Bloody Raindrops

Fanfiction Based off of: D. Gray-man

Original Story: Katsura Hoshino

Chapter 1: Huntress

Kanda Yuu.

Eighteen years old, third year at Black Order High School.

Captain of the Kendo Club, first place at National Kendo Championships for the last two years. In the top ten percent of his class. Pale, beautiful, stoic, and reserved. Single.

Kanda Yuu had a very normal life.

Go to school, go to club practice after school, practice some more by himself, go home, eat some soba, do his homework, go to sleep.

In essence, Kanda's life was very boring. Monotonous, lacking excitement. He was already used to the sameness in events everyday. And he actually liked it that way.

Life was predictable, life was simple. Life was something Kanda could control. Life was easy and very safe, except for the rare moments in kendo where he would actually feel pressured by his opponent.

Life was good.

That is, until that one snowy day in the dead middle of winter. When a seemingly innocent girl simply waltzed into class 3-B of Black Order High School and broke the ice restraining the excitement in Kanda's life.

But Kanda didn't want excitement.

Because excitement, in this case, was dangerous.

It was more than dangerous.

Excitement was nothing short of deadly.

"Settle down, class," said Komui.

The class's volume died down slightly, but simply increased again after a momentary decrease. Kanda sat in the back of the room, quiet as always, his blue eyes watching the rest of his class. There were obvious cliques in Class 2-B; Lavi Bookman was in one corner, surrounded by an equal amount of girls and guys, all of whom looked at the foreign exchange student with a great deal of admiration for his dashing red hair and bright green eye. The other half of the room consisted of a bunch of girls who did not even bother hiding the fact that they were staring avidly at Kanda. The kendo captain gave a sigh. Idiots.

"If you all don't shut up," Komui said dryly, "I'll assign double the amount of homework tonight."

The class immediately shut up.

"Thank you," said the teacher mildly. "Now, before we start the lesson, I want to introduce a new transfer student. She's Japanese but she's transferring from London, England. Please be friendly."

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in," called Komui.

The door slid open and in walked a slender girl, already dressed in the black uniform of the school. All the males in the class, excluding Kanda and Bookman, gasped simultaneously.

"Please introduce yourself," instructed Komui to the newcomer.

The female gave a smile and bowed.

"Totsuka Airi," she introduced herself. "Eighteen years old. I was born in Japan and moved to London for a while, but now I'm back. Please take care of me."

Totsuka Airi was around five foot five, had long black hair that trailed down her back and dark onyx colored eyes. Her skin was pale as snow, her lips crimson like blood. She would've been a classic Snow White. She was relatively attractive, which was probably why all the males in the class were gawking at her. That is, all the males except for Kanda and Lavi.

Kanda simply yawned at the sight of her and turned his attention elsewhere. Lavi, on the other hand, smiled and waved.

"Hey there, Airi," he said in his accented Japanese. "How's it going?"

Airi's eyes flickered at the sight of him.

"Hello, Lavi," she smiled. "I'm doing well. You?"

"Couldn't be better."

Murmurs arose in the crowd as a good number of males turned to Lavi.

"You know her?!" one of them hissed.

"Yeah," shrugged Lavi. "Back in London."

"Introduce me!"


"What?! How could you?! Don't you know, she's an international model, Bookman!"

"It's for your own good."


Lavi smirked. "You'll see why."

There was another knock on the door. Komui, surprised, looked up and said, "Come in!" just as the door opened without hearing an invitation.

The intruder elicited a wave of swoons from the females and narrowed eyes from the males.

"Mikk-sensei," said Komui, who had obviously not been expecting him. "How may I help you?"

"I just heard Airi was in your class and I wanted to address the men in your group for a moment," said Tyki Mikk with an easy smile. "Hope you don't mind?"

"Eh? You know the exchange student?"

"Very well, in fact. Good to see you, Airi."

The faint smile on the newcomer's face had been replaced with a very ugly look. Obviously, the innocence that she had represented the moment she'd walked in the room was a façade.

"What are you doing here?" she scowled.

"I'm a teacher here, if you don't remember," Tyki said, walking over to her and placing a hand on Airi's shoulder.

Kanda watched the scene with little interest. Tyki's flirtatious ways were well-known throughout the school. Airi, however, simply scowled deeper.

"Now, gentlemen," said Tyki, addressing the class, "I'd like to make a few announcements. First things first. Totsuka Airi is actually…" he took Airi's hand and brought it up to his lips, "my fiancée."

There was a thunderous amount of exclamations; Komui's was the loudest.

"What?!" said the head teacher. "Why was I not informed of this?"

"Sorry," said Tyki apologetically. "Now you know. And if you're going to say that a teacher-student relationship is forbidden…well…it's been ordained by my family, so…"

Tyki did not need to finish the statement in order to create the proper effect. The entire school knew that Tyki's rich as hell family was a powerful influence in Europe and consequently had people in Japanese politics; Komui simply nodded and let Tyki continue.

