knock on the door.

Through all of his mixed emotions, annoyance became dominate at the moment. He had specifically ordered the guards to not allow anyone into the room. Not the magicians, priests, healers; anyone. He only wanted a moment alone with his now deceased father and right now, someone was going against his orders and interrupting him. He stayed silent, hoping that the person would gain some common sense and leave him be.

The knock was louder and quicker than before.

"Leave," the prince commanded, his voice filled with authority yet complete and utter sadness. There was a still moment before he heard someone began to open the door. A stream of light penetrated the dark room that matched the night sky outside. The door was slowly closed, sealing away the light and enclosing the new occupant with the prince. Their steady and quiet breathing was heard by the upset prince. He refused to face them, not wanting to show any sign of weakness on his part. The tears wet trail was still evident on the prince's face.

"I order you to leave," he ordered, his voice teeming with annoyance. His frustration was evident yet there wasn't any hint of movement from the other.

"Now." Still nothing. The prince dropped his arms and set them on his father's bed but still didn't look at the person. His gaze was locked on his father's pale but peaceful face.

"I ordered no one to enter this room for the moment," the prince told the person. The other person could sense the venom in the prince's voice. His annoyance with them made them slightly uncomfortable but they ignored the weak feeling.

"Yet you defy my orders." The prince's hands were balled into tight fist, his knuckles turning white. He became tenser than before and slowly, all the anger and hatred that he felt for this world began bubbling inside of him, about to explode.

"I order you to leave at once in the name of the-"the prince choked on his words. His eyes widened and his hands began shaking uncontrollably. A new form of fear and emptiness began engulfing the prince. The prince brought one of his shaking hands to his face and left it there, trying to ease down the uncontrollable emotions.

"Get out…"The prince said to the person, his voice soft at first. The emotions and emptiness that he was experiencing though began to take control of him.

"Get out." The prince told the person once more. Ignoring the prince's orders and demands, the person began approaching the prince, their steps careful and slow but with a sense of confidence. They didn't acknowledge the prince's frustration and annoyance with them and they ignored the prince's venomous voice that would frighten others. The prince's anger grew with each of the person's approaching step.

"Get out!" the prince yelled, his careful and calm demeanor finally broken away. The prince's teeth clenched and he huffed; his breath was harsh and unstable. Hatred seemed to pour from his body and it seemed that the room suddenly became colder and darker. The prince finally faced the approaching person, wanting to see the face of the person who defied him. He wanted the flames of Ra to slowly engulf them and give them a slow and painful death. He wanted to see the licks of the flames burn their flesh yet give him warmth that his body missed. He wanted to rid the coldness that he felt in his heart. He wanted to rid the coldness that ran through his veins. He wanted to feel the warmth that radiated from his father's embrace and feel protected.

Now his father was dead and this person ignored the prince's orders.

When the prince turned his body around, he gave the person a view of his changed persona.

It frightened them.

The prince's eyes were wild but they shone with anger and hate. His gaze almost made them freeze and crumble to their knees, begging for forgiveness. When they gazed deeper into the prince's dark eyes however, they could see something more than the anger and hate. They saw the loneliness and emptiness that filled the prince's mind and being. His carefully constructed walls that they were known to were now a crumpled heap; exposing him to the cruel world with no guidance. Without a second thought or a moment of hesitation, the person walked closer to the troubled prince. They saw a closer view of the prince's face, it distorted by agonizing pain and sorrow.

When the prince turned around, he immediately saw the silhouette of the person. With the person's outline, they immediately knew the person was a girl. Her outline was slim and her walk was full of grace and ease. Oddly enough, there was an odd thing on her head, more than likely a hat of some sorts. Slowly his eyes became more adjusted with the darkness and his vision of the approaching person became clearer.

"Mana…"he whispered in disbelief. The young mage walked next to the surprised prince and stared back at him with a calm gaze. The prince got over his surprise visitor and his eyes narrowed. He turned his head away from her and looked down on the bed, his eyes piercing a hole through the sheets.

