Ranma had got out of the furo; his chiseled body was now lightly tanned. He threw on a towel around his waist and walked out to a room. He started to get dressed in an under armor sleeveless top, boxer briefs and cargo pants. He went to Kasumi's room and knocked on the door, "just a minute." She said, she opened the door to his back and he was staring at a hand mirror. "Ranma-san," she said. "What can I do for you?"

"I need your help." He said, "I need my hair done but, I don't want to kill you. Do you have a large mirror?"

"Yes I do."

"Good, if I look in a mirror it's just my image so you won't die. If you look at me in the mirror."

"I get it." So he walked in to the room and sat down in front of him. "So how are you going to be able to look at any girl with out killing them?" He pulled out a platinum plain mask with a marking that looked like a capital 'J' on the left side of it and showed it to her.(1)

"This was given to me by a man who had trained me in Europe." She was impressed at it.

"Oh my," she said as he grabbed a brush and started to brush his hair. "I have an idea, why don't I lengthen the braid?" Ranma agreed and she did they started to talk about his adventures enjoying each others company. That was when Nabiki had walked to Kasumi's room, "Nabiki NO!" But it was too late, she was dead. Ranma rushed over to her with his mask and placed it on. Then he re-started her heart. She started to come around, "Nabiki!" She hugged her.

"Wow, you weren't kidding. You are 'drop dead gorgeous'." They laughed.

"Okay, just relax. I know I did my job right." He said, "Just rest." So she did and Kasumi had continued with his hair. After she was done, Ranma stood up, lifted his mask so that his mouth was uncovered and kissed Kasumi on the cheek. Kasumi felt warm and tingly, then he hugged Nabiki and she started to feel tingly as well.

'He looks like that one Spanish ninja.' She said, and then he left Kasumi's room only to meet up with Akane.


"WHAT WHERE YOU DOING IN MY SISTER'S ROOM YOU PERVERT!" She said and was about to hit him with a huge mallet and he kicked its head off, in his bare feet. She just stared stupidly at the handle that was left.

"You're like a teacher's strike." He said, "You got 'No class'." Then he walked off.


Later he walked out to take a walked around the neighbor hood; he was relaxing and enjoying the walk. That was when he found out he was in Juubahn, the Sailor Senshi were in trouble yomas had surrounded them and were about to attack. That was when they had heard, "EROS-FLASH!" Then, "EROS MULTI ARROW BLAST!" Then beams of golden light had struck the yomas destroying them easily. Then they saw a figure land in the middle of the street making a crater. Then he stood up, he was in a white and gold under armor, tights, boots, gloves and face mask. He was holding a gold bow with a golden mana as the string. His hair was in a long braided ponytail and blonde, the girls couldn't tear their eyes from him. Then he placed the bow in front of him as if it was a cane.

"Who are you?" Asked Sailor Moon.

"I am the elder brother of Princess Aphro," Venus' eyes widened as she knew who he was. "I am the Eros Captain." With that, he bowed. The others looked at Venus, just then more yomas started to show up and Eros just smirked then leapt in the air the bow transformed in to a white and gold guitar. Then he started to play riffs and golden mana started to fly out of it hitting the yomas and destroying them. Then he walked to Venus and knelt to her with his head bowed to her. His guitar to the side and arm crossing his chest. "I'm so happy to see you little sister." With that he hugged her tightly, then he sensed a yoma getting up to attack and he pulled an M 1911 handgun pulling the trigger taking out the yoma.

"It's good to see you too Eros-niisan." She said and pulled back to look at him. "You are as handsome as ever."

"Thank you, my piccolo sorella (2)." He said to her she hugged him tighter. She loved it when he called her that. Then Jupiter grabbed her and pulled Venus to the side.

"Introduce me to you brother. Now, please." She said.


Later Ranma had came up to a huge manor and walked on the grounds. A few of the guards had showed up. "Master Ranma," said one of them. "Welcome home."

"Thank you, is my mother here?"

"She should be she is talking to Kannagi-sama and Ayano-sama."

"Why are they here?"

"We do not know. Ranma-dono."

"Well, better go talk to Mom." So he heads to the main house.


Nodoka Saotome was a very beautiful woman; she was the head of the Saotome clan who only answered to the Imperial family themselves. In front of her was a man with long white hair and blue eyes. The girl was cute and had shoulder length red hair and blood violet eyes. The man was in regal robes while the girl was in a school uniform. "Hello Jugo, it's good to see you again." She said.

"It is good to see you too Nodoka-sama." He said.

"And Ayano it's good to see you, you have gotten beautiful." Ayano blushed at the Saotome matriarch's words.

"Thank you Saotome-Sama." She said, just then a ninja was behind Nodoka and whispered in her ear.

"Ah, he is here." Said Nodoka, "good. Send him to me." The ninja nodded and disappeared, "Ranma shall be here shortly."

"Ranma?" Said Jugo, "he's returned."

"Yes but my idiotic husband had done something to him. You'll see when he gets here." So Ranma had entered the room and they look over to him.

"Wow," said Ayano.

"Hello mother, Kannagi-sama, Ayano-chan." He said they stared at him.

"Why is he in a mask?" Asked Jugo "did that bastard...?"

"No, he did not harm me." Said Ranma so he explained what happened to him.

"So you are a master of your art?" Said Ayano, Ranma nodded and leapt on to the ceiling staying there.

"And moves I learned in Europe." Then he flipped off and on to the floor.

"Uh Ranma, I was wondering. What's with the mask?"

"Thank to my father I've been cursed. It's called 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'; if I take off the mask I'd kill you."

"I can take it." He looked at Nodoka and she nodded.

"Alright," he slowly pulled off the mask and revealed his face. She smiled at how handsome he was and fainted. "AY-CHAN!" He pulled his mask back on and listened to her heart. "She's alive? But how?"

"I did some research souchi," said Nodoka. "You two were always close that you could be siblings. So, she wouldn't die when she saw your face."

"I see," said Jugo. "Was there anything else?"

"Got any cold water?"


One: Think Vega's mask in Street Fighter.

Two: It means 'little sister' in Italian.

The Royal Lunarian Quiz

Name any 2 Sailor Senshi.

Usagi Tsukino is the hopeless leader of the Sailor Senshi, which one of these transformations is NOT one of hers?

A. Super Sailor Moon

B. Eternal Sailor Moon

C. Eclipsed Sailor Moon

D. Princess Sailor Moon

True or False? Sailor Mercury's real name when said last name first, means 'Friend of water' in French.

You think that Sailor Pluto is unflappable huh? Well she's not, what is she afraid of?

A. Youma

B. Roaches

C. The dark

D. Life

Who is Sailor Moon's 'true' Mother?

Where did Mamoru meet Usagi for the first time? (The answer will surprise you)

What do the cats and the Tsukino clan has in common?

A. They all have psychic powers

B. The Moon.

C. They all like to chase down a mouse with some good cream

D. The mom has black fur all over her body and the dad has white fur.

What does Usagi call Chibi-Usa?

True or False? There are roses on Makoto/ Sailor Jupiter's ears.

Whose planetary symbol is a trident?

What does Haruka Teno do for a hobby?

A. Races Cars

B. Flies helicopters

C. Races motorcycles

D. All of the above

Which of Beryl's generals was planning to desert her?

Who is nicknamed 'the Cute Death Star in a mini-skirt' by the fans?

A. Sailor Mars

B. Sailor Mercury

C. Sailor Jupiter

D. Sailor Saturn

Unscramble the name:

Iam Zoinmu

Name one of the 'Three Lights'.