"So!" said Tyki with a grin to the somber class. "Gentlemen, needless to say, I will be very angry if any of you try to hit on my dear little Airi. If I hear that any of you have tried to ask her out…" Tyki's smile grew so wide that it looked dangerous, "I'll deal with you. Personally."

Airi looked nothing short of revolted; she snatched her hand out of Tyki's and gave him another very ugly look.

"Damn it, Tyki," she growled. "I wanted to have a normal high school life! Why'd you have to go and ruin it for me?!"

"Well, now the girls will be friends with you because the boys will be too scared to approach you."

That was a misguided conception; the girls in the class were glaring daggers at Airi, who was now the public fiancée of their beloved Tyki Mikk.

"At least I wasn't put in your class," she shuddered. "I hate you."

"Ach, that's so harsh. We're going to be married anyway."

"I'll marry you when hell freezes over."

"Well then, that'll be very soon."

"Go die."

"So harsh," sighed Tyki, obviously brushing off her threats. "Well then, have fun in class. Excuse me now, Komui-sensei."

Tyki waved to a group of girls that was eagerly trying to get his attention and left the room, rolling the door shut behind him. The expression that Airi looked at the door with was one of utmost revulsion. The marriage had obviously been an arranged one, and most likely not with both parties' consensus. Kanda placed his head on his hands, bored.

"Well," said Komui awkwardly, "Totsuka, you can take the empty seat next to…Kanda."

Komui pointed Kanda out to the newcomer, who walked, no, more like glided to her seat. She set her bag down and pulled out her books, propping them open in front of her and turning to Komui with rapt attention. Slightly surprised that she had not bothered to introduce herself personally to him, Kanda shook his head and pulled out his own books, not bothering introduce himself either. He was so immersed in the lesson, however, that he did not notice those dark eyes just barely watching his every movement.

Kanda was eating lunch in the classroom, not paying attention to the ongoing conversations around him. He, however, could not help but listen in on the interaction that took place right next to him.

"Totsuka-san," said a group of girls, approaching the newcomer. "Can we eat with you?"

Airi, startled at their approach, nodded mutely. They sat down around her, smiling.

"Ah, we should introduce ourselves!" said one with brown hair. "I'm Totori Mayu."

"Taede Kiki."

"Sarumi Hana."

Airi nodded to each one in turn.

"Pleased to meet you," she said.

"So, you lived in London for a long time?" asked Mayu, the boldest one of the three. "Your Japanese is quite good."

"It's hard to forget a native language," said Airi. "Though I assure you, when exams come rolling around, Japanese is going to be my worst subject…"

"Oh, nonsense," Kiki said, waving her hand as if swatting a fly. "Japanese exams are such a breeze; you'll be fine."

"You're probably number one in the class or something," laughed Airi. "I can't trust that statement!"

"She actually is," Hana said, impressed with Airi's intuition. "But it's fine, we'll help you out!"

"That'd be great," said Airi, pulling a bottle of reddish liquid out of her bag. "So tell me, who are the most popular guys at this school?"

The girls exchanged glances.

"But…don't you have Mikk-sensei?" said Kiki timidly.

"Don't even mention that man around me," said Airi acidly. "The marriage was completely arbitrarily decided; I had no voice in it. I'm doing everything I can to get out of it, and I'm not going to let a guy who's eight years older than me ruin my high school life. Back to my question."

"Ah, well, there's Lavi Bookman," said Mayu, a dreamy look passing over her face.

"Not my type," said Airi instantly.

"What?!" said Kiki, shocked. "Goodness, half the girls would die to get laid by him!"

"He's just not really my type," shrugged Airi. "Besides, I've known him for a while. Next."

"Ah, well…" Hana lowered her voice. "The guy who sits right beside you in homeroom. Kanda Yuu. Keep your voice down—he's right behind us. Well…he's a beauty, really."

The idiots, did they really think he couldn't hear them? He was two feet away!

"I did realize that," Airi admitted. "Quite a beauty…"

"A bit hard to approach though," said Kiki. "But he's quite the catch. Number one in the nation for kendo, pretty smart, too. I heard he's been asked to be a model."

"But I suppose that's not a big deal to you, is it?" said Mayu. "I heard you're a model yourself."

"It's not that big of a thing," said Airi. "It's just something I do in my spare time."

"I'm jealous," Hana said.

Airi simply gave an enigmatic smile and drank some of her juice.

"What is that?" asked Kiki, interested in the beverage. "Is it tomato juice?"

"Ah, yeah," Airi said, licking her lips. "One hundred percent organic tomato juice."

"Can I try?" asked Mayu.

"You, er, probably shouldn't. It's not very good."

"Then why do you drink it?" asked Hana.