"Why are you here?" he questioned her. Mana took no notice of the hatred that was laced in with his words. She continued to gaze at the sorrow-stricken prince, not answering his question. The prince felt his annoyance and anger grow inside of him until it finally reached its peak. How dare her ignore his commands! She was just a lowly mage and he was the prince of Egypt! How dare she turn away from direct orders and enter his father's room with him?!

"Leave-"he began to command the mage but he froze.

Mana had placed her hand on the prince's shoulder, making him tense by her touch. He felt as if he was being burned by her and slowly the heat from her hand began to spread throughout his body. He quickly turned his head to face her but when his angered gaze met with hers, all of the hate and anger he felt for the world faded away. When he met his eyes with her, he felt as if her spirit was embracing him. Its warmth and radiance pierced through his inner darkness and comforted his cold and alone heart.

She stared at the prince for a long and silent moment. Her eyes were filled with sorrow and grief but also comfort and friendship. Slowly but surely, the darkness-filled prince gaze softened until the last of the hate disappeared. He relaxed under Mana's touch and his hard face softened until it was the unemotional mask that he usually wore. His eyes were soon filled with just sorrow and grief. The prince lowered his head from Mana's gaze, a shadow casting over his troubled eyes.

"Why are you here, Mana?" he asked her, his voice dull and monotone. Mana paused for a moment before she dropped to her knees next to the prince. Suddenly she wrapped her arms around the still prince, holding him tightly to her in an almost suffocating hug. The prince's body tensed and his head shot up in surprise. With his eyes wide, he moved his head so he could look down on the young mage who was embracing him. He felt his senses go in disarray and he froze, not knowing what to do. It was a normal occurrence for Mana to unexpectedly pounce on him and give him a hug but now…He wasn't expecting it. Mana noticed his hesitation.

"I'm here for you."

The prince froze at her words before slowly, realization came to him. Mana had ignored his orders so he could wallow in grief and anger. She had pushed away her own sorrow that she felt for his father and came to him. Mana was here because she was his friend and was here to comfort him, even if he denied it and pushed her away. Foolish as he was, the prince had thought that his best friend had used their friendship in her own benefit and was here so she could annoy him and test his well-being. He had yelled at her and used a vicious tone with her yet she took it and shoved it aside, the hurtful words not affecting their close friendship.

After a long moment of silence, the prince slowly wrapped his arms around Mana, his arms wrapping tightly around her, afraid that she too might be stolen away from him. Mana felt her being pulled tighter to the prince and welcomed the warmth. She knew that the prince had finally opened his heart to her offering of comfort and the understanding of their cherished friendship. She felt her heavy heart feel somewhat lighter than before when the prince finally accepted her in this dark time.

"Mana…"the prince whispered his voice so low that Mana could barely make out his words, despite their closeness.

"I…I feel so…alone," he softly told her. His hands held a fistful of the back of her shirt and he tensed up, obviously uncomfortable showing his weakness even to his closest friend. Mana felt a pang in her heart and her eyes brimmed with tears but she held them back. She couldn't allow herself to be the weak girl now. If she did then her friend would soon lock away his emotions once again and hold her hand and comfort her. Now he needed her to be his pillar and she couldn't show any cracks. All of these years she had known him, the prince was always there for her and even if he was in pain or in trouble, he continually put himself on the line for her. There were rare moments where he could actually allow his strong walls to falter a bit for her and let her see what he was struggling with but he would soon shut his emotions out right away before anyone could get a good look into his true self.

Hell. He even kept his true birth name a mystery to all except to his father.

Yet she looked past his mysterious and dark aura and became his closest friend. Now though, he had tried to push her away in fear and in anger but instead of leaving him alone to his thoughts like she or another person normally would, she came to him with her arms open. And he accepted them. Determination and the love for him suddenly filled her inner core, inspiring her words.

