It was a rainy day and a panda was flown through the air and hit a wall. People looked over and then they saw a figure dressed in a long black trench coat, black slacks, boots and a under armor sleeveless top. He was divinely blessed, at least that's what the girls thought. His blond hair was soaked and a single strand came down his nose right between his 'angelic blue' eyes. He looked like if he was blessed by the gods.

"I can't believe you did that!" He said.

#It was a matter of honor.#

"Honor my ass! Never talk about honor when you have none at the begging!"

#Boy! You will do as I say!#

"And you're going to force me?" The young man glared at the panda and the panda panicked, it knew the young man can stomp a bloody mud hole in him and walk it dry. "Look, I'll go with you. But I make no promises deal?" The panda nodded and they were on their way.


Soun Tendo had received a letter explaining about what was going on and he called his daughters to the family room. "My friend and his son will be stopping by for a visit and we have much to talk about when they get here." He said.

"What is it about Father?" Said Kasumi, the eldest daughter.

"Well Kasumi, they are martial artists like we are." He said.

"How good are they daddy?" Said the middle daughter, she had black hair in a page boy cut, was well built and had legs up to her neck. She was in a short sleeved belly shirt, hot pants and slippers. She was snacking on some soy chips and lying down with her legs kicked up.

"Well, Genma is a master of his families style and Ranma was training under him. So they are pretty good."

"Humph, who cares about a boy?" Said the youngest, she had long black hair and a chest of a twelve year old.

"Well," said Kasumi. "let's get dressed and meet them." The youngest didn't think this boy was worth it.


About an hour later, there was a knock on the door. Nabiki got up to answer the door as her father was.


Ranma was waiting on Genma's friend and a young woman opened the door, she was gorgeous and the kimono she was wearing was beautiful. She could tear her eyes away from him. He was tall, handsome, had wild dirty blond hair in a long braided ponytail. He was buffed and had this aura of sexiness about him. She slammed the door in her father's face and smiled at him. She took in to account of what he was wearing a long black trench coat, black slacks, boots and a under armor sleeveless top. He was divinely blessed, at least that's what and a pair of diamond earrings.

But the one thing that she noticed about his attire was a white choker with a platinum heart in the shape of the universal symbol of Venus.

"Hello, I'm dojo welcome to our Nabiki." She said, 'wait that didn't sound right.' Ranma sweat dropped.

"Uh, okay." He said, "I think you mean that you are Nabiki?" She nodded, "your description does not do you justice. You are very beautiful." Nabiki blushed, "my mother was right about you." The unnoticed panda gulped and wondered when had he spoken with his mother.

"Auntie Nodoka is your mother?" She said, he nodded. "Um, could you hold on for minute?"

"Sure," he smiled. Nabiki ran to the side of the house and thanked every god she could for this hunk of man meat. But when she came back, Soun had came out and welcomed them in the house.

'NO! MINE!' "Um, daddy DIBS!" She said while running in to the house after them.


They walked in, "who are you?" Said Kasumi as she looked at the young man.

"Allow me to introduce myself," he said. "My name's Ranma Saotome I am Nodoka's son."

"Oh my, you are Auntie Nodoka's son?" She said, "nice to meet you Ranma. I'm Kasumi Tendo and this is my younger sister Akane."

"Ah so you are the homemaker of the house. Nice to meet you Kasumi-san." So they sit down and started to talk. Ranma had told them everything that had happened on his trip. They glared at the panda and he sweated. Now they had some dinner and started to share some stories enjoying each others company. Until Akane glared at Ranma.

"We're not going to marry you you know." She said and that was when Nabiki shocked her.

"Speak for your self sis." She said, "I called it!"

"Wait, what?"

"You don't know?" Said Nabiki.

"No, enlighten me." So Soun explains to him that his father and him made a pact between the schools and unite them. Ranma sighed, "okay first of all. I haven't studied Anything Goes in like five years. Why? I'm a master, plus it's weak compared to what I can do now. The douche bag, decided to teach me beyond Anything Goes. He calls it 'Anything Goes' because he's too lazy to call it anything else."

"Where is he," said Soun. Ranma asked for some hot water and splashed it on to him.


"GENMA!" Said Soun as he went in to his 'demon head' move.

"Now, now Tendo we can still have our children married." Said Genma.

"But you won't have the school's joined." Said Ranma, "you'll need to train a new student."