"It's good for your…skin?"

The three girls once again exchanged skeptical looks, but before any of them had a chance to say anything, the door to the classroom slid open and Tyki entered.

"Airi," he greeted. "Can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Does it have to be now?" Airi said irritably.

Tyki's golden eyes narrowed imperceptibly, and though his smile remained in place, there was a hard edge lining his voice when he spoke again.


Kanda noticed Airi's back stiffen as she heard Tyki's voice.

"I'll be going," Airi said. "Um…today's a half-day, isn't it? Because of club activities or something?"

"Yeah," nodded Hana. "So I guess we'll be seeing you tomorrow?"

"I suppose. I'll just leave my stuff here…"

Airi shoved the glass bottle of tomato juice in her bag and shoved the bag in her desk. With a short wave, she went to Tyki, who simply guided her out the door and out of sight. Kanda's azure eyes lingered on the bag for a split second before turning back to his lunch.

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't boss me around at school," Airi said acerbically as the two of them walked down the hallway.

"You should learn to control that mouth of yours," said Tyki coolly. "I seem to have been giving you too much leeway as of late—you're not very polite. Especially in public."

"Tyki," Airi said warningly.

"Shut up, Airi."

Tyki was feeling annoyed, angry, and very thirsty. Airi's attitude sometimes was simply insufferable and intolerable; she needed to remember that she was no longer part of the family that was in control, that it was Tyki who was in charge, that it was Tyki who owned her.

"You're thirsty, aren't you?" she said as Tyki grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her into an empty classroom.

"Very," he said, golden eyes gleaming as he slammed her against the wall and locked the door behind him. "And I do not appreciate being kept waiting."

"If you're so damn thirsty, why don't you just drink the reserves of blood that your family always sends you?" she snarled as Tyki pushed aside her hair to expose her neck.

"As if I'd drink that shit," Tyki scoffed, unbuttoning her collared shirt and pulling it down her shoulders. "That blood's not fresh; I don't drink anything but fresh blood."

"A vampire's fresh blood," she corrected, her dark eyes glittering.

"True," he admitted. "There is no point in me, heir to the Noah family, in drinking the tainted blood of humans…that's your job, isn't it?" He smirked at her snarl. "Besides, it's been a very long time since I've drunk your blood. I'm craving it." He bent down and placed his lips at the hollow of her neck, his hands slipping around her waist and up her bare skin. He could sense her tense up from the contact. "Tch. Still so sensitive, Airi, after we've done this so many times."

"I don't see why you insist on nearly taking my clothes off when you just need a simple meal," she said angrily, jolting back as one of Tyki's hands slipped up her leg.
"Even you know that blood tastes better when the donor is running high on emotions…" he breathed, fangs extending. "And arousal is just the easiest way to get the adrenaline moving…"

Tyki did not spare any more time on explanations; his teeth sank into the hollow of her neck, piercing the skin and letting the incarnadine liquid flow into his mouth. He reveled in its taste, in the coolness and sweetness of the liquid…Totsuka Airi was well known among vampires and was said to be the vampire with the best tasting blood…

But that wasn't all Airi was known for. She had been the heir to the Totsuka family which had been usurped by the Noah family ten years ago; the Noah family was now considered the royalty in vampire society. And as in a move to humiliate Airi even further, Tyki had taken her to be his fiancée, and there was absolutely nothing that Airi could do to prevent it from happening.

Another reason why Tyki had taken her to be his.

The royal family did not bother themselves with actually Hunting for blood. They only drank the purest blood from other vampires, and let their Donors be the Hunters and find blood to satiate themselves. There were two ways that a Hunter could go about his or her business.

They could find random humans and simply knock them out and drink their blood. When the humans awoke, all they would remember was, well, being knocked out and having four holes on the side of their necks. Not a big deal. But knocking a human unconscious each and every time that they needed to drink (which was quite often) was a hassle, so a few select Hunters were allowed to find their personal human Donors, to whom the existence of vampires was revealed. The Donors would provide an endless supply of fresh blood to the Hunter, and would continue to do so as the Hunter deemed fit.

Airi was one of those Hunters who always had a Donor. And because she had previously been royalty, Airi always found the best Donors with the best blood. In addition, she had remarkable self-control when it came to drinking a human's blood; she had never killed a human by sucking him dry, and was always restrained when it came to the frequency of her mealtimes. Having Airi as his Donor was thus very beneficial to Tyki; with her as a Hunter, there were a lot less questions and much more delicious results. Airi's blood was always top notch.

Tyki drank his last gulp, finally tearing his fangs away from Airi's neck after a final lick of the blood that was flowing down her collarbones. Airi calmly pressed a hand to the punctures, trying to stop the blood, as Tyki wiped his mouth on the back of his hands, his gold eyes simmering with delight.