"You are not alone."

The prince heard the determination and kindness in her tone and was taken back by the force of it. He felt the words suddenly flood into him and fill the deep void that he felt within his heart. He began to feel the warmth and friendship from Mana and the others fill his body, engulfing him in its light and beauty. Basking in its warmth, the prince stayed still, not wanting to risk the chance of it slipping away and leaving him alone and hurt.

Mana stayed still, ignoring the uncomfortable feelings of her legs losing feeling and the jabbing of some of the prince's gold jewelry. She ignored the heat that flowed in her cheeks and in her stomach and the fluttering of her heart. She only felt the prince reaching out for her and her embracing him with open arms and an open heart.

A single tear fell onto the floor.

When it dropped, its sound filled the large room. Mana felt flabbergasted when she heard the teardrop but she just closed her eyes. She only felt the prince and she only heard the prince's breathing and beating heart. She only sensed her best friend with her and felt closer to him than ever before.

The prince felt the lone tear escape from his eyes but with it carried a fraction of the sorrow that he felt. He hadn't cried since he was a young child but now the single tear had broken his barrier.

The single and glistening tear was the only one to fall freely from the prince's eyes.

It had been almost seventy days since Pharaoh Aknamkanon had passed on to the Afterlife. The citizens of Egypt were still in mourning of their once king who had brought them peace and wealth. Woman wore their hair down and men shaved their heads, allowing the heat and rays of Ra bare down on them but to them, it didn't matter. It was a tradition that showed the time of mourning of their pharaoh and what was to come.

King Aknamkanon's son would take the crown as pharaoh of Egypt.

The unknown made them nervous. Very few had a personal encounter with the son since his father rarely allowed him out of the palace walls without him being surrounded by palace guards. Though the few that had, they spoke of a quiet prince whose eyes were his father's and his hair gifted or cursed by the gods. He was in a healthy shape-short but had a toned body that every girl swooned at.

Of course the people of Egypt had seen the prince the few times when he would escorted down to the ships for traveling but since the people were bowing in respect, most weren't given the opportunity of seeing the prince up close.

The questions were endless. Was the prince kind and peaceful like his father? Did he have a short temper that his father was known to have every now and then?

Did he follow the path of light?

Or did he follow the road of darkness?

The occupants of the palace were the only few that could answer their questions but even they were limited on information or they lived within the palace walls, keeping the answers from them. But to the palace occupants' displeasure, ever since his father and mentor had passed on, the prince's personality dramatically changed. Even through all of the support that his friends and mentors had given him; it could only do so much for the prince's broken heart. The prince rarely smiled anymore and his laugh that used to fill the palace with pleasure and light was no longer heard. His face was a statue, never changing from its emotionless features that made everyone uncomfortable. If you glanced into the prince's eyes, you would only see a tired boy with a dull look in his eyes, as if happiness and joy had never existed.

Even now, as the prince emerged from his childhood room for the last time, his steps lost their grace and light. His footsteps echoed through the empty hallway while he was making his way to Shimon's room where he was requested to be. He kept his head low and his shoulders were slightly slumped but he kept his royal prefigure in check. A servant came out of a nearby room, a basket in her hands filled with clothing. Once she noticed the prince's presence, she immediately dropped her basket and dropped to her knees, bowing to the prince. The prince heard the basket's fall and saw the servant bowed to him. He was used to the constant bowing from those who were below him but it still gave him an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach. Now, for some reason, the uncomfortable feeling was worse. His heart felt like a hand was clutching it with all its might and breathing became painful. The servant took no notice of the prince's discomfort and waited patiently for him to leave. But the prince was frozen.

The servant only foreshadowed to him that in a day's time, everyone would be bowing to him not because he was the prince of Egypt but because he was their pharaoh. A curse and gift that he had since birth but yet he promised to his father-to Egypt. He would take his people in his arms with care and protection, even if it meant giving his own life and name. Another dark part to the prince's chiseled path was probably one of the worst ones though. He would willingly give everything he had in order to save Egypt and he would give every drop of his blood to his friends if they needed it. One of the downfalls though to his great power and divinity was in order to gain all; he had to lose the man he had looked up to his entire life. His father.