"No I won't, I have you!"

"No you don't. You shouldn't have taught me those moves."

"What moves?" Asked Nabiki.

"Nothing, just the basic moves." Said Genma.

"Basic my ass, they are moves so good and powerful, that world class fighters want to get their hands on me." He glared at Genma, "and I wouldn't doubt he'd sell me out."

"Who are we talking about?"

"I'll tell you later Nabiki. But, thanks to doofus over there I'm not only cursed via the Cursed Springs, but he had cursed me where if a girl looks at my true form, they'd die."

"Why? Because you're ugly or something?" Said a smug Akane they glared at her and she shrinked back feeling the cold glares of her sisters and the boy himself.

"No, it's called 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'. This form is handsome right?"

"Yeah," said Nabiki.

"Well my true form is so good looking that well, let's just say, it's 'Heart stopping'. You see I'm under a spell where my looks are so amazing that any girl that has a heart will die if I don't help them within a minute." They were shocked, well, Nabiki, Kasumi and Soun were Akane was smug. "Shut up," he said to her.

"I challenge you to a fight!" She said, "if I win you leave never to return here!"

"Okay fine, you can't get involved in my life then and act like you own me. Because if you do, I'll kill you." He said, "if I win you can't say jack number one. Number two, if Nabiki and Kasumi want to go out with me they can. You can't get involved, lastly you train properly." He looked at Soun, "Mr. Tendo will you train her if she loses?"

"Yes Ranma," he said glaring at her.

"Okay," he looked at her. "Come on, let's get it on." He threw off his trench coat and walked in to the dojo.


They got in to the room and got ready to go at it, Ranma unleashed unholy hell up on the smug Akane. He doubled her over, dropped and hit a flying uppercut sending her in to the ceiling and on her way down, he hit a kick to the back of her neck almost knocking her out then he grabbed her in a 'figure -4 neck and arm lock'. "What do you say Akane?" He said, "going to give up or do I continue?"

She knew she was trapped, "MATTE!" Then Ranma let her go, Soun called the match in Ranma's favor.

"And we got it all on tape." Said Nabiki, "so you cant say he cheated." Ranma bowed to the downed girl.

"Now, if you excuse me. I need to get cleaned up." He said Soun looked at Genma.

"He's right, that was beyond Anything Goes. He is a master," Soun said. "I wouldn't be surprised if 'the Master' made him one." Genma sweat dropped.


Ranma had went in to the furo and started to clean up. 'Sigh here we go,' he thought and slipped in to the hot water. He changed in to a godlike young man, he had a long dirty blond hair and 'rave blue' eyes. His head was leaned back as he relaxed in the hot water. 'I feel like I'm that one Spanish ninja(1).' He thought about the time he had met the Grandmaster of the school. He told Ranma that he wanted him to be his heir. Ranma had agreed to it and was taught, he was the perfect student.

Then he told Ranma a piece of advice, 'live the life I've always wanted.' So he does.


1. Balrog/ Vega from Street Fighter.

Note: Like last time I'm putting trivia at the end. Here it is:

Wild Horse Trivia

What is Ranma's curse?

Those Chinese Amazons, so wacky. What do the two younger Amazons in Japan have in common?

A. Their sex.

B. Their height.

C. Their names translate to hair care products.

D They hate each other.

True or False? Ranma has a half-sister.

What are everyone involved with Ranma are collectively known as?

What is Ranma's curse form's alias?

A. Ranko Tendo

B. Reimi Jahana

C. Kishi Neko

D. Tai Kuno

What did Kuno call himself when he first met Ranma?

Ryoga Hibiki was originally going to fight Ranma over what?

A. A girl

B. A grade

C. Bread

D. They hated each other, they needed no reason

Who uses petals as an entrance and exit?

Sound it out.

10 dough Treign in Hawl.

Which one of Ranma's fiancé's calls him 'Ranma- Honey'?

A. Akane Tendo

B. Shampoo

C. Kodachi Kuno

D. Ukyo Kuonji

True or False? Kasumi is engaged to Ranma.

Who are the only known animal cursed victims?

Who is the Grandmaster of the Anything Goes school?

Ranma has Ailurophobia which is a fear of what?

A. Dogs

B. Exposure

C. Cats

D. People named 'Ailuro'

True or False? Ranma has killed someone.