"Delicious," he said, reaching over and buttoning Airi's shirt. "Absolutely marvelous. Among vampires, your beauty isn't anything remarkable…but your blood. Mm."

"Satisfied, for now?" she said, knocking his hands away and buttoning up her own shirt. "How long will it be before you need another drink?"

"Ah…depends on my mood," he grinned. "After all, I'm not like you. I can't survive two weeks without blood."

"That's only when no one else takes mine," she said coolly. "If you drink mine in those copious amounts everyday, I'm going to have to find a few Donors around here."

"Ah, yes, you should do that. But it looks like it's been a while since you've had a drink yourself."

"What makes you say that?"

"Your eyes flashed crimson just now. That always happens when you're thirsty."

"You pretty much just drank a gallon of my blood, Tyki. Is it so wrong that I'm thirsty now?"

"Of course not. Just don't find a Donor with really thin blood…that tastes so horrible."

"I'll be leaving now," Airi said with a snarl, heading for the door.

"Stop, Airi."

She kept walking.

Tyki appeared right behind her and slammed her against the wall rather forcefully.

"Deflate your ego," he said coldly. "You're no longer in charge of the vampire society, Airi. I am. You should be more cautious of your actions and demeanor." His hand crept up to her lips. "When I say stop, you stop. When I say go, you go. When I say kill, you kill. When I say give me your blood, you cut yourself open and offer it to me yourself." His words were whispered closely to her ear. "You are mine, Airi. Remember your place."

He backed off, unlocking the door for her.

"Find a good Donor, dear," he said amiably. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Without another word to her fiancé, Airi disappeared from sight.

What exactly drove Kanda to actually look in the new girl's bag, he didn't know. All he did know was that whatever that girl was drinking, it definitely wasn't tomato juice, even if it was one hundred percent organic or whatever the hell she'd said. Tomato juice was way lighter in color, and unless she was drinking starch mixed with red food coloring, her so-called juice had definitely looked like blood.

Kanda picked up the bottle and examined it, turning it this way and that. Too viscous to look be tomato juice…he unscrewed the top and sniffed it. That metallic smell, rusty and salty…definitely blood…

And that girl really did look rather strange, now that he thought about it. That alabaster skin, those lips that looked like blood on snow…her entire persona screamed of…well…crazy as it sounded, vampire. Or Snow White. Big difference.

The door slid open and Kanda instinctively lurched back away from the bag.

Airi walked in, her face tired but angry. She stopped dead upon seeing Kanda, who hid the bottle behind him.

"Kanda-san," she greeted without emotion. "Why're you still here? Everyone's gone to their club meetings."

"I can afford to be late," he said icily.

"Ah. I see. Well, if you'll excuse me…"

She slid by him to her bag, looking inside to find…

"…Did you take something from my bag?" she asked.

There was really no point in hiding it.

"You mean this?" he said, holding up the bottle

Airi smirked.

"Hm. It seems like you want to ask me something."

"Yeah. Why the hell are you drinking blood?"

"Ha, that kind of question only has one answer, Kanda-san. I'm pretty sure you know it yourself."

"…It's too ludicrous to actually say."

"But it's true," she smiled, taking a step closer to him. "Want to hear it from me?"


"I'm…a vampire," she said breathily, taking another step towards him. Kanda found himself backing away into a wall. "Now, Kanda-san, what does a human do when he's being confronted by a very thirsty vampire?"

It suddenly struck Kanda that if what Airi was saying was true, and so far, it seemed like it was, then he was in a very dangerous situation. He tossed the bottle at her. She caught it and threw it aside, causing it to shatter in midair, the remaining red contents splattering on the desk.

"I don't want that," she said, her smirk growing even more pronounced. "Not when there's fresh blood in front of me."

Kanda blinked, and the distance between the two of them simply disappeared; Airi was right in front of him, her arm wrapped around his neck.

"You were listening at lunch today, yes?" she said. "You're a very beautiful human…incredibly so…" Her hand reached up and popped off the button of his uniform. "I'm so thirsty…and your blood smells…delicious."

Kanda had never been beaten when it came to a strength contest, and he certainly wasn't about to start losing to a girl now. He pushed her back forcefully, but Airi lazily pinned his arms to his sides and grinned sadistically.

"Vampires…there are many misconceptions about us. But it's very true—we have superhuman strength and speed. So even you, kendo captain, can not beat me."

She pushed him down the wall and kneeled on his legs, pinning him down as she pulled his shirt down to expose his neck.

"You're crazy," was all Kanda could manage to say.

"Ah. I get that a lot. But if only you could smell how absolutely delicious your blood is…you wouldn't be saying that." She leaned closer, and Kanda could feel the tips of what felt like fangs graze his neck. His instincts roared at him to push her away, but something about Airi kept him frozen to the spot. He saw a flash of red in the midst of her obsidian eyes, and the fangs pierced his skin.

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