The prince would take his father's throne from him if he needed to since he was given years of preparation but having to take the throne after his father's death…that was almost too much for the prince.

The prince had accepted the fact that his father had died and that he is in the Afterlife where he belonged but he couldn't help but dread the fact that he was to take the throne so soon. The prince hadn't picked up all the pieces of his heart and put them back together; despite all of the time and support he was given. He wasn't ready to become the new ruler of Egypt soon but he was to be crowned pharaoh tomorrow; seventy days since his father's death. Time came and went as it pleased and it didn't take the pain away.

"Rise," the prince commanded to the servant, his voice steady but filled with emotion. The servant looked up and their eyes widened at their close proximity with the prince. Shaking off the butterflies that racked throughout their stomach, they rose to their feet with a slow motion, their knees wobbling slightly. The servant could feel the prince's intense gaze but yet refused to meet it, afraid of the consequences if they did so. The servant felt something press on their shoulder and looked to see what it was. A sun kissed hand was on his shoulders, trying to capture the servant's attention. The servant gaze followed the arm slowly until he finally found who the hand's owner was. The servant widened their eyes and the unusual feeling they could feel that flowed throughout their body from his shoulder made sense.

"Your…your…highness…"the servant stuttered out. Their eyes finally meet the prince's and they were captivated by their beauty but the fear in his mind was still there. The servant began to tremble in fear, unable to hide his fear and awe for the young man.

"What makes you tremble so?" the prince quietly asked, his voice filled with kindness and somewhat of sorrow.

"I…You…" The servant noticed the prince's crown gleam slightly from the light. "My apologies, your highness," the servant finally said, his words rushed and a little too loud. They dropped to their knees, bowing to the prince. "Please excuse me for any intrusions or-"

"Why are you apologizing?"

The servant's head snapped back up, noticing the prince was kneeling to his level. The servant stared at him in disbelief and confusion, not believing what he had just heard.

"Your highness…excuse me but…what did you…say?" the servant questioned the prince, trying to reassure that their ears were not playing tricks on them. The prince gave a small smile at the servant's confusion.

"What are you apologizing for?" the prince repeated to the servant. The servant blinked their eyes a couple of times at the prince's question.

"I…I…uh…well…"the servant stuttered out, unable to come up with a reason. Why should it matter to the prince anyway? He was to pharaoh tomorrow but instead of preparing for his coronation, he was wasting his time with a servant! The servant tried to find the logic in the prince's mind but found none. The servant just continued to stare at the prince, waiting for the prince to finally realize that he was just wasting his time. To the servant's surprise however, the prince smiled at him.

"In any case, I should be the one apologizing to you," the prince told the servant. The servant was about to disagree with the prince but the prince beat him. "I'm the one who made you halt your duties and for that, you are now probably running late on your current chore." The prince smiled at his logic and stared at the servant, waiting patiently for the servant to make any signs of movement other than blinking.

Huh? The prince is apologizing to me?! What the…Now this is a turn of events. Even though the prince's logic is reasonable…I've always been told even if it's not your fault, apologize because those who have power have the power to kill you. But since when does the soon-to-be pharaoh start apologizing to a servant? Especially if the servant is late…" the servant's mind suddenly filled with dread. Oh no…Kusko is going to kill me if I don't deliver these clothes to him soon…though right now…Kusko and my life can wait.

The servant opened his mouth, trying to argue against the prince's logic but every time they were about to say something, their words left them and they were unable to make a successful argument with the prince's logic.

The prince smiled at the servant when he noticed that the servant finally agreed and understood his words. He stood up with ease and held his hand for the servant to take. The servant stared at the prince's hand for a moment before slowly; they grabbed the prince's hand and stood to their feet.

"Thank you, your highness," the servant said to the prince, his voice filled with gratitude. The prince smiled at the servant before he left without another word. The servant stood there, frozen in their spot until a smile was on their face. They shook their head and grabbed their basket, taking their sweet time. They started walking but they stopped for a moment and looked down the hallway the prince walked down. They smiled again and started walking off to their destination.

Even if I don't know his name…I can't wait until he is crowned pharaoh. Things are looking hopeful for Egypt and her people...

Down the hall where the servant was looking at, the prince had stopped walking. He closed his eyes and felt the calm and strong demeanor dwindled away and was placed by confusion and sorrow. The prince couldn't understand why he felt the sudden sense of authority and pride within himself and the servant. The servant was just showing his respect to him but instead of just ignoring it like usual; he felt something inside of him stir. When he gave his hand to the servant to take, he felt not a sense of friendship but a sense of protection. He felt as if the servant represented the people of Egypt that he would give his life for. The memory of the ankh he made with his father and to Egypt flooded his mind.

My son, will you go through the conflicts that you will face as my future successor and will you handle them with pride and honor?

He clearly remembered that day. There he promised to the world that he would rule Egypt with pride and honor, similar to his father's previous ruling. He gave away his childhood, his freedom as an independent, and his father for Egypt and now…he couldn't turn back.

Slowly, a fire began to take place in the prince's eyes and heart. Determination and confidence began to take fold and he welcomed it with courage. His amethyst eyes were filled with life again; fueled by the strong emotions that came from his heart. He noticed his hand was slightly trembling and he looked at it. He wasn't cold by any chance and he felt no fear in his mind. He didn't know what unknown force was causing his hand to shake.


The future would soon unravel itself for him and instead of cowering in fear in a hidden corner; he would stare at it calmly and destroy anything that opposed him and the gods of Egypt.

The prince slowly looked up and gazed through the open window with Ra's warm rays settling on his tanned skin. Once he gazed up at the sky, he felt some sort of power within him grow. His magical abilities were not growing but instead some part of him finally felt…ready. The prince wasn't familiar with this new feeling but welcomed it because he felt as if this feeling connected him with his father and other previous pharaohs.

"My son, when you are approaching the time of your kingship or when you are a king, something will awaken inside of you," King Aknamkanon said to his young son while walking with him in the gardens. It was one of the few days that the king and his son could spend a day together without the King's duties interrupting their little time together. The son had a worried look on his face and started searching his body for anything out of the ordinary. The king placed his hand on the prince's shoulders.

"There is not anything to worry, my son," the king assured the prince. The prince calmed down slightly and had a look of confusion on his face.

"But I thought-"Aknamkanon interrupted his son.

"It is not something you can see my son," he calmly told the prince. "Yet you feel something awaken that has been felt by all pharaohs of Egypt."

"Really?" the prince said, his voice filled with awe. "What is it? What does it feel like?" The king looked at his son for a moment and hid his smile of amusement of his son's innocence.

"When time comes, you will know."

So that is what his father meant.

The prince stood there for a moment and closed his eyes. The feeling of the past pharaohs began to take their mark on the young man and soon everything felt…different. When the future pharaoh opened his eyes, he saw everything with a new perspective. He did not see with tired and frightened eyes but with powerful, calmed eyes that suited the future king.

"Your highness," a servant called. He bowed at the future pharaoh, one knee bent below him and his head low. "You are requested in the throne room. Master Shimon's orders."

The young man turned around and looked at the man for a moment. He straightened his posture and crossed his arms.

"Inform them I will be there in a moment."

The servant noticed something new in the future pharaoh's voice but shook it off and left.

The silent future pharaoh stood there for a moment, taking in the last of Ra's warm rays before he left.

He uncrossed his strong arms and began making his way to the throne room, each step showing his confidence and maturity.

The walk of a pharaoh